Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment Review

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Yet another Lush review! This is a product I have actually had for an insanely long amount of time – just over 2 years now! I finally used it up though – I hope you enjoy my review 🙂

(Photo taken from Lush USA site.)

Grease Lightning Spot Treatment:


Rating: 4/5*


If you want to get this product and you’re expecting miracles, just don’t. The effects of Grease Lightning are pretty mild the majority of the time.

The texture of Grease Lightning can turn a bit funny! Mine developed gross hard lumps in it by the end, although, I did use it for a really long time.

Toward the end of the product, the bottle that it comes in makes it really difficult to use up the last bit of product. I had to add a little bit of water to the bottle, shake it up and then empty it into a little black sample pot. I kept repeating the process until all of the spot treatment was in the little black container. Not a huge deal, but definitely a bit of a pain.

This product shows on the skin when it dries. It makes the skin look a little shiny and sometimes a tiny bit crispy – similar to how dried PVA glue would look on the skin once dried! I never found this to be a huge problem, as it would only notice if I had the product on by itself (and in those times, I’d not leave the house anyways!)


This spot treatment DOES work – even if the effects are mild. It especially worked extremely well when I first began using it. Here’s an example. I pierced my septum around 6 months after purchasing Grease Lightning. I pierced it myself, and the jewellery I decided to use was too small for the piercing, which caused irritation. My skin developed some sore bumps where the skin was pierced. In a panic, I decided to try heavily applying some Grease Lightning to the bumps and to leave it on overnight. Hey presto, in the morning the bumps were completely gone! I also clearly remember applying Grease Lightning to my acne near when I first began using it, and the next day all of the little bumps on my skin were completely gone, my pores looked clearer and any larger spots had become smaller and had begun to heal. If you need a spot treatment, this one is certainly worth a try!

Grease Lightning contains a lot of Aloe Vera gel, so I would use this on me and my partner whenever I’d notice a bug bite on us, and it would really help! I also would use it on any rashes, scratches etc, and it always seemed to just be a generally healing product to use.

This product lasts a REALLY long time!!! It is 100% worth the money. Again, it lasted me just over TWO YEARS, and was fine all the way up until near the end of the product.

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, this product was pretty good, but no miracle worker. I wouldn’t say it is a cure for acne or anything like that, but used alongside other products it can definitely HELP to cure acne.

I would definitely recommend Grease Lightning. It is an extremely cost effective product as it lasts for such a long amount of time, and can help so many different skin problems.

Overall, I’m going to rate Grease Lightning a 4/5* rating. It did do its job and helped to calm down my acne, and I also found it to be useful for many other things, such as bug bites and piercings! It wasn’t perfect though, I mean, my skin still isn’t great!

– Storm


Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Water Review.

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I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend, and I hope you enjoy today’s review! 🙂

Tea Tree Water Toner Water (100g)

Rating: 4/5*


This tea tree toning water honestly doesn’t do very much for the skin, at least from what I found. It is a very, very diluted toner, and is extremely mild.

The smell of this toner might be off-putting for some people. It is a very strong scent, and in my opinion is more of a masculine scent than a feminine one. The scent reminds me of a weaker version of the general scent of a mens aftershave.

This toner was very, very slightly irritating on my skin as soon as it was applied. It left some areas of my face with redness, although this went very quickly.

I didn’t notice this toner doing anything much for oily skin or spots. It is very mild, so don’t expect any big results when using it!


This being a mild toner makes it feel quite pleasant when applied to facial skin. Toners I have used in the past have sometimes actually caused spots on my face to bleed! This is definitely a toner for sensitive skin. The toner on a cotton round feels velvetty smooth to apply, and leaves the face feeling very soft and smooth.

I actually found this toner to be strangely moisturising. My face felt very plump and definitely felt much more hydrated after using this toner.

Using this toner after cleansing my face made my face feel 100% clean and extra fresh, and helped to wipe off any areas I may have missed while rinsing my cleanser off.

I personally love the smell of this toner. It smells very fresh, clean, refreshing, natural and wonderful!

This is a Lush toner, is vegan, cruelty free, ethical, handmade etc. This is reason enough to give it a go in my opinion!

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I do like this toner. I do think the active ingredients in this toner are possibly a little bit too diluted with water, however, the formula still worked well with my skin.

I love the smell of it, I love the way it feels on my skin and overall, I do really enjoy its effects, however mild those effects may be. It is also from Lush, definitely a pro in my book.

I think this toner is ideal for skin that is not super oily or super dry or sensitive. I think this toner would be most ideal for normal, possibly slightly dry, slightly sensitive skin.

My skin is definitely combination and sensitive.

Overall, I rate this toner a 4/5*. I do quite like this toner, but how extremely diluted and mild it is definitely knocks off that fifth star. I think that it is expensive for what it is, but it does do something positive for my skin, no matter how small that something is.

I think if my skin was a bit less sensitive, this toner would work even better.

Honestly, I’d recommend the Tea Tree Toner Tab over this toner. All I do is put half the tab into a 60ml travel size spritzer bottle that I got from a travel kit in HEMA, fill the bottle up with water, shake it up and voila. The toner should keep until you use it all up if you use it a couple of times a day. This way, 1 tab makes 120g of product for £1 vesus 100g of product for £4.50.

I have also reviewed the toner tab, and overall gave it the same rating. It is harsher on the skin than this toner is, but definitely has other benefits that this toner does not. Definitely worth a try for £1!

Thank you for reading my review today guys!

– Storm! 🙂

I have officially now tried all of Lush’s currently available toners! Eau Roma Water is my official favourite, and I’ll be sure to pick up a big bottle of the stuff once I have the money to do so, as that works out as being best value for money!


The Lush products I won’t review no.2.

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I am back with another Lush post, so if Lush isn’t your cup of tea, this is your warning!

I thought I’d write a post on the products that I won’t be reviewing. 

This might seem a little bit random, but some of the reasons behind me not wanting to review these products I feel may be of some value to fellow Lushies. The products I have chosen to not review are generally either not too healthy for you or are not vegan.

This post will only be including Lush’s products under the Face category, so that it will be a little shorter.



I personally will not be trying the ‘Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash’. It does sound like a lovely product, and maybe I will test it out sometime in the future, but I do think it is intended for a beard, which is something I do not have!

I also will not be trying ‘Ultrabland’, ‘Ocean Salt’ or ‘Ocean Salt Alcohol Free’, as none of them are vegan, so I feel it is unethical to purchase them.

Finally, I won’t be a lot of the cleansers in this category, due to them containing comedogenic, pore-clogging oils and butters. When I first learnt about comedogenic ingredients, I got up the list of ingredients for a random Lush product (it was actually Movis,) and searched every single ingredient – and whether they were comedogenic.

After I was done, I noticed that any ingredients that were comedogenic were either butters or oils, so now if I want to use a Lush product on my face, I first check if any of the oils or butters are comedogenic, and if they are, I will not use that product.

I have tried some of these comedogenic cleansers, and will continue to use them until they are finished so that I can give them a review. I don’t think I will choose to purchase any comedogenic products for my face in the future. I think all of Lush’s products are lovely, but I do not think they are worth using if it means increasing the risk of developing acne!

The following Lush cleansers all contain comedogenic ingredients: Movis, Ocean Salt – Self Preserving, Ocean Salt – Self Preserving and Alcohol Free, Let The Good Times Roll, Fresh Farmacy, Coalface, Dark Angels and 9 To 5. This actually means that I will only be purchasing the following in the future: ‘Grease Lightning’, ‘Angels on Bare Skin’, ‘Herbalism’ and ‘Aqua Marina’.

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: Coalface, Herbalism

Products I have reviewed from this section: Aqua Marina, Ocean Salt – Self Preserving, Grease Lightning


None of these are comedogenic, and they are all vegan, so I look forward to trying these all out!

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: N/A

Products I have reviewed from this section: Tea Tree Toner Tab, Dream Steam Steamer Tab


This is a very disappointing selection of Lush products for me.

‘Skin’s Shangri La’, ‘Gorgeous’, ‘Cosmetic Lad’, ‘Vanishing Cream’, ‘Enchanted Eye Cream’ and ‘Million Dollar Moisturiser’ are all only vegetarian and not vegan, so I will not be purchasing any of these in the future.

Incredibly, every single other moisturiser in this section, besides the ‘Full Of Grace Serum Bar’, contains cocoa butter – an extremely comedogenic (pore clogging) ingredient. This means that I will not be purchasing any of these in the future either. Unfortunately, the ‘Full of Grace Serum Bar’ also contains slightly comedogenic ingredients, so I won’t be purchasing this either!

I am so disappointed with this category from Lush – I’d really love to buy all my skin care from them. Hopefully they will come up with a moisturiser that contains non-comedogenic butters and/or oils, or maybe a water based moisturiser.

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: N/A

Products I have reviewed from this section: Imperialis Moisturiser


‘Mask of Magnaminty’, ‘Ayesha’, ‘BB Seaweed’, ‘Cosmetic Warrior’, ‘Love Lettuce’, ‘Brazened Honey’, and the ‘Mask of Magnaminty – Self Preserving’ are all only vegetarian and are not vegan, so I will not be purchasing any of these.

‘Oatifix’, ‘Cupcake’, ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ and ‘Rosy Cheeks’ all unfortunately contain comedogenic ingredients, so I will not be purchasing them.

This leaves just ‘Cup O’ Coffee’ and ‘Don’t Look At Me’, both of which I will be reviewing in the future.

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: Cup O’ Coffee

Products I have reviewed from this section: N/A


Okay, so none of the teeth products from Lush contain fluoride, which for some people might be great! For me however, I like to follow dentist’s recommendations and use a toothpaste that contains fluoride. I have tried Lush’s teeth products, and they do seem to clean my teeth very well. I just feel like dentist’s probably know best, and they recommend I use fluoride toothpaste.

This means that I will not be purchasing any more teeth products from Lush in the future!

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: Limelight Toothy Tabs

Products I have reviewed from this section: Chou Chou I Love You… Toothy Tabs


I don’t really have any significant facial hair… so I do not plan to buy any of these products to be used on my face!

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: (N/A because I wouldn’t use shaving products on my face)

Products I have reviewed from this section: (N/A because I wouldn’t use shaving products on my face)


‘Orange Flower’, ‘Sunkissed’, ‘Whipstick’, ‘Honey Trap’, ‘Lip Service’, and ‘It Started With A Kiss’ are all only vegetarian and are not vegan, so I will not be purchasing these in the future. 

I am however excited to try out the rest of the lip products in this section!

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: Buttered Brazils Lip Balm

Products I have reviewed from this section: Popcorn Lip Scrub

That’s all for Lush’s Face products that I won’t be reviewing! The next post will be on Lush’s hair products that I will not be reviewing in the future. 

Have a wonderful day!

– Storm 🙂 


Lush Imperialis Moisturiser Review.

Hello! 🙂

I am going to be reviewing my recently finished ‘Imperialis Moisturiser’ today! 😀 As always, I list the cons of the product first, so that I can leave the post on a more positive note. I love Lush but I also value honesty, so none of my reviews are sugar-coated and they are all very thorough!

Imperialis Moisturiser:

Rating: **


  • This moisturiser is quite heavy if your skin is not very dry. In my opinion, this moisturiser is generally too heavy for both combination and oily skin.
  • I personally did not find this moisturiser super balancing as it claims to be.
  • The smell of this moisturiser is not very pleasant, at least to me. It supposedly smells like lavender, but to me it smells more like… plastic? I’m not sure exactly what it smells like to me, but it isn’t a very nice smell!
  • This product is slightly comedogenic, due to the inclusion of ‘Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter’ and the ‘Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil’. This moisturiser has a comedogenic rating of of 6, cocoa butter having a comedogenic rating of 4 and olive oil having a comedogenic rating of 2. If you do not know what comedogenic means, it is basically a rating of how much an ingredient (usually a butter or oil) will clog your pores.
  • If you do not have very dry skin, you will need an extremely small amount of this moisturiser to moisturise your entire face. I list this as a negative, because this means that the product goes down very, very slowly – which can get a little boring and tedious for me personally, and also because it can start to feel like the product is almost a waste, because it is hardly getting used!
  • The colour of this moisturiser is a sort of… off-peach colour, and personally I find it quite unappealing to look at.
  • The texture of this moisturiser is a little odd – it feels very slightly gelatinous even – possibly due to oily ingredients.
  • The product will get around the rim of the container, which can be a little messy.
  • When any product dries, for example any product that gets caught around the rim of the container, it will dry to a sort of translucent brown dried slime… It is really gross to wipe the rim of your moisturiser to find that on the tissue! 😦
  • This moisturiser is really, really expensive for a moisturiser. In the UK, it costs £13.95, which is a substantial amount more than any other facial moisturiser I have ever purchased.
  • If you have very dry skin in any areas, and you apply this moisturiser to said areas, your skin will sting quite a bit for a short while.
  • On combination or Oily skin, any oily areas may feel slightly greasy after using this product.Pros:
  • If you have dry skin, this moisturiser works incredibly well! Whilst using acne treatment, my skin has gone through some incredibly dry spells – as in extremely flaky skin around my nose, mouth and chin area. This moisturiser was an absolute life-saver, and using it for my flaky skin is what caused me to use it all up!
  • The ingredients are pretty much all natural, so you don’t need to worry about putting anything too artificial on your facial skin.
  • While on holiday in Paris, me and my partner’s hands got extremely dry due to the cold weather, and I hadn’t brought any hand moisturiser with me. I thought “Hey, Imperialis is still a moisturiser, so it should work.” So, I went ahead and used this on our hands, and it worked absolutely brilliantly. So, it might be a bit expensive for a hand cream, but if you’d like a moisturising hand cream, or a facial moisturiser that can double up as a hand cream, I would definitely recommend this!
  • If you would like to try a Lush moisturiser that is vegan, I would recommend this, because this is the least comedogenic moisturiser that Lush sells that is also vegan. This is the reason I purchased it.
  • The product lasts a very long time. I know I listed this as a con, but sometimes I do enjoy this aspect of the product. I do not remember exactly when I purchased this, but I believe it was in October, and I ran out of the product this month (March), meaning it lasted me 5 months. If you have combination or oily skin consistently, this product will last you much longer than this!
  • It does it’s job – it does moisturise the skin very well.
  • This moisturiser leaves your skin feeling very refreshed.
  • It’s a Lush product – Lush products are awesome!!!


    I personally will not be purchasing this product again and would not generally recommend it, simply because of the fact that it is comedogenic. Even on skin that is not acne prone or oily, I would not take the risk of using this product as it might contribute to acne developing – since it will clog your pores somewhat! If you can afford to do so, I would recommend it for extremely dry or flaky patches of skin – whether on the hands or face, as it does work very well in these areas, and in such cases I think using this moisturiser is worth the risk of it clogging up pores.Overall, I rate this product 2 stars out of 5, because although it does work very well on very dry or flaky skin, it does have pore clogging ingredients!

    – Storm