I Got Onto My Degree! Results + Treats.

Hey guys!

As some of you may know, a couple of years ago I dropped out of my foundation year for Physics and Astronomy, for various reasons. The next year, I applied for University again – and successfully got onto a foundation year for Astrophysics.

I have just completed that foundation year and, finally, I have actually managed to obtain a place on a bachelor degree in Astrophysics!


I was pretty worried that I wouldn’t be able to, as I needed to achieve 65% in my Advanced Mathematics module – whereas I only achieved 62%. They’ve given me a chance, and I’m so grateful for that!

Here are my overall results:


Here is a breakdown of my results:

As you can see, I did pretty terribly in my final Advanced Mathematics exam (43%) – but I did SO WELL in my Statistics exam (90%)!

And here is the interpretation of my results (although this was just a foundation year, so my results this year don’t actual count toward my final grade):


When I found out, the first thing I did was to call my partner – he was having some drinks with a colleague after work. That evening when he came home, he had brought me back a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers, an AMAZING bottle of Rose champagne, and an absolutely DELICIOUS bag of Indian takeaway! What a treat! I just love how much it means to him when I achieve something!

As a treat to myself, from myself, I’ve decided that I’m going to do a Primark haul tomorrow. I’ll be heading down to the all famous Primark on East Oxford Street. My style has really changed over the past few years, and I have a lot of clothes that either don’t fit me right at all, that look bad on me, have become damaged or that I just plain don’t like anymore. I really don’t buy myself clothes very often, so I decided on Primark because if I shop there first, I’ll be able to get a lot of pieces at a low price – pieces that could very well be a lot more expensive elsewhere! I’ll also be able to actually try the clothing items on, and I much prefer high street shopping to online shopping in general!

So, I’ll be heading to the most popular Primark store that I have nearby, and I’m going to get there super early – like for 8:00 AM, so that I can pretty much have the store to myself. I’m so excited! I’m going to really make an effort to choose items that actually make me feel confident, and to not just chuck things in my basket without thinking. I don’t really have a specific spending limit, both because I trust in my ability to only buy the gems I find in the store, and because I genuinely need a LOT of new clothes! I don’t have anything specific in mind that I’m going to look for – Primark could have amazing shoes but rubbish dresses one month, but then have awful shoes and incredible dresses the next.

This is probably going to be the first planned haul I’ve ever done! I’ll of course be writing a Primark haul blog post tomorrow, hopefully with try-on photos, so look forward to that!

– Storm


Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar Review

Yes, I know. This was a Halloween product for last year, and it is now spring of the following year. I know this review is late. I know I took a long time to use up this product. I know, I know. But hey, at least I used it up, right? Hopefully this review will help someone out when next Halloween range comes about!

I received this as part of a lovely, incredibly gift from my partner on Halloween. I hope you enjoy this review!

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar:

Rating: 4/5*

IMG_3988 (2)


This is a Halloween exclusive product, so if you find that you love it, you might have a lot of trouble repurchasing it! It might not even come back next Halloween…

This bubble bar is GLITTERY. When you hold the bubble bar, you will 100% be left with golden lustre on your fingers. When you put the bubble bar down, the surface it has been placed on will 100% have golden lustre on it afterwards. If you’re really not a fan of glitter, stay away!

The scent of this product is quite smokey , woodsy, spicy, dry and musky. If those aren’t the sort of scents you are into then again, steer away from this guy!

The cinnamon stick sticking out the top of this bubble bar will be left in your bath tub. I forgot that this cinnamon stick was left in my bath tub, so I just pulled the plug out at the end of my bath as per usual, and that was that. Once I remembered about the cinnamon stick later on, I looked in the tub, only to find that the stick had… disappeared… I think it went straight down the plug hole. I really highly doubt this did my drain any good whatsoever! Be careful!

I didn’t find there to be too much pigmentation to this bubble bar – although that could be due to getting 3 uses out of it.


I got three baths out of this guy. Yep, 3. And easily at that – if I had any less baths with this bubble bar then I would have felt as though I was being wasteful! This bubble bar produces bubbles SO EASILY!!! Each of my 3 baths with this bubble bar were covered in a thick layer of bubbles. Here are images of each bath:

Bath 1 (bath product, bath before turning on jets, bath after turning on jets:)

Bath 2 (bath product, bath before turning on jets, bath after turning on jets:)

Bath 3 (bath before turning on jets, bath after turning on jets:)

The bubbles this bubble bar creates are incredibly creamy and frothy.

A bath with this bubble bar is extremely warming and cozy.

The concept of this bubble bar is brilliant. It truly looks like a miniature pumpkin covered in golden glitter!

I really enjoyed the scent of this bubble bar. Zesty yet spicy – very up my alley!

I found this bubble bar to definitely be somewhat moisturising. Not extremely so, but somewhat for sure.

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I think this was a lovely bubble bar, I seriously do. I think it could do with more pigmentation, with being more moisturising and with having a slightly better scent, but it really was rather lovely!

I’m going to rate this guy a 4/5* rating. It was absolutely brilliant, but I still feel I can find a better bubble bar out there that will absolutely blow my socks off!

I hope you enjoyed my review! 🙂

– Storm


Beginner’s Guide: Lush

  1. BEING PICKY –   Before anything else, I’d like to say something that I wish someone had told me before I started out. DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY ANY PRODUCTS! As long as they align with your ethics (are vegan for vegans and vegetarian for vegetarians,) they are all worth a shot.

    All of Lush’s products are easy to use and handle, so you won’t have a major problem with acne, dry skin etc by using one of their products. What I mean by this is yes, some products might not agree with your skin, but just discontinuing use of said product will fix your skin up very, very quickly. In my opinion, everything is worth a go within your ethical beliefs.

    Before I had ever been to Lush, I was scared of buying products that might clog my pores. I now know that when a product has pore-clogging ingredients, it will also generally have anti-pore clogging ingredients. They sort of cancel each other, just leaving behind the positive effects of said ingredients. Don’t be scared!!! Your skin wont die!!!


  2. LOOK AT THE WEBSITE –  Secondly, I am so glad that I had a good look around the Lush website before going into the store for my first haul. I was able to get a fairly good grasp of a lot of the products, and was able to figure out what it was that I wanted to try first. This is an absolute must for Lush first timers!


  3. LUSH EMPLOYEES – This is one I WISH I had been warned about. You need to know how to handle Lush employees. They won’t always act in your favor, and sometimes they really will. You just need to know what they’re good at and what they’re not so great at.

    I had 2 negative experiences due to the Lush employee who was showing me around during my first time in a Lush store: 1. I had a non-vegan cleanser applied to my skin and was only asked whether I had any dietary requirements AFTER she had applied it! 2. I was told to steer away from certain products I was really interested in trying, to the point of convincing me to purchase a different product instead!

    Make sure the FIRST thing you do is to tell anybody showing you around if you have any dietary/ethical requirements whatsoever. Also, if they are trying to steer you away from a certain product, be pretty adamant that you want to try it. This is your haul so you do what you came in to do!


  4. FREE SAMPLES –  The next thing I wish I had been told is that samples are a really, really, REALLY good idea. When I first went into a Lush store, I was offered to try one of the products I had gone in to purchase as part of my haul (Coalface) as a sample instead of buying a chunk of it. I refused, and said I wanted a full product.

    Over 2 years later and I still have plenty of that chunk of Coalface left (the sample would have been plenty!,) and samples are my favourite thing. You need to purchase something to get anything for free really, but don’t be afraid to ask for samples of a few things you are interested in. I’d say anywhere between 1 and 6 samples is ideal per trip, with 2 or 3 being the most ideal.

    Lush employees LIKE when customers want to try a product. They want their customers to try everything they possibly can, in order to increase the chances that they’ll find something they love, and ultimately, come back to the store to make more purchases in the future! ASK FOR SAMPLES. EVERY TIME. WITHOUT FAIL.



  5. VARIETY –  During your first Lush haul, don’t stick to one product type. When I first went in, I was just trying to look for facial products. There are so many types of products in store, and you will get a much better taste of the shop as a whole if you buy products from different categories.

    For example, perhaps you could buy a bath bomb like The Experimenter, a fresh facial cleanser like Dark Angels and a conditioner like Veganese for your first haul! Keep it varied guys!


  6. HOW MUCH TO SPEND AND BUY –  For your first haul, I’d recommend trying 3 products. That’s enough for you to really get a taste of the brand in my opinion, without delving in too deep. I bought 3 products during my first haul, and it was the perfect amount!

    My first haul was somewhere between 20 and 30 pounds, which is the sort of price range I’d recommend for your first time too (although, getting an item as a sample should lower your price to between 10 and 20 pounds, whereas getting 2 of these 3 items as a sample would lower your price to under 10 pounds!)

    I bought a big chunk (130-140g if I recall correctly) of Coalface, a small tub of Ocean Salt Self-Preserving and Popcorn lip scrub. Again, I’d recommend AGAINST getting products all for the face, all for the hair, all for the bath etc for your first haul!


  7. BE CONFIDENT –  Most of all, don’t be scared. My first time going in, I tried to be confident and chat with the employees, I let them cleanse and tone my face, I smelled and picked up lots of different items… Don’t be shy.

    If you get the impulse to try a soap at the tap then there should be a sample by the sink ready for you to try. If you get the sudden impulse to plonk a bath bomb in a tub of water to see what it looks like, ask an employee to do a demo for you. If you suddenly want to spritz yourself with a perfume to see what it smells like on, go ahead and try the sample! Don’t be shy!

    Whereas most beauty shops are somewhat strict and almost suspicious of customers, Lush are trusting and encourage touching, smelling and trying their products.


I hope this helped some of you wanting to make your first trip to Lush! Enjoy yourselves 🙂

– Storm



Lush Ocean Salt Self-Preserving & Alcohol Free Face and Body Scrub Review

Whew… That was a mouthful!

I just used it up while taking my bath 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

Ocean Salt Self-Preserving & Alcohol Free Face and Body Scrub:

Rating: 4/5*


This is a product that is only available online as far as I know. That is something that can be a bit of a pain sometimes!

I actually couldn’t get this scrub to work by itself at all. It just wouldn’t do anything for my face whatsoever in terms of exfoliation. I learnt to first exfoliate my face with an exfoliating glove (£1 in Poundland etc) and THEN to use the face scrub.

Even after already scrubbing my face, the product still doesn’t really have much additional scrubbing action. I don’t know why this is. I honestly don’t. All I know is that this product isn’t very scrubby, and I’d have to keep applying the scrub to my face for it to actually work how I wanted it to!

This scrub stings when it is on your face! If you get it in your eyes, I’m so sorry. If you have any slight injuries on your face, perhaps a healing spot or a cracked lip, again, I’m sorry.


This scrub will leave your skin so, so, so smooth. Smoother than it has ever felt. This is only slightly due to the scrubbiness of the product, and is more due to all of the oils and butters that the product contains. My face doesn’t feel oily at all, it just feels smooth and plump and lovely.

I really like the smell, and even secretly kinda like the taste of this product. I mean, I wouldn’t eat spoonfuls of the stuff, but a tiny bit always gets in my mouth while I’m scrubbing my face. It just tastes like salt. I like salt. Anyways, it smells and tastes fresh and like the ocean, in a non gross way. It is like all the good parts of the sea being squished into a product. I love it!

This is vegan and is also alcohol free. Other versions of this product are not vegan, and other versions are not alcohol free. This version has all the good things going for it! I think the product smells better without the vodka to be honest, and it also seems to work better. Either way, anyone who has ethics against alcohol and/or against vegan can use this product!

This product is alright for sensitive skin – at least more so than the version that contains alcohol!

This version of Ocean Salt is REALLY nourishing and feels very healthy on the skin compared to the other versions. I think it is the lime oil being steeped in glycerine instead of vodka. We all know that glycerine is a humectant, and draws moisture to the skin. I also found that with the other version of this product (Ocean Salt Self-Preserving,) it left a sort of sticky, oily residue on my skin. This version does not. The product is incredibly light and just absorbs into the skin.

My skin hasn’t exactly been perfect recently, but it has been better than usual. I have had quite a few spots recently, but more randomly placed around my face rather than being almost rash-like. My cheeks have been entirely clear, and my blackheads have reduced immensely. Maybe that’s part due to this product?

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I like this scrub quite a bit. I am surprised to say that I much prefer it to the non alcohol free version, considering that only one ingredient is different (vodka vs glycerine.) I do wish it was more scrubby though! And that it would hurt my skin a little less… I dunno, I guess the product could be quite a bit more effective, but it’s not bad.

I’m going to rate this product a 4/5* rating. It leaves my face real soft, what more could I want really?

– Storm

Out of the vegan facial scrubs available on the Lush UK website on 03/03/17, this is my favourite facial scrub!


Lush Sea Monster Fun Review.

Hey guys!

Today is an interesting review. This is the first bath product I have used from Lush, and it was one of the prizes I won from Emily Snow’s competition that she held on her YouTube channel: Emily Snow’s YouTube Channel.

I hardly ever win anything, so it was a really pleasant surprise – she even literally came to my doorstep to deliver my prizes to me! I honestly would really recommend checking our her channel – she is a lovely girl and makes plenty of enjoyable videos to watch. Emily asked me to write a post on the competition that she held – which I terribly still have not gotten around to doing. Sorry!

Regardless, this is a review of the ‘Sea Monster Fun’ that I received from her, I hope you enjoy!


Sea Monster Fun

Rating: 4/5*


This is the first fun bar I have used, so I’m not sure if this is the case with all of them. My fun bar sort of turned to a liquidy, gooey mess toward the end of its days. Although you could find something else to store your ‘Fun’ in, it only comes in some plastic wrapping. Of course, I used this whilst in the shower, so my hands would be wet when I’d grab a piece off of the main bar. Over time, I guess this caused the bar to become super liquidy! I would leave the bar in the plastic on the side of my bath, and because it became so liquidy, it would drip down both the outside and inside of my bath. It can get quite messy!

After using this bar on my hair, my hair would honestly feel really tangled up. If you do get this bar, I’d honestly probably recommend that you don’t use it to wash your  hair, unless you don’t mind knotty hair.

Again, the packaging is pretty rubbish to be honest. A black pot would be a much better way to package this Fun bar! The packaging that it comes in just isn’t secure at all, and definitely won’t hold the bar should it become more liquidy.

I’d sometimes find that I’d need to use quite a bit of the bar to make my bath bubbly / to wash my hair / to wash my body. If you get it, expect to have to use a fair chunk of your bar to achieve these tasks!

Before I had really used the product, I separated each of the coloured pieces and molded them in my hands, to make them more soft. After doing so, I recall my hands were slightly stained and that the colour was quite difficult to remove from my skin. I haven’t had the same problem since – it was just from molding the product in my hands for quite a bit of time. Regardless, if that doesn’t sound pleasant to you, then maybe this Fun isn’t for you!

When I molded the bar in my hands for the first time, it was actually quite tough. I didn’t try to make any little models or anything with the Fun, but I imagine it would have been quite difficult to do so. My hands were achy after I finally successfully molded the 3 separate pieces of Fun in my hands until they became soft.

This is quite a floral, citrussy scent. I enjoy this sort of scent, but some people may not – so if you don’t, this Fun isn’t for you!

The colours of this fun bar aren’t super girly. The colours are yellow, green and blue.  Again, I like these colours, but some people might not! The bathwater when using this Fun bar will be either a green-turquise colour, a light green-blue colour or a greeny-yellow colour. Some people might not enjoy their bath water being these greeny colours!

It can be quite difficult to get this Fun to lather up sometimes. It would take me a while to lather it up on my sponge, and I’d need quite a bit of product to clean my entire body properly. Washing my hair was more of the same issues. Using the bar as a bubble bar was the least difficult, but even then I’d sometimes need to use quite a bit of the bar for it to work how I’d want it to. Working out how much product you need through trial and error can be quite time consuming.

Again, using this product would take a while – it definitely would not be what I’d reach for when I’m in a hurry, like for my morning showers before college.

The scent of his product, although beautiful, faded toward the end of the Fun bar.

This is basically play-dough, which might not be that appealing as a bathroom product for some people!


This product, however difficult it can be to use, is really quite amazing. It has multiple functions, which is something I can’t say for most of the other Lush products I have used so far (at least not to the extent of this bar.) I brought it on holiday with me to Turkey a short time ago, and it was endlessly useful. A Lush shampoo and body wash in one, in a solid format? Yes please! It is absolutely ideal to travel with, and it having multiple purposes means that you can literally wash head to toe using this one product – or you could use it as a bubble bar and then soak in your bubbly bath water to give your hair and body a light wash! It is definitely super handy to have one of these in your bathroom!

The smell is so lovely! It is extremely refreshing – a seaweed, lemon, lime, lavender and gardenia scent. It smells exactly how you’d imagine it to – like all the best parts of the ocean and Summer. I would highly recommend this product simply for it’s incredible scent – it’s absolutely gorgeous and went perfectly with my holiday. It is a really clean, light, fresh scent – I love it!

The colours of this bar, in my opinion, are incredible. It is insane that this product is made from such natural ingredients, because the colouration is just so intensely pigmented. It really looks beautiful.

The baths that this bar produces when used as a bubble bar are just absolutely gorgeous. I never picked and chose what colours I wanted to use for my bath, I’d just randomly pluck a piece off and wait to see how my bath turned out. One time, my bath was a super bright lime green colour – I remember thinking how perfect it would be closer to Halloween! One time, my bath was a gorgeous turquise colour, and reminded me of the perfectly turquise sea water when I was in Turkey. Other times, my bath would be a tranquil pale green-blue colour. I loved the colour of my baths, and would highly recommend using this Fun bar for that purpose.

As a bubble bar, this Fun bar produces absolutely incredible bubbles. Simply running some under the tap, I could fill the surface of my bath with cute bubbles. Turning on the jets, my bath would be absolutely piled with bubbles – often times I wouldn’t even need to use THAT much product to create such an intensely bubble bath! The bubbles also looked so lovely and colourful.

The bubbles would last absolutely ages in my bath – up to a couple of hours in total!

This did work effectively as a shampoo – my hair would always feel really clean after using this bar for my hair.

This bar also works effectively to wash the body with.

One time that I used this bar for my hair, the day I washed it my hair didn’t feel too great, but when I combed my hair through the day after, it felt absolutely incredible. It felt the smoothest it has felt in such a long time – so if you do wash your hair with this, I’d definitely recommend not washing your hair for a couple days after so that you can really notice to full effects of this bar being used as a shampoo.

I absolutely loved receiving this as a gift, and would recommend it to be given as a gift to others for sure. It is, well, fun!

When I’d take a bath using ‘Sea Monster Fun’ as a bubble bar, the bath water would feel super moisturising an would leave my skin feeling silky smooth.

Although I listed this factor as a con, once the bar turned more liquidy, I found that it lathered up so much easier. I would need far less to create ample bubbles, to lather up my hair and to wash my body with. So even the downsides of this bar has upsides!

The name of this bar is so fun!

This is, obviously, a product from Lush – 10p from every bar goes toward a fund to help children’s projects in areas affected by the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan. It being from Lush also means it is environmentally friendly, cruelty free, handmade, made from natural ingredients and this particular bar is also 100% vegan. For these reasons alone, I think this bar is worth a go.

This product was definitely fun to use! Probably the funnest product I have used from Lush yet – which is definitely saying something! Using this made me very happy 🙂

Overall Conclusion:

I really liked this bar. It has it’s faults – it definitely isn’t the easiest product to use, but it gets easier to use the more you use it. I think having one of these bars in the bathroom is a absolute must-have – it is just so insanely handy! This particular Fun bar also has gorgeous colouration and a beautiful scent.

Overall, I rate this product a 4/5* rating. It was very difficult to decide between 4 or 5 stars, but how knotty it would make my hair is what made me decide 4 rather than 5 stars for this particular product. I would highly recommend it. I would recommend primarily using it as a bubble bath product – but it also works quite well to wash the body with. It does wash the hair well, but it causes some problems in that area. I think this is a great product to use over the weekend, when you have more time to use it.

Until next time!

Thanks again Emily for this lovely prize – it was an absolute pleasure using it!

– Storm


Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar Review

Hello everybody! 🙂

I’m back again with another review! Today will be Lush’s ‘Seanik Shampoo Bar’.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Seanik Shampoo Bar

Rating: 5/5*


There are pieces of seaweed in the shampoo bar. When these pieces come into contact with water, they become kind of gooey and gel-like in texture, which can look pretty gross.

If you don’t want to deal with using a shampoo bar that has begun falling apart, this might not be the best shampoo for you. As I neared the end of my bar (when I probably had around 20 washes or so left of it,) the middle of the bar got used up in my hair, leaving a doughnut shaped shampoo bar. This itself was difficult to work with, but then when that started breaking up, it just became even more difficult. Eventually I was left with about 5-10 tiny pieces of shampoo bar which I used up the final time I shampooed my hair with Seanik. Again, using a falling apart shampoo bar is pretty tricky to do, but I wanted to use it all up!

This shampoo bar does sort of smell like the sea, which although some people might like, it can get a bit much after a while. It has a very salty, sea-like, fresh, slightly floral smell to it.

Residue of this shampoo bar will absolutely cling for dear life to the bottom of whatever container or surface you choose to store it in/on. I rinsed out my square tin that I was keeping my shampoo bar in once I had used it all up, and even after thorough rinsing whilst rubbing the bottom of the tin, there is still some tiny pieces of shampoo bar and residue stuck to the bottom of it.

As soon as the center of the shampoo bar is gone, using the shampoo bar will cause your hair to become tangled and knotty, and the lather will not be anywhere near as light and fluffy. Sometimes you will even need to re-apply some of the shampoo bar to get a thick enough lather to feel like your hair has been thoroughly cleaned.

When I did finally rinse out my tin, there were still some small pieces of shampoo bar left, but they were so small that it seemed pointless to keep them. This means some product was wasted!

While using any small shampoo bar pieces in the shower, often pieces would fall onto the shower floor, which would be a bit of a pain and means that a lot of shampoo bar was wasted here.

If pieces do fall on the floor of the shower, and you want to salvage them, they will be very difficult to get a grip of and to pick up!


This shampoo bar lathers up immensely! Just a few strokes on the hair and you will have enough lather to clean your hair thoroughly. What I would do is swipe the shampoo bar around the rim of my entire hair line, to make sure my roots had an even distribution of shampoo.

The colour! Seanik is a beautiful blue that looks brighter than any images you will see of it online. It is such a beautiful looking shampoo bar!

My hair always feels really soft after using this shampoo bar.

This shampoo bar is very clarifying.

I find the lather produced from shampoo bars to be much easier to rinse out that of the lather products by your more standard shampoo. This saves some time in the shower!

I always leave the shower feeling beachy and fresh after using this shampoo bar, as though I’ve just been to the beach for a swim in a clear blue sea.

This shampoo bar is so affordable for how far it goes. I have probably had this shampoo bar since January sometime, so that is at least 3 months that it has lasted me, and I almost exclusively have been using this shampoo bar for that duration. It only costs £5.95, £1-£2 a month for your shampoo is not bad!

The shampoo bar being in a solid format is incredibly useful. It is easy to take these with you in a tin if you would like to go on holiday etc.

Using this shampoo bar leaves your hair quite light, soft, voluminous, textured and fluffy (in a good way!)

Overall conclusion:

I think that this shampoo bar would be great to use in the summer – it really does feel more like a summertime shampoo to me, because of how beachy it makes your hair feel. It is a brilliant shampoo, and in my opinion it could be used regularly, although, as stated before, the beachy hair feeling can get a bit much sometimes. I especially feel like this shampoo bar would be great for hair that lacks texture and volume, or for anyone who loves summer, beaches or great hair!

Overall, I would rate Seanik a 5/5*, only just! I would not exclusively use this shampoo bar personally, because I start to feel like my hair has salty sea-like buildup or something after using only this bar for a long period of time! I think it is good to have a couple of different shampoos anyway, so that you can have a choice whenever you take a shower.

– Storm 🙂 


Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

Hello! Today’s review is on Lush’s “Popcorn Lip Scrub”.

Popcorn Lip Scrub:

Rating: 2/5*


  • If you walk into a Lush store are considering purchasing this lip scrub, here’s a little piece of advice before you do – if you open the lid of the lip scrub and think that it smells delicious, do NOT buy it!!! This lip scrub is so absolutely delicious smelling and has such an addictive list of ingredients (sugar, salt, oils…) that I literally ate a lot of this product… You’ll probably use more than you need every time you use the product, simply because it tastes so good, and eventually probably start opening the jar purely to taste some. This obviously causes a lot of product to be wasted!
  • This is really quite expensive for what it is. It is quite literally sugar, oil, salt, popping candy and flavouring. This is something you could make extremely cheaply at home, yet in lush a 25g pot of it costs £5.50 in the UK. It would definitely be a waste of money to buy this product regularly!
  • This product contains comedogenic ingredients, or pore clogging ingredients. This means that the product could clog pores around your mouth area, or contribute to the clogging of them. This can then lead to white heads and blackheads!  The comedogenic ingredients in this product are “Extra Virgin Coconut Oil” and “Organic Jojoba Oil.” According to resources online, on a scale of 1-6, coconut oil has a comedogenic rating of 4 and jojoba oil has a comedogenic rating of 2, leaving this product with an overall comedogenic rating of 6 – which is not very good!
  • When picking up the scrub with your fingers and rubbing it onto your lips, a lot of product will fall and be lost into the sink. Again, this means a lot of product is wasted!
  • The ingredients in this product aren’t exactly healthy, so if you do eat some then it isn’t very good. The main ingredient is sugar, the second is oil and the third is salt.
  • This product did not get rid of all the dead skin on my lips.Pros:
  • This product does taste good, and although I listed that as a con, it tasting good is also a good thing! Its taste makes me happy 🙂
  • It smells divine. Think cookie dough or salted caramel. Like, it smells really, really good.
  • This product does work very well! It leaves you lips super smooth, and although it does not get rid of all the rough skin, it does get rid of most of it, and overall leaves the lips far smoother than they were beforehand.
  • This product leaves the lips plump.
  • This product draws blood to the lips through stimulation, and leave the lips a darker, brighter, more beautiful colour 🙂
  • Although the ingredients of this product are fairly basic, and means that this product could be made far cheaper at home, having something already made for you is nice and easy.
  • This product is made by Lush, which is a brilliant shop!
  • This product is 100% vegan.

    Overall Conclusion:

    I personally think that this product smells and tastes divine. It does contain comedogenic ingredients however, which is quite off-putting. It also possibly smells and tastes a little TOO good. The lip scrub works fantastically, and although it is over priced, my laziness means that the majority of the time I’d prefer to simply buy this pre-made product over making it myself. If you would like to try one of Lush’s lip scrubs, I would recommend trying either the Mint Julips lip scrub or the Bubblegum lip scrub, both of which only contain Jojoba oil and therefore only have a comedogenic rating of 2.Overall, I would rate this product a 2/5 stars, simply because it tastes and smells a bit too foody meaning that I end up eating a lot of the product, effectively meaning that by buying this product, I am buying a £5.50 25g pot of sugar. The effects of this product are pretty amazing though, and I’m not too sure if I’m going to enjoy being without a lip scrub, so I will almost certainly give one of the other 2 a go.
    – Storm 🙂 ❤



Lush Imperialis Moisturiser Review.

Hello! 🙂

I am going to be reviewing my recently finished ‘Imperialis Moisturiser’ today! 😀 As always, I list the cons of the product first, so that I can leave the post on a more positive note. I love Lush but I also value honesty, so none of my reviews are sugar-coated and they are all very thorough!

Imperialis Moisturiser:

Rating: **


  • This moisturiser is quite heavy if your skin is not very dry. In my opinion, this moisturiser is generally too heavy for both combination and oily skin.
  • I personally did not find this moisturiser super balancing as it claims to be.
  • The smell of this moisturiser is not very pleasant, at least to me. It supposedly smells like lavender, but to me it smells more like… plastic? I’m not sure exactly what it smells like to me, but it isn’t a very nice smell!
  • This product is slightly comedogenic, due to the inclusion of ‘Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter’ and the ‘Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil’. This moisturiser has a comedogenic rating of of 6, cocoa butter having a comedogenic rating of 4 and olive oil having a comedogenic rating of 2. If you do not know what comedogenic means, it is basically a rating of how much an ingredient (usually a butter or oil) will clog your pores.
  • If you do not have very dry skin, you will need an extremely small amount of this moisturiser to moisturise your entire face. I list this as a negative, because this means that the product goes down very, very slowly – which can get a little boring and tedious for me personally, and also because it can start to feel like the product is almost a waste, because it is hardly getting used!
  • The colour of this moisturiser is a sort of… off-peach colour, and personally I find it quite unappealing to look at.
  • The texture of this moisturiser is a little odd – it feels very slightly gelatinous even – possibly due to oily ingredients.
  • The product will get around the rim of the container, which can be a little messy.
  • When any product dries, for example any product that gets caught around the rim of the container, it will dry to a sort of translucent brown dried slime… It is really gross to wipe the rim of your moisturiser to find that on the tissue! 😦
  • This moisturiser is really, really expensive for a moisturiser. In the UK, it costs £13.95, which is a substantial amount more than any other facial moisturiser I have ever purchased.
  • If you have very dry skin in any areas, and you apply this moisturiser to said areas, your skin will sting quite a bit for a short while.
  • On combination or Oily skin, any oily areas may feel slightly greasy after using this product.Pros:
  • If you have dry skin, this moisturiser works incredibly well! Whilst using acne treatment, my skin has gone through some incredibly dry spells – as in extremely flaky skin around my nose, mouth and chin area. This moisturiser was an absolute life-saver, and using it for my flaky skin is what caused me to use it all up!
  • The ingredients are pretty much all natural, so you don’t need to worry about putting anything too artificial on your facial skin.
  • While on holiday in Paris, me and my partner’s hands got extremely dry due to the cold weather, and I hadn’t brought any hand moisturiser with me. I thought “Hey, Imperialis is still a moisturiser, so it should work.” So, I went ahead and used this on our hands, and it worked absolutely brilliantly. So, it might be a bit expensive for a hand cream, but if you’d like a moisturising hand cream, or a facial moisturiser that can double up as a hand cream, I would definitely recommend this!
  • If you would like to try a Lush moisturiser that is vegan, I would recommend this, because this is the least comedogenic moisturiser that Lush sells that is also vegan. This is the reason I purchased it.
  • The product lasts a very long time. I know I listed this as a con, but sometimes I do enjoy this aspect of the product. I do not remember exactly when I purchased this, but I believe it was in October, and I ran out of the product this month (March), meaning it lasted me 5 months. If you have combination or oily skin consistently, this product will last you much longer than this!
  • It does it’s job – it does moisturise the skin very well.
  • This moisturiser leaves your skin feeling very refreshed.
  • It’s a Lush product – Lush products are awesome!!!


    I personally will not be purchasing this product again and would not generally recommend it, simply because of the fact that it is comedogenic. Even on skin that is not acne prone or oily, I would not take the risk of using this product as it might contribute to acne developing – since it will clog your pores somewhat! If you can afford to do so, I would recommend it for extremely dry or flaky patches of skin – whether on the hands or face, as it does work very well in these areas, and in such cases I think using this moisturiser is worth the risk of it clogging up pores.Overall, I rate this product 2 stars out of 5, because although it does work very well on very dry or flaky skin, it does have pore clogging ingredients!

    – Storm


Lush Big Solid Conditioner Review

Hello! Today I will be reviewing Lush’s ‘Big Solid Conditioner’!

Big Solid Conditioner:

Rating: **


  • This product takes an awful lot to lather up. You really have to keep swiping and massaging the bar into your hair for quite a while before there is a noticeable amount of product in your hair. This also means the product gets used up rather quickly.
  • I find that this conditioner bar has a very artificial smell. To me, it smells sort of like hairspray! I am really not keen on the smell of this product.
  • The bar is very plain and boring looking. It is just white, and looks like a regular bar of soap.
  • Immediately after using this conditioner bar, whilst in the shower, it really does not make my hair any smoother. Quite the opposite in fact – as long as my hair is still wet after using this product, my hair will be very knotty!
  • When my bar was almost finished, my cleaner threw it away in the bin – I guess it looked quite unappealing and messy, especially since it is a naked product and does not come with any sort of packaging or container whatsoever.
  • It takes a long time to rinse the product out of your hair. It sort of clings, and you have to rinse very thoroughly to get all the excess product out of your hair.
  • Again, the product coming without packaging is a pain. When you leave it somewhere to dry after using it, when you next go to pick it up, it will leave product behind on the surface.
  • This product is quite difficult to use in the shower, because once it becomes wet, it is likely to slide out of your hand! This has happened to me several times, which is quite irritating!



  • Once you do get the product to lather up, it feels very creamy and pleasant!
  • The product being a solid is quite a nice idea. I like that I can just pick it up and put it down, without any spillage of product… it’s easier to store too… I don’t know why, I just find solid products easier to have!
  • If you use a hairdryer after washing your hair with this conditioner, and at the same time are using your other hand to brush through your hair, once you are done your hair will feel incredibly smooth and conditioned!
  • The product being a solid is also something different, which makes washing hair a little bit more fun and exciting!
  • This conditioner contains lemon juice, which is a natural hair lightener. I am unsure that the product is in the hair long enough to make a difference, but since it takes quite some time to lather up, I’d assume it does to an extent! I believe this conditioner will help your hair look more sun-kissed :).
  • This conditioner supposedly makes your hair more voluminous, and although I did not personally notice this effect, it probably does provide slightly more volume.
  • This is a Lush product, so it is very natural!


    Personally, I think that this product would work for anyone who is patient in the shower and who wants to try something different. If, however, you want a conditioner that is slightly easier to use, does not leave behind residue or cause any mess, and that works instantly, then this conditioner is not for you. I really do not like the artificial scent of this product either.

    Overall, I would choose this conditioner over a conditioner that wasn’t made by Lush, but I would be happy to find a different Lush conditioner that works a bit better than this one does. My rating for this product is 2/5 stars, because I feel that a product’s effects should be noticeable immediately after usage, however you must dry your hair with a hairdryer whilst brushing, for your hair to feel conditioned using this conditioner. Leaving my hair to air dry and drying my hair with a hairdryer but without brushing both left my hair feeling tangled.

    – Storm


Lush Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub Review.

Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub:

Rating: 4/5*


  • This product does sort of begin to disintegrate in your hands and onto the shower floor after several uses.
  • I didn’t notice my skin becoming as soft as I did with other products.
  • Toward the end of the product, my house cleaner actually threw away what was left of the product, I guess she thought that it looked unappealing. It was probably about 2 pieces of squishy pieces of product at this point.
  • The product actually damaged my arms and hands one time I used it because I was a bit too rough, so you do need to be quite careful when using it.
  • It comes without a container, and I like my products to come in some sort of a container really to keep them safe.


  • This product smells absolutely phenomenal. Like, it is probably my absolutely most favourite smelling Lush product that I have used up thus far. It is really that amazing. It does smell a little like washing machine powder, because that is usually floral scented, and this product is floral scented but not in a noticeably floral way… if that makes any sense at all. It smells delicious!
  • The product looks and feels beautiful! It is a bright purple colour, and as the product reaches the center, it becomes more and more pink-hued. It fits in the hand nicely and has a powdery-waxy sort of a texture, which I really like.
  • The product also has some dried flowers in it, which makes the product feel even more elegant and delicate. It is a product you could imagine being from a traditional Japanese town or something!
  • The smell does linger on the skin, and it is an absolutely divine smell!
  • I just love this product. I really do!

Overall conclusion:

I think this is an absolutely beautiful product. It looks and smells divine. It’s actual effects were a little less noticeable – it did work very well as a scrub, but my skin didn’t feel drastically softer after using the product. The smell does linger on the skin though, which is lovely.

Overall, I would say this is a bit of a luxury, treat product. You can get scrubs that do the job better than this, but this product will be much more beautiful.

That is the end of my review! I will continue to review Lush products whenever I have used up one of them.

– Storm 🙂