My Perfect Hair Routine (In Photos)

The Initial ‘Before’ Photo:

Step 1: Brushing / Combing:


Step 2: Shampooing:

Step 3: Conditioning:

Step 4: Air drying:

Step 5: Applying Hair Moisturiser:


Step 6: Putting Hair Into Protective Hairstyle:

Step 7: Smoothing Over Hair Moisturiser:

Step 8: Cutting Bangs:

Step 9: Taking Out Hairstyle (Next Day):

Step 10: Hairspraying:

Comparing Before & After:




Lush Lullaby Shampoo Bar Review

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy the review 🙂

Lullaby Shampoo Bar

Rating: 4/5*


This shampoo bar smells VERY herbally. It reminds me of the taste and scent of a french tea I bought in Paris called “Bonne nuit” – I don’t remember what the tea’s ingredients were exactly, but think chamomile and lavender. Some people might not be keen on their hair smelling so herbally!

This shampoo bar is super pink and very feminine – which may be off-putting for some people.

This bar becomes incredibly difficult to use once it is running out and breaks into small pieces. The pieces will get stuck in your hair, which is really irritating!

This shampoo bar does leave behind some residue on the surface that you leave it to dry on, wasting some of the product.

This shampoo bar has an unusual mottled white pattern going through the bar, and also some little red and black flecks in it, which personally, I do not think looks very appealing.

It isn’t a very clarifying shampoo bar, so if you want super clean hair, this isn’t the one for you!

As the bar reduces in size, the lather that it produces becomes thinner and thinner, and it takes much longer to produce the amount of lather you’d like to wash your hair with.


I personally love the cute pink colour of the shampoo bar! It is very girly and looks adorable!

The scent of the shampoo bar is very calming and relaxing, which would be great for a bath or shower before bed.

This shampoo bar lasts a very, very long time!

I also have noticed that my hair looks a little more colourful and bright, which is perhaps due to this shampoo!

In my opinion, it is also very affordable!

This shampoo bar has a very soft feeling lather, and instead of clarifying the hair, it leaves behind a silky residue. Because of this, I think that this shampoo bar is probably better for your hair than a lot of Lush’s other ones on offer.

My hair always felt baby soft and silky after using this bar.

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I think this is another great shampoo bar from Lush. As I stated before, it would work really well for when you want to unwind, and it looks so cute!

Although I know that the shampoo bar not stripping my hair means my hair is most likely left slightly healthier, I do quite like my shampoos to do their job well and to really clean the hair, which I do not feel this one thoroughly does. There are definitely some slight improvements that could be made to this bar.

Overall, I rate this shampoo a 4/5* – I really, really enjoyed it, but it probably wouldn’t be one for me to use in my daily shower.

– Storm 🙂 x