Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Review

Hey guys! So this is another beautiful product I was able to purchase in the Boxing Day sale at Lush, using my £100 gift voucher that my amazing partner got me as a Christmas gift!

I hope you all enjoy this review!

(Sorry about the terrible quality of the photo below…)

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner (100g)


Rating: 5/5*


This moisturiser can make your hands feels reeeeeeeeeeeally nasty after you’re done applying the conditioner to everywhere you want on your body. Like, super gross! You really need to wash your hands after you are done after washing the body conditioner. This is a bit of a shame because I guess it means that you can’t moisturise your hands with it!

If you DON’T wash your hands after using it and touch your hair in any manner afterwards, I promise you, you’ll regret it! Prepare to have to wash your hair again sooner than usual… Especially if you have a fringe! Because of the transfer of product into my hair, even after very vigorously rinsing my hands in the bath after finishing with using the body conditioner, my hair looked quite greasy the morning after. I had to wash my fringe again less than a day after already having washed it!

Okay, so again with problems with the moisturisation factor of this product. After you’ve done using this product in the bath or shower, that bath/shower is going to be suuuuuuuuuuper slippery – very dangerous! Also, if you use the body conditioner on your feet while in the shower, and then stand up… I swear I felt like I was standing on ice sometimes, trying to ground myself to prevent myself from slipping over! This is quite a dangerous product.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner is a very sweet product, and could very well not be to everyone’s liking.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner is also very pink and sparkly, which makes it quite girly. Actually, the concept of the entire product is very girly – the name, the scent, the colour… This might not be one for the lads, although I’d not say that men shouldn’t try the product altogether! I know some men who absolutely adore Snow Fairy Shower Gel! In general though, this is more of a product directed toward females than males.

If you happen to LOVE this product, then I almost feel sorry for you. It is a Christmas Exclusive item at Lush, meaning it was only available for a couple of months during the Winter. It also means that, if you’re unlucky, it might not even return next Winter… If you happen to fall in love with this product, good luck trying to stock up on the stuff!

I found that this product ran out fairly quickly. I bought it on Boxing day and used up the last bit yesterday. Okay, so that’s 2 months and 2 days, which might seem like a long time for some people. But I didnt actually use the product THAT often – maybe around once every week or every other week. This isn’t tooooo bad, but I definitely used it up faster than other lotions I have received from Lush!

It takes quite a lot of product to truly moisturise your body using Snow Fariy Body Conditioner. I found that it would absorb into my skin almost instantly, so I’d keep re-applying the product until there was at least a tiny bit of noticeable surplus residue. I did this to ensure I was fully moisturised, and it would take quite a bit of product to do so!


Despite all the cons listed above, I’m kinda in love with this product. The concept is just so adorable and girly, and definitely makes me feel that way too! It is an adorable, light, bubblegum pink colour with a sparkly blue-purple lustre sprinkled on the top of the product. It smells like straight up bubblegum, and is called Snow Fairy… Super girly!

The scent is gorgeous. It is different to Snow Fairy Shower Gel. The shower gel smells extremely sweet, almost like sugar itself. This body conditioner however smells a lot more subdued in terms of sweetness, although it is still very sweet. It smells quite creamy and buttery too, and even has a very slight muskiness to it. It is like comparing the scent of a sickly sweet hard boiled sweet to the icing on a doughnut. It is just creamier and less sugary smelling! I LOVE it!!! Good enough to eat!

This product was able to fully moisturise parched areas of my body that I wasn’t even aware were parched… After applying this product to certain areas of my body, I’d find it would disappear into my skin almost instantly. Once I had added enough for there to be a tiny bit of excess residue evident, those areas of my body would feel extremely nourished and supple.

I actually found that using this product after shaving prevented ingrown hairs and any shaving rash I could have expected after shaving in the past. Absolutely brilliant!

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner is mild enough to be fine to use on sensitive areas of skin on the body. Now my entire body can be super moisturised!

Everything is just easier to do when in the bath or shower. Using this product rather than a lotion meant that it was extremely easy to moisturise anywhere on my body without getting lotion on anything, and being able to rinse off any excess meant that I was able to feel clean and smooth rather than sticky and tacky. If moisturising is a bit of a chore for you, try a body conditioner from Lush. You will still need to take the time to moisturise, but it does make the process a little bit easier and more comfortable.

This product made bath time way more fun. I love taking baths, because it is the time where I get to use a whole bunch of my Lush products. I mostly used this product during my baths rather than showers, which also negated the danger of slipping over after applying the product to my feet! Definitely the perfect pamper companion!

I got this product for 50% off, and if it is available next Winter too, you’ll also be able to get it for 50% off if you are lucky in the Boxing Day sales!!! Absolute BARGAIN!!! The product literally cost £3.98, and even then, I was lucky enough to get it with a Gift card (so it actually cost myself nothing!)

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I loved this body conditioner. I know this was a super long review, and that’s because it is a very interesting product! It does take a little practice to perfect the application process of this product, but once you have the hang of it, this product is an absolute beauty.

I’m going to rate this product a 5/5* rating. As long as you’re CAREFUL in the shower and bath, and take precautions, I think this product is absolutely amazing. The only real downside to me is the fact that it is dangerous. It really isn’t difficult for me to imagine someone slipping in the shower after applying this to their feet, and cracking their head open… Just please be careful with these body conditioners guys, seriously!

1. If you choose to apply this product to your feel while in the shower, the remainder of your shower should be taken SITTING DOWN. DO NOT risk slipping over, seriously, it isn’t worth it.
2. Try to limit yourself to using this product only when taking a bath! This limits any risk sooooo much!
3. Make sure the shower or bath tub isn’t slippery once you’ve finished your shower/bath. You wouldn’t want to cause any future accidents…
4. I absolutely would not let children use this product by themselves if under the age of 16 in the shower. This might sound ridiculous, but at this age they are still their parent’s responsibility. I’d not risk a serious injury from occurring! Tell them to use it in the bath instead!

Thank you for reading! – Storm


Lush Celestial Moisturiser Review

Celestial Moisturiser:

Rating: 3/5*


This moisturiser runs out real fast. I found I needed to use quite a bit to spread it around properly because it is quite thick!

This moisturiser ran out pretty quickly.

This moisturiser looks very plain – it’s just white! This isn’t much of a con but for a Lush product I know many people would definitely be expecting a more exciting looking product!

I didn’t honestly notice any incredibly effects from this moisturiser.

This moisturiser feels a little heavy on the skin.

I have noticed quite a few spots and blocked pores on my face recently… I don’t know if this moisturiser contributed to this fact or not, but I had been using this moisturiser at around the same time as noticing this!

Celestial doesn’t have too much of a scent to it – the scent is extremely weak, making the product feel even more plain.


The scent is weak, but I actually personally like it. It has a faint sweet, light and creamy smell to it. I think it’s nice!

Sometimes you don’t want to use some exciting, super fancy moisturiser. Sometimes you just want to use something that is, well, basic. This is that moisturiser. It is simple with only 12 ingredients (which is not many compared to most moisturisers!,) it is a plain colour, has a fairly plain scent and well, to me it is just a pretty standard moisturiser! Sometimes less is more, right?

This moisturiser definitely works. Again, it isn’t a miracle worker, but it does work very well as a moisturiser itself.

If you use a serum underneath this moisturiser, you can get away with using a very small amount of this moisturiser by rubbing it between your finger tips, dabbing it around your face fairly evenly, and then smoothing into the skin. Like, you can get away with using a REALLY small amount so long as you are using a serum underneath it!

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, this was a really nice moisturiser, but it definitely wasn’t absolutely amazing. It was lovely and light (not in texture but in its simplicity.) This would be a perfect moisturiser for minimalists!

I’m going to rate this moisturiser an all round 3/5* to be honest. I wish I could have given it a higher rating, honestly I was quite disappointed by it! It is lovely but it just doesn’t do anything special for my skin, and I really have been noticing more acne recently which scares me off a bit!

– Storm


Lush Skin Drink Moisturiser Review

Skin Drink Moisturiser:

Rating: 4/5*


The smell is really quite strong. I could smell the product on my face hours after having applied it – and it didn’t smell good. Someone even referred to this product as smelling like mushrooms… After using it, I sort of get what they meant. Not raw mushrooms but like fried mushrooms. It is just a general savoury foody scent and is really not something I appreciated my face smelling like. If this sounds nasty to you, maybe it’s best you stay away!

After a short amount of time, when I had only a little amount of product left in my pot, that little amount of product became really quite thick and dark in colour. I still sort of managed to use it, but it makes me think that maybe this product’s ingredients do not combine too well, and that some ingredients sink to the bottom or something.

This moisturiser didn’t last very long for me. I’m not sure why but it just seemed to go really quite quickly.

This moisturiser has a slight bit of texture to it I think. When I’d apply it to my face, my face would feel slightly less even in texture – almost like any tiny bump felt exaggerated after applying Skin Drink.


This moisturiser moisturised my skin so, so, SO well! My face just always felt so plump and healthy and hydrated after using it. It was really a nice feeling.

Any fine lines/wrinkles on my face (especially my forehead) would basically vanish after using Skin Drink. Seriously, I have some lines on my forehead and when I looked in the mirror after applying this, the wrinkles had practically vanished (unless of course I raised my eyebrows at all.) Definitely recommend!

Just the smallest amount would really work. I could feel my skin was truly hydrated after using Skin Drink, and that feeling would last all day – without my skin becoming any more oily than it usually would.

The colour of this moisturiser is skin toned. Now, I don’t know that this makes a noticeable difference whatsoever, but I really liked that fact. It felt like I was applying an additional skin-tone-evening layer on my skin, however slight that layer was. If you wouldn’t say no to that then perhaps Skin Drink is worth a go!

A vegan Lush product that is handmade, cruelty free, animal friendly, practically all natural… worth a shot!

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, this moisturiser could do with a few improvements. It smells nasty and I’m really not keen on the texture or formula of it at all. It does work very well however, and really is a decent moisturiser.

Overall, I rate this moisturiser a 4/5* but ONLY JUST. The SMELL is absolutely vile, it just so happens that this moisturiser is the one that has worked for me best thus far and at least from the regular line, I believe I only have a couple more to try. Honestly, I really hope one of those two do surpass this one because I don’t know that I could handle that smell day in and day out… Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my review!

Out of the vegan facial moisturisers available on the Lush UK site on 03/03/17, this is my favourite moisturiser!


Lush Enzymion Moisturiser Review

Hello 🙂

Today is a review of Lush’s ‘Enzymion Moisturiser’.

This is a moisturiser that I previously had said that I would not be reviewing, due to it containing comedogenic ingredients. After discovering that the wonderful Aqua Marina contains a comedogenic ingredient, I rethought my perfectionism on this matter. Heck, even dead skin cells are comedogenic, something extremely natural to have on facial skin…

I figure that most products probably contain ingredients that are technically comedogenic, but perhaps sometimes it is the non-comedogenic ingredients included in these products that counteract any pore-clogging effects. I don’t know, I’m no expert. All I know is that a product that has been extremely beneficial for my skin in the past is apparently comedogenic, so clearly a product containing comedogenic ingredients does not mean it will make my skin break out with tons of acne or anything.

Now, let’s get on with this review! As stated in the past, I always make sure to completely use up the entire product, through using it properly, before reviewing it. I feel that my reviews are more accurate and useful this way. I state the size of the product where there are different size options and to end the review on a happier note, I always end with the pros!


Enzymion Moisturiser

Rating: 3/5


This moisturiser has quite a strong smell, which some people could definitely not have a fondness for. The scent catches in your throat slightly and is a very potent and acidic smelling fruity floral. I could definitely see people disliking this scent!

This moisturiser is very, very, very light. I definitely found myself using more of this moisturiser at a time than I did with Imperialis (if you would like to see the review for Imperialis, please scroll to the end of this blog post where you will find a few links to similar posts to this on my blog.) My skin type is sensitive combination skin, and I would return to my pot of Enzymion maybe 3 or 4 times before feeling that my face had really been moisturised properly. This could be due to the top ingredient being a lemon infusion – so mostly water.

This moisturiser does contain a few comedogenic ingredients, and therefore has quite a comedogenic (pore clogging, acne inducing) rating. This might be a concern for some, but in actuality this fact probably will not have any impact on your skin. This fact is still a little scary though!

Sometimes, the moisturiser would actually feel incredibly heavy on my skin, and almost dirty. This would be after using a serum on my face, but is definitely something to think about – I’d definitely advise getting a sample of this moisturiser before actually purchasing it, so that you can give it a trial run.

I did not find that this moisturiser particularly helped my oil production levels or my acne, which it is supposed to do really. In fact (and I am not saying that this is the fault of this moisturiser, and the least healthy parts of my skin are simply due to my picking habit,) my skin has been particularly spotty recently. Although I don’t think this is the fault of Enzymion, it certainly may have been a contributing factor to this problem. Like, recently my skin was definitely the worst I have ever seen it be in my life, but it is slightly better now.

This moisturiser will run out very quickly because of it being so thin. This can be a bit annoying!


This being a light moisturiser could be seen as a pro. Imperialis was too heavy for me – so heavy in fact that just the smallest amount on my facial skin would feel like a bit too much if I’m honest with you. Enzymion however, I have never felt like it was too heavy UNLESS I had only just applied a serum onto my face beforehand. With this moisturiser, you can make sure your facial skin has exactly the amount of product it needs to feel how you would like it to feel. I guess you could call it a buildable moisturiser. I would prefer if the moisturiser was a tad bit heavier, but I rather it be a light moisturiser that is buildable than a moisturiser that is far too heavy for my face.

The acidic smell smells mostly like fruits to me. It is very, very pungent, but I think I quite like it. To me it smells fresh and pleasant.

I really like how this moisturiser makes my skin feel after applying enough of it to my face. It is left feeling dewy, fresh and plump.

The colour of this moisturiser is white and its texture is like a light cream. This combination is much lovelier to me than the colour and texture of Imperialis! It adds to the fresh feeling this moisturiser has.

This moisturiser is all natural, is cruelty free, vegan, handmade and is a product from Lush – an incredible company! It is definitely a product that is worth a try just for those reasons alone! I absolutely love Lush and the company’s products in general – they are just so fun to use and are each so different from each other.

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I like this moisturiser. It isn’t perfect. It really does not sit well on top of serums, it is very light and the smell can become a bit much sometimes. My skin has also been absolutely terrible and although I don’t believe this moisturiser is the cause, it could very well be contributing to a few annoying blackheads. My skin is quite sensitive however, and I don’t see this moisturiser having a negative affect on most who would try it.

For me, this moisturiser is something that I think I like more than I dislike, it could just do with a few tweaks here and there.

Overall, I’m going to rate this moisturiser 3/5*. It is close to 4 stars, it is mainly the fact that my acne has been problematic recently that has got me slightly worried about this product. For the billionth time though, it is definitely worth a try and I would really recommend grabbing yourself a sample of it. I would say that it is a moisturiser that is best for oily/normal/combination skin, being more ideal for oily/combination skin types and most ideal for combination skin.

I hope you enjoyed my review today, have a nice evening.

– Storm

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Lush Imperialis Moisturiser Review.

Hello! 🙂

I am going to be reviewing my recently finished ‘Imperialis Moisturiser’ today! 😀 As always, I list the cons of the product first, so that I can leave the post on a more positive note. I love Lush but I also value honesty, so none of my reviews are sugar-coated and they are all very thorough!

Imperialis Moisturiser:

Rating: **


  • This moisturiser is quite heavy if your skin is not very dry. In my opinion, this moisturiser is generally too heavy for both combination and oily skin.
  • I personally did not find this moisturiser super balancing as it claims to be.
  • The smell of this moisturiser is not very pleasant, at least to me. It supposedly smells like lavender, but to me it smells more like… plastic? I’m not sure exactly what it smells like to me, but it isn’t a very nice smell!
  • This product is slightly comedogenic, due to the inclusion of ‘Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter’ and the ‘Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil’. This moisturiser has a comedogenic rating of of 6, cocoa butter having a comedogenic rating of 4 and olive oil having a comedogenic rating of 2. If you do not know what comedogenic means, it is basically a rating of how much an ingredient (usually a butter or oil) will clog your pores.
  • If you do not have very dry skin, you will need an extremely small amount of this moisturiser to moisturise your entire face. I list this as a negative, because this means that the product goes down very, very slowly – which can get a little boring and tedious for me personally, and also because it can start to feel like the product is almost a waste, because it is hardly getting used!
  • The colour of this moisturiser is a sort of… off-peach colour, and personally I find it quite unappealing to look at.
  • The texture of this moisturiser is a little odd – it feels very slightly gelatinous even – possibly due to oily ingredients.
  • The product will get around the rim of the container, which can be a little messy.
  • When any product dries, for example any product that gets caught around the rim of the container, it will dry to a sort of translucent brown dried slime… It is really gross to wipe the rim of your moisturiser to find that on the tissue! 😦
  • This moisturiser is really, really expensive for a moisturiser. In the UK, it costs £13.95, which is a substantial amount more than any other facial moisturiser I have ever purchased.
  • If you have very dry skin in any areas, and you apply this moisturiser to said areas, your skin will sting quite a bit for a short while.
  • On combination or Oily skin, any oily areas may feel slightly greasy after using this product.Pros:
  • If you have dry skin, this moisturiser works incredibly well! Whilst using acne treatment, my skin has gone through some incredibly dry spells – as in extremely flaky skin around my nose, mouth and chin area. This moisturiser was an absolute life-saver, and using it for my flaky skin is what caused me to use it all up!
  • The ingredients are pretty much all natural, so you don’t need to worry about putting anything too artificial on your facial skin.
  • While on holiday in Paris, me and my partner’s hands got extremely dry due to the cold weather, and I hadn’t brought any hand moisturiser with me. I thought “Hey, Imperialis is still a moisturiser, so it should work.” So, I went ahead and used this on our hands, and it worked absolutely brilliantly. So, it might be a bit expensive for a hand cream, but if you’d like a moisturising hand cream, or a facial moisturiser that can double up as a hand cream, I would definitely recommend this!
  • If you would like to try a Lush moisturiser that is vegan, I would recommend this, because this is the least comedogenic moisturiser that Lush sells that is also vegan. This is the reason I purchased it.
  • The product lasts a very long time. I know I listed this as a con, but sometimes I do enjoy this aspect of the product. I do not remember exactly when I purchased this, but I believe it was in October, and I ran out of the product this month (March), meaning it lasted me 5 months. If you have combination or oily skin consistently, this product will last you much longer than this!
  • It does it’s job – it does moisturise the skin very well.
  • This moisturiser leaves your skin feeling very refreshed.
  • It’s a Lush product – Lush products are awesome!!!


    I personally will not be purchasing this product again and would not generally recommend it, simply because of the fact that it is comedogenic. Even on skin that is not acne prone or oily, I would not take the risk of using this product as it might contribute to acne developing – since it will clog your pores somewhat! If you can afford to do so, I would recommend it for extremely dry or flaky patches of skin – whether on the hands or face, as it does work very well in these areas, and in such cases I think using this moisturiser is worth the risk of it clogging up pores.Overall, I rate this product 2 stars out of 5, because although it does work very well on very dry or flaky skin, it does have pore clogging ingredients!

    – Storm