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Hey guyyys! 😀

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! I was technically tagged by Lise over at Lushtivity, although not directly as she tagged anybody who wanted to give this questionnaire a go. She’s awesome. Go check her out.

1. Do you remember your first makeup item?

When I was probably around 6 years old, my mother took me and my two older siblings to a beauty shop and let us all pick one nail polish each – orange and yellow were my favourite colours so I of course chose the sparkly orange nail polish.

2. Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications?
My perfect mascara would make my eyelashes look super natural – like my own eyelashes only slightly more enhanced and beautiful. I love a natural look! I’d also want the mascara to be ethical and made from natural ingredients – similar to Lush’s ‘Eyes Right’ mascara (the one that comes in the long tube from Oxford Street.) It would be super easy to apply and wouldn’t get all over my eyelids. As I said, Lush’s ‘Eyes Right’ mascara is the best one I have tried so far, but it is going to take some practice to learn how to apply it without getting product all over my face!

3. What kind of coverage do you prefer from a foundation?
I like a natural medium kinda coverage from my foundation. One where after I use it my skin still looks like my own, but just with less flaws. Again, I prefer makeup that just naturally and beautifully enhances what I already have!

4. Favourite high end brand?
The most expensive makeup I’ve tried is from Lush, so I guess Lush?

5. What cosmetics brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t?
Honestly, none. I’m only interested in Lush products now haha!

6. Favourite drugstore brand?
I actually really enjoy just using MUA products for when I want some more affordable makeup. I bought a MUA eyeshadow palette recently and have been using one of the powders on my eyebrows every single day since. It works amazingly and was super affordable!

7. Do you wear false lashes?
Nope, never have. I’d like to try them just to see what they look like – just for fun. I’d never be into wearing them frequently though. Don’t like the idea of sticking random bits of plastic to my body too much.

8. Is there any kind of makeup you can’t leave the house without?
I can leave the house without any makeup, so long as I’m not going to be seeing many people at all on that day. I can’t leave to go and have a normal day at Uni without foundation, setting powder and eyebrow powder. I’d also be fairly miserable if I don’t have my lip tint on too. The rest, meh. I usually just do my foundation before I leave and pack the rest of those items in my Uni bag – I do most of my makeup whilst commuting on the train!

9. What is your most cherished beauty product?
Probably my ‘Light Yellow Colour Supplement’ from Lush at the moment. It’s basically a foundation. Really not sure what I would do without it!

10. How often do you shop for makeup? Do you like to pick up an item here and there, or get lots of goodies at once?
I never really shop for makeup apart from when I have run out of something that I use daily. If I do need to stock up on makeup though, I do prefer to make any purchases I need to make in one go.

11. Do you have a “beauty budget” or do you spend freely?
I don’t have a beauty budget but I am extremely frugal. So technically I spend my money on beauty products freely as I don’t really keep a close track of it, but it’s still rare that I’ll buy any beauty products for myself.

12. Do you utilize coupons, reward cards and sales when you shop for cosmetics?
No. I just get what I need when I need it!

13. What type of product do you buy the most of?
I get through toothpaste quite quickly… And also shampoo. I strangely have loads of shower gels though, even though I get through them super slowly. I’m going to go with shampoo.

14. Is there a brand you absolutely can’t stand?
Um, not really. Any brands that test on animals or are absurdly overpriced. I’ve also always had a negative perspective on super popular, hyped up brands like Mac.

15. Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics, like parabens or sulfates?
I’m a vegan so I do make sure any beauty products I use are also vegan. I also like natural products – the more natural the ingredients the better! I’m honestly not that fussy at the minute though – again, I tend to stick to trying out Lush products and for the most part they seem to do more good than harm thus far!

16. Do you have a favourite place to shop for makeup?
Again, Lush… If I can’t afford Lush at the time though, I’ll go take a look in Superdrug!

17. Do you like trying new skin care products or do you keep a certain routine?
I love trying new skin care products. Once I’ve found something that I really love though, I’ll not stray from using it (like my ‘Veganese Conditioner’ and my ‘Eau Roma Water Toner’ from Lush.)

18. Favourite bath and body brand?
I’m so tediously predictable. LUSH!

19. If you could only buy from one brand, which brand would you choose?

20. What brand do you think has the best packaging?
Lush… Only because they use recycled plastic to make their pots and have a really good recycling scheme. I also think their packaging looks quite funky.

21. Which celebrity always has great makeup?
I have no idea. I’m not really a fan of celebrities. I’ll say Rihanna just because she mostly seems to go for a fairly natural look that really enhances her natural beauty, which is what I like my makeup to look like.

22. Do you belong to any online makeup communities?

23. 5 Favourite beauty gurus:
Meh, none. I nominate myself to be a beauty guru. There, now I can vote for myself!

24. Do you like multi-functional products like lip and cheek stains?
If that’s their primary purpose and they have been made specifically to be one just as much as the other, then sure. That sounds pretty neat. But, I tend to find that products advertised as being multi-functional usually have one primary function, and then a secondary, not-so-good function. So I guess I like them if they are ACTUALLY multi-functional!

25. Are you clumsy at putting on makeup?
Yes. I’m terrible at putting on liquid eyeliner – although I’d absolutely love to get good at it. I’m also pretty bad at applying mascara around 75% of the time – there is the odd time that it comes out pretty darn good. I always accidentally smudge my lip tint over my lip line too, and it takes a while to perfect the outline. So, long story short, yes.

26. Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?
I use just a regular facial primer all over my face – including around my eyes.

27. How many hair products do you use on a typical day?
On a typical day I use shampoo and conditioner. That’s it. I used to use a hair moisturiser daily too but I used it all up 😦

28. What do you apply first, concealer or foundation?
I just use a foundation!

29. Would you ever consider taking makeup classes?
Probably not. I really enjoy learning my own way around applying makeup, and how to apply it in such a way that works best with my unique skin, facial features, tones etc.

30. What do you love about makeup?
I love that it gives a person confidence in how they look, where they might feel completely unconfident otherwise. I love that it provides every single person in the world the opportunity to look the most conventionally beautiful that they possibly can. I love that makeup enhances an individual’s unique natural beauty, and really makes a person shine from the inside out. I love that it gives everybody the opportunity to look “on fleek” and like all of them beautiful models and celebrities they see. It gives us power to change our physical appearance and how we are perceived by others pretty damn easily. It’s pretty magical stuff.

I tag:
Whoever wants to do this questionnaire!


– Storm


Beautiful Women!

Hey guys!

I was having a little think yesterday about how my aesthetic has really changed over the years – in terms of the physical appearances of a person, what I personally find to be an attractive look on a woman, and what looks I want to draw inspiration from and impersonate to an extent.

I’ve been trying to work on how I look over the last couple of years, because I want to feel truly happy in my own skin, with what I see in the mirror and with how I am physically presenting myself to the world!

So, I had a little search on Google Images yesterday and found four photos of women who inspire me with their aesthetic! They’re absolutely stunning! ❤

1. c7566dbab3b16201079c381b917002f2--septum-piercings-septum-ring

First we have this absolute beauty! She’s just so gorgeous, and her aesthetic is pretty in-line with the aesthetic that I think suits me. Natural, long, wavy hair, sun-kissed skin, a septum piercing and super natural, feature-enhancing makeup. I’m 100% into the boho, hippie, natural, beachy vibe at the moment. My hair is completely natural and undyed as of 1-2 years ago, and I love it that way! I think you should rock what you have – anyone can replicate a box dye colour, but nobody can exactly replicate your unique mix of DNA that provided you with your hair colour (unless you have an identical twin, in which case your hair is 2 of a kind rather than one of a kind, still pretty rare!) I also love the outdoors, warmth and sunshine, so sun-kissed hair and sun-kissed skin just looks so healthy and gorgeous to me!

I have a septum piercing myself (although I need to get it re-done because it is really wonky…,) and I really think they make anyone’s face who has one look 50x more cute and adorable – especially when they use ring style jewellery.

Finally, the makeup. I personally only wear foundation and face powder, fill in my brows and will sometimes enjoy wearing a lip tint/mauvey nude lipstick/lip balm on my lips, and will also sometimes curl my lashes. Honestly, heavier makeup just doesn’t look nice on me! I think a natural, feature-enhancing look is much more pretty on me, like what this girl has on here. I don’t like hiding my natural face with makeup!

Sorry for writing so much, but this girl’s aesthetic is probably my favourite out of the four!

2. 964d9d191fc0e54abaaecdbee42f82cc (1)

Next up is this beauty! Now, I’m a girl with a fringe, who wears glasses and with a septum piercing. Trust me when I say this – having this combination of things on your face is REALLY difficult to pull off! It’s just a whole lot going on. If your fringe is too short, it just looks a bit weird, if your fringe is too long, they touch your glasses and then your entire face looks overwhelmed with STUFF. If your glasses just don’t suit you, you’re going to look less attractive with them on (and it’s quite difficult to get glasses that both look nice with your actual face AND with your bangs…) If your septum piercing jewellery is too chunky, then with the added bangs and glasses, your face is just going to look super overcrowded but if the jewellery is too dainty, it will just be overseen because of everything else going on on your face! BALANCE with these 3 features is really difficult to achieve, trust me!

Now, in my humble opinion, this girl pulls off all 3 seemingly effortlessly. She looks absolutely gorgeous, and has made everything work so well together! I aspire to make my fringe/glasses/septum piercing combo look as good as hers does.

3. fcb740e68e5e00701c09023108776a23--curly-bangs-curly-hair-styles

Sorry for the small picture, it’s all I could find! I believe this girl is a model, because I seem to remember finding out who she was once before… Anyways, again, this girl is such a beaut! JUST LOOK AT THAT HAIR!!! Ugh, what I’d do to have naturally curly hair, or at least wavy… Not to say that hers is natural but, y’know, it looks natural enough 🙂 I love this girl’s hair to death, I want to STEAL IT for myself! It just looks so cute and so much more interesting than straight hair in my opinion. There’s just so much more going on with curly hair! Her hair is also a fairly similar colour to my own, only mine is a bit more of a saturated colour, which makes me envy her hair even more because I can totally imagine what it would have been like if I were born with curlier hair… This girl is just so gorgeous, I’d feel pretty intimidated to be in the same room as someone so pretty :O I WISH I HAD CURLY/WAVY HAIR!

4. da75a76a4029fa75d8a828bce0e76b5e--boho-fashion-fashion-hair.jpg

Last but not least is this lovely lady. Okay, I know, I obsess about hair more than any other physical feature in someone’s appearance. BUT LOOK AT HER HAIR!!! Her hair is just so glorious. It’s beautiful and long, looks so natural and sun-kissed (or at least I can imagine it is naturally sun-kissed rather than balayage highlights added to it,) and has a beautiful, beachy wavy and texture to it. I love this hair so much, it’s like… Goals… Add in some bangs and make it a bit more curly and we have my absolute dream hair!


Okay, and we’re done! I think it’s important to appreciate our fellow ladies for their beauty, and it’s totally okay to draw inspiration from other people.

– Storm


Miniature Manicure feat. Poundland, Lush and Superdrug.

Hey guys! So, I have had exams recently and just really, really, REALLY let my nails get nasty! Last time I painted them was with a mustard yellow colour a couple of weeks before Easter. Earlier today, they were just extremely chipped and horrid. All my nails were getting long and straggly, apart from one nail that was short? My hands were also feeling like they needed some TLC.

The time had come to give myself a miniature manicure! I just wanted to freshen up the way my nails and hands looked – nothing super professional or fancy looking!

Here is what I used:

IMG_4487 (2).JPG

– Lush – Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion
– Lush – Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face And Body Scrub
– Poundland – Nail Clippers

IMG_4486 (2).JPG

– Lush Love Soap.

IMG_4488 (2).JPG

– Poundland Make Up Gallery Well Polished Ridge Filler Base Coat

IMG_4489 (2).JPG

– Poundland Nail Polish Remover

– Superdrug 100% Pure Cotton Wool Round Pads

IMG_4485 (2).JPG

Here is a before picture of my how horrid my hands were!

IMG_4484 (2).JPG

First, I gave my hands a REALLY thorough scrub with Ocean Salt! Afterwards, my hands felt so insanely smooth and completely free of dead skin! They felt like baby hands :3

Secondly, I washed my hands with the Love soap – just to make sure that my hands had no leftover scrub or dead skin on them!

Third, I moisturised my hands with Charity Pot from Lush. This really helped prepare my nails to be clipped as it made them a little softer. I also didn’t want to moisturise them after using nail polish remover, because nail polish remover leaves nails perfectly clean and ready for the nail polish to adhere to them! I also didn’t want to moisturise after clipping my nails because I wouldn’t want little nail shavings being rubbed into my hands!

Next was to clip my nails with the nail clippers. I clipped all the white excess nail off, as this is the length I prefer them to be. This leaves them just a little bit shorter than the ends of my fingers. I just keep clipping around the nail and get as low as I reasonably can, without causing any pain! I just maintain a natural nail shape by doing this!

After this, I removed all the nail polish from my nails, using nail polish remover and a cotton round. I just use one cotton pad to do this – if I find that the nail polish stops being removed, I just find a clean space on the cotton pad and apply more nail polish remover to it. I kept doing this until every little speck of old nail polish was removed!

Finally, I add the nail polish. This nail polish was brand new and unopened – I bought it from Poundland just a couple of days ago. I just wanted a light, natural, cute looking pink colour, so I grabbed this without checking the label. It turned out to be a ridge filler and base coat! After doing a quick search on ridge fillers, I found that they can also be used as regular nail polishes, and just need one or two extra coats. I ended up applying 3 coats of this to achieve the result I was after. It was quite streaky!

And here is the finished result!

IMG_4498 (2).JPG

Before and after side-by-side:

Sorry for the terrible quality of photos! I have extremely bad lighting in my flat at the moment! Nonetheless, I am extremely pleased with the results 🙂 My hands look so much softer and younger and flawless in general! The nails themselves look so much neater too, and it was definitely about time for a new colour!

It’s so nice to finally have time to do these sorts of things!

– Storm


My Entire Lush Collection!

I wrote about this upcoming blog post a few days ago – here it is!

On Sunday, I laid out my entire Lush collection and took plenty of photos. I had just done a miniature Lush haul the day before, and afterwards decided to TRULY ban myself from buying more Lush until I have used up all my bath products.

My collection isn’t exactly massive, but I wouldn’t call it tiny either?

If you want more information about this blog post, I’d suggest you read this post explaining everything in a little more detail.

Just a side note – I’m sorry if my photos are absolutely awful! I’m not a photographer, not even as a hobby or for a bit of fun or anything. I just used my iPhone to take these photos and edited them to make them look a little more life-like.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Hair Care:

photo5945304661718313256 (3)photo5945304661718313256 (2)

  1. Top left – Marilyn Hair Treatment. I had been wanting a way to enhance and liven up my hair colour, without actually CHANGING the colour of my hair… If that makes any sense? I just don’t want to dye it – I love my natural hair colour. Marilyn Hair Treatment sounded like a good way to do just that! I bought this with my own money a couple of months ago in an online order, and am waiting for it to be more sunny to use it!
  2. Top middle – Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume. I picked this up at Lush Oxford Street on Saturday. I’ve used every other vegan conditioner from Lush, so I really wanted to try a sample to see what I think of it.
  3. Top right – R&B Hair Moisturiser. Got Richard to pick this up for me on his way home from work, and paid him back for it! I just thought it sounded absolutely lovely, and at the time I had only tried shampoos and conditioners from Lush’s hair care range. I felt my hair needed a little more attention! I will review this when I have used it all up, but I will say that I am absolutely loving this so far!
  4. Bottom left – Daddy-O Shampoo. I picked this up in the same order as Marilyn – again, because I’ve been looking at ways to enhance my hair colour without actually changing its colour! I have been enjoying this so far and will review it when I have finished it up!
  5. Bottom middle (left) – Rehab Shampoo. Also picked these up on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. The guy gave me 3 samples of the stuff! Enjoying it so far – will review once I have used up my samples! 🙂
  6. Bottom middle (right) – Waves Solid Shampoo. This sample arrived to me in the online order when I purchased Marilyn and Daddy-O.
  7. Bottom right – I Love Juicy Shampoo. Again, picked these up on Saturday from the Oxford Street store, and again, the guy gave me 3 samples of the stuff!

Skin Care:

photo5945304661718313248 (3)photo5945304661718313248 (2)

  1. Top left – Ultrablast Tooth Powder. Bought this with my own money on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. Me and Richard are really enjoying this so far!
  2. Top middle (left) – Prince Of Darkness Fresh Face Mask. I turned in 5 black pots for this face mask. I chose it because of it being exclusive to Oxford Street – I thought that if I was in the store, that might as well be the one that I try! This is a very odd mask – I will be reviewing it when I have finished using it all up!
  3. Top middle (right) – Buche De Noel Face And Body Cleanser. This cleanser I picked up in a gift set during the Boxing Day sale. I was lucky enough to receive a £100 gift card from Richard for Christmas, so I used the gift card for this purchase! A lovely product 🙂
  4. Top right – Let The Good Times Roll Fresh Cleanser. This also came in the gift set that I received Buche De Noel in. Also really lovely! Expect a review soon because as you can see, I’ve almost run out of this one!
  5. First middle – Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Mouthwash Tabs. Picked these up as a sample on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. Never tried mouthwash tabs before!
  6. Second middle – Dark Angels Fresh Cleanser. Picked this up on Saturday from the Oxford Street store!
  7. Third middle – Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face And Body Scrub. Received this as a sample in the online order I did a couple of months ago. I have already reviewed this product on my blog 🙂
  8. Fourth middle – Light Yellow Colour Supplement. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS PRODUCT OMG!!! I bought this on Saturday from the Oxford Street store, as I’ve been wanting to try some of Lush’s makeup range for a while. Can’t wait to use it all up so I can give it a good review – although from what I’ve heard, these things last ages, so you might not have a review on this for another 6 months or so!!!
  9. Fifth middle – Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub. I also bought this using my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. It’s lovely!
  10. Sixth middle – The Kiss Lip Scrub. I received this from a gift set that Richard gave to me on Valentine’s Day. Absolutely loving this one so far!
  11. Seventh middle – Santa Baby Lip Scrub. Also bought this one using my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Not super keen so far, but my opinion could change by time I’ve finished the entire pot!
  12. Eighth middle – Buttered Brazils Lip Balm. Bought this with my own money yonks ago – I believe sometime in February last year! Really nice lip balm.
  13. Ninth middle – Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Tint. Again, bought this using my gift card during the Boxing Day sale! Gorgeous colour!
  14. Bottom left – Coalface Facial Soap. This was my FIRST EVER LUSH PRODUCT that I purchased for myself! I bought this back in September 2015 if I recall correctly. It takes absolutely forever to use up. I literally keep this on the side of my bath and use it every time I shower.
  15. Second bottom – Full Of Grace Serum Bar. Bought this early on last Summer I think. I really like it!
  16. Third bottom – Eau Roma Water Toner Water. I bought this in an online order a couple of months ago. I didn’t have a toner and needed one, and this one sounded really nice according to the reviews on Lush’s UK site.
  17. Fourth bottom – Grease Lightning Spot Treatement. This one I bought a long time ago. I don’t actually remember when exactly, but I’d guess that it was sometime late 2015. I’ve had it for a really long time, and still have some product left!

Body Products:

  1. Top row first product – Mr Sandman Dusting Powder. I bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale last year. This guy smells like Twilight, and I love sprinkling it on my sheets before I get into bed!
  2. Top row second product – Fairy Dust Dusting Powder. Also bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Lovely product!
  3. Second row first product – Snow Fairy Shower Gel. Received this as a gift from Richard for Christmas in 2015. Still have some left!
  4. Second row second product – Ponche Shower Gel. Bought using my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  5. Second row third product – Twilight Shower Gel. Bought using my gift card from the Oxford Street store a little after Boxing Day last year – but the sale was still on!
    .Extremely chuffed to have grabbed this before the sale ended – my only other way to try Twilight would have been the Relax gift set!
  6. Second row fourth product – Bubbly Shower Gel. Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Smells like Celebrate!
  7. Second row fifth product – Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream. Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Haven’t tried this one yet, although I know it is extremely popular!
  8. Second row sixth product – Prince Charming Shower Cream. Received this in a gift set from Richard on Valentine’s Day. ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS PRODUCT!!! It smells INCREDIBLE!!!
  9. Third row first product – Snow Fairy Fun. I bought this during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card. It sort of got all mushy and horrid in its original packaging, so I put it in an empty black pot. I mostly use this to shave with at the minute. It is lovely!
  10. Third row second product – Snowman Shower Jelly. Again, bought during the Boxing Day sale with my gift card. This shower jelly is so messy – it has somehow gotten all over the pot, and I haven’t even used it yet!
  11. Third row third product – Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly. I bought this around Easter time last year. I have used it, but it just seems to last for absolutely ever! It is so adorable, and smells good enough to eat!
  12. Third row fourth product – Refresher Shower Jelly. I received this in a gift set from my partner sometime in January last year. It is really lovely and again, lasts absolutely AGES!!!
  13. Fourth row first product – Tropical Jungle Body Lotion. I bought this from the Lush Kitchen around March last year I believe. I have used most of it up now, but still have some left! It is lovely – especially in the Summer 🙂
  14. Fourth row second product – Sleepy Hand And Body Lotion. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Absolutely loving this one so far!
  15. Fourth row third product – Christingle Body Conditioner. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. This one is… Interesting… I don’t know what to think of this product so far, but I have a bad feeling that I hate it! I just don’t like to feel cold, and that’s exactly what this product does – make you feel really, really, REALLY COLD!!! I could change my mind by the end of the pot though, which is when I’ll review this product!
  16. Fourth row fourth product – Kiss Me Quick Business Wash Card. I bought this a couple of months ago in an online order, because I wanted to try something from the Valentine’s Day collection buy didn’t want to spend tons of money! I haven’t used it yet, but am very curious to see what it is like…
  17. Fifth row first product – Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub. I bought this for myself on Saturday from Lush Oxford Street. I had never tried it before, and wanted a new body scrub. It is so affordable, I couldn’t just leave it behind! Haven’t tried it yet.
  18. Fifth row second product – Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar. Also bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Haven’t tried Fit yet, but I’m guessing it will look beautiful on my legs during the Summer!
  19. Fifth row third product – From Dusk ‘Til Dawn Massage Bar. I’ve had this guy for around a year now, and there’s still some left! I love massages from my partner, and he will usually use this bar. It smells incredible!
  20. Fifth row fourth product – Love Spell Massage Bar. I received this in a gift set from my partner on Valentine’s Day. Love it!

Hand Products:

(I only really use soaps on my hands now!)

  1. Top row first product – Santa’s Postbox Soap Soap. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale! I just wanted to grab anything that I saw that was a holiday exclusive item…
  2. Top row second product – Fireside Soap. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  3. Top row third product – Snowcastle Soap. I loved Snowcake soap Christmas 2015, so I wanted to give this new design a try! Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  4. Top row fourth product – Reindeer Rock Soap. Again, I loved the Christmas 2015 version of this soap, so I wanted to give this design a try! Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  5. Second row first product – Igloo Soap. Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  6. Second row second product – Yog Log Roulade. I loved Yog Nog Soap Christmas 2015, so really wanted to give this a go! This was the smallest chunk that I could grab at the time, and it is massive! Even at 50% off, it was £6-£7! Doesn’t smell as good as Yog Nog Soap, but we will have to see! Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale!
  7. Second row third product – Magic Wand Soap. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale!
  8. Second row fourth product – Shooting Stars Soap. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. It is such a massive chunk! It was the smallest chunk there – and I know you can ask to have a smaller piece cut, but I was just trying to be as quick as possible to grab everything I wanted, since it was a sale!
  9. Third row first product – Love Soap. Bought this in an online order a couple of months ago. It came from the Kitchen!
  10. Third row second product – Love You, Love You Lots Soap. Received this on Valentine’s Day in a gift set from Richard!
  11. Third row third product – Layer Cake Soap. Received this in a gift set from my partner sometime in January last year. I’m currently using this one, which is why it is in a soap dish 🙂
  12. Third row fourth product – Golden Handshake Hot Hand Mask. I bought this on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. I’ve never tried a hand mask before, so really wanted to give this one a go!

Bath Products:

photo5945304661718313240 (3)photo5945304661718313240 (2)

  1. Top row first product – Northern Lights Bath Bomb. Got this in the Boxing Day sale with my gift card!
  2. Top row second product – Stardust Bath Bomb. Bought this in a gift set that Richard found during the Boxing Day sale, using my gift card 😀
  3. Top row third product – Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb. Bought this during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card 😀
  4. Top row fourth product – Butterbear Bath Bomb. I received this as a gift from Richard on Christmas Day, along with the £100 gift card he gave me! He knows I love Butterbear. I left him in his bag, because he’s all broken 😦 Will have to use him soon!
  5. Top row fifth product – Butterbear Bath Bomb. Another Butterbear that I received from Richard on Christmas Day! Sooooooo cute, absolutely adore this bath bomb!!!
  6. Second row first product – Mistletoe Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card!
  7. Second row second product – So White Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card.
  8. Second row third product – Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card!
  9. Second row fourth product – Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Dy sale using my gift card!
  10. Second row fifth product – Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card. LOVE the Twilight scent of this one, can’t wait to use it!
  11. Second row sixth product – Satsuma Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale with my gift card from the Oxford Street store!
  12. Third row first product – Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb. Bought this in Berlin around a month ago, because I thought it wouldn’t stick around for long! Smells amazing.
  13. Third row second product – Cupid Bath Bomb. Also bought this in Berlin around a month ago, before it went out of stock!
  14. Third row third product – Roller Bath Bomb. Richard gave this to me on Valentine’s Day!
  15. Third row fourth product – Buy One, Set One Free Bath Bomb. I bought this on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. It’s for a really good cause, so I couldn’t just leave it behind!
  16. Fourth row first product – The Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar. Bought this during the Boxing Day Sale with my gift card! I bought this a few days after Boxing Day from the Oxford Street store, and was so chuffed that they still had some in stock – other stores I went into had run out!!!
  17. Fourth row second product – Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar. Bought this during the Boxing Day sale with my gift card.
  18. Fourth row third product – Snowie Bubble Bar. Bought this during the Boxing Day sale with my gift card.
  19. Fourth row fourth product (top) – Magic Bubbles Bubble Bar. I bought this sometime between October 17th and November 12th last year. I’m not 100% sure when, but I know it was a weekend… I bought this in the Oxford Street store, and it is a kitchen exclusive! I’m currently using it which is why it is in a Lush tin – so expect a review fairly soon!
  20. Fourth row row fifth product (bottom) – Flower’s Barrow Bath Oil. I bought this last Saturday from the Oxford Street store. I have never tried a bath oil before, and thought this one looked really interesting!

My Entire Collection:

photo5945304661718313231 (3)photo5945304661718313231 (2)

Well, that’s everything! Minus anything I’ve lost, knot wraps and any containers. This is my entire current collection of Lush products!

I’m now on a ban, until I’ve finished up using all of those lovely bath products!

As I said before, all of these products were either from my partner (in the form of a gift or bought using a gift card that he gave me,) or I have bought them myself!

These aren’t all the Lush products I have EVER owned. Any reviews I have written are of other products I have previously owned!

I hope you enjoyed this post. It has taken me a while to write!

– Storm


The Lush products I won’t review no.4.

Hello readers! 🙂

I am back with another Lush post, so if Lush isn’t your cup of tea, this is your warning!

I thought I’d write a post on the products that I won’t be reviewing. 

This might seem a little bit random, but some of the reasons behind me not wanting to review these products I feel may be of some value to fellow Lushies. The products I have chosen to not review are generally items that are comedogenic.

This post will only be including Lush’s products under the Makeup, Perfume, Gifts and Spa categories, so that it will be a little shorter.


For the colour essentials, unfortunately every product apart from ‘Eyes Right’ contain comedogenic ingredients. I have acne, so I like to avoid using pore-clogging ingredients on my facial area, so as not to make it any worse. This means that I won’t be using any of these colour essentials products. I will be giving ‘Eyes Right’ a go though!

All of the colour supplements from Lush are also comedogenic unfortunately, so I won’t be trying any of these anytime soon.

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: N/A

Products I have reviewed from this section: N/A


For the liquid eyeliners, they are all vegan, and I will love to experiment with them all!

The cream eyeshadows are also all vegan, and I look forward to trying them out too!

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: N/A

Products I have reviewed from this section: N/A


I am excited to say that all of Lush’s makeup products for the lips are vegan! I am really looking forward to trying all of these colours out.

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: N/A

Products I have reviewed from this section: N/A

Products>Perfume>Gorilla Perfume

‘Hellstone’ from Volume 2 and ‘The Smell Of Weather Turning’ from Volume 1 are both non-vegan, and are only vegetarian. This means that I won’t be giving these two a go unfortunately.

‘Karma Gift’ I feel should be covered in the next section (Gifts,) so I won’t be covering that now.

All the other products in this category are vegan-friendly, and I will love to start giving them a try.

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: N/A

Products I have reviewed from this section: N/A


I personally wouldn’t buy any of the items in this section for myself. I prefer to pick and buy individual products rather than pre-packaged items for myself. For this reason, I won’t be buying any of the gift boxes in this section. I also prefer products that can be used up rather than actual permanent items, so this means I won’t be buying anything in this category at all.

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: N/A

Products I have reviewed from this section: N/A


Again, I don’t think I’d ever spend my own money to treat myself to a spa experience. I’m sure they are wonderful, but if I’m going to buy myself something from Lush, I prefer for it to be an actual object that I can use up. Therefore, I won’t be reviewing any of the spa treatments or music CDs anytime soon.

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: N/A

Products I have reviewed from this section: N/A

That’s all for the Lush products I won’t be reviewing! Some of the products that I have written about might not be available to purchase anymore, due to them being Kitchen products. There will also be some products that I did not include, such as exclusive products not currently in the Kitchen, Oxford Street exclusive products, Spa products etc, that can be bought in other locations other than the Products section on the UK Lush website. 

I’m so excited for all of the Lush products out there for me to try!

– Storm 🙂


Shopping stuff!!!


This blog post is going to be all about shopping. 😉

I’ve bought a whole bunch of stuff today and over the past month or so that I would like to show you. First off, I’ve done quite a bit of Christmas shopping both online and in stores, but I won’t be posting about those things here at the slight chance that any if the people who they’re for see this before Christmas.

Here’s some of the other stuff I’ve bought!:

– Some new earphones that have the highest average user rating out of all the earphones on amazon.co.uk! I chose them in the colour pink because I love the colour magenta and thought that the colour of these looked quite similar.

Here is a photo of them:image

They only cost me £10 and work so well! They are called ‘Panasonic RP-HJE120E-P Ergo Fit Ear Canal Headphones – Pink’. 🙂

Next up is my moisturiser. It’s the ‘Olay essentials complete care day fluid’ with SPF 15 for normal/oily skin. I love this moisturiser so much! It leaves your face feeling super soft without leaving it feeling oily at all.

Here is a photo of it:


(Sorry about the poor lighting in these photos, I did the best I could!)

Next up are my new nail polishes. They are both little pots from the MUA range. I know people say that they are a cheap brand and that you get what you pay for, but I honestly love these nail polishes. Their consistency is easy to apply, they have a very sleek finish, the colour stays on the nails for a very long time, they come in a variety of colours and they are only £1! The colours I got are ‘Plum Noir’, a gorgeous dark purple berry colour and ‘Fever Red’, a dark blood red which I bought to wear during the festive season, as I’ve just used up my previous red nail polish.

Here are pictures of them both:

image image

Next are my new bracelets. I spotted them in a market stool and couldn’t resist! It was three bracelets for £5 or £2 each . One is a silver metal chain with colourful plastic beads and silver metal butterflies attached, and the other one I got is made from three pieces of pink string, each with purple plastic beads and silver metal feathers attached. I got the first bracelet because I love butterflies (and all other animals), and I got the second bracelet because I love how it has three layers sort of made from the three strings.

Here are pictures of both of them:

image image

Next up is concealer. It’s the ‘Hide and conceal’ by MUA in the colour ‘Fair’. Again, this only cost me £1. It feels quite heavy on, has a medium sort of coverage and is a very pale skin colour with pink undertones. I used this product around my eyes the other day as I get terrible brown patches around my eyes, and the product made the skin around my eyes look washed out and slightly grey. I bought this concealer because my current concealer is quickly running out , which is very irritating considering it wasn’t extremely cheap and considering I bought it very recently.

Here is a picture of the MUA concealer:image

Next is my L’oreal concealer. It is called ‘infallible concealer, anti-dark circles + anti-imperfections, 16hrs’ by ‘L’oreal Paris’ in the colour ’05 Miel Honey’. To start off, this colour is too dark for my skin tone which is my own fault. This was the first time I have ever bought this concealer and I bought it online, so although the colour seemed to match my skin tone most in the photos online, it really doesn’t. The colour difference doesn’t notice once I’ve finished putting on all my makeup though. This shade is a tanned peach skin colour with orangey undertones. This concealer melts into the skin and blends in super easily and leaves a very natural look to the skin. It has very minimal coverage – I need to use three layers of the stuff before it has the desired effect. It is also a very thin stick of concealer and for these reasons it does get used up very quickly – which sucks because it wasn’t cheap.

Here is a picture of this concealer:


Next up are some adorable new shoes I bought online! They are gorgeous wedge heeled ‘Mary Jane’ style shoes from the brand ‘Fusion’. They come with a detachable bow on the strap. They are made from velvet material and I got them in the colour black in a size 5. I got these because I think Mary Jane style shoes are adorable, but I find heels too uncomfortable to wear them often, although I am fine with wedges! 🙂 The wedge heel on these are very tall. I spent a while trying to find shoes of this style that come with the detachable bows because they are so cute! I love these shoes because they aren’t super dressy, so I think they would look nice to wear with many different outfits for many different occasions. They cost me £18 on Ebay.com.

Here is a photo of them:


I will just show a couple more things and then I will continue in a different blog post at a later time – I don’t want this post to be too long!

Next up is a long-sleeved thin sweatshirt. I decided to buy this because I had wanted some new jumpers for a long time because I think they look cute with collared tops underneath them. I also decided to buy it because of it’s design! The design is very colourful (pink, yellow, white, blue, black and purple)  and is of space. It was a “one  size fits all” sweatshirt, and although it does fit, it is definitely smaller than I’d have liked it to been. I bought it on ebay.com for £10.

Here is a photo of the sweatshirt:


The final item I will show in this blog post is my bunny jumper. It is a very pale pinky peachy coloured fluffy jumper, with three-quarter length sleeves and a black bunny design on the front. I am usually around a UK size 10 but I bought this jumper in a size 14 so that it would be more slouchy and comfy, and so that the sleeves appear full length. I love this jumper to death as I love animals! 🙂 It cost me £14 I believe and was in Primark.

Here is a picture of the jumper:


Okay so that’s the end of this blog post! I hope you found it interesting! 🙂 As I wrote earlier, I will be making another blog post showing more of my new items at a later time. 🙂

– Storm