Beginner’s Guide: Lush

  1. BEING PICKY –   Before anything else, I’d like to say something that I wish someone had told me before I started out. DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY ANY PRODUCTS! As long as they align with your ethics (are vegan for vegans and vegetarian for vegetarians,) they are all worth a shot.

    All of Lush’s products are easy to use and handle, so you won’t have a major problem with acne, dry skin etc by using one of their products. What I mean by this is yes, some products might not agree with your skin, but just discontinuing use of said product will fix your skin up very, very quickly. In my opinion, everything is worth a go within your ethical beliefs.

    Before I had ever been to Lush, I was scared of buying products that might clog my pores. I now know that when a product has pore-clogging ingredients, it will also generally have anti-pore clogging ingredients. They sort of cancel each other, just leaving behind the positive effects of said ingredients. Don’t be scared!!! Your skin wont die!!!


  2. LOOK AT THE WEBSITE –  Secondly, I am so glad that I had a good look around the Lush website before going into the store for my first haul. I was able to get a fairly good grasp of a lot of the products, and was able to figure out what it was that I wanted to try first. This is an absolute must for Lush first timers!


  3. LUSH EMPLOYEES – This is one I WISH I had been warned about. You need to know how to handle Lush employees. They won’t always act in your favor, and sometimes they really will. You just need to know what they’re good at and what they’re not so great at.

    I had 2 negative experiences due to the Lush employee who was showing me around during my first time in a Lush store: 1. I had a non-vegan cleanser applied to my skin and was only asked whether I had any dietary requirements AFTER she had applied it! 2. I was told to steer away from certain products I was really interested in trying, to the point of convincing me to purchase a different product instead!

    Make sure the FIRST thing you do is to tell anybody showing you around if you have any dietary/ethical requirements whatsoever. Also, if they are trying to steer you away from a certain product, be pretty adamant that you want to try it. This is your haul so you do what you came in to do!


  4. FREE SAMPLES –  The next thing I wish I had been told is that samples are a really, really, REALLY good idea. When I first went into a Lush store, I was offered to try one of the products I had gone in to purchase as part of my haul (Coalface) as a sample instead of buying a chunk of it. I refused, and said I wanted a full product.

    Over 2 years later and I still have plenty of that chunk of Coalface left (the sample would have been plenty!,) and samples are my favourite thing. You need to purchase something to get anything for free really, but don’t be afraid to ask for samples of a few things you are interested in. I’d say anywhere between 1 and 6 samples is ideal per trip, with 2 or 3 being the most ideal.

    Lush employees LIKE when customers want to try a product. They want their customers to try everything they possibly can, in order to increase the chances that they’ll find something they love, and ultimately, come back to the store to make more purchases in the future! ASK FOR SAMPLES. EVERY TIME. WITHOUT FAIL.



  5. VARIETY –  During your first Lush haul, don’t stick to one product type. When I first went in, I was just trying to look for facial products. There are so many types of products in store, and you will get a much better taste of the shop as a whole if you buy products from different categories.

    For example, perhaps you could buy a bath bomb like The Experimenter, a fresh facial cleanser like Dark Angels and a conditioner like Veganese for your first haul! Keep it varied guys!


  6. HOW MUCH TO SPEND AND BUY –  For your first haul, I’d recommend trying 3 products. That’s enough for you to really get a taste of the brand in my opinion, without delving in too deep. I bought 3 products during my first haul, and it was the perfect amount!

    My first haul was somewhere between 20 and 30 pounds, which is the sort of price range I’d recommend for your first time too (although, getting an item as a sample should lower your price to between 10 and 20 pounds, whereas getting 2 of these 3 items as a sample would lower your price to under 10 pounds!)

    I bought a big chunk (130-140g if I recall correctly) of Coalface, a small tub of Ocean Salt Self-Preserving and Popcorn lip scrub. Again, I’d recommend AGAINST getting products all for the face, all for the hair, all for the bath etc for your first haul!


  7. BE CONFIDENT –  Most of all, don’t be scared. My first time going in, I tried to be confident and chat with the employees, I let them cleanse and tone my face, I smelled and picked up lots of different items… Don’t be shy.

    If you get the impulse to try a soap at the tap then there should be a sample by the sink ready for you to try. If you get the sudden impulse to plonk a bath bomb in a tub of water to see what it looks like, ask an employee to do a demo for you. If you suddenly want to spritz yourself with a perfume to see what it smells like on, go ahead and try the sample! Don’t be shy!

    Whereas most beauty shops are somewhat strict and almost suspicious of customers, Lush are trusting and encourage touching, smelling and trying their products.


I hope this helped some of you wanting to make your first trip to Lush! Enjoy yourselves 🙂

– Storm



The Lush products I won’t review no.3.

Hello readers! 🙂

I am back with another Lush post, so if Lush isn’t your cup of tea, this is your warning!

I thought I’d write a post on the products that I won’t be reviewing. 

This might seem a little bit random, but some of the reasons behind me not wanting to review these products I feel may be of some value to fellow Lushies. The products I have chosen to not review are generally items that aren’t vegan.

This post will only be including Lush’s products under the Hair category, so that it will be a little shorter.


For the hair treatments in Lush, ‘H’Suan Wen Hua’, ‘Kinky’, ‘Shine So Bright’ and ‘Roots’ are all only vegetarian and are not vegan. This means that I will not be using these products.

I will also probably not be using the ‘Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease’ treatment. This is because I have been trying for around 2 years now to grow out my natural hair, and this product contains the ingredient ‘Red Henna Infusion’. Now, although they claim that this product will not affect the colour of your hair, after some research online, some customers have said that the product has given their hair a very slight red tint after several uses. It’s not worth the risk to me!

The rest however, I am very excited to give a go! 

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: N/A

Products I have reviewed from this section: N/A


‘Fairly Traded Honey’, ‘Jersey Bounce’ and ‘Curly Wurly’ are all only vegetarian and are not vegan, so I will not be trying any of those three shampoos from Lush.

All the other shampoos in this section, I am extremely excited to try out! I absolutely love the idea of Lush shampoos and definitely want to get my hands on some ASAP!

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: Blousey

Products I have reviewed from this section: N/A

Products>Hair>Shampoo Bars

The only non-vegan shampoo bar is ‘Honey I Washed My Hair’, which I will not be trying. I will also not be trying ‘Copperhead’, because it contains the ingredient ‘Red Henna’. I am growing out my natural hair and am enjoying the colour of it, so I am avoiding any hair colourants! Finally, I’ll not be reviewing the ‘Round Tin’, simply because I do not find products so fun when you can’t use them up!

The rest of the shampoo bars are completely vegan, and I look forward to trying them all out.

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: Montalbano, Karma Komba, Lullaby, Jumping Juniper

Products I have reviewed from this section: Seanik


‘American Cream’, ‘The Plumps’ and ‘Retread’ are all only vegetarian and are not vegan friendly, so I will not be using these products.

All of their other conditioners, I am very excited to give a good go!

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner

Products I have reviewed from this section: Big Solid Conditioner, Veganese


‘Hair Custard’, ‘Sunny Day’ and ‘Queen Bee’ are all only vegetarian and are not vegan. I will not be trying them in the future.

Also, ‘Veerappan’ is for dudes, so I won’t be using this!

I am excited to give all the other hair styling products a go – I never use any products in my hair, but seeing what is available in Lush is encouraging me to try it out.

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: Dirty Styling Cream

Products I have reviewed from this section: N/A


Again, I have been going natural and have really been enjoying my hair colour. I am not looking to change the colour of it anytime soon, so I am most likely not going to try any of the products in this section. 

Products I have purchased and am currently reviewing from this section: N/A

Products I have reviewed from this section: N/A

That’s all for today! The next post will be on products in the ‘Makeup’ category that I won’t be using.

– Storm 🙂