Minimalism – Decluttering Wardrobe

I’m someone who is very, very sentimental toward my belongings. I even find it difficult to get rid of my nasty, cheap, old, stained, discoloured, holey T-shirt that does not fit me anymore, isn’t my style and that definitely does not make me feel confident when I wear it! Why? Because maybe I’ll find myself neglecting doing my laundry for a couple of weeks and find myself in need of an emergency back-up T-shirt. I mean, it’s not THAT nasty, and it’s still a functional T-shirt at the end of the day. Surely getting rid of that T-shirt would bring me sadness, regret and worry, right?

Do you relate to any degree… (Or is this just me?!?)

Well, consider yourself mind-blown, because getting rid of that T-shirt / (insert sentimental unneeded item here) will not make you sad. It will lighten a load off of your mind, and  make you feel a WHOLE lot better.



When you remove the crappy pieces from your wardrobe, you allow your amazing items to shine and in turn, allow yourself to shine. You deserve to always be wearing clothes that make you feel confident.

I’ve decided to practice what I preach, and take my first step to decluttering. I find that out of everything I own, old clothing items bring me the most stress and take away the most from my overall happiness, confidence and peace of mind – so I’ll be decluttering my clothes first. This will be an EXTREMELY difficult, stressful and time-consuming mission. I’ve hoarded so many clothing items just in case. But, you know what? I’m going to feel much more amazing, happy and peaceful afterwards, I just know it 🙂


1. Begin by getting all clothing items and putting them in a pile. I just included items I’d try on in a changing room for this step, and will go through my jackets/shoes etc another time. I also have a lot of clothes in my dirty laundry pile, hanging up outside, some in the washing machine, new clothes bagged up that I haven’t blogged about yet etc that I have not included in this pile .

2. Next, separate everthing by its function. (E.g. bottoms, bras, swimming bottoms, dresses/playsuits, tops etc.)

3. Tackle each pile, one at a time. Sort each pile into 2 further piles – things you want / things you don’t want. If you’re having difficulty letting go, ask yourself “How does this item make me unhappy?” Doing that helped me to realize that a lot of my clothes cause me stress! Put all the “want” piles back in your closet.

4. Combine your ‘don’t want’ piles together – or you’ll end up with about 20 different piles! Sort your new ‘don’t want’ pile into clothes to chuck, clothes to sell and clothes to take to your local charity shop. If you have a textiles recycling bank nearby, replace your ‘clothes to chuck’ pile with a ‘clothes to recycle’ pile.

5. Bin anything that isn’t in good enough condition to take to the charity shop (or bag up to take to a textiles recycling bank.) Bag the stuff to be taken to the charity shop and be sure to take everything down there in the morning. Set the ‘clothes to be sold’ to the side so that they can be listed on ebay for people to purchase in the morning, when photos can be taken with natural daylight!

I personally have 52 items in my ‘clothes to be sold’ pile after decluttering!:

– 8 bras (1 sports bra, 2 bikini tops 5 bras)
– 1 swimwear bottoms (swimming trunks)
– 13 one-pieces (12 dresses, one playsuit)
– 12 tops (2 sweatshirts, 1 pajama top, 2 button-ups, 3 crop tops, 1 T-shirt, 3 tank tops)
– 18 bottoms (5 shorts, 1 skirt, 5 jeans, 4 leggings, 2 trousers, 1 dungaree shorts)

I know a lot of this stuff is more suitable to be sold during the summer but honestly, I just want them gone. If they don’t sell then I’ll keep relisting them at lower prices until they do!

Here’s how much I’d make from these items if sold for an average of…:

– £1 per item = £52
– £2 per item = £104
– £3 per item = £156
– £4 per item= £208
– £5 per item = £260

Not bad for just getting rid of some clutter if you ask me! I think I’ll probably try to sell everything on ebay as one bundle, and list it as ‘Collection Only’. Anyway, that’s to be done tomorrow!

I already feel a bit less stressed now from going through my clothes, and I’m sure after I’ve taken some bits to the charity shop and have listed everything on ebay tomorrow I’ll feel even happier 🙂

Are you in need of decluttering or have you decluttered recently? Feel free to leave any tips you have for hoarders like myself below! 

– Storm 





How Important Is Lush REALLY?

So, I’ve just watched Jen’s latest video (on the channel All Things Lush UK,) and it got me thinking. How important is Lush REALLY?

Lush is so important to me, but to what extent? I actually have so many products now and honestly, I kinda wish I didn’t. Yesterday was me and my partner’s 4 year anniversary, and for the occasion, he gifted me a gorgeous new Lush gift set called ‘Relax More’. Now, I absolutely love this gift set, don’t get me wrong. I love it because everything within the set is new, fresh and fragrant. 

BUT. I do also have boxes of old bath bombs, bubble bars and soaps from the Boxing Day Sale, and even some from around the second week of October last year. I have other products – such as cleansers, a spot treatment and temple balms, that are even older than that. I love each and every one of my products but honestly, I don’t use them all that often. I really don’t. I rarely take baths anymore because it just takes longer than showers, and I generally prefer to save the time in my day to do something else. Also, whenever I use a product, I feel the need to photograph it and to use it in an almost perfect way, so that I can review it in my blog. 

I don’t find Lush as fun as I used to. I love it just as much as I always have, in fact, I love it more now than ever before! But, it isn’t as fun as it used to be. It actually stresses me out. My soaps are in a tray under my bed, and have collected dust and other gross particles. They’ve also started… Sweating? My bath bombs are becoming very brittle and dusty. I know that Lush products certainly do not last forever, and for that reason, I feel the constant pressure and need to use them all up. It has begun to feel almost like a chore if I’m honest with you!

So, what am I going to do about this predicament I’m in? What am I going to do to make using up my Lush quickly feel less like a chore that I need to get around to doing, and to feel more like something lovely and fun and happy for me to do?

  1. Well, I’m going to first empty my phone’s photo album.
    It is so full that taking photos of Lush products is always a hassle, because it means having to delete loads of photos off of my phone first.
  2. I’m going to make sure to charge my phone every night, so it is fully charged by the start of the next day.
    Another thing I hate is that when I want to take a bath, my phone’s battery is usually dead, which just makes the whole process really drawn out and frustrating. I have to plug in my phone, wait for it to charge, take photos of the Lush product I’ll be using and only then can I actually take my bath.
  3. Make a habit of taking a bath everyday.
    I take a shower everyday to wash my hair etc, so, why not just make that a bath a day instead? I know that it uses up a lot of water but I honestly cannot take a shower that is less than 20 minutes anyways (trust me, I have really tried to,) and the amount of water used up when I take a shower is probably the same amount (if not more) water than I use in a bath anyways! So, even if it is just a quick 20 minute bath per day, it will really help me get through my old stash of Lush bath products (and perhaps using a bath product a day will seem more fun to me!)
  4. Make sure to quickly write the review on my blog the same day that I use the product.
    I hate when products I need to review starts piling up in my head. I think it’s better to just get it done quickly, and then there are no product reviews that you need to remember to write!
    It just absolutely is not worth spending money on products that will just collect dust, so I intent to maintain the above 4 rules whenever I have a bath product in my collection. I literally live under a 30 minute journey away from the Lush on Oxford Street, so there’s really no point in me even storing products at all. Lush products are best used fresh, and I can just go and get a product whenever I want to actually use it. I could also simply order online at any given moment!

So, those will be my 5 rules to maintain. Wish me luck!