Blossoming As A Type 4.

Hey guys!

So, I recently discovered that using Enneagram typology, I am a 4w5. I’ve already learnt a lot about this type and after learning about the different levels of healthiness of my Enneagram type, I decided to write a blog post on blossoming as a type 4 as soon as I could.

I believe I’m at level 7 on the four’s levels of development scale.

I think if I were on any level below a 7, I would basically feel much worse than I do now (although I do resonate a lot with level 8 too). In fact, I definitely feel everything written that a level 8 feels, apart from I don’t feel that I am closed off to receiving help – which I think is the biggest distinction between a level 7 and a level 8 in my opinion. In fact, I absolutely love being helped and actively ask for help often, and although sometimes it is difficult to receive it, I’m always happy and grateful once I have. Definitely not a level 9 at the moment though – I think that level is reserved for the lowest of the low points I experience in my life (such as during my foundation year at my first University…) Although, I definitely do experience the odd emotional breakdown every now and then!

I think if I were on any level above a 7, I’d definitely be a lot more expressive than I am now, although I do relate a LOT with level 5, and I think a level 5 is basically me on a good day!

A level 7 resonates with me most because it is a state where chaos leads to one disallowing themselves from basically doing anything that they enjoy, leads to anger toward oneself, leads to depression and isolation… It’s just basically a sort of reactionary state to being in a bad situation.

My bad situation? Well, I’m just not doing great at Uni and am just generally really not very happy with my life and how it’s going at all. It could be worse, but it certainly could be quite a bit better.

So, I want to blossom.

What is it to blossom?

Apparently, according to the Google search result for “define blossom”, it means to “mature or develop in a promising or healthy way.” Synonyms are develop, grow, mature, progress, evolve, burst forth, come to fruition, flourish, thrive, get on well, prosper, succeed, be successful, make headway, bloom, burgeon and go great guns… Antonyms are fade and fail.

Basically, I’m pretty bored and fed up of being a level 7. I mean, it’s okay, but there is a lot more out there for me to experience and I know that’s the person I want to be.

I know I probably seem to be taking the Enneagram too literally, or seem obsessive, or maybe it seems like I’m just using this as another procrastination tactic.

It isn’t that I’m taking the Enneagram literally, rather that it has made me feel quite validated and I definitely resonate with this typology system better than the MBTI (it took 4 tests before I got the same result twice for MBTI, and only 2 for Enneagram).

I’m not obsessive about the Enneagram itself – rather about the prospect of being happy, healthy and successful.

I’m not using this to procrastinate, this is something I need to do so that I will find being productive easier and feel less need to procrastinate altogether.

So, I’m really excited about this. I’m excited about working on me. I work on me a lot to be fair, but in a much less direct way than I intend to now do. This should be priority – type 4’s who are on the extreme end of level 9 are LIKELY to commit suicide! I mean, what’s more important than preventing that? I need to climb this development ladder and FAST.

I’m scared of shifting my focus – scared that my future will somehow fall apart, scared that it will lead to me being unproductive, scared that it won’t work, scared that it will be a waste of time, scared that it is the wrong decision, scared that this will just lead me into an even deeper depression, scared that it might go right and I might actually end up being happy through doing this… That’s the scariest thought of all! It means letting go of who I am, who I have been, and allowing myself to live the life I’ve always wanted. That’s scary when you feel like you’re not good enough to live that life.

So, to start my blossoming, I’m going to get myself some routine going. I’ve heard nothing but good things about fours having a good routine to get them stuck into the reality of daily life. I’m not going to go nuts with a routine, but I’ll just give myself the structure that I think I actually need to be happiest.

I also really need to stay on top of my studies. I NEED to stay grounded in the reality that I’ve created for myself, but without TRAPPING myself! I need to be studying, hard, and doing the work I set for myself and meeting those expectations every single day. I need to be kind to myself and give myself realistic expectations and allow myself time to just be free, but sticking to those expectations is essential to me being happy and loving myself.

I need to begin taking care of myself and making me feel good about myself. I need to take my long Lush baths, do my hair and makeup, use my perfumes, take care in what clothes and jewellery I wear, taking photos of myself and being proud of who I am and of how I represent myself with how I look.

I NEED TO BE FEARLESS AND MAKE TIME TO DO THE THINGS THAT I ENJOY! I need to allow myself to READ my books, to write my blog posts, to edit my photos, to paint my pictures, to learn my instruments, to sing my songs, TO CREATE. I NEED TO MAKE TIME EVERYDAY TO BE CREATIVE! How else am I going to express myself? I NEED THIS. I think this will absolutely bring me the most joy in my life. I need this so, so much.

I’m going to leave it there, because I think that amount of focus is the right amount to allow me to thrive.

This is, of course, before the fact – so I will do my best to update ya’ll on my progress at a later time to say how it’s all going.

Thanks for reading,





Waking Up At A Good Hour

Today I woke up at around 07:10 AM.

For most people, that’s a fairly normal time to wake up – or even a bit late!

For me though, it’s super, super close to my ideal time to wake up (07:00) and I’M SO MUCH HAPPIER TO HAVE WOKEN UP AT THIS TIME THAN TO HAVE WOKEN UP WHEN I NORMALLY WOULD!!!

It’s absolute bliss to watch the sun rise above the horizon.

It’s absolute bliss to have the low, bright, warm, morning sunshine beaming through the window onto my face.

It’s absolute bliss to wake up and see the Sainsbury’s car park out the window being absolutely empty, and slowly watch it become more and more busy as people wake up and begin their day.

It’s absolute bliss to feel NORMAL.

To not feel behind everybody else.

To feel like I have a lot of options with what to do with my time today.





I have had a realisation.

If I were to walk into a mahoosive, gorgeous, packed Poundland – full of stunning stationary, my brain would tell me “No Storm, no. This isn’t the best time or moment in your life for you to purchase any of this stuff. Maybe you will need this stuff at a different stage of your life, but not now.”

But brain, you’re wrong.

When you really think about it, what better time, place, moment in my life could I possibly need stationary more than when in the midst of me studying for a degree in Astrophysics…? If I’m to one day work at an office job? No, I am CERTAIN that these days students use far more stationary than one working in an office job does in a day. Then perhaps it’s more suitable for when I was younger and in compulsory education – or in college? No. University = more difficult = more notes = more work = more studying = more stationary.

I just don’t know why my brain always seems to talk me out of treating myself to certain nice things – even when there will LITERALLY be no better time than now to do so.

This goes for a lot of things when it comes to Uni.

Like, when I went to Fresher’s Fair last year and grabbed all the leaflets and put my name down for almost everything I possibly could, only to go home and my brain to tell me “Meh, if you can’t be bothered to do this stuff now then you can just do it at another stage in your life.”

No, brain.

What better time is there for me to go to socials, join societies, join sporting clubs and go to events than during my first degree at University? After University – when I am holding down a full time job and perhaps have children to take care of? Maybe a better time was in the past and was when I was at school – before I was independent and could choose exactly what I wanted to do with my time?


There literally will not be a better time to do any of those things than whilst studying on this degree.

Again, this goes for a lot of things when it comes to Uni and quite frankly, when it comes to life.

For some bizarre reason, I tend to convince myself out of making changes in my life, even when they are entirely appropriate and simple things to do – like buying a new pen.

I begin my second year at University on the 18th September, and you know what? This year is ACTUALLY going to be different! I’ll remember this realisation and will just allow myself to live my best second-year-of-my-degree life.

– Storm


Taking Minimalism Too Far.

Hey guys!

I’ve never been a minimalist, although it is a concept I am interested in. Something that really holds me back from really delving into the world of minimalism is the question “When is the point that minimalism has been taken too far?” “When is minimalism no longer a positive thing and instead has a negative impact on an individual?” “Where and when do you draw the line?”

I think before I really begin being more brutal with my belongings, it’s important for me to think about these questions. I believe that too much of anything is, well, too much. I see everything as a wave – more of something is often better and eventually, you reach the peak of that wave. After the peak, more of said thing only brings more and more negativity. Not to say that this theory is true, but it is how my scientific mind thinks!

So with minimalism, it is important for me to recognise once I am heading past the peak of my… Minimalism wave of happiness?

I think minimalism will begin to be something that brings more negativity than positivity to me with time once I begin getting rid of things that I literally would repurchase. That would just be wasting money, which is wasting opportunity and freedom, which is silly.

I also think minimalism will begin to become something more negative to me than positive when I begin getting rid of things that I have actually put effort into purchasing – things that really do enhance my life and that push me up to a better position than I’d otherwise be in. For example, getting rid of clothes I’ve put a lot of thought into purchasing – clothes that make me feel really confident when I wear them and clothes that I love, would make no sense at all. Doing that would just bring me down to a position of less opportunity to feel confident than beforehand.

I would also be super hesitant about getting rid of any of my Lush products. Although it doesn’t make sense to some people, and although my Lush products do bring me some stress and anxiety, they also bring me a lot of joy. I think not having all of these beautiful products to pamper myself with and then to review would bring me some sadness. They are all my gifts to myself, and help me to feel like I do deserve to be pampered and to spend my money in a way that brings me joy.

Other things I’m super hesitant to get rid of are things I have very strong emotional attachments to. I’ll be the first to admit that this is the area where I hoard the most, and I could definitely stand to get rid of a lot of these items. It’s just some items – like toys from my mother’s childhood that she’s passed down to me, or cinema tickets to films I saw with my partner years ago, that I’d not feel great to part with. I understand that memories will always be memories and that a solid object isn’t required to hold onto good memories. Some things just feel too precious to simply get rid of! It makes me feel so happy when I find those little nik-naks!

There’s also my books that I love, my old school certificates and grades and work… Admittedly, I think getting rid of a lot of things would make me feel pretty down – because most of my belongings do genuinely bring me joy! I don’t think there’s any shame in your possessions bringing you genuine joy. As long as you get rid of the things that you WOULDN’T feel sad to get rid of, the things that would actually bring you more POSITIVITY and FREEDOM to get rid of, then that’s all that matters!

– Storm


Depression Tip #4

Depression Tip #4:

If you’re not on any medication for your depression, you should be taking supplements! I personally decided to not opt for medication when my doctor offered – SSRIs just really don’t agree with me at all. Instead, after a lot of research, I decided to begin taking Tryptophan supplements. Tryptophan is a natural amino acid that your brain needs to produce serotonin – an important brain chemical that helps regulate mood, sleeping patterns, focus, appetite, energy levels etc. The purpose of prescribed SSRI medication is to increase the levels of serotonin in your brain – taking Tryptophan supplements effectively do the same thing!

You should always consult with your doctor before taking any supplements – particularly if you are already on medication. Do NOT take Tryptophan if you are already on prescribed medication related to your mental health – too much serotonin in your system can do a lot more harm than good! 

There are other healthy ways to self-medicate from home – such as taking vitamin D supplements, taking vitamin B complex supplements, using a SAD light or using SAD alarm clock.

Taking supplements really helps me. Just knowing that you’re actively doing something to help yourself feel better feels really good!

– Storm


Depression Tip #3

Depression Tip #3:

Take a really thorough, long, hot shower. Bathing is something that can become very difficult for those of us with depression – but being unclean just makes us feel even worse! If you’re feeling down and haven’t showered in a while, or even if you have showered recently, almost nothing serves as a better pick-me-up than being clean (at least for me.)

Take the time to give your hair a really good wash and condition. Thoroughly wash your body. Exfoliate and cleanse that beautiful face of yours. When we’re clean, everything feels a bit simpler and easier.

Follow by drying yourself off thoroughly, applying anti-antiperspirant (if you’re like me and anxiety makes you perspire like crazy,) and putting on a clean, warm set of clothes. I personally love to leave a set of clean pyjamas, underwear and socks on the radiator while I shower, so they’re super cosy when it’s time for me to put them on!

– Storm


Depression Tip #2

Depression Tip No #2:

Keep your hair brushed! Again, this is going to seem like something really simple, but it can become a big problem for those suffering from depression. There was even an episode on ‘The Doctors’ very recently about a depressed teenage girl who’s hair had become extremely matted after being bed-bound for months. It took a hairdresser hours to untangle her hair and to provide the lady with a fancy new hairstyle.

Quickly brushing your hair will keep it untangled, neat and will make it easier to keep your hair out of your face. It always feels good to have newly brushed hair, and is something very quick that we can do to help make us feel more human, cared for, comfortable, beautiful and happy.

When I’m feeling very depressed, I know that every tiny little task adds up to create an impossibly huge amount of things I feel responsible to do in a single day. Brushing your hair will easily take one of those tasks away from that daunting pile, and will help to make you feel a bit more confident about tackling something else.

– Storm


The Happiness Tag

Tagged by Lise at Lushtivity!

The rules for this tag
List five things that makes you happy
Share five songs that makes you happy
Tag at least five bloggers that makes you happy

What makes me happy:

  1. RICHARD! Richard is my amazing partner and he makes me more happy than anything else in the world! Especially when he’s happy and smiling 🙂 Nobody knows me as well as he does, and he accepts me for all my negative traits whilst loving me for all my positive ones. He’s genuinely made me a far more kind and better person than I’ve probably ever been before in my life. He’s my ray of sunshine 🙂
  2. My family. All my family members are healthy enough and are alive, and are such lovely people! Sure, we have our little arguments sometimes like anyone does, but we are generally such a close family that those things don’t really matter much to us. My family always have been and always will be there for me, and I for them. They’re the most accepting people I’ve ever met, and I always feel super comfortable when I’m around them! You guys are awesome 🙂
  3. Nature! Lise also listed this as one of the things that makes her most happy, and it’s definitely in my top 5 list too! Animals and nature overall is just… So true to itself, if that makes sense. If an animal ever did hurt another animal, it is usually because of it being their instinct to do so. I don’t know – I feel like humans can be sinister and cruel when they’re easily able not to be, however I think when an animal seems to act “cruel”, it is purely in their nature – if that makes any sense (like when a cat sees a mouse and tries to kill it, it is practicing hunting techniques and would find it extremely hard to avoid doing so!) I don’t think an animal would ever hurt another purely for the sake of doing it / out of pleasure of seeing the animal hurt, whereas some humans do! All nature – plants, scenery, animals, the weather… It all makes me very happy!
  4. Art! All forms – dance, music, paintings, makeup, film… I think creativity and personal expression is such an important part of life. No two pieces of art are exactly the same, or come from exactly the same perspective. I just love the uniqueness of it 😀
  5. Lush. Okay, so this one may seem a bit shallow, but it really does mean a lot to me. I love using Lush products, and they really have improved the health of my body (skin, hair, teeth etc.) I think they’re products are such lovely things to indulge in, and help you to remember that your health comes first! They’re products are just all so lovely, and the entire Lush experience just makes me feel so happy!

Five songs that make me happy:

Now, I found coming up with songs that make me feel happy to be pretty difficult – there are an awful lot of good songs in the world. My solution to this problem was to provide songs that invoke happy thoughts and feelings, in relation to each of the things that make me happy from the list above

1. Buffy and Spike – Let Me Rest In Peace. 
So, this is a track from the musical episode in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Me and my partner absolutely love the series, and it was even the first series we watched together, almost 4 years ago. We particularly enjoy this song, and have sung it many a time together.

2. Politicide – Last Mourning.
Okay, so basically, me and my siblings were brought up with parents who were in a Punk band! They’d often go to gigs, and would regularly bring us guys with them (even when we were REALLY little!) I’ve been brought up with their music – them recording their music in the home, listening to their music in the car… There aren’t many of their songs on YouTube, but this is one of the songs that we all listened to a lot! Mostly due to us kids – we absolutely loved it but I don’t think it was a particular favourite of my parents! My mother was the bassist, my father the singer and electric guitar player, and my father’s friend was the drummer of the band 🙂

3. Bach Cello Suite No. 1. 
Okay, so there is something just so beautiful and pure about this piece – which is exactly what I love about nature. It’s so calm and is lovely to just listen to 🙂

4. Los Aldeanos – Los Aldeanos ft Bebe
This one might seem like an odd choice, but I really, really enjoy the creativity put into this song! It was a hard decision because gosh – my favourite artists are all super creative. Bjork, FKA Twigs, Marina and the Diamonds, Sia, Kimbra, Tricky, Lovage, Massive Attack, The Specials… I chose this song though, because… I couldn’t even say. I don’t know. I just think this song has been beautifully put together. I can’t even speak Spanish, so for me it’s more about the sounds the individual’s voices combines with the music that I really appreciate. It just sounds so beautiful, and I love the contrast of singing styles within the song.

5. Nature Sounds
Okay, so this isn’t really a song… Basically, if you type “Nature Sounds” into Youtube, or “Rainforest Sounds,” or anything along those lines, many long recordings of nature sounds will come up. I LOVE LISTENING TO THIS STUFF! It’s so calming, so beautiful, so relaxing, so perfect. I mean, I’d much prefer to just be outside and be in the actual location that the recording was taken, but hey, that’s not always possible. When it isn’t, these tracks will really transport you places! I’ve related these to Lush because of course, Lush is all about nature 🙂

I’ve tagged people before and they didn’t end up writing responses – which is all cool I mean, nobody should feel forced to write anything that they don’t feel like writing! But, since this is the case, I’m not going to be tagging anyone this time. It is time consuming to do, and well, seems pointless! If you want to do this tag, then consider yourself tagged by myself 🙂

If you DO do this tag, please comment below with the post. I’d love to read it!

– Storm


What have I gotten myself into…

By Saturday evening, I will be drinking and socialising with people I don’t even know exist at the moment.

After having spent the day hiking 11 miles with them across the countryside.

I have never been hiking before.

I haven’t socialised with anyone, without my boyfriend being present (besides going to college 3 days a week,) since December.

In 2015, over a year ago.

Here’s how it all started:

I was sitting at home by myself last night, feeling rather lonely. I live with my partner you see and other than him, I don’t speak to anyone often at all. I send and receive emails to and from my mother occasionally, and I only have one contact in my instant messaging app – which is my partner himself. I deactivated my facebook because I didn’t really get on with anyone on there. So my friendship circle, essentially, consists of me and my boyfriend. 😀

He was out drinking with his co-workers last night, so I was at home by myself from around 4pm onward. This scenario is common, and is generally fine by me. Only yesterday, I felt particularly left out and lonely, and told him I felt that way sometimes when he’d spend the evening drinking with colleagues. Regardless, he wasn’t home until 5 to 1 in the morning.

During the time by myself, I thought “Why should I sit here feeling sorry for myself?” “Why do I have to wait for him to be home in order to feel happy and entertained?” “Why should I priotise time with him, when he doesn’t do the same for me?”

I decided to make a plan involving only myself for a change. I wanted some adventure, some fun and some new people in my life. I searched for “adventure meetup” using google, and thus discovered Outdooraholics.

It was just what I felt I needed – just what I was looking for. Adventure and new people. I scrolled through their events and to my surprise, they had one as soon as Saturday (less than 2 days away at that point) – an 11 mile hike through the countryside. There were 3 available spots left. I thought this all sounded absolutely brilliant! I decided to join, and committed by paying the event’s fees.

I have no idea what I have gotten myself into.

I haven’t really been to meetups with strangers before – me and people generally do not go well together. You know how the oil always separates from all the other ingredients in the Olive Branch shower gel? I’m the oil. Me and people just don’t seem to mix.

I am excited and nervous, all at the same time. I’m also excited to see if I enjoy the idea of a meetup in general because if I do, there are so many other groups and events I could join. I’m only going to be committing one event at a time though. Don’t really want to throw myself in the deep end just yet!

I do hope I enjoy this. I love the outdoors, and I love adventure. Me and my partner don’t really go outdoors on little adventures very often though and as I said before, he’s the only person I really do anything with.

So there you have it. By Saturday evening, I will be drinking and socialising with people I don’t even know exist at the moment, after having spent the day hiking 11 miles with them across the countryside. I have never been hiking before. I haven’t socialised with anyone, without my boyfriend being present (besides going to college 3 days a week,) since December 2015, over a year ago.

– Storm


Where am I from… And where do I belong?

Do you ever realize that… How can I put this into words…

Do you ever feel like you need to ESCAPE from something that is an integral part of your life, but realize that there may never be a time or a place where you can do this…? Where ANYONE can do this…?

Do you ever feel like you are just absolutely desperate to find something – you’re not quite sure what it is, but you feel like at some point in your life, you will find this place. This place where you feel perfectly at home, perfectly comfortable. And then you realize that that time, that place, might simply not exist…?

This is a post about that very feeling.

I don’t belong on this planet. Heck, I could very well not belong in this universe. My home is not a place that I know to exist – it only exists in my heart, my soul, my mind, my feelings. The place I come from, the place I belong, my home… Here is a description of my home universe, my home planet, my home continent, home country, hometown, the very point that I feel is “home”.

My home has no politics. No leaders, no different classes, no ways to rank one human’s importance in the world from another’s. My home has no one in control. No one controls anyone, but themselves. Nothing feels like a chore – everything that we do is a pleasure, because we don’t force ourselves or others to do anything that they do not want to do. Everyone has entire freedom over their life. Where I am from, life is eternal. We choose the life that we have, and we live it however we would like to.

The climate is beautiful and perfect, at all times. My home is never cold, never uncomfortably warm. The heat feels refreshing, comforting and happy – not in any way smothering. My home has no clouds, no fog, no snow. It doesn’t rain often but when it does, the rain is light, relaxing, pure. There is no artificial noise pollution, artificial light pollution or any toxic pollution of any kind where I’m from. 

The landscape is absolutely gorgeous. Incredibly beautiful sunsets and sunrises, mountains, hills, oceans, fields, beaches, forests… Absolutely stunning. The world where I’m from is EXTREMELY visual. Colours are so bright, everything looks so beautiful. All of the incredibly things to see in the world are completely organic, natural and healthy. Every individual appreciates the incredible beauty of these sights for what they truly are. No one lives indoors where I’m from. We live outside with the rest of nature, where we belong. Days are so, so, so long – nights are only a quarter of the length of daytime. The night sky is beautifully clear. All objects in space are easy and clear to see in amazing detail. Distance is never an issue – we simply need to close our eyes and think of the place we want to be, and we’ll be there. We don’t have to travel this way, but the option is there if we want to.

No one is cruel or unkind in my home. There is no violence, no danger, no hurt. There’s no anger in my home. No sadness, no guilt, no accidents, no mistakes. No distractions. No discomfort. No ailments. No pain, no physical issues. No one gets drained, exhausted, or has low energy.

My home has no system. No “way” that people are SUPPOSED to be living. There is no “normal”, no “average”. There is no routine, no goals, no planning for the future. Where I come from, work and money isn’t something that exists. There are no expectations from anyone. No one tries to compete to be better than everyone or anyone else.

Communication through the written word or through speech isn’t even expected or required. In my home, we communicate through glances, through knowing the person using our mind, through feelings and intuition, through emotion, through wisdom and intelligence. We can even understand and communicate just as easily with all forms of life.

Where I’m from, everything is purely and simply what it is. Nature never harms you and only heals your soul. All species actually love, respect and appreciate each other for what they uniquely are. Every single individual is loved, unconditionally. Every life is seen as precious and perfect by every single life form. No one fears bugs, sharks or any animal or plant where I am from. We are all connected to one another, and know that we have nothing to fear around nature. Everyone truly is unique there. No one copies ideas from one another because their own ideas are so valuable themselves. All life including humanoids, animals, bugs and plants are understood as having just as much value as one another. None are more dominant where I am from, and we are all valued just as equally.

Everyone is just so… Happy… True… Kind… Pure.

I know this place doesn’t exist. Or should I said, I know that LOGICALLY, this place doesn’t exist. I may never feel at home on this planet. I may never feel understood, as though I fit in, or truly content. And yet, although I know that logically this place cannot exist, my heart says otherwise. It almost feels like I’m constantly being called to and pulled toward this place. This place where I can finally feel at peace, as though a massive weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Where I can finally feel deeply happy, free and without fear or judgement.

Even if this place cannot and doesn’t realistically exist, perhaps there is a place on this planet where I can feel MORE at home than I do where I am right now. It truly doesn’t have to be perfect. I can accept that many, many humans are douchebags, but surely there are people who are more like minded to me somewhere… A less artificial, more natural place than blooming London! I feel so trapped 😦

At least to live somewhere that is comfortably warm would be a very, very good start! A lot of people don’t care too much about the sort of temperatures their hometown has but wow, to me personally? I think that if I’m not taking anyone else into account (such as being close to family etc,) then the single most important aspect of feeling at “home” is probably how comfortable I am with the temperature!

When it is cold, I don’t even want to go outside. I hate being indoors all the time, but to me it is preferable than facing the cold the majority of the time… When it is cold it is also dark and dingy. I absolutely hate it – it is just miserable. I always get really unwell both physically and mentally in the wintertime too. When its too hot, I also don’t feel like doing anything and I feel incredibly uncomfortable and stressed out. But even THEN, that is a far more preferable scenario to it being cold! When it is just warm and lovely outside though, with the sun shining… 🙂 It is so blissful, it makes me so, so, so happy and feel so FREE. FREE to do what I want to do without being uncomfortable. Free to run around and explore outside, to engage in fun activities. I just love it! It makes me feel ALIVE!

I’m going to work on trying to find some places with the sorts of temperatures that I like 🙂

– Storm