Guilty Pleasures Q&A

Hey guys! I originally found this blog post idea here from Meg over at Mystic Mogwai, and really wanted to give it a go myself! I hope you enjoy 🙂

1.TV Show.
Um, does “Britain’s Darkest Taboos” count? I do feel guilty watching it because of how dark the show is, but I just find it so interesting at the same time, which makes it really hard for me to stop watching!

2. Book.
Um, well I have this awesome book called “Star Trek Vault: 40 Years from the Archives”. It’s like, a really big book that is just absolutely jam packed full of Star Trek facts and information about how the show was made etc… I *might* feel a bit silly or embarrassed reading this in front of other, more “normal” women my age, but… I really love my Star Trek…

3. Song.
Selena Gomez – Fetish. I know what you’re thinking – “Why is that something to feel guilty about? She’s so popular that she’s the most followed person on Instagram!” Yeah, well, that’s exactly the problem. I come from an extremely alternative upbringing, so, listening to Selena is… Well, enjoying her music isn’t an opinion people close to me will share, let’s just say that! I just really like how much that girl feels her emotions, and how her lyrics often reflect that!

4. Band.
Blackpink… Okay, so this is a Korean pop band. I can’t even understand what they are saying. But, these super cute girls have super cute dances and videos to their super cute songs. I mostly like the dance factor – I think that almost every single Korean pop song has a dance that goes with it, and I really enjoy dance so…

5. Purchases.
Ugh, clothes from Primark… I think when you’re just looking out for yourself, you generally feel more “guilty” for purchasing temporary items. I know that I used to feel really bad whenever I’d buy food, drink, beauty products and anything else that could “run out” basically. Now that I live with my partner and we pay for the bills and food costs in proportion to how much income we each have, I generally feel more guilty to buy myself more long lasting items. Any money that goes on those things is less money that I have in my account to go towards those important, temporary things that we need to pay for, if that makes sense? I’ve recently spent a LOT of money (at least, a lot for me) on clothes from Primark – a brand that so many people believe is a waste of money to even spend £1 on! But, I absolutely love what I’ve bought, and really enjoy buying clothes that make me feel really confident – especially at such an affordable price!

6. Activity.
Um, spending all day browsing Youtube videos?

7. Habit.
Smoking… I don’t actually smoke very much at all, and wouldn’t even label myself as a smoker honestly. It isn’t like if you spent 24 hours with me, you’d witness me smoking 10+ cigarettes throughout the day or anything like that. I just sort of have the odd one when I feel like it. It makes me feel bad because I know it makes you age faster and is really unhealthy, and I also feel like a hypocrite for all the times I’ve complained at my partner and my parents for doing it! But, I do really enjoy it – so long as it remains somewhat under control and doesn’t become a full-blown addiction or anything!

8. Movie.
Hahaha, “The Talented Mr Ripley.” It’s such a classic, and really isn’t the type of thing a teen or young adult would be obsessed with. But, I just absolutely love it, and have since I was around 16 years old. Oh haha, “Teeth” and “Perfume” are two other really good ones – but ‘The Talented Mr Ripley” is definitely my favourite. It’s a really weird movie. It’s about a man who pretends to be someone he’s not, and ends up becoming really violent and… I dunno, it’s just crazy. It’s Matt Damon – watching him in movies makes me laugh a lot. Great movie!

9. Game on your phone.
I don’t actually really play games on my phone, but I used to play Pokemon Go quite avidly, and would be completely down to start playing it again so long as my partner does too. I mean, it’s Pokemon, and when you’re out in public you look like a complete loony using your phone to try and catch invisible creatures. I used to love watching Pokemon as a kid, and now that I’m going on 24 it just doesn’t feel quite right for me to be still enjoying it!

10. Website.
Instagram. Why? Well, because I don’t actually use my Instagram, and haven’t even followed anyone on my account I don’t think. I just sort of… Look up old friends, to see what they’re up to… I know, sounds super creepy right? I just find it really interesting to see how much old friends have changed over the years – the type of people who just wouldn’t even speak to me anymore!

– Storm