Lush Breath Of Fresh Air Toner Water Review

Breath Of Fresh Air Toner Water (100g):

Rating: 4/5*


I wasn’t the MOST keen on this toner water if I’m honest with you! The second ingredient in this toner is Fresh Sea Water, which contains aound 1/30th of salt. That may not seem like much, especially considering that Fresh Sea Water isn’t even the first ingredient in this toner water, however it is something I noticed with when using this product. I have very sensitive skin in general, because I have acne and also have an annoying picking habit, which made using this toner actually a little painful. Using this toner would cause a slight burning sensation on my face – not nice! If you have sensitive skin, acne or often have open wounds on your face, this is NOT the toner for you! It will hurt!

I’ve tried all of Lush’s toners before trying this one, and this is the toner that left my face with the least clean of a feeling. My face, by no means, would feel dirty after using this toner. It would just not feel fully fresh I suppose!


This toner made an absolutely fantastic cleanser (both by itself and used after cleansing or after rinsing off a face mask, to get rid of excess residue!) This is by far Lush’s best toner for getting rid of any excess dirt, makeup or residue of any sort from the face! It is extremely clarifying and no matter how thoroughly I would cleanse beforehand, a cotton round with Breath Of Fresh Air toner applied to it would always remove extra dirt from my face!

This toner lasted me a really good long time, was very affordable and has a long time before its expiry date. My toner water was made on the 11/04 this year, and I just finished it up today on the 14/07 – so a 100g bottle of the stuff lasted me just over 3 months! I use this toner extremely regularly – twice a day, and use plenty each time! The expiry date for my bottle is 11/06/18, so you have 1 year and 2 months to use up this toner (more than enough time!)

I really like the scent of this toner. To me it smells fresh, like a beach holiday all contained in a bottle. It really does smell wonderful!

Breath Of Fresh Air does its job really well as a toner. My skin would be cleaner, my pores would appear smaller, my skin would feel less tight and my skin would appear more plump and youthful after using this toner. It really does do its job well, considering the product is mostly made from water!

Although I found the salt in the product to be irritating, salt is known to be anti-bacterial, which would actually be beneficial for spots or wounds. So, although the toner may burn a bit to use, it isn’t actually harmful towards skin problems at all.

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I think this toner was okay. I really like the concept of it – it smells identical to the Sea Monster Fun to me – a scent that always reminds me of being on a seaside holiday somewhere warm. It also cleanses really well and overall, does its job well. It did sting my face though, and it didn’t make my skin “feel” super clean – I could definitely feel product left behind on my skin after using the toner. Also, although I know this toner was technically good for my acne, I haven’t noticed my acne being significantly better recently. In fact, very recently my acne has actually been pretty bad. I do think this toner helps, just not THAT significantly!

Overall, I’m going to rate this toner 4/5* rating. It is a decent toner and works really, really well! Incredibly so! I just hate the feeling of having product on my face after having used it.

– Storm


I have officially now tried all of Lush’s currently available toners! As of 14/07/17, Eau Roma Water is my official favourite, and I’ll be sure to pick up a big bottle of the stuff once I have the money to do so, as that works out as being best value for money!


My Entire Lush Collection!

I wrote about this upcoming blog post a few days ago – here it is!

On Sunday, I laid out my entire Lush collection and took plenty of photos. I had just done a miniature Lush haul the day before, and afterwards decided to TRULY ban myself from buying more Lush until I have used up all my bath products.

My collection isn’t exactly massive, but I wouldn’t call it tiny either?

If you want more information about this blog post, I’d suggest you read this post explaining everything in a little more detail.

Just a side note – I’m sorry if my photos are absolutely awful! I’m not a photographer, not even as a hobby or for a bit of fun or anything. I just used my iPhone to take these photos and edited them to make them look a little more life-like.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Hair Care:

photo5945304661718313256 (3)photo5945304661718313256 (2)

  1. Top left – Marilyn Hair Treatment. I had been wanting a way to enhance and liven up my hair colour, without actually CHANGING the colour of my hair… If that makes any sense? I just don’t want to dye it – I love my natural hair colour. Marilyn Hair Treatment sounded like a good way to do just that! I bought this with my own money a couple of months ago in an online order, and am waiting for it to be more sunny to use it!
  2. Top middle – Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume. I picked this up at Lush Oxford Street on Saturday. I’ve used every other vegan conditioner from Lush, so I really wanted to try a sample to see what I think of it.
  3. Top right – R&B Hair Moisturiser. Got Richard to pick this up for me on his way home from work, and paid him back for it! I just thought it sounded absolutely lovely, and at the time I had only tried shampoos and conditioners from Lush’s hair care range. I felt my hair needed a little more attention! I will review this when I have used it all up, but I will say that I am absolutely loving this so far!
  4. Bottom left – Daddy-O Shampoo. I picked this up in the same order as Marilyn – again, because I’ve been looking at ways to enhance my hair colour without actually changing its colour! I have been enjoying this so far and will review it when I have finished it up!
  5. Bottom middle (left) – Rehab Shampoo. Also picked these up on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. The guy gave me 3 samples of the stuff! Enjoying it so far – will review once I have used up my samples! 🙂
  6. Bottom middle (right) – Waves Solid Shampoo. This sample arrived to me in the online order when I purchased Marilyn and Daddy-O.
  7. Bottom right – I Love Juicy Shampoo. Again, picked these up on Saturday from the Oxford Street store, and again, the guy gave me 3 samples of the stuff!

Skin Care:

photo5945304661718313248 (3)photo5945304661718313248 (2)

  1. Top left – Ultrablast Tooth Powder. Bought this with my own money on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. Me and Richard are really enjoying this so far!
  2. Top middle (left) – Prince Of Darkness Fresh Face Mask. I turned in 5 black pots for this face mask. I chose it because of it being exclusive to Oxford Street – I thought that if I was in the store, that might as well be the one that I try! This is a very odd mask – I will be reviewing it when I have finished using it all up!
  3. Top middle (right) – Buche De Noel Face And Body Cleanser. This cleanser I picked up in a gift set during the Boxing Day sale. I was lucky enough to receive a £100 gift card from Richard for Christmas, so I used the gift card for this purchase! A lovely product 🙂
  4. Top right – Let The Good Times Roll Fresh Cleanser. This also came in the gift set that I received Buche De Noel in. Also really lovely! Expect a review soon because as you can see, I’ve almost run out of this one!
  5. First middle – Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Mouthwash Tabs. Picked these up as a sample on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. Never tried mouthwash tabs before!
  6. Second middle – Dark Angels Fresh Cleanser. Picked this up on Saturday from the Oxford Street store!
  7. Third middle – Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face And Body Scrub. Received this as a sample in the online order I did a couple of months ago. I have already reviewed this product on my blog 🙂
  8. Fourth middle – Light Yellow Colour Supplement. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS PRODUCT OMG!!! I bought this on Saturday from the Oxford Street store, as I’ve been wanting to try some of Lush’s makeup range for a while. Can’t wait to use it all up so I can give it a good review – although from what I’ve heard, these things last ages, so you might not have a review on this for another 6 months or so!!!
  9. Fifth middle – Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub. I also bought this using my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. It’s lovely!
  10. Sixth middle – The Kiss Lip Scrub. I received this from a gift set that Richard gave to me on Valentine’s Day. Absolutely loving this one so far!
  11. Seventh middle – Santa Baby Lip Scrub. Also bought this one using my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Not super keen so far, but my opinion could change by time I’ve finished the entire pot!
  12. Eighth middle – Buttered Brazils Lip Balm. Bought this with my own money yonks ago – I believe sometime in February last year! Really nice lip balm.
  13. Ninth middle – Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Tint. Again, bought this using my gift card during the Boxing Day sale! Gorgeous colour!
  14. Bottom left – Coalface Facial Soap. This was my FIRST EVER LUSH PRODUCT that I purchased for myself! I bought this back in September 2015 if I recall correctly. It takes absolutely forever to use up. I literally keep this on the side of my bath and use it every time I shower.
  15. Second bottom – Full Of Grace Serum Bar. Bought this early on last Summer I think. I really like it!
  16. Third bottom – Eau Roma Water Toner Water. I bought this in an online order a couple of months ago. I didn’t have a toner and needed one, and this one sounded really nice according to the reviews on Lush’s UK site.
  17. Fourth bottom – Grease Lightning Spot Treatement. This one I bought a long time ago. I don’t actually remember when exactly, but I’d guess that it was sometime late 2015. I’ve had it for a really long time, and still have some product left!

Body Products:

  1. Top row first product – Mr Sandman Dusting Powder. I bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale last year. This guy smells like Twilight, and I love sprinkling it on my sheets before I get into bed!
  2. Top row second product – Fairy Dust Dusting Powder. Also bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Lovely product!
  3. Second row first product – Snow Fairy Shower Gel. Received this as a gift from Richard for Christmas in 2015. Still have some left!
  4. Second row second product – Ponche Shower Gel. Bought using my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  5. Second row third product – Twilight Shower Gel. Bought using my gift card from the Oxford Street store a little after Boxing Day last year – but the sale was still on!
    .Extremely chuffed to have grabbed this before the sale ended – my only other way to try Twilight would have been the Relax gift set!
  6. Second row fourth product – Bubbly Shower Gel. Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Smells like Celebrate!
  7. Second row fifth product – Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream. Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Haven’t tried this one yet, although I know it is extremely popular!
  8. Second row sixth product – Prince Charming Shower Cream. Received this in a gift set from Richard on Valentine’s Day. ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS PRODUCT!!! It smells INCREDIBLE!!!
  9. Third row first product – Snow Fairy Fun. I bought this during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card. It sort of got all mushy and horrid in its original packaging, so I put it in an empty black pot. I mostly use this to shave with at the minute. It is lovely!
  10. Third row second product – Snowman Shower Jelly. Again, bought during the Boxing Day sale with my gift card. This shower jelly is so messy – it has somehow gotten all over the pot, and I haven’t even used it yet!
  11. Third row third product – Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly. I bought this around Easter time last year. I have used it, but it just seems to last for absolutely ever! It is so adorable, and smells good enough to eat!
  12. Third row fourth product – Refresher Shower Jelly. I received this in a gift set from my partner sometime in January last year. It is really lovely and again, lasts absolutely AGES!!!
  13. Fourth row first product – Tropical Jungle Body Lotion. I bought this from the Lush Kitchen around March last year I believe. I have used most of it up now, but still have some left! It is lovely – especially in the Summer 🙂
  14. Fourth row second product – Sleepy Hand And Body Lotion. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Absolutely loving this one so far!
  15. Fourth row third product – Christingle Body Conditioner. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. This one is… Interesting… I don’t know what to think of this product so far, but I have a bad feeling that I hate it! I just don’t like to feel cold, and that’s exactly what this product does – make you feel really, really, REALLY COLD!!! I could change my mind by the end of the pot though, which is when I’ll review this product!
  16. Fourth row fourth product – Kiss Me Quick Business Wash Card. I bought this a couple of months ago in an online order, because I wanted to try something from the Valentine’s Day collection buy didn’t want to spend tons of money! I haven’t used it yet, but am very curious to see what it is like…
  17. Fifth row first product – Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub. I bought this for myself on Saturday from Lush Oxford Street. I had never tried it before, and wanted a new body scrub. It is so affordable, I couldn’t just leave it behind! Haven’t tried it yet.
  18. Fifth row second product – Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar. Also bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Haven’t tried Fit yet, but I’m guessing it will look beautiful on my legs during the Summer!
  19. Fifth row third product – From Dusk ‘Til Dawn Massage Bar. I’ve had this guy for around a year now, and there’s still some left! I love massages from my partner, and he will usually use this bar. It smells incredible!
  20. Fifth row fourth product – Love Spell Massage Bar. I received this in a gift set from my partner on Valentine’s Day. Love it!

Hand Products:

(I only really use soaps on my hands now!)

  1. Top row first product – Santa’s Postbox Soap Soap. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale! I just wanted to grab anything that I saw that was a holiday exclusive item…
  2. Top row second product – Fireside Soap. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  3. Top row third product – Snowcastle Soap. I loved Snowcake soap Christmas 2015, so I wanted to give this new design a try! Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  4. Top row fourth product – Reindeer Rock Soap. Again, I loved the Christmas 2015 version of this soap, so I wanted to give this design a try! Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  5. Second row first product – Igloo Soap. Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  6. Second row second product – Yog Log Roulade. I loved Yog Nog Soap Christmas 2015, so really wanted to give this a go! This was the smallest chunk that I could grab at the time, and it is massive! Even at 50% off, it was £6-£7! Doesn’t smell as good as Yog Nog Soap, but we will have to see! Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale!
  7. Second row third product – Magic Wand Soap. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale!
  8. Second row fourth product – Shooting Stars Soap. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. It is such a massive chunk! It was the smallest chunk there – and I know you can ask to have a smaller piece cut, but I was just trying to be as quick as possible to grab everything I wanted, since it was a sale!
  9. Third row first product – Love Soap. Bought this in an online order a couple of months ago. It came from the Kitchen!
  10. Third row second product – Love You, Love You Lots Soap. Received this on Valentine’s Day in a gift set from Richard!
  11. Third row third product – Layer Cake Soap. Received this in a gift set from my partner sometime in January last year. I’m currently using this one, which is why it is in a soap dish 🙂
  12. Third row fourth product – Golden Handshake Hot Hand Mask. I bought this on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. I’ve never tried a hand mask before, so really wanted to give this one a go!

Bath Products:

photo5945304661718313240 (3)photo5945304661718313240 (2)

  1. Top row first product – Northern Lights Bath Bomb. Got this in the Boxing Day sale with my gift card!
  2. Top row second product – Stardust Bath Bomb. Bought this in a gift set that Richard found during the Boxing Day sale, using my gift card 😀
  3. Top row third product – Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb. Bought this during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card 😀
  4. Top row fourth product – Butterbear Bath Bomb. I received this as a gift from Richard on Christmas Day, along with the £100 gift card he gave me! He knows I love Butterbear. I left him in his bag, because he’s all broken 😦 Will have to use him soon!
  5. Top row fifth product – Butterbear Bath Bomb. Another Butterbear that I received from Richard on Christmas Day! Sooooooo cute, absolutely adore this bath bomb!!!
  6. Second row first product – Mistletoe Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card!
  7. Second row second product – So White Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card.
  8. Second row third product – Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card!
  9. Second row fourth product – Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Dy sale using my gift card!
  10. Second row fifth product – Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card. LOVE the Twilight scent of this one, can’t wait to use it!
  11. Second row sixth product – Satsuma Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale with my gift card from the Oxford Street store!
  12. Third row first product – Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb. Bought this in Berlin around a month ago, because I thought it wouldn’t stick around for long! Smells amazing.
  13. Third row second product – Cupid Bath Bomb. Also bought this in Berlin around a month ago, before it went out of stock!
  14. Third row third product – Roller Bath Bomb. Richard gave this to me on Valentine’s Day!
  15. Third row fourth product – Buy One, Set One Free Bath Bomb. I bought this on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. It’s for a really good cause, so I couldn’t just leave it behind!
  16. Fourth row first product – The Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar. Bought this during the Boxing Day Sale with my gift card! I bought this a few days after Boxing Day from the Oxford Street store, and was so chuffed that they still had some in stock – other stores I went into had run out!!!
  17. Fourth row second product – Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar. Bought this during the Boxing Day sale with my gift card.
  18. Fourth row third product – Snowie Bubble Bar. Bought this during the Boxing Day sale with my gift card.
  19. Fourth row fourth product (top) – Magic Bubbles Bubble Bar. I bought this sometime between October 17th and November 12th last year. I’m not 100% sure when, but I know it was a weekend… I bought this in the Oxford Street store, and it is a kitchen exclusive! I’m currently using it which is why it is in a Lush tin – so expect a review fairly soon!
  20. Fourth row row fifth product (bottom) – Flower’s Barrow Bath Oil. I bought this last Saturday from the Oxford Street store. I have never tried a bath oil before, and thought this one looked really interesting!

My Entire Collection:

photo5945304661718313231 (3)photo5945304661718313231 (2)

Well, that’s everything! Minus anything I’ve lost, knot wraps and any containers. This is my entire current collection of Lush products!

I’m now on a ban, until I’ve finished up using all of those lovely bath products!

As I said before, all of these products were either from my partner (in the form of a gift or bought using a gift card that he gave me,) or I have bought them myself!

These aren’t all the Lush products I have EVER owned. Any reviews I have written are of other products I have previously owned!

I hope you enjoyed this post. It has taken me a while to write!

– Storm


Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask Review

Hello again! Here’s another Lush review for another product that my partner bought for me, how lovely is he? 😀 I hope you enjoy!

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask:

Rating: 4/5*


My face didn’t feel THAT different after using this mask. I mean, it did feel different, just not as different as I would expect from a mask really. If you get this mask then use it more as a fun product for a pamper evening or something, rather than a miracle product that will do wonders for your skin!

Spreading a chocolate spread scented, coloured and textured product onto my face felt a little bit… wrong. It felt like I was putting a product on my face that just wasn’t going to do it any good. With all the cocoa butter and vanilla in there, how different from chocolate spread even is this product haha! Okay, I’m only being half serious 😉 But seriously, I know SO MANY of Lush products have cocoa butter in them and usually I’m kinda alright with it, but this time…? I don’t know, the product just didn’t feel like something that was good for my skin!

After a while of using the product, it will become slightly thicker. When Cupcake gets like this, pieces of the mask will begin to crumble off of your face while waiting to wash it off. This was pretty annoying!

This face mask becomes INCREDIBLY difficult to spread around the face after a while – but I did find a solution to this. When my face mask got like this, I begun wetting my face before applying the mask. That way it would spread and apply MUCH easier, and the effects were just about the same to be honest!

This mask is going to last you absolutely yonks. For some people, that’s a great thing! For others, not so much. It could become quite tedious using the same mask for weeks on end. I personally used this mask probably once every other week or so on average… Some of those times with my partner using it too… And this mask has legit lasted me since the 15th August 2016, and honestly, I only just used the last bit of it yesterday, the 4th February 2017. I know that A LOT of you are going to think that it is absolutely disgusting and terrible for my skin etc etc that I used this product for so long, but I’m sure some of you will see it like I do. I only stop using a product once it changes noticeably. The only change I saw with this mask was that it became thicker – but that is something that gradually happens with masks after each use. I just kept it in the fridge and it was fine! Either way, it lasting this long was pretty damn tedious. I’m guessing I’ve personally used this mask around 10 times, and that my partner has used it around 3 times, so 10-15 uses in total! That’s nuts for such a small pot of product!

This face mask doesn’t have much grittiness to it and isn’t exfoliating whatsoever. The only hard bits this mask has in it are really chunky and hard pieces of… something… but they are so few and far between that all they do is dig into your skin a bit!


The scent and whole concept of this face mask is soooooooooooooooo good. Like I said before, I’m not 100% sure I really WANT to be applying chocolate spread to my face but damn, it does smell, look, and feel just like a mix between cake batter and delicious chocolate spread… It is the PERFECT product for chocoholics. If you’re a bit of a chocoholic yourself, you’ll looooooooooooooove this face mask!

There’s both spearmint and peppermint oil in this mask, which gives a really nice cooling feeling while the mask is on your face and for a short while after. It is really lovely, and definitely makes the mask overall feel a lot less heavy. The mask doesn’t really smell minty to me at all, so it just leaves that nice cooling effect. Definitely makes your face feel super fresh after use!

My skin did feel nicer after using this. Even if only slightly, it is still an improvement on my skin before using the mask. Your skin will feel smoother, SLIGHTLY more moisturised, cleaner, clearer, brighter, fresher, more colourful… The effects are quite nice, just don’t expect to feel like you have entirely different skin on your face after using it! If you don’t mind the effects of your mask being very subtle then give this one a go 🙂

This mask is really easy to wash off compared to others!

This was a gift and I was very happy to receive it! I think this mask would make an incredible gift for chocolate lovers!

I know I listed this as a con, but this product lasting for ages might be a pro for some people. You definitely get your moneys worth, that’s for sure! I guess if this turns out to be your holy grail product or something, then this product lasting so long is a brilliant feature for you!

This is a Lush product, which is an amazing company – plus it is vegan! I’d try any vegan product from Lush at least once, so if you are having difficulties deciding whether to try this mask or not, I’d say you should give it a go!

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, this mask was okay. It is more of a luxury product, in the sense that it doesn’t really do much for the skin, but the chocolatey concept is really, really good. I’m personally not the MOST massive chocolate fan, so the main benefits I got from this product were its effects, which weren’t incredible.

Overall, I’m going to rate this face mask a 4/5* because it is a really nice mask, but it definitely isn’t brilliant. I actually had extremely high expectations for this mask because according to its description, it should have been absolutely perfect for my skin. It was really nice all the same!

– Storm


Lush Skin Drink Moisturiser Review

Skin Drink Moisturiser:

Rating: 4/5*


The smell is really quite strong. I could smell the product on my face hours after having applied it – and it didn’t smell good. Someone even referred to this product as smelling like mushrooms… After using it, I sort of get what they meant. Not raw mushrooms but like fried mushrooms. It is just a general savoury foody scent and is really not something I appreciated my face smelling like. If this sounds nasty to you, maybe it’s best you stay away!

After a short amount of time, when I had only a little amount of product left in my pot, that little amount of product became really quite thick and dark in colour. I still sort of managed to use it, but it makes me think that maybe this product’s ingredients do not combine too well, and that some ingredients sink to the bottom or something.

This moisturiser didn’t last very long for me. I’m not sure why but it just seemed to go really quite quickly.

This moisturiser has a slight bit of texture to it I think. When I’d apply it to my face, my face would feel slightly less even in texture – almost like any tiny bump felt exaggerated after applying Skin Drink.


This moisturiser moisturised my skin so, so, SO well! My face just always felt so plump and healthy and hydrated after using it. It was really a nice feeling.

Any fine lines/wrinkles on my face (especially my forehead) would basically vanish after using Skin Drink. Seriously, I have some lines on my forehead and when I looked in the mirror after applying this, the wrinkles had practically vanished (unless of course I raised my eyebrows at all.) Definitely recommend!

Just the smallest amount would really work. I could feel my skin was truly hydrated after using Skin Drink, and that feeling would last all day – without my skin becoming any more oily than it usually would.

The colour of this moisturiser is skin toned. Now, I don’t know that this makes a noticeable difference whatsoever, but I really liked that fact. It felt like I was applying an additional skin-tone-evening layer on my skin, however slight that layer was. If you wouldn’t say no to that then perhaps Skin Drink is worth a go!

A vegan Lush product that is handmade, cruelty free, animal friendly, practically all natural… worth a shot!

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, this moisturiser could do with a few improvements. It smells nasty and I’m really not keen on the texture or formula of it at all. It does work very well however, and really is a decent moisturiser.

Overall, I rate this moisturiser a 4/5* but ONLY JUST. The SMELL is absolutely vile, it just so happens that this moisturiser is the one that has worked for me best thus far and at least from the regular line, I believe I only have a couple more to try. Honestly, I really hope one of those two do surpass this one because I don’t know that I could handle that smell day in and day out… Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my review!

Out of the vegan facial moisturisers available on the Lush UK site on 03/03/17, this is my favourite moisturiser!


Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask Review

Okay, so FINALLY I have a review for the Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask from Lush. I purchased this yonks ago, but it has lasted me absolutely ages! I know it’s a fresh face mask and that you aren’t supposed to use it past it’s best before date, but it didn’t really change all that much and the effects on my face were similar right up until I finished it. I’ll only stop using a Lush product after it’s best before date if it starts to look or smell weird to me. Each to their own right?

Let’s begin with the cons 🙂

Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

Rating: 3/5*


This face mask is horrible when it is drying on your face. I mean ABSOLUTELY horrid! I always time face masks that say 5 to 10 minutes for 8 minutes, and the mask is completely dried way before then, meaning I have to suffer for the rest of the time I have left before washing the mask off… When the mask dries, it will flake off absolutely everywhere, with even the smallest of movements. It also becomes super, super, super, super itchy all over the face when it dries – especially around the nostrils! If this sounds like an absolute pain (and trust me, it really is…,) then DON’T try this mask! You have been warned!

The smell… To me it smells super powdery, and kinda reminds me of the taste of those powdery chewable teddy bear vitamins I used to eat as a kid… It smells kinda vile to me. Really sickly.

The mask itself is incredibly dry before you even apply it. The mask is really difficult to apply and the only way I was able to apply it reasonably was by wetting my face first. It just doesn’t stick or spread well on dry skin!

The second highest ingredient on the ingredients list for this mask is talc, which explains a lot. I’ve never seen talc as being a very safe ingredient to use, and it makes this mask super chalky.

I never liked the way this mask looked all that much. Again, it just looks kinda dry and talcy.

When rinsing this mask off the face very thoroughly, it is likely that you will still find some talcy residue left behind in areas of your face. It can be quite difficult to rinse off!


Despite all the problems that one faces when attempting to use this mask, it does leave my facial skin very healthy. Even the morning after having used it, when I look in the mirror my face always looks really colourful, fresh, clean, soft and just really healthy! My spots and scarring appears reduced and my face just looks really smooth. The effects of this mask are really lovely!

This mask lasts absolutely ages. I don’t know how exactly, considering how dry this mask is, but I have gotten so many uses out of it! I share it with my partner, and still it has lasted me forever… This might sound gross to you guys, but I have managed to make it last 5 months and 4 days! Again, it didn’t change in scent or anything over that time period and I have kept it in the fridge consistently. It also definitely hasn’t done anything bad to my skin! If you want a long lasting mask… this could be the one!

This mask is vegan, handmade, from Lush, cruelty free, made from natural ingredients… I reckon it’s worth trying at least once for those reasons alone!

When using this mask on a wet face, it applies really smoothly and easily. It also washes off much easier in the bath or shower as opposed to rinsing it off over the skin. It also doesn’t get anywhere near as flaky with this method because the layer of mask applied is much thinner. It doesn’t itch anywhere near as much either. I even think the effects of this mask were better when using it this way!

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I wasn’t keen on this mask, but I feel conflicted because the effects of it were really nice, and I did find a way to use it that made everything much easier.

I’m going to rate this mask a 3/5*. It’s a shame because I did find a way that it works really well, but the smell… I can’t stand it! I really really can’t. The effects are really lovely though so if the smell doesn’t make you feel ill, it’s worth a go.

– Storm


Products from Lush that I would LOVE to try!

You know them people who hear raves about a product, believes the hype is absolute rubbish and actually end up steering away from it altogether?

I’m one of those.

I’m someone who somehow ends up generally liking the products that people usually like less, and disliking the products people usually like more. For example – love Aqua Marina, not so keen on Angels On Bare Skin. Think Sakura bath bomb is an absolute babe, but Lord Of Misrule… meh… Definitely nowhere near as good as I had expected it to be!

This isn’t me thinking I’m some special flower. When I do like I popular product, I’m always pleasantly surprised that the opinion of the masses fell true to me too! In fact, that event is exactly what made me want to write this post.

Yesterday, I tried Let The Good Times Roll cleanser for the first time ever and wow. Wow. Now, sometimes my opinion of a product changes and develops over the time it takes to use up the entire product, which is why I won’t be reviewing it yet – but I can say with a fairly high degree of certainty that the review for this one will be good. I was so pleasantly surprised.

So many times I have heard Lushies vouching for the effectiveness of this product and so many times have I entered a Lush store and been told that I should give it a go by an employee. Each of these occasions just turned me off the idea more and more!

During my mahoosive Boxing Day haul (which I really do hope I post about soon, it was bloody brilliant!,) I grabbed myself one of the Festive Fresh gift sets – which includes the wonderful Christmas exclusive Buche De Noel, and also Let The Good Times Roll.

Anyway, after discovering that Let The Good Times Roll actually probably will turn out to be as good as it’s hyped up to be, I wanted to make a list of well-loved Lush products that I’d love to give a go!

Here’s to my quest in finding my absolute favourite products from every category from Lush!


Brightside Bubble Bar – This Bubble Bar looks so bright and colourful. I always had thought that a general citrussy scent might be a bit… simple? I thought that this product had perhaps been hyped up a bit too much but you know what? This bath product has a whopping overall rating of 4.7*, which is the average rating of 250 different reviews! I like to take a bath pretty much every single day. If I’m going to be taking baths so frequently, perhaps it’s about time I give Brightside a try!

Lush Gardener Cold Pressed Soap – I have never thought that this soap looks very pretty. It is a mossy, earthy, greeny brown colour, with a watering can image in the center. Despite it not looking all that nice, this soap has an average rating of 5* on the Lush website. I love using Lush soaps to wash my hands and I think it is about time I give this guy a try!

93,000 Miles Shower Jelly – Shower jellies…hmm… I own a few, but have never finished them and I’m not 100% sure what to think of them. I have always stayed away from this one in particular, because I know that it has a clovey, spicy sort of scent. I do like spicy scents, but sweet spicy scents. I’ve always been sort of wary about the type of scent this product might have. It does however have a rating of 4.7/5*, and surely not everyone who reviews this product can be wrong? I do have very achy muscles so perhaps this is one unexpected item that I’ll actually end up falling in love with if I only give it a chance!

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub – Now, this is a product that I actually have wanted to try for a while. It looks and smells nice and is quite affordable in my opinion – the only thing that has been putting me off is that I have high expectations for it. When I have high expectations for a product, my expectations are rarely met! This is a scrub with a rating of 4.7/5*, and that is the average rating of 320 reviews of the product! Again, those reviews can’t all be wrong, surely! I think it is about time I get over my fear of being disappointed, and give this scrub a try!

Salted Coconut Hand Scub – This just has always seemed like such a basic, over-shadowed product, so I’ve never really had much interest in trying it. It does have decent reviews though, and is the only scrub specifically for hands that Lush do. Time to try it!

Dream Cream Body Lotion – Again, a product that just always seemed so simple and almost boring to me. It does have insanely good reviews, and I have learnt over time that often the simpler products are the best products.

Handy Guruguru Hand Cream – I’m not the type of person to really buy hand creams. I just usually use a general body lotion on my hands. This hand cream sounds super nourishing though and is definitely a popular one.

Golden Handshake Hot Hand Mask – The only hand mask Lush do! I’ve heard both many good things and many bad things about this hand mask, and think it’s about time I form an opinion on it of my own.

Twinkle Toes Foot Powder – Now, I’m not a… feet… person… ugh… even hearing the word in my head sends a shiver down my spine. Due to my hatred for… feet… I do tend to neglect them somewhat. I’ll give them a scrub in the shower, and I’ll use lotion on them, but that’s about it. This powder has incredible reviews – perhaps it’s time to give my…feet…ugh… a little TLC…? Maybe…

Volcano Foot Mask – The only foot mask Lush do!

Foot Soak And Fancy Free Foot Soak – Again, this is the only foot soak Lush do and it is super affordable considering how many uses you get out of it. Would love to give this one a try!

Pumice Power Foot Soap – The only foot soap Lush do!

Go Faster Feet Foot Lotion – So, as I said earlier, I usually just use a normal body lotion on my feet to keep them soft. I tend to use quite a lot when I do this though, because the body lotion I use is quite thin in consistency. Perhaps a thicker lotion specifically for my feet would do me some good!

Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar – I love a good massage, but have always steered away from this particular massage bar if I’m honest with you. It just seems like such a typical product for everyone to love. It’s pink and girly, big, and smells of strawberries – of course most girls are going to love it…! It does have super good reviews though, so maybe it’s about time I stop steering away from the products that everyone loves. I mean, they love it for a reason!

Five O’ Clock Whistle Shaving Cream – This is the only shaving cream from Lush I can actually use because I am a vegan, but I’ve always steered away from it because it looks as though it is geared more toward a male audience. It has lovely reviews from women though, and I’d love to try it now!

Black Stockings Body Tint – I’ve never tried fake tan of any kind before, but I have been interested to see what it is like. I feel like if I were to, going for a Lushy option would be my best bet, because I’d rather keep it as natural as possible!

Shimmy Shimmy Shimmer Bar – This is definitely another one of those products that I’ve just never had much interest in trying. After having a look at it and reading the reviews however, it seems right up my alley. It sounds absolutely fantastic for using when in a nice, warm location, to make your legs and body look extra glowy and beautiful!

The Guv’Ner Deodorant Powder – Another product type that I’ve always steered away from when it comes to Lush. I like to use a strong anti-perspirant because if I don’t, well… It isn’t a good scene let me tell you that! But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t give one of their deodorants a try, perhaps even just as an extra layer over the top of my regular anti-perspirant, just to keep me smelling alright all day! This one has fantastic reviews.

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder – I have never tried a dusting powder before, I’d like to give one a try. Who knows – maybe it turns out to be my holy grail Lush product…?!

The Sunblock Solid Sunscreen Wash – SPF 30 High – Another product that one wouldn’t usually think to purchase from Lush. The concept of it really is brilliant though – a wash on sunscreen – plus it works according to the reviews! One to invest in for the Summer I reckon!


Eu Roma Water Toner Water

 Kalamazoo Beard And Facial Wash – A product with an insanely high rating that both men and women appear to love! I need to stop being scared by words like… “beard”… and just pay attention to the fact that it is primarily a facial cleanser!

Ocean Salt Self-Preserving And Alcohol Free – I’ve tried the normal self preserving Ocean Salt, but never the alcohol free version.

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask – This one is so popular, but I’ve still never tried it! I think the fact that it was a hydrating mask used to put me off – I used to much prefer the super cleansing masks. Recently though, I have been having much drier skin, and I reckon a hydrating mask would actually do me a world of good! I seem to have misplaced my little stack of black pots but once I find them, I’ll definitely be grabbing this little guy!

Celestial Moisturiser – Another super simple product, hence why I’ve never thought to give it a try before. The reviews make it sound absolutely lovely though, so I’ll like to try this one ASAP – especially considering I don’t currently own a Lush moisturiser!

Atomic Tooth Powder – I’ve always been a bit nervous of using these Lush teeth products. I have tried a couple, but knowing that my dentist will always recommend fluoride toothpaste does scare me a little. I mean, surely they’re more of an expect on oral care and on effects of different types of toothpastes than I am..? I’m really not 100% sure on these teeth products however they have been tested and proven to often work even better than your standard toothpaste. Maybe it really will work better than my fluorine toothpaste? I think it’s worth a shot, and if I’m going to be trying one of Lush’s teeth products, this is one that I think sounds pretty good. It has very good reviews!

Ultrabalm All Purpose Balm – Another one of those random products that noone would really think to buy from Lush! It is expensive, but sounds like such a fantastic product. I’d probably primarily use it for my lips, because they get so insanely dry. I’m sure it would last absolutely ages!


Big Shampoo – Okay, so this is a mahoosive cult classic in the world of Lush hair care. Again, that is precisely why I have steered clear of it! It isn’t exactly cheap, so if I don’t follow everyone’s opinion of this shampoo…? I’ve been really unkeen on trying this product – I’m quite happy with using shampoo bars to be honest. But again, if I don’t try it, how will I know whether it is truly as bloody brilliant as everyone makes it out to be? I think it’s worth a shot for sure!

No Drought Dry Shampoo – I wash my hair daily. Just had to put that out there first. That’s why dry shampoos have never really appealed to me. If they can make me go a little bit further between washes though… why not give it a try? Maybe it will end up being a true game changer for me!

Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume – Yikes. I have thought about getting this conditioner, but was put off by the insane cost. It is really popular though! Time to save up or just grab myself a sample of the stuff I think!

Superbalm Scalp Treatment – I’ve always had a bit of a flaky scalp, and my hair tends to grow in quite thin and sparse. Perhaps this will help?

R&B Hair Moisturiser – Another one I’ve been extremely excited to try for the longest time!

6Tangled Hot Oil Treatment – Because of my hair being so fine and wispy, it does get tangled and knotty really easily. This treatment sounds like it would do my hair a world of good!

Mr Dandy’s Hair Candy Hair Dressing – This product sounds lovely to use to create some waves in the hair or something. I used to be non-stop primping my hair. I loved dying it, styling it, cutting it, layering it, adding fringes etc etc etc. I just loved to be creative with it and make it feel like it was “mine”, if that makes any sense. I always absolutely loved my hair, because I wouldn’t stop altering it until I thought it was absolutely perfect. Recently (around a couple of years ago,) I decided to favour health over creative hair. I’ve been on a mission to re-grow my natural hair and for it to all be my natural colour, natural texture and for it to just be grown long, without many cuts at all except for possibly trimming any split ends off every now and then, and maybe possibly cutting in a fringe every now and then. Anyways, my mission has been going well, but my hair is extremely plain, and in turn that makes me look like a right plain Jane! Hoping that some of these Lush hair products will add a little bit of personality, interest and uniqueness to my hair, without damaging it!

Sea Spray Hair Mist – Another styling product that I’m hoping will seriously up my hair game!

Veerappan Moustache Wax – Now, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I am a woman and no, I don’t have a moustache. What I do have though, are eyebrows. I have heard many a good think about using this product to keep those pesky, stubborn eyebrow hairs into place. I thought I could use this to keep my brow hairs looking neat and in the position I want them to be in all day! My eyebrows are especially messy because my brow hairs are very long and I know you’re supposed to trim them to keep your brows looking neat, but if I did that, my brows would look insanely sparse. I need all the hair!


Okay, so I’m not 100% happy with the concept of makeup as it is. I mean, I love doing my makeup, I really, really do, and it is something I will very rarely leave the house without or take photos of myself without. But, however beautiful it makes me look, I only really use it because I don’t feel naturally very beautiful. It is sad, but that is the truth. I’d much prefer investing my money in making my skin and hair etc become naturally beautiful, than investing in colouring to cover up my natural self.

I do plan to buy Lush makeup, don’t get me wrong. It just isn’t really my priority right now, as I’m focusing more on making my skin etc healthier and therefore more beautiful, rather than focussing on just looking nice in itself. So, even if a makeup item from Lush was super raved about and had an excellent rating, and even if Lush makeup products are actually good for the skin, makeup is something that you’ll always have to just wash off at the end of the day… I dunno, maybe I’m turning into a bit of a hippie or something. I suppose I’m just not so into the idea of makeup as I used to be!


Karma Gorilla Perfume – An extreme cult classic. With such fantastic reviews, perhaps it’s time I give it a shot..?

That’s just about everything – whew! 37 items in my wishlist!

So, now some questions for you to answer in the comments section!

Do you recommend AGAINST any of the products I have listed above? Are any of the above products some of your favourites from Lush? If you have any opinions on the products I have listed above, PLEASE comment them below, I’d really appreciate reading them!

– Storm

(I only included main-line products that can be found in every store at any time of the year, and which are entirely non-exclusive. I love trying all types of Lush products, but would be happiest of course if my favourites turned out to be main-line products that I could re-purchase easily! I also picked one item for each different use, e.g. one shampoo, one conditioner, one item to wash the body with, one item to use in the bath etc. I only need one favourite for each type of product! Finally, I selected out of vegan items and items that I don’t currently own. I made my final choices by choosing the item with the highest rating. Let’s hope I find some 5* gems out of these!)