I have had a realisation.

If I were to walk into a mahoosive, gorgeous, packed Poundland – full of stunning stationary, my brain would tell me “No Storm, no. This isn’t the best time or moment in your life for you to purchase any of this stuff. Maybe you will need this stuff at a different stage of your life, but not now.”

But brain, you’re wrong.

When you really think about it, what better time, place, moment in my life could I possibly need stationary more than when in the midst of me studying for a degree in Astrophysics…? If I’m to one day work at an office job? No, I am CERTAIN that these days students use far more stationary than one working in an office job does in a day. Then perhaps it’s more suitable for when I was younger and in compulsory education – or in college? No. University = more difficult = more notes = more work = more studying = more stationary.

I just don’t know why my brain always seems to talk me out of treating myself to certain nice things – even when there will LITERALLY be no better time than now to do so.

This goes for a lot of things when it comes to Uni.

Like, when I went to Fresher’s Fair last year and grabbed all the leaflets and put my name down for almost everything I possibly could, only to go home and my brain to tell me “Meh, if you can’t be bothered to do this stuff now then you can just do it at another stage in your life.”

No, brain.

What better time is there for me to go to socials, join societies, join sporting clubs and go to events than during my first degree at University? After University – when I am holding down a full time job and perhaps have children to take care of? Maybe a better time was in the past and was when I was at school – before I was independent and could choose exactly what I wanted to do with my time?


There literally will not be a better time to do any of those things than whilst studying on this degree.

Again, this goes for a lot of things when it comes to Uni and quite frankly, when it comes to life.

For some bizarre reason, I tend to convince myself out of making changes in my life, even when they are entirely appropriate and simple things to do – like buying a new pen.

I begin my second year at University on the 18th September, and you know what? This year is ACTUALLY going to be different! I’ll remember this realisation and will just allow myself to live my best second-year-of-my-degree life.

– Storm


If not now, then when?

Everyone has times where they feel like they just have so many tasks that they need and want to do, just piling up and up and up. Even those things that aren’t tedious jobs – like that book you bought a couple of months ago and have been meaning to read, or the fact that you wanted to begin painting, but never quite got round to it. It could be something big – re-decorating the house and doing a massive spring clean – or something small, like giving yourself the time to relax and to finally use that exciting bath bomb that you’ve hoarded for so long.

We are always thinking ahead, planning ahead. That’s okay – I think thinking ahead is very healthy, and gives everyday personal meaning, because everyday is step forward toward your dreams. However, sometimes in always thinking ahead, in always putting off the “less pressing” tasks, we end up with this backlog in our mind of all the things we never ALLOW ourselves to do, due to labelling them as being less of a priority.

Sometimes, we just need to say to ourselves…

If not now, then when?

When you next have some time, even just an hour away from being in college, from being in University, from being at work… Ask yourself: If not now, then when? Then decide on something that you really don’t WANT to be left for another week, another month, another season, another year… And just DO it. Get it done. Get up, stop overthinking about whether it is the most pressing thing that you need to do at the minute and just do it!

I’ll be posting about some of the things I achieve after asking myself this exact question!

Go on, what are you waiting for!

– Storm