Depression Tip #4

Depression Tip #4:

If you’re not on any medication for your depression, you should be taking supplements! I personally decided to not opt for medication when my doctor offered – SSRIs just really don’t agree with me at all. Instead, after a lot of research, I decided to begin taking Tryptophan supplements. Tryptophan is a natural amino acid that your brain needs to produce serotonin – an important brain chemical that helps regulate mood, sleeping patterns, focus, appetite, energy levels etc. The purpose of prescribed SSRI medication is to increase the levels of serotonin in your brain – taking Tryptophan supplements effectively do the same thing!

You should always consult with your doctor before taking any supplements – particularly if you are already on medication. Do NOT take Tryptophan if you are already on prescribed medication related to your mental health – too much serotonin in your system can do a lot more harm than good! 

There are other healthy ways to self-medicate from home – such as taking vitamin D supplements, taking vitamin B complex supplements, using a SAD light or using SAD alarm clock.

Taking supplements really helps me. Just knowing that you’re actively doing something to help yourself feel better feels really good!

– Storm


Miniature Manicure feat. Poundland, Lush and Superdrug.

Hey guys! So, I have had exams recently and just really, really, REALLY let my nails get nasty! Last time I painted them was with a mustard yellow colour a couple of weeks before Easter. Earlier today, they were just extremely chipped and horrid. All my nails were getting long and straggly, apart from one nail that was short? My hands were also feeling like they needed some TLC.

The time had come to give myself a miniature manicure! I just wanted to freshen up the way my nails and hands looked – nothing super professional or fancy looking!

Here is what I used:

IMG_4487 (2).JPG

– Lush – Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion
– Lush – Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face And Body Scrub
– Poundland – Nail Clippers

IMG_4486 (2).JPG

– Lush Love Soap.

IMG_4488 (2).JPG

– Poundland Make Up Gallery Well Polished Ridge Filler Base Coat

IMG_4489 (2).JPG

– Poundland Nail Polish Remover

– Superdrug 100% Pure Cotton Wool Round Pads

IMG_4485 (2).JPG

Here is a before picture of my how horrid my hands were!

IMG_4484 (2).JPG

First, I gave my hands a REALLY thorough scrub with Ocean Salt! Afterwards, my hands felt so insanely smooth and completely free of dead skin! They felt like baby hands :3

Secondly, I washed my hands with the Love soap – just to make sure that my hands had no leftover scrub or dead skin on them!

Third, I moisturised my hands with Charity Pot from Lush. This really helped prepare my nails to be clipped as it made them a little softer. I also didn’t want to moisturise them after using nail polish remover, because nail polish remover leaves nails perfectly clean and ready for the nail polish to adhere to them! I also didn’t want to moisturise after clipping my nails because I wouldn’t want little nail shavings being rubbed into my hands!

Next was to clip my nails with the nail clippers. I clipped all the white excess nail off, as this is the length I prefer them to be. This leaves them just a little bit shorter than the ends of my fingers. I just keep clipping around the nail and get as low as I reasonably can, without causing any pain! I just maintain a natural nail shape by doing this!

After this, I removed all the nail polish from my nails, using nail polish remover and a cotton round. I just use one cotton pad to do this – if I find that the nail polish stops being removed, I just find a clean space on the cotton pad and apply more nail polish remover to it. I kept doing this until every little speck of old nail polish was removed!

Finally, I add the nail polish. This nail polish was brand new and unopened – I bought it from Poundland just a couple of days ago. I just wanted a light, natural, cute looking pink colour, so I grabbed this without checking the label. It turned out to be a ridge filler and base coat! After doing a quick search on ridge fillers, I found that they can also be used as regular nail polishes, and just need one or two extra coats. I ended up applying 3 coats of this to achieve the result I was after. It was quite streaky!

And here is the finished result!

IMG_4498 (2).JPG

Before and after side-by-side:

Sorry for the terrible quality of photos! I have extremely bad lighting in my flat at the moment! Nonetheless, I am extremely pleased with the results 🙂 My hands look so much softer and younger and flawless in general! The nails themselves look so much neater too, and it was definitely about time for a new colour!

It’s so nice to finally have time to do these sorts of things!

– Storm