Depression Tip #1

Depression tip #1:

Brush your teeth! I know this first one is going to seem overly simple, but it’s something that definitely makes me feel a bit better. If you’ve ever been so down that even brushing your teeth feels like climbing a mountain then trust me, you’re not alone. You’re not disgusting. It’s not your fault. It’s none of anybody else’s business, and it is something you do for yourself.

It’s very easy to get into the thought cycle of “I don’t deserve to take care of my body, why would I take care of myself when I don’t even like myself? Why would I take care of myself when I don’t even care about anything at all in life right now?” I know, it can be really, really difficult.

My first tip is to brush your teeth, because it’s something that will be over and done with REALLY quickly, and is honestly something that will always make you feel a little bit better. Clean your entire mouth – you’re tongue too, and the sensation of having a clean mouth will just make everything feel a little bit less crap.

– Storm


When you’re experiencing a trough in your emotions.

I see my emotional state as a wave that I’m travelling on. When I’m experiencing a peak, I feel absolutely incredible – and I know the moment won’t last, so I appreciate it to the full. When I’m experiencing a trough, I’m absolutely miserable – but I know the feeling won’t and can’t last forever, which is of some comfort to me.

I definitely experienced a trough in my emotions today. Beforehand, I could just feel my perspective of absolutely everything in my life spiraling downward, becoming more and more negative. The more I thought about something that seemed to be negative to me (like the amount of college work deadlines I have over the next 2-3 weeks,) the more terrible and hopeless the situation seemed.

During the trough, that was it. I was at my lowest and felt very vulnerable. It felt as though everything was out of my hands, and I was absolutely miserable. Nothing seemed to matter – my last piece of hope for happiness seemed to just disappear. It was bad, and extremely stressful!

Finally, the trough passed. Some hope was restored, and I began to feel a little better and happier.

So, I suppose I am now headed toward a peak in my emotions, and I’m feeling a lot more positive now the eye of the storm has passed. I’ve been heading for that trough probably for about a week or so now, so it’s nice that it is finally over and done with!

I just felt it was important to write about this because I know that things can seem really bad sometimes. Like, really really bad. As bad as it may seem though, it really will pass. I think once you just accept that experiencing emotions is like riding a wave, you begin to feel more comforted by the idea.

Stay strong guys!