Why I’m a Vegan.

WARNING: If you are sensitive to vegans being blunt, don’t read this post. For a vegan to be a vegan, it must be something they believe in very strongly. I say it as I see it, I’m not going to be sugar-coating anything on my blog.

There are many different types of reasons why veganism just… Makes sense. These different reasons appeal to many different sides of me:

  1. The ethical, nature loving side of me:animals-02.jpgI never understood those people who say they love animals, and then go and eat meat for lunch and dinner. I never understood those people ignorant enough to want to remain naive and blind to the truth, and refuse to listen to or watch the reasons why vegetarians and vegans do what they do. It just makes absolutely ZERO sense. It is an argument you cannot win. It is impossible to be an animal lover, and to consume them at the same time.


    It doesn’t take a genius to see that for a meal comprised of meat to be made, an animal was killed. Whether it was “humanely” or not, it was killed for you to consume. How would you like to be killed to be consumed? How would you like your daughter, son, sister, brother, mother or father to be killed and consumed? It would seem wrong for a person to do that, right? Unethical? Even for someone to do that to a cat or a puppy, it would be viewed as unethical – no matter how “humane” the death was. Why is it so hard to program that it is no different for farm animals…? Don’t call yourself an animal lover people. Say you love pets, but don’t give a damn about other animals if you eat meat. I don’t care if I’m being rude or blunt – I can assure you that you eating animals is far more offensive to me, than me pointing out the fact, is offensive to you.

    Regardless, the majority of animal products that people purchase and consume is not “humanely” sourced (whatever the hell an ethical death means…) Whether it is meat, eggs or milk, chances are it has been from a factory farm. Again, it doesn’t take a genius to know the suffering that goes on in those places.


    A cow will have its offspring torn away from them as soon as they are born, which is evidently emotionally agonizing for both the calf and the mother cow. In the milking industry, males calves will generally be slaughtered straight away, whereas females will be raised to also be milking cows. The mother will continue to be milked and milked and milked. Often, mother cow’s legs will BREAK as they are crushed under the weight of their udders – which become so heavy due to the overproduction of milk, selective breeding so that the cows have abnormally large udders to begin with, as well as all the weird crap they pump into their bodies to stimulate production of milk.

    Even if you DO only buy organic, “ethical” animal produce, does that really make it okay…? I’ve already said about how killing an animal to consume is wrong, no matter how you do it. In my opinion, the same goes for milk and eggs. To put it simply, it is using an animal as a product, and taking what is theirs. The milk a cow produces is for its offspring. Their body is producing that milk for their child, just as a woman produces milk for her baby. It just is plain wrong to keep milking a cow, causing it to overproduce milk so that you can reap more produce from it. Imagine somebody just going up to a woman and doing that to her!!! It is painful for a cow to produce more milk than is needed. This bull about the cow needing to be milked, because otherwise it will be in pain and… explode?!?! I’ve literally heard that before from old friends! They won’t explode – do you really think cows would just be exploding in fields somewhere if it weren’t for humans interfering and milking them…? The only reason they MAY find some relief from being milked is because of HUMANS OVER MILKING THEM in the FIRST PLACE.


    Honey? Bees use honey to create their little homes and to use as a source of food. Humans take that honey and instead supply bees with glucose. Bees NEED honey, glucose just doesn’t give their little bodies all that they need. Again, it quite simply is taking what is not ours, which is the main concept of veganism.

    The same goes for eggs pretty much!

    If you want to take your first step toward TRULY caring about animals, try uncovering your eyes and watching some YouTube videos on the subject – Earthlings is a really good video to start on.

    Also, the “well you murder plants” argument. Yes, I eat plants, and I don’t even like doing that. That IS however something that is necessary to humans. Eating animal produce is not. Even then, I’d give being a fruitarian a shot to avoid unnecessary killing of plants! “But, you eating plants is worse than you eating meat, because it means more murders and uses up more energy and if we all did that then the world would be overrun by animals and there would be no plants left”. Bitch please. Again. I don’t like killing plants, but I am doing the BEST I can do at the PRESENT that is WITHIN REASON. I am not perfect, but I’m trying. There are only so many farm animals in the first place due to us breeding them for meat – they really would not rule the world if we weren’t to kill them and even if they did – so what? It’s their planet too. We’d not think it fair if another animal started killing humans in mass number to prevent us from ruling the planet, so why would it be okay to do that to animals? Also, plants grow far easier than animals do. The plant population would be completely fine if we were all vegan…

  2. The logical reasoning side of me.test3.jpg– Having animal produce just doesn’t make sense to me to begin with. Maybe it is because I was brought up vegetarian and went vegan when I was a child. When I go into a supermarket, I see animal produce exactly for what it is. I see chopped up pieces of meat as just that – chunks of flesh oozing in blood, wrapped up neatly in a package to be bought. I have never seen it as food, because I have never eaten it. It would hardly be different to me if it were PEOPLE cut up and packaged neatly on shelves to be bought and CONSUMED. It seems just as messed up to me, and I can’t believe that most people don’t even see it for what it is. It is disgusting and barbaric.


    The same goes for the dairy aisle – cow’s milk is literally the milk produced for a baby cow. If it were human milk all bottled up, people would think it were disgusting. That scenario would actually make more sense to me. We are not baby cows, we do not need those concentrations of micro and macro nutrients that cow’s milk contains. The contents of milk is literally geared towards growing a baby cow. Are you a cow? No. For most of you reading, you also probably don’t need growth promoted – especially not at the levels that a baby cow does.

    Eggs are literally unfertilized ovum that has come from inside a female chickens reproductive system. It was a part of her body. It isn’t really something I’m keen on eating. Thanks but no thanks.

    Honey is literally the vomit of a bee. I don’t care how good that crap tastes. I wouldn’t go and eat your vomit if it tasted sweet, and I’m not going to go eating a bee’s either!


    I have been a vegetarian my entire life. We do not NEED to DEPEND on CONSUMING ANIMALS to SURVIVE or to be HEALTHY.

    I have been a vegan since I was 10 years old (13 years now.)  We do not NEED to DEPEND on CONSUMING ANIMAL PRODUCTS to SURVIVE or to be HEALTHY.

  3. The side of me that hates gross things…– Again, I don’t find the idea of eating meat, drinking milk, eating eggs or honey appealing personally, for all of the reasons above. Besides that are the little things that accidentally get mixed in with these products. Factory farmed milk contains pus. Yes – ALL factory farmed milk. Not a small amount either. Factory farmed cows are hooked up to milking machines, and are milked very intensively. This causes their udders to inevitably become sore, and infection arise.Honestly, whenever I think about eggs, all I can think of is the fact that I’d be eating an ovum… Euk! Whenever I think about milk, I think about all the pus I’d be drinking! When I think about honey, I think about vomit… When I think about meat, well, I just think about what it is. I think about consuming a cut up body. Tasty. Not.
  4. The side of me that wants to be healthy.d827a1b635a36ab850de363712ac0b76– Search nutrient density chart into google images. The foods with high levels are the sorts of foods you mainly want to be eating. Those are the foods where you get the most nutrients for every calorie you eat. 2,000 calories worth of nutrient dense foods vs 2,000 calories worth of non nutrient dense foods – which one do you think would be healthier? I’m not saying we all should be living off of kale – of course not. And, variety is healthy. Regardless, there are beans where you get more protein per gram than you do for meat. But – those proteins aren’t complete. They don’t contain all the amino acids. There are SO MANY foods that contain different types of proteins – in fact, almost every food contains protein. If you are still worried, take a multi vitamin. As I said before, I’ve been doing this my entire life and I’m not lacking in nutrients. The only thing I could do with more of is vitamin D (damn you British weather!)

    Anyways, so on nutrient density charts, you can clearly see that meat and dairy is generally quite a bit less nutritious than vegan alternatives. So in fact, by being a vegan and not actually allowing yourself to eat animal products, you are likely to start eating more nutritious foods – due to those being what is mostly available! Okay, so you could be an unhealthy vegan and just eat vegan white chocolate, vegan vanilla ice cream, chips etc, but even those will likely be more nutritious than their dairy alternatives.

  5. The lazy side of me.Why-Vegan---element62– Not long ago, being a vegan was damn hard. Today, it couldn’t be easier. There is a vegan alternative for almost every single food containing dairy and or meat. The internet is full of recipes for delicious vegan food. The majority of vegan food you don’t even have to read through all the ingredients anymore, because most companies are kind enough to stick a Vegan logo on these foods! It truly couldn’t be easier.


At the end of the day, it’s down to you. I have had so many people ask why I am vegan over the years, so I guess this is my explanation. I’m lucky that I was brought up vegetarian – this process has been clear and easy to me. I don’t think anyone is a bad person if they don’t fully understand all of this stuff. I do think people aren’t particularly good if they are fully aware of all this stuff and still can’t be bothered to try being a vegan.

I refuse to believe that humans need to rely on animals to be healthy. Heck, I’m living proof of that. It is a learning process, and it can be done wrong. Honestly, I don’t even take a multivitamin everyday, but I really should. I have calcium + magnesium, multi vitamins and vitamin D supplements all on my kitchen side (which I take when I remember to.) I steer away from foods which I KNOW will lead to deficiencies – like bread, chips, ice cream, sweets… As long as you use your head, it really isn’t difficult, and nothing makes more sense to me!

I can’t think of any points I haven’t really covered – apart from the argument that we are supposed to eat meat (our teeth and bodies are designed for it, that our ancestors and cavemen did it etc.) I recently watched a YouTube video explaining how findings of, well, basically fossilized poop of cavemen shows that their diet was predominantly plant based. They were scavengers – they didn’t have the resources we have. We are not cavemen today, and we don’t need to eat animal produce out of it being all we can find anymore. Also, our teeth are far closer to animals with predominantly plant based diets than animals with predominantly animal based diets.


There’s also the argument that well, meat is just tasty. I don’t know what I can say to that, as I’ve never tried the stuff. Perhaps if you took a bite out of your own arm, you’d also find it to be tasty. I don’t know. To me that stuff just isn’t for eating, full stop, so it being tasty is sort of irrelevant. And I do know how vegan dairy alternatives taste vs vegetarian dairy foods and let me tell you, it is great. Vegan ice cream is tastier than any dairy ice cream I’ve ever had, the milkshakes don’t come with that nasty aftertaste that milk gives you and mmm… iChoc… is the best damn chocolate in the world… AND my homemade vegan cake is better than any dairy store bought cake I’ve ever tried!



What being an INFJ means to me + rant.

Hey! I’ve been thinking about my personality type, and wanted to write about what it means to me to be an INFJ. What I mean by this is… What are the things that set me apart from other types, in real life, day-to-day situations that are easy to relate to.

What being an INFJ means to me:

  1. I will feel personally hurt when silly, little casual comments are made against me. I just can’t shrug anything off. I won’t be able to truly think nothing of the comment, and I won’t be able to think that the person who made said comment wasn’t being a tad insensitive. I’m easily upset, easily offended, easily hurt – even by people who I’m not technically “friends” with. I think many people don’t realise that there are some really sensitive souls in this world. I know for sure that some people do realise, and this face just pisses them off more than anything. I find that many Thinking over Feeling personality types will be irked by the sensitivity of Feeling over Thinking types. But yeah, I’m a sensitive, delicate, sometimes rather pathetic little flower. I feel things very strongly, and am easily overwhelmed with an emotion.


  2. I feel like an alien. I feel like I can’t relate to almost anyone, and the people I can relate to in many ways will still always have just as many contrasting beliefs. I find it incredibly hard to connect with people and make friends – in fact, at the age of 23 I would not consider that I have any “friends” in the strictest sense. I don’t “hang out” with anyone, or get invited out anywhere. I suppose my partner is my only friend, but I’m fine with that. I couldn’t handle socialising, day in and day out, with a group of people who just seem so… Hollow… I don’t know. Imagine if every human saw through 2 lenses, one main, dominant lens and one small, inferior lens. I feel like most people’s dominant lens is my inferior lens, and most people’s inferior lens is my dominant lens. I just don’t feel like I’m seeing the world the same way that the majority of people are. I feel sort of like a loner. Very alone.


  3. I don’t get shallowness. I hate all this pop culture. I hate celebrity gossip. I hate drama. I hate the 9-5 everyday mundane routine of humans. I hate repetitiveness. I hate feeling like so many people are SHEEP. I hate people doing what is easy, and not using their brain and heart to decide what it is they truly WANT. I don’t like people ignoring very important, hard TRUTHS, and instead turning a blind eye.


  4. Similar to the last one, but I don’t follow crowds. Why the hell would I? I’d much prefer to feel genuinely happy and blissful doing the things I enjoy. I love Lush to an extreme – something not uncommon at all, but definitely a genuine love rather than following a craze. Even if Lush were to become incredibly unpopular one day, or if the Body Shop were to instead become the new exciting cosmetics brand, I’d still be dedicated to my Lush. I’m a female studying for a degree in Astrophysics. I’d like to eventually be a researcher in the field of Astrobiology. I don’t think I need to even explain how this one isn’t following the crowd. I don’t care if people think my ideas are stupid. I just care that I’m doing what genuinely makes me happy in my life.


  5. I can’t take relationships lightly. Every person I meet, I care about. Every person I SEE, I care about. I truly hope every homeless person I see on the street will be okay. I hope that all the randomers I see on my morning train will have a brilliant day. Again, it hurts me when people make sarcastic or slightly offensive comments toward me, because I generally hold too much respect to be able to be nasty to that same person. It is hard to feel like almost every single relationship is one way. I care too much.


  6. There’s never enough time in the day. There is so much I want to do yet I spend so much time up in my mind, that I rarely do much physically in my day at all. I’m a thinker, a dreamer – and a doer too. I’m just far less of a doer than I am a thinker. I don’t generally like this fact about me though. It is seen as laziness – it truly isn’t. I don’t even realise how many hours I’ve spend in my thought bubbles until I randomly snap out, and realise that my actual day is already over.


  7. I don’t see animals, or even plants really, as being of less value than humans. We are all alive, this life is the only one that any of us will ever live. Who is to say which life is more important? Of course, I eat plants. I am a vegan, and am doing the best I currently know how to do. I do aspire to be a fruitarian one day though. To me, death is death, and life is life. Simple as. In fact, if anything, I feel more toward an animal or plant life than I do a human life. Humans have so many ulterior motives, can be so cruel and selfish. Animals and plants are pure. They just live. I don’t know…


  8. I am honest, quite possibly to a fault. I can’t keep surprises from my loved ones. If asked how I feel about a topic or what my opinion is about something, I will be completely honest. I don’t think anyone deserves to be led into believing something that just simply isn’t the truth. Who could be that cruel? I’m a very honest person.


  9. I see beauty everywhere. I’d stare at a sunset for hours if I could. The sea is absolutely gorgeous, as are plants, hills, mountains. I love the universe I love the natural world, I love landscapes. Colours are so vibrant, I don’t know… I just love how the universe LOOKS, and I truly appreciate it. The same goes for any art form – music, dance… It is all so incredibly beautiful!


  10. My mind is complicated. My thoughts are confusing, and do sometimes contradict one another. I’m logical, scientific, sensible, reasonable, wise, technical, clear. I’m also creative, artistic, sensitive, spiritual, idealistic, disconnected. My mind is a mixing pot of two different worlds. I find it hard to make decisions, because I sort of love almost everything. Making a decision of which career I wanted to pursue was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve made in my life. I decided that any interests that were more creative and less academic would be better pursued out of conventional education, because then I could grow in these areas as a unique, uninfluenced individual – which to me is what art is all about. With all of my academic interests, I just sort of smushed them all together, and found one subject that embodied them all – Astrobiology. Paleontology, biology, climatology, astronomy, geology, geography… It’s all in there, every single academic interest of mine. After doing this, the only things left behind were things that I had either integrated into other areas of my life in other ways – such as travel, or things that I have little or no interest in – like Politics… I chose Astronomy as my pathway into the field of Astrobiology, just because it seemed like the most vast and interesting subject that Astrobiology is made up of. I can’t, don’t and won’t settle on one idea if I am interested in many different ideas. This is also evident in the amount of different seasonings I use when I cook…

    That’s all for now! There’s 10 things that being an INFJ means to me. If you’re an INFJ, did you relate to any of these? If what ways did you/did you not? If you’re not an INFJ, what type are you, and what ways are you similar/different? Leave a comment below!



    Also, I’d like to ask a favor of any readers who are interested in MBTI. If you have taken an MBTI personality test, please, for the love of God, take another. MBTI tests are NOT perfect, and will have blind spots for certain types of unique personalities. You absolutely cannot take one test result at face value, and just start investing your time researching that result. That is insane! You can’t go taking a man-made test, that absolutely will NOT be flawless (as personalities are so diverse and unique between each person, not everyone will perfectly fit into the same mould as another member of the same personality type..,) and just 100% have faith that the result you obtained is a solid FACT. The only fact you have obtained from taking that test is simply that THAT test provided you with THAT result. Take one test, then take another test on a completely different website – a test with different questions and entirely different mechanisms to reach a result. If you come out with the same result twice, through answering honestly, then chances are that you’re that personality type. Read it up and see if you relate to it. If not, then take a third, different test. Keep doing this until different tests have provided you with the same result!

    This is so, so, SO important. It almost angers me when I read that someone took a MBTI test, and straight away are like “Okay, I guess this is me then 😀 .” If you’re so convinced, get the same result in a different test too. What is there to lose? And if there is a CHANCE your result may come out differently in a different test then why wouldn’t you want to know what else you might be? My first result (taken on the typical 16personalities site I believe…) reckoned I was an ISFJ. So, what did I do with this result? I saved it, and then instantly took another test. INFJ. What did I do with this result? I saved it, and then took ANOTHER test instantly. INFJ/INTJ. What did I do with this result? I further researched the INFJ personality type, as I had received that result twice using 2 different tests. Considering there are 16 different possible outcomes, getting the same result in 2 different tests, when only having taken a few, means chances are that you’re this type. After researching the type, I related well, and have since had an MBTI enthusiast type me as an INFJ too.

    I’m sorry with rambling on, I just don’t like when people say they fit a personality profile because of ONE test result. I mean, claiming that a certain profile pretty much defines the inner functions of your ways of thinking and your behaviours is pretty huge, so at least make sure that what you’re claiming is reliable! Grrrrrrr. If you only can be bothered to take one test then at least take the humanmetrics test instead – that one seemed to be most reliable for me!