When you’re experiencing a trough in your emotions.

I see my emotional state as a wave that I’m travelling on. When I’m experiencing a peak, I feel absolutely incredible – and I know the moment won’t last, so I appreciate it to the full. When I’m experiencing a trough, I’m absolutely miserable – but I know the feeling won’t and can’t last forever, which is of some comfort to me.

I definitely experienced a trough in my emotions today. Beforehand, I could just feel my perspective of absolutely everything in my life spiraling downward, becoming more and more negative. The more I thought about something that seemed to be negative to me (like the amount of college work deadlines I have over the next 2-3 weeks,) the more terrible and hopeless the situation seemed.

During the trough, that was it. I was at my lowest and felt very vulnerable. It felt as though everything was out of my hands, and I was absolutely miserable. Nothing seemed to matter – my last piece of hope for happiness seemed to just disappear. It was bad, and extremely stressful!

Finally, the trough passed. Some hope was restored, and I began to feel a little better and happier.

So, I suppose I am now headed toward a peak in my emotions, and I’m feeling a lot more positive now the eye of the storm has passed. I’ve been heading for that trough probably for about a week or so now, so it’s nice that it is finally over and done with!

I just felt it was important to write about this because I know that things can seem really bad sometimes. Like, really really bad. As bad as it may seem though, it really will pass. I think once you just accept that experiencing emotions is like riding a wave, you begin to feel more comforted by the idea.

Stay strong guys!