Birthday goals.

So, it may have been a while back now, but I turned 22 last October. I mentioned this in another post, but I really wanted to expand on my reaction to this.

So, I was watching the clock as it struck midnight, and as soon as it did, I actually felt really, really, really upset. I was born at midnight, the midwife even allowed my mother to choose whether she wanted my birthday to be written as the 16th or the 17th. This means that the 17th October at midnight is quite literally when I am considered a year older. I felt like I had lost something that I could never get back, something incredibly valuable. There’s nothing like a birthday to slap you in the face with the realization that you have just spent a year of your life.

So, how did I respond to this feeling? I had to do SOMETHING to make me feel not so terrible, I really did feel quite devastated!

I decided to write a list of all the things that I would like to achieve within the next year, by time I turn 23 – and much more importantly, anything I could think of that I did not want to achieve within the next year – all the things that I would like to save for another year of my life. Through writing this list, I gave myself goals to achieve throughout the next year, and also a sense of youth. I realized how much I actually did not want to achieve during the next year, how much I wanted to save for another time in my life, which made me feel much younger :)!

Doing something as simple as that on my birthday altered my state of mind from being upset to being very happy with where I am in my life, motivated for the following  year and very excited for the future :).

I have never been one for making new years resolutions, and I really feel as though this way of doing things is much more relevant to the individual. Creating goals by personal birthdays makes much more sense to me!

How I did this was by pulling out a notebook, writing down several sub-headings that I’m working on in my life, such as ‘Money’ and ‘Education’, and writing all the things under those sub-headings that I’d be happy to achieve within the next year. I also wrote down a couple of goals under each sub-heading that I would like to save to achieve a different year, to give me something to look forward to in the future!

I can honestly say that I have never felt more content with where I am in my life – with my age, my position… Somehow, everything just feels “right” now. I used to feel like I was almost in some sort of a race or competition in every aspect of my life – and that I was losing! Now I feel like everything is happening and will happen exactly when it should. It isn’t that I haven’t had goals before, I’ve had goals for my life since a few years ago. I’ve just never felt content with my position in the present moment until doing this. I want more for my life – I still have goals I’d like to achieve, but I also feel very, very content in the moment, and with just living the course of my life.

– Storm 🙂


It’s Autumn now!

So I guess it is Autumn now… Summer passed so quickly!!!

It is that time of year that everyone begins working hard – on a new year of their studies, or in their job to help pay for Christmas. It is, in fact, the most stressful time of the year for me personally. There is just so much to organise and so much work to do around this time of year, all while enduring the worsening weather and the pure truth that in this season, almost 22 years ago now, I was born. Yes, I will be turning 22 on Saturday the 17th of October. Fantastic. Absolutely spiffing. On the bright side, I apparently look younger than my age, and I get to feel like the Taylor Swift song “22” is especially for me for the next year, so there’s that.

Well, much has happened since I last posted on my little blog (more of a sort of public, personal diary of mine really…) so I have a lot that I would like to type before I continue about my life.

I have, unavoidably, developed a Lush addiction, as everyone does at some point in their life. I have been trying to win the battle against the army of acne that covers my face – to no avail as of yet. I love Lush regardless though. Lush is like a shining star to me, brightening up even the shittiest of days. My skin is looking particularly bad? Lush is the answer! I am feeling down? Lush to the rescue! I am bored and want to buy something entertaining? Lush! Need something for me and friends to do while hanging out? Let us travel to Lush!

… I am a tad obsessed.

I literally went through the ingredients of every facial product on the Lush website to research how comedogenic they are, so that I’d know which products would not worsen my acne. I don’t know what it is about Lush, but almost everyone loves it. It has yet again been rated the top high street store for customer satisfaction. That says something doesn’t it. That fact alone almost makes me feel justified to spend all my money there. They also have a lot of vegan products, which is fantastic – plus I am able to read through the ingredients without them being written using their chemical name, which is a first! I wouldn’t say I am 100% satisfied with them. I’d obviously prefer if all their products were vegan friendly and if more of their products were non-comedogenic, and I feel like some of their staff do not know much about the products they sell. A great company overall though. I will show and tell my products in my next blog post perhaps.

Since dropping out of University, I have decided to home educate myself in A Level Physics and A Level Mathematics. I have bought all my textbooks, found where to sit my exams and now it is just down to me paying my exam centres and studying the textbooks. I am over a month late in terms of studying, so I will really have to make sure to make up for that during the weekends, mornings, evening and holidays!

I am currently living off of leftover student loan, so another thing for me to sort out ASAP is a job. Lots of places are looking for Christmas staff – but places are quickly being filled, so I need to get my CV out there fast!

Hmm, what else is there to say…

If any of my readers are interested in personality types, then you may know from a prior post of mine that I am an INFJ. Well, after taking a few socionics tests and attending a couple of meet-ups, I am now pretty certain that I am also an EII (INFJ) in socionics. This is actually quite peculiar – as far as I know, most INFJ’s in MBTI test as INFP’s in socionics, because they do not correlate. Well, I don’t know how this has occurred but it is the case. I will also make another separate post soon about personality types, as I have a lot to say about the subject since last time!

I actually have several half-finished blog posts written – about my holiday, about music, about things I have purchased etc. I think I just let things pile up in my mind for too long, until I find it difficult to do anything at all. That is why I love writing in this blog. It isn’t written to please anyone but myself, yet if others do enjoy what I write then that is pretty cool too.

Sorry guys for the massive blog post. I must post more frequently to prevent a buildup like this from occurring again!

Thank you for reading 🙂

– Stormy