Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment Review

Hey guys!

Yet another Lush review! This is a product I have actually had for an insanely long amount of time – just over 2 years now! I finally used it up though – I hope you enjoy my review 🙂

(Photo taken from Lush USA site.)

Grease Lightning Spot Treatment:


Rating: 4/5*


If you want to get this product and you’re expecting miracles, just don’t. The effects of Grease Lightning are pretty mild the majority of the time.

The texture of Grease Lightning can turn a bit funny! Mine developed gross hard lumps in it by the end, although, I did use it for a really long time.

Toward the end of the product, the bottle that it comes in makes it really difficult to use up the last bit of product. I had to add a little bit of water to the bottle, shake it up and then empty it into a little black sample pot. I kept repeating the process until all of the spot treatment was in the little black container. Not a huge deal, but definitely a bit of a pain.

This product shows on the skin when it dries. It makes the skin look a little shiny and sometimes a tiny bit crispy – similar to how dried PVA glue would look on the skin once dried! I never found this to be a huge problem, as it would only notice if I had the product on by itself (and in those times, I’d not leave the house anyways!)


This spot treatment DOES work – even if the effects are mild. It especially worked extremely well when I first began using it. Here’s an example. I pierced my septum around 6 months after purchasing Grease Lightning. I pierced it myself, and the jewellery I decided to use was too small for the piercing, which caused irritation. My skin developed some sore bumps where the skin was pierced. In a panic, I decided to try heavily applying some Grease Lightning to the bumps and to leave it on overnight. Hey presto, in the morning the bumps were completely gone! I also clearly remember applying Grease Lightning to my acne near when I first began using it, and the next day all of the little bumps on my skin were completely gone, my pores looked clearer and any larger spots had become smaller and had begun to heal. If you need a spot treatment, this one is certainly worth a try!

Grease Lightning contains a lot of Aloe Vera gel, so I would use this on me and my partner whenever I’d notice a bug bite on us, and it would really help! I also would use it on any rashes, scratches etc, and it always seemed to just be a generally healing product to use.

This product lasts a REALLY long time!!! It is 100% worth the money. Again, it lasted me just over TWO YEARS, and was fine all the way up until near the end of the product.

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, this product was pretty good, but no miracle worker. I wouldn’t say it is a cure for acne or anything like that, but used alongside other products it can definitely HELP to cure acne.

I would definitely recommend Grease Lightning. It is an extremely cost effective product as it lasts for such a long amount of time, and can help so many different skin problems.

Overall, I’m going to rate Grease Lightning a 4/5* rating. It did do its job and helped to calm down my acne, and I also found it to be useful for many other things, such as bug bites and piercings! It wasn’t perfect though, I mean, my skin still isn’t great!

– Storm


Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb Review.

Hey guys! Again, I’m sorry for the late review! I’ve been stashing this bath bomb away since my trip to Berlin in February of this year.

Again, this bath bomb become very damp while in my storage, and became somewhat… Warped? It still smelled fine and the only discolouration on the bath bomb was due to ink from its blue paper bag transferring onto it. Regardless, I made sure to use it ASAP after noticing! This will however have affected the performance of this bath bomb, so keep that in mind whilst reading this review.

Also, I realise that it would be a good idea to swish around the bath water and take some photos of the colour that it turns overall, which I will make sure to do in the future!

I hope you enjoy!

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb Review:

Rating: 4/5*


There are rose petals within this bath bomb, that I was completely unaware about beforehand. I don’t know if they are like this if you use the bath bomb straight after purchasing it while it is still very fresh, but the rose petals for me were very dark brown, dead and honestly, kinda gross. I didn’t like them being in my bath with me at all honestly, and took them out pretty much as soon as I got in. If you don’t like the idea of old bits of flowers floating around your bath tub then perhaps it would be best to give another bath bomb a try!

This was an exclusive bath bomb from from the Valentines day collection early on in this year. This bath bomb is not available all year, which means it’s quite difficult to get your hands on!

The scent of Rose Bombshell is very light, sweet, clean, powdery and floral. If you’re not a big fan of typically feminine scents, you probably won’t like how this one smells.

The scent is also quite strong, so you can’t really get away with taking a bath with this bath bomb if you don’t like the scent very much.

Rose Bombshell turns the bath water a delicious raspberry, bubblegum, summer fruits pink colour. Although I loved my bath water being this shade of pink, I know that a lot of people absolutely hate the colour and find it obnoxious, so steer clear of Rose Bombshell if you’re one of these people!

My bath bomb sank to the bottom of the bath tub straight away and didn’t create much surface bath art, however, this is likely due to me storing the bath bomb for a long time and it becoming damp. I have however read that more and more of Lush’s bath bombs have been performing this way lately, so it could be Lush’s problem that it performed this way for me. Regardless, if you like a really good show in your bath, I’d steer clear of Rose Bombshell if it is released in the future!


I personally really like the colour that Rose Bombshell turned my bath water. The colour reminded me a lot of the colour of Robinson’s Summer Fruits Fruit & Barley – a sort of translucent bubblegum, raspberry pink colour. It’s one of the best coloured baths I’ve ever bathed in, and would 100% repurchase this bath bomb just for that bath water colour!

The bath bomb made the bath water feel quite moisturising, without being oily or greasy at all.

I also really enjoyed the scent of Rose Bombshell, and it made the bathroom smell really good for hours and hours after using the bath bomb!

The appearance of this bath bomb is really cute (although my photos definitely do not do it justice!) It’s a spherical pink bath bomb with cute rose patterns on the top of it. Absolutely adorable!

Again, this was a Valentine’s day exclusive, and I think this would definitely make for a romantic bath 🙂

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I really enjoyed this bath bomb! It was super cute, and I like me a super cute bath 🙂 If you’re not the sort of person who enjoys embracing your feminine side, you probably won’t be so keen on it. I however love embracing my girly princess side every once in a while!

Overall, I rate Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb a 4/5* rating. I know it’s silly, but those damn rose petals really put me off, but without them the bath water was fairly simple and its properties weren’t all that amazing. Based on the colour alone though, I’d definitely give Rose Bombshell a 5 star rating!

I’d definitely recommend grabbing one of these bath bombs should Lush release them again at some point (if you enjoy girly baths!) 🙂

– Storm


Lush Buy One, Set One Free Bath Bomb Review.

Okay guys, I know, this is a bath bomb from back in March, and I’ve done an absolutely terrible job by having not used it until just a couple of weeks ago. Hey, at least I bought the bath bomb to help support a good cause!

Anyway, this was a bath bomb created to help raise money for the charity Reprieve, who were working hard to help bring Andy Tsege home – an innocent man who had been kidnapped and imprisoned in Ethiopia for 1,000 days on the 20th March of this year.

Before I review ‘Buy One, Set One Free’, I must mention that this bath bomb did become damp while in storage, and I used it as soon as I noticed. This means the bath bomb didn’t perform how it was originally intended to – so bare that in mind when reading this review!

Here is my review for the bath bomb 🙂

Buy One, Set One Free Bath Bomb:


Rating: 5/5*


I didn’t find the scent of this bath bomb to be very distinctive. It had sort of a mix of different scent families combined into one, which made it smell a bit confusing to me! If you like very distinctive scents in your bath products, you may not be too fond of the scent of this one.

This bath bomb doesn’t look very exciting. It’s just a very inoffensive, pale orange spherical bath bomb, with a little trip of paper sticking out of the side with information about Andy Tsege and the Reprieve charity on it.

This was an exclusive bath bomb released by Lush around March of this year (2017.) If you really like this bath product, it’s going to be very difficult to stock up on!

I personally wasn’t very keen on the scent of ‘Buy One, Set One Free’ itself. It had a very very sweet, spicy and heady scent to it. It also smelled somewhat smoky and earthy to me. To me the scent was quite strong and again, quite confusing!

This bath bomb left my bath water a yellow colour. I know a LOT of people aren’t keen when a bath bomb turns their bath water yellow – you lot have been warned!

The bit of paper in the bath bomb is a bit of a pain. I only remembered about it last minute when draining my bath water, and it almost got stuck in my drain! It was obviously also wet, so I felt like I couldn’t put it in the recycling and had to throw it away, which I feel is something that goes against Lush’s ethics.


Bottom line, this bath bomb was created to support a noble cause, and I think that is more important than how much a person is going to like the product itself honestly. I personally bought this bath bomb purely because it would feel wrong to have not done so! I mean, you get to contribute money toward a good cause, all the while getting a bath bomb as a reward for doing so. Can’t complain with that really!

The scent may not have been entirely to my liking, however it was definitely at least a strong scent! I know a lot of people dislike when Lush products smell weak.

Despite the bath bomb becoming damp in my storage, it held up pretty well honestly, so it’s a well made bath bomb.

I think the colour of the bath bomb is cute – probably because orange has always been one of my favourite colours!

I also actually liked the colour this bath bomb turned my bath water. The colour reminded me of a mix between pineapple and apple juice, or maybe a tropical juice… I found it refreshing!

‘Buy One, Set One Free’ is a vegan bath bomb! 🙂

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I wasn’t objectively be that fond of this bath bomb, however I was subjectively. If you just care about a bath bomb for the bath bomb, and ethics don’t really concern you too much, then you could very well not like this bath product all that much. If however a good cause and ethics are something that you’re very conscientious about those things, then you’re going to love this bath bomb.

Overall, I’m going to rate Buy One, Set One Free Bath Bomb a 5/5* rating. Personally, the fact that purchasing this bath bomb donates money to a good charity that aims to help other people, and the fact that you get rewarded a Lush bath bomb for doing so are the main factors about this product to me.

Sorry for the ridiculously late review and I’m sorry that I didn’t bring this review to you guys while the bath bomb was still on sale! I hope you enjoyed the review regardless 🙂

– Storm


Why I’m a Vegan.

WARNING: If you are sensitive to vegans being blunt, don’t read this post. For a vegan to be a vegan, it must be something they believe in very strongly. I say it as I see it, I’m not going to be sugar-coating anything on my blog.

There are many different types of reasons why veganism just… Makes sense. These different reasons appeal to many different sides of me:

  1. The ethical, nature loving side of me:animals-02.jpgI never understood those people who say they love animals, and then go and eat meat for lunch and dinner. I never understood those people ignorant enough to want to remain naive and blind to the truth, and refuse to listen to or watch the reasons why vegetarians and vegans do what they do. It just makes absolutely ZERO sense. It is an argument you cannot win. It is impossible to be an animal lover, and to consume them at the same time.


    It doesn’t take a genius to see that for a meal comprised of meat to be made, an animal was killed. Whether it was “humanely” or not, it was killed for you to consume. How would you like to be killed to be consumed? How would you like your daughter, son, sister, brother, mother or father to be killed and consumed? It would seem wrong for a person to do that, right? Unethical? Even for someone to do that to a cat or a puppy, it would be viewed as unethical – no matter how “humane” the death was. Why is it so hard to program that it is no different for farm animals…? Don’t call yourself an animal lover people. Say you love pets, but don’t give a damn about other animals if you eat meat. I don’t care if I’m being rude or blunt – I can assure you that you eating animals is far more offensive to me, than me pointing out the fact, is offensive to you.

    Regardless, the majority of animal products that people purchase and consume is not “humanely” sourced (whatever the hell an ethical death means…) Whether it is meat, eggs or milk, chances are it has been from a factory farm. Again, it doesn’t take a genius to know the suffering that goes on in those places.


    A cow will have its offspring torn away from them as soon as they are born, which is evidently emotionally agonizing for both the calf and the mother cow. In the milking industry, males calves will generally be slaughtered straight away, whereas females will be raised to also be milking cows. The mother will continue to be milked and milked and milked. Often, mother cow’s legs will BREAK as they are crushed under the weight of their udders – which become so heavy due to the overproduction of milk, selective breeding so that the cows have abnormally large udders to begin with, as well as all the weird crap they pump into their bodies to stimulate production of milk.

    Even if you DO only buy organic, “ethical” animal produce, does that really make it okay…? I’ve already said about how killing an animal to consume is wrong, no matter how you do it. In my opinion, the same goes for milk and eggs. To put it simply, it is using an animal as a product, and taking what is theirs. The milk a cow produces is for its offspring. Their body is producing that milk for their child, just as a woman produces milk for her baby. It just is plain wrong to keep milking a cow, causing it to overproduce milk so that you can reap more produce from it. Imagine somebody just going up to a woman and doing that to her!!! It is painful for a cow to produce more milk than is needed. This bull about the cow needing to be milked, because otherwise it will be in pain and… explode?!?! I’ve literally heard that before from old friends! They won’t explode – do you really think cows would just be exploding in fields somewhere if it weren’t for humans interfering and milking them…? The only reason they MAY find some relief from being milked is because of HUMANS OVER MILKING THEM in the FIRST PLACE.


    Honey? Bees use honey to create their little homes and to use as a source of food. Humans take that honey and instead supply bees with glucose. Bees NEED honey, glucose just doesn’t give their little bodies all that they need. Again, it quite simply is taking what is not ours, which is the main concept of veganism.

    The same goes for eggs pretty much!

    If you want to take your first step toward TRULY caring about animals, try uncovering your eyes and watching some YouTube videos on the subject – Earthlings is a really good video to start on.

    Also, the “well you murder plants” argument. Yes, I eat plants, and I don’t even like doing that. That IS however something that is necessary to humans. Eating animal produce is not. Even then, I’d give being a fruitarian a shot to avoid unnecessary killing of plants! “But, you eating plants is worse than you eating meat, because it means more murders and uses up more energy and if we all did that then the world would be overrun by animals and there would be no plants left”. Bitch please. Again. I don’t like killing plants, but I am doing the BEST I can do at the PRESENT that is WITHIN REASON. I am not perfect, but I’m trying. There are only so many farm animals in the first place due to us breeding them for meat – they really would not rule the world if we weren’t to kill them and even if they did – so what? It’s their planet too. We’d not think it fair if another animal started killing humans in mass number to prevent us from ruling the planet, so why would it be okay to do that to animals? Also, plants grow far easier than animals do. The plant population would be completely fine if we were all vegan…

  2. The logical reasoning side of me.test3.jpg– Having animal produce just doesn’t make sense to me to begin with. Maybe it is because I was brought up vegetarian and went vegan when I was a child. When I go into a supermarket, I see animal produce exactly for what it is. I see chopped up pieces of meat as just that – chunks of flesh oozing in blood, wrapped up neatly in a package to be bought. I have never seen it as food, because I have never eaten it. It would hardly be different to me if it were PEOPLE cut up and packaged neatly on shelves to be bought and CONSUMED. It seems just as messed up to me, and I can’t believe that most people don’t even see it for what it is. It is disgusting and barbaric.


    The same goes for the dairy aisle – cow’s milk is literally the milk produced for a baby cow. If it were human milk all bottled up, people would think it were disgusting. That scenario would actually make more sense to me. We are not baby cows, we do not need those concentrations of micro and macro nutrients that cow’s milk contains. The contents of milk is literally geared towards growing a baby cow. Are you a cow? No. For most of you reading, you also probably don’t need growth promoted – especially not at the levels that a baby cow does.

    Eggs are literally unfertilized ovum that has come from inside a female chickens reproductive system. It was a part of her body. It isn’t really something I’m keen on eating. Thanks but no thanks.

    Honey is literally the vomit of a bee. I don’t care how good that crap tastes. I wouldn’t go and eat your vomit if it tasted sweet, and I’m not going to go eating a bee’s either!


    I have been a vegetarian my entire life. We do not NEED to DEPEND on CONSUMING ANIMALS to SURVIVE or to be HEALTHY.

    I have been a vegan since I was 10 years old (13 years now.)  We do not NEED to DEPEND on CONSUMING ANIMAL PRODUCTS to SURVIVE or to be HEALTHY.

  3. The side of me that hates gross things…– Again, I don’t find the idea of eating meat, drinking milk, eating eggs or honey appealing personally, for all of the reasons above. Besides that are the little things that accidentally get mixed in with these products. Factory farmed milk contains pus. Yes – ALL factory farmed milk. Not a small amount either. Factory farmed cows are hooked up to milking machines, and are milked very intensively. This causes their udders to inevitably become sore, and infection arise.Honestly, whenever I think about eggs, all I can think of is the fact that I’d be eating an ovum… Euk! Whenever I think about milk, I think about all the pus I’d be drinking! When I think about honey, I think about vomit… When I think about meat, well, I just think about what it is. I think about consuming a cut up body. Tasty. Not.
  4. The side of me that wants to be healthy.d827a1b635a36ab850de363712ac0b76– Search nutrient density chart into google images. The foods with high levels are the sorts of foods you mainly want to be eating. Those are the foods where you get the most nutrients for every calorie you eat. 2,000 calories worth of nutrient dense foods vs 2,000 calories worth of non nutrient dense foods – which one do you think would be healthier? I’m not saying we all should be living off of kale – of course not. And, variety is healthy. Regardless, there are beans where you get more protein per gram than you do for meat. But – those proteins aren’t complete. They don’t contain all the amino acids. There are SO MANY foods that contain different types of proteins – in fact, almost every food contains protein. If you are still worried, take a multi vitamin. As I said before, I’ve been doing this my entire life and I’m not lacking in nutrients. The only thing I could do with more of is vitamin D (damn you British weather!)

    Anyways, so on nutrient density charts, you can clearly see that meat and dairy is generally quite a bit less nutritious than vegan alternatives. So in fact, by being a vegan and not actually allowing yourself to eat animal products, you are likely to start eating more nutritious foods – due to those being what is mostly available! Okay, so you could be an unhealthy vegan and just eat vegan white chocolate, vegan vanilla ice cream, chips etc, but even those will likely be more nutritious than their dairy alternatives.

  5. The lazy side of me.Why-Vegan---element62– Not long ago, being a vegan was damn hard. Today, it couldn’t be easier. There is a vegan alternative for almost every single food containing dairy and or meat. The internet is full of recipes for delicious vegan food. The majority of vegan food you don’t even have to read through all the ingredients anymore, because most companies are kind enough to stick a Vegan logo on these foods! It truly couldn’t be easier.


At the end of the day, it’s down to you. I have had so many people ask why I am vegan over the years, so I guess this is my explanation. I’m lucky that I was brought up vegetarian – this process has been clear and easy to me. I don’t think anyone is a bad person if they don’t fully understand all of this stuff. I do think people aren’t particularly good if they are fully aware of all this stuff and still can’t be bothered to try being a vegan.

I refuse to believe that humans need to rely on animals to be healthy. Heck, I’m living proof of that. It is a learning process, and it can be done wrong. Honestly, I don’t even take a multivitamin everyday, but I really should. I have calcium + magnesium, multi vitamins and vitamin D supplements all on my kitchen side (which I take when I remember to.) I steer away from foods which I KNOW will lead to deficiencies – like bread, chips, ice cream, sweets… As long as you use your head, it really isn’t difficult, and nothing makes more sense to me!

I can’t think of any points I haven’t really covered – apart from the argument that we are supposed to eat meat (our teeth and bodies are designed for it, that our ancestors and cavemen did it etc.) I recently watched a YouTube video explaining how findings of, well, basically fossilized poop of cavemen shows that their diet was predominantly plant based. They were scavengers – they didn’t have the resources we have. We are not cavemen today, and we don’t need to eat animal produce out of it being all we can find anymore. Also, our teeth are far closer to animals with predominantly plant based diets than animals with predominantly animal based diets.


There’s also the argument that well, meat is just tasty. I don’t know what I can say to that, as I’ve never tried the stuff. Perhaps if you took a bite out of your own arm, you’d also find it to be tasty. I don’t know. To me that stuff just isn’t for eating, full stop, so it being tasty is sort of irrelevant. And I do know how vegan dairy alternatives taste vs vegetarian dairy foods and let me tell you, it is great. Vegan ice cream is tastier than any dairy ice cream I’ve ever had, the milkshakes don’t come with that nasty aftertaste that milk gives you and mmm… iChoc… is the best damn chocolate in the world… AND my homemade vegan cake is better than any dairy store bought cake I’ve ever tried!



Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar Review

Yes, I know. This was a Halloween product for last year, and it is now spring of the following year. I know this review is late. I know I took a long time to use up this product. I know, I know. But hey, at least I used it up, right? Hopefully this review will help someone out when next Halloween range comes about!

I received this as part of a lovely, incredibly gift from my partner on Halloween. I hope you enjoy this review!

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar:

Rating: 4/5*

IMG_3988 (2)


This is a Halloween exclusive product, so if you find that you love it, you might have a lot of trouble repurchasing it! It might not even come back next Halloween…

This bubble bar is GLITTERY. When you hold the bubble bar, you will 100% be left with golden lustre on your fingers. When you put the bubble bar down, the surface it has been placed on will 100% have golden lustre on it afterwards. If you’re really not a fan of glitter, stay away!

The scent of this product is quite smokey , woodsy, spicy, dry and musky. If those aren’t the sort of scents you are into then again, steer away from this guy!

The cinnamon stick sticking out the top of this bubble bar will be left in your bath tub. I forgot that this cinnamon stick was left in my bath tub, so I just pulled the plug out at the end of my bath as per usual, and that was that. Once I remembered about the cinnamon stick later on, I looked in the tub, only to find that the stick had… disappeared… I think it went straight down the plug hole. I really highly doubt this did my drain any good whatsoever! Be careful!

I didn’t find there to be too much pigmentation to this bubble bar – although that could be due to getting 3 uses out of it.


I got three baths out of this guy. Yep, 3. And easily at that – if I had any less baths with this bubble bar then I would have felt as though I was being wasteful! This bubble bar produces bubbles SO EASILY!!! Each of my 3 baths with this bubble bar were covered in a thick layer of bubbles. Here are images of each bath:

Bath 1 (bath product, bath before turning on jets, bath after turning on jets:)

Bath 2 (bath product, bath before turning on jets, bath after turning on jets:)

Bath 3 (bath before turning on jets, bath after turning on jets:)

The bubbles this bubble bar creates are incredibly creamy and frothy.

A bath with this bubble bar is extremely warming and cozy.

The concept of this bubble bar is brilliant. It truly looks like a miniature pumpkin covered in golden glitter!

I really enjoyed the scent of this bubble bar. Zesty yet spicy – very up my alley!

I found this bubble bar to definitely be somewhat moisturising. Not extremely so, but somewhat for sure.

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I think this was a lovely bubble bar, I seriously do. I think it could do with more pigmentation, with being more moisturising and with having a slightly better scent, but it really was rather lovely!

I’m going to rate this guy a 4/5* rating. It was absolutely brilliant, but I still feel I can find a better bubble bar out there that will absolutely blow my socks off!

I hope you enjoyed my review! 🙂

– Storm


Lush Trichomania Solid Shampoo Review

Trichomania Solid Shampoo (100g):

IMG_4007 (2)

Rating: 5/5*


This shampoo bar can be a little bit messy. It is a solid product, and you buy it “naked.” This means that it can leave behind residue wherever you set it down after washing your hair. It also means that this bar changed shape and texture over the course of its life, due to absorbing moisture. This solid shampoo is particularly soft to start with, so it becomes sticky and leaves behind  residue/changes shape/texture even more so than other solid products that Lush do. If you just aren’t a fan of the concept of Lush’s solid products in general, this one is no different – so steer clear!

This shampoo smelled like nuts to me, almost like peanut butter actually. It smelled closer to how I’d imagine almond butter would smell though – peanut butter’s sweeter cousin. It was a nice smell to me at least, but some people might really hate it!

This product seems to run out pretty quickly.

I find this shampoo to be more moisturising than most, meaning that my hair would get greasier quicker than usual whilst using it. I had to wash my fringe daily whilst using this shampoo because if I left more than a day between washing it, it would look pretty damn greasy!

This is an extremely simple looking product. It just looks like a chunk of cream coloured soap. If you are after an exciting looking product than maybe this one isn’t for you.


This shampoo made my hair SO soft. Like, the softest a Lush shampoo has ever made my hair, without doubt. EXTREMELY soft!

This shampoo moisturised my hair. I have had so much less static since switching from Cythia Sylvia Stout to Trichomania, and I am SO GLAD for it! My hair feels really lovely after using this shampoo.

Even if my fringe (and sometimes my roots) would get greasier quicker than usual whilst using this shampoo, the rest of my hair wouldn’t. This shampoo was almost like a miniature treatment for my hair – it really nourished it and kept it looking and feeling so much healthier than usual!

I thought the smell was pretty nice! I love nutty smells 🙂

This is obviously a solid product, which makes it super travel-friendly 🙂

This shampoo lathered up SO WELL! It produced a lather extremely quickly whenever I went to use it, and the lather itself would be frothy and extremely creamy.

This shampoo always cleaned my hair so well!

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I honestly loved this shampoo guys. It is so incredibly underrated – why is it so underrated?!? I honestly wouldn’t have tried this shampoo out for the longest time had I not been randomly sent some as a sample with one of my Lush samples. I think because the Solid Shampoo Bars are so popular, the Solid Shampoos just get given far less attention. This shampoo is a real game changer though.

My hair is very fine, quite long (below shoulder length,) blonde, thin and straight. It is also all natural and is completely unprocessed. My hair gets greasy pretty quickly but at the same time, the majority of my hair (anything that isn’t either my fringe or my roots) is pretty dry and lacking in moisture. I find fine, thin, straight hair is not only more prone to oiliness due to how easily oils can spread around the hair, but that is also more prone to dryness due to how difficult it is for this hair type to retain moisture. Basically, this sort of hair is the equivalent of combination skin – both dry and oily at the same time 😀

I’m going to have to give this product a 5/5* rating. It was pretty amazing, and I’m genuinely sad that I used up my piece. Usually I’m actually happy when I use up a product, because it means I get to write a review on it and that I get to try something new instead. I really miss it though!

I would HIGHLY recommend trying this shampoo out. TRUST me! It is absolutely wonderful!

– Storm


Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar Review

Hello everybody! 🙂

I’m back again with another review! Today will be Lush’s ‘Seanik Shampoo Bar’.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Seanik Shampoo Bar

Rating: 5/5*


There are pieces of seaweed in the shampoo bar. When these pieces come into contact with water, they become kind of gooey and gel-like in texture, which can look pretty gross.

If you don’t want to deal with using a shampoo bar that has begun falling apart, this might not be the best shampoo for you. As I neared the end of my bar (when I probably had around 20 washes or so left of it,) the middle of the bar got used up in my hair, leaving a doughnut shaped shampoo bar. This itself was difficult to work with, but then when that started breaking up, it just became even more difficult. Eventually I was left with about 5-10 tiny pieces of shampoo bar which I used up the final time I shampooed my hair with Seanik. Again, using a falling apart shampoo bar is pretty tricky to do, but I wanted to use it all up!

This shampoo bar does sort of smell like the sea, which although some people might like, it can get a bit much after a while. It has a very salty, sea-like, fresh, slightly floral smell to it.

Residue of this shampoo bar will absolutely cling for dear life to the bottom of whatever container or surface you choose to store it in/on. I rinsed out my square tin that I was keeping my shampoo bar in once I had used it all up, and even after thorough rinsing whilst rubbing the bottom of the tin, there is still some tiny pieces of shampoo bar and residue stuck to the bottom of it.

As soon as the center of the shampoo bar is gone, using the shampoo bar will cause your hair to become tangled and knotty, and the lather will not be anywhere near as light and fluffy. Sometimes you will even need to re-apply some of the shampoo bar to get a thick enough lather to feel like your hair has been thoroughly cleaned.

When I did finally rinse out my tin, there were still some small pieces of shampoo bar left, but they were so small that it seemed pointless to keep them. This means some product was wasted!

While using any small shampoo bar pieces in the shower, often pieces would fall onto the shower floor, which would be a bit of a pain and means that a lot of shampoo bar was wasted here.

If pieces do fall on the floor of the shower, and you want to salvage them, they will be very difficult to get a grip of and to pick up!


This shampoo bar lathers up immensely! Just a few strokes on the hair and you will have enough lather to clean your hair thoroughly. What I would do is swipe the shampoo bar around the rim of my entire hair line, to make sure my roots had an even distribution of shampoo.

The colour! Seanik is a beautiful blue that looks brighter than any images you will see of it online. It is such a beautiful looking shampoo bar!

My hair always feels really soft after using this shampoo bar.

This shampoo bar is very clarifying.

I find the lather produced from shampoo bars to be much easier to rinse out that of the lather products by your more standard shampoo. This saves some time in the shower!

I always leave the shower feeling beachy and fresh after using this shampoo bar, as though I’ve just been to the beach for a swim in a clear blue sea.

This shampoo bar is so affordable for how far it goes. I have probably had this shampoo bar since January sometime, so that is at least 3 months that it has lasted me, and I almost exclusively have been using this shampoo bar for that duration. It only costs £5.95, £1-£2 a month for your shampoo is not bad!

The shampoo bar being in a solid format is incredibly useful. It is easy to take these with you in a tin if you would like to go on holiday etc.

Using this shampoo bar leaves your hair quite light, soft, voluminous, textured and fluffy (in a good way!)

Overall conclusion:

I think that this shampoo bar would be great to use in the summer – it really does feel more like a summertime shampoo to me, because of how beachy it makes your hair feel. It is a brilliant shampoo, and in my opinion it could be used regularly, although, as stated before, the beachy hair feeling can get a bit much sometimes. I especially feel like this shampoo bar would be great for hair that lacks texture and volume, or for anyone who loves summer, beaches or great hair!

Overall, I would rate Seanik a 5/5*, only just! I would not exclusively use this shampoo bar personally, because I start to feel like my hair has salty sea-like buildup or something after using only this bar for a long period of time! I think it is good to have a couple of different shampoos anyway, so that you can have a choice whenever you take a shower.

– Storm 🙂