My Perfect Face Routine (In Photos)

The Initial ‘Before’ Photo:



Step 1: Getting Rid Of Spots:


Step 2: Brushing My Teeth:


Step 3: Flossing My Teeth:


Step 4: Using Mouthwash:


Step 5: Exfoliating


Step 6: Exfoliating lips:


Step 7: Using A Mattifying Face Mask Where My Skin Is Oily:


Step 8: Using A Moisturising Face Mask Where My Skin Is Dry:


Step 9: Cleansing My Skin:


Step 10: Using A Spot Treatment:


Step 11: Getting Rid Of New Spots:


Step 12: Brushing Teeth:


Step 13: Using Mouthwash:


Step 14: Cleansing My Skin:


Step 15: Putting In Contact Lenses


Step 16: Moisturising My Face:


Step 17: Priming My Face:


Step 18: Applying Foundation:


Step 19: Applying Concealer:


Step 20: Applying Powder:


Step 21: Applying Brows:


Step 22: Curling Lashes:


Step 23: Applying Mascara:


Step 24: Applying Lip balm:


Step 25: Applying Lipstick:


Step 26: Applying Fixing Spray:


Comparing Before & After:




My Ideal Daily Routine

Hey guys!

I have decided that I’m going to lay out my ideal daily routine in this post, to help me visualise what sort of day I’m aiming for.

00:00 – At midnight, ideally I’d be sleeping! Some people would dread being asleep at this time but my party days are pretty much over. I’m just a lazy old hag now and there’s pretty much no use to me being up at this hour.

01:00 – Okay, so I at the very least should 100% be asleep at 1 A.M. I know that just sounds standard to most of you, but I find myself sleeping later than this time on most days… I know, it’s ridiculous and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I feel like a teenager again. Again, literally no use to me doing anything BUT sleeping at this time.

02:00 – DEFINITELY SHOULD BE SLEEPING OMG. Jesus Christ Storm just bloody SLEEP ALREADY!

03:00 – SLEEP WOMAN!

04:00 – Strangely enough to some, this would be my ideal time to rise from my slumber each morning. I know, I know, it’s very early, but I have a fairly logical reason for this decision. Midday is approximately when the Sun is highest in the sky – when the day is at its brightest. Therefore, to make the most of the daylight, I’d be awake for the 8 hours before and the 8 hours after midday if I intend to get 8 hours sleep. I.e. being awake from 04:00 – 20:00 allows you far more hours of daylight than most people achieve. I’m pretty obsessed with sunlight and all that so yeah, this would work really well for me!

During this hour I would ideally drink a bottle of water (600ml), eat my breakfast, have a cup of coffee and check all my updates (messages, texts, new wordpress/instagram posts and comments etc.) I’d also get a bit of TV in so that I don’t start craving it later on in the day…

05:00 – At this hour I’d brush my teeth and go for a jog. My goal is to do 450 minutes of aerobic exercise per week – which is apparently the “sweet spot” in terms of health. To break that up into daily chunks, I’d do around 70 minutes per day – 35 minutes one way and 35 minutes coming back (rounded up to nearest 5 minutes.)

06:00 – At this hour I would get into the shower to exfoliate my face, cleanse my face and to wash my body. I’d then tone my face, moisturise my face, apply primer to my face, moisturise my body and hands, apply my body spray and get dressed into some nice, fresh, awesome clothes. I’d then proceed to tie my hair up and get my foundation, powder, brow crayon, lip balm and lip colour on. It would be SO COOL to actually be THIS ready for my day before 07:00 A.M., EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

07:00 – So I think this would be the hour for me to…Begin working? I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t really know what to do with myself after I’ve done my makeup :/ I guess yeah, this would be the time I’d begin working. Whether that be little jobs I need to do, commuting to Uni, anything.

08:00 – Again, a good hour for working I think! When I’m back at Uni I’ll probably be in the library studying at this time or doing some homework. When I’m not at Uni I’d be working achieving the activities in my to-do list.

09:00 – More studying / work!

10:00 – More studying / work!

11:00 – More studying / work!

12:00 – Lunch time! Time for me to drink a bottle and a half of water (900ml), eat my lunch and to go outdoors to get some sunlight. I also think this would be a great time to fit some enjoyment into my day – some hobbies. Perhaps I could read, upload photos to Instagram or write blog posts! Midday is my FAVOURITE time of the day, so I don’t want it to be spoilt with work or anything. I just want it to be a midpoint-of-my-day sanctuary.

13:00 – Back to work!

14:00 – More work…

15:00 – More work…

16:00 – More work…

17:00 – HOPEFULLY, if Uni is reasonable this year (which it probably won’t be as I’m studying Astrophysics and guarantee I’ll have to be out at 9pm to do telescope work on some weekdays,) then my uni day should be the usual 09:00-17:00 ordeal, in which case hopefully on MOST days I’ll be DONE WITH UNI BY THIS TIME! That makes this a good time to commute home / entertain myself with some hobbies – again, reading sounds good!

18:00 – This would be the time for me to take a bath to wash my hair, condition my hair and shave. Any extra time during this hour would be used to finish off any extra little bits I have on my to-do list.

19:00 – This would be my boyfriend hour! I live with my partner and after a long day of being busy I know that all we will want to do is hang out with each other.

20:00 – In an ideal world, this would be my bedtime. I know, I know, it’s really early. As in even my bedtime when I was 10 years old wasn’t that early. I know. It only feels early because my day would be skewed so that I’d have more hours in the early morning, so it’s not like I’d have any less time in my day whatsoever. So, this would be the hour for me to drink my final bottle of water (600ml), eat my dinner, brush my teeth, cleanse, tone and moisturise my face, put my hair up, get into some pyjamas and go to bed and sleep. I don’t think it sounds so bad! It sounds rather nice and cosy to me after such a long day!

21:00 – Again, I’d ideally be asleep at this time!

22:00 – Sleeping!

23:00 – Sleeping!

The only problem I have with this routine is that my life isn’t just, well, me. If it was then I’d be 100% cool with following this routine. But it’s not. My life is pretty intertwined with my partner’s, and I HIGHLY DOUBT he’d be willing to wake up at 04:00 everyday, let alone go to sleep at 20:00 every evening! This means that this routine would cut out almost all of the time we have to spend together, leaving only maybe an hour or two for us to hang out. I understand it’s totally fine to have a partner, to live your life separate to them and to still have a healthy and happy relationship. It just personally would make me happy to have more time with him during the day.

I think 5 hours for me with him sounds good – not just doing nothing but hanging out for all those hours, but even just having our morning routine together is time together. If he would get up at 04:00 with me, we could have from 04:00 – 07:00 together for sure, as well as from 18:00 – 20:00 together in the evenings. Ah well. Maybe I could convince him?

Either way, it would be SUCH A GOOD ROUTINE FOR ME! I love midday and the daylight, and by making that time the centre of my day I’m able to make the most of it.

Anyways, that’s all from me for now. Just a rambly Storm post.

What do you think of this routine? What would your ideal daily routine look like?

– Storm




How To Keep On Top Of Your Laundry!

Hey guys! 😀

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a blog post – sorry! I recently finished up at University for the year, and have since been catching up with a whole ton of chores that I let get on top of me during the academic year.

I live away from home in a cute little flat with my partner, and doing the laundry for the household is my chore. Studying for an Astrophysics degree is, well, basically rocket science right? So it’s pretty damn difficult, and has taken up almost my entire attention since the end of September / beginning of October last year. This meant that I fell behind TERRIBLY on the laundry front (and honestly, basically every front in my life, I just decided to tackle the laundry first!)

Finally, a billion full loads in the washing machine later, and I have actually managed to get all of the laundry done… As in, to fill up the washing machine right now I’d have to wash the bed sheets on my bed or something, which really don’t need to be washed right now as we changed them quite recently!

Now, you guys, you have no idea how bad the pile of dirty laundry got. It got pretty bad. So, I’ve come up with a strategy that will make doing the laundry easy, and prevent it from getting this bad ever again!:

  1. img_01681Don’t put dirty laundry onto the floor, into a laundry bag or basket or anywhere else. Do put dirty laundry STRAIGHT into the washing machine, and let it act as your laundry basket.
  2. Don’t wait to add fabric softener and laundry detergent into the washing machine for when you actually need to turn the washing machine on (if your household contains 2+ people.) Do put in the fabric softener and laundry detergent as soon as one load is finished (using a generic fabric softener and detergent suitable to wash most clothing items,) so that when you do need to turn the washing machine on, the job will be done that much faster.

  3. img_01751Don’t be super picky with the temperature, speed and setting that you wash clothes on apart from for clothes where it ACTUALLY makes a difference. Do find a general speed, temperature and setting that works for the majority of your clothes and put your machine on those settings, so that you can get a load of laundry washed that bit faster when you next need to.

    Don’t leave clean, wet laundry in the washing machine when you have noticed it has finished its cycle. Do take out the clean laundry and hang it out to dry straight away.

  5. img_01781img_01771Don’t leave laundry out to dry for days and days and days. Do check everyday to see what pieces of laundry are dry, and bring in, fold up and put away any items that are STRAIGHT AWAY!
  6. Don’t wait until more than one full load of laundry is dirty before using the washing machine. Do check to see how full the washing machine is whenever you add in new items and when it is full, take out any odd items that won’t be suitable being washed with the rest of the items, turn on the washing machine and start a cycle.

And there they are – my pro tips to keep your laundry under control!

I don’t think leaving fabric softener etc in the machine will be a problem because we somehow come up with dirty laundry in our home pretty quickly, and I can sometimes even find myself needing to do a full load of laundry every other day! Even if some of the tips don’t look appealing to you, maybe some could be adapted a little so that they help make your laundry easier to do too!

– Storm x


Beautiful Women!

Hey guys!

I was having a little think yesterday about how my aesthetic has really changed over the years – in terms of the physical appearances of a person, what I personally find to be an attractive look on a woman, and what looks I want to draw inspiration from and impersonate to an extent.

I’ve been trying to work on how I look over the last couple of years, because I want to feel truly happy in my own skin, with what I see in the mirror and with how I am physically presenting myself to the world!

So, I had a little search on Google Images yesterday and found four photos of women who inspire me with their aesthetic! They’re absolutely stunning! ❤

1. c7566dbab3b16201079c381b917002f2--septum-piercings-septum-ring

First we have this absolute beauty! She’s just so gorgeous, and her aesthetic is pretty in-line with the aesthetic that I think suits me. Natural, long, wavy hair, sun-kissed skin, a septum piercing and super natural, feature-enhancing makeup. I’m 100% into the boho, hippie, natural, beachy vibe at the moment. My hair is completely natural and undyed as of 1-2 years ago, and I love it that way! I think you should rock what you have – anyone can replicate a box dye colour, but nobody can exactly replicate your unique mix of DNA that provided you with your hair colour (unless you have an identical twin, in which case your hair is 2 of a kind rather than one of a kind, still pretty rare!) I also love the outdoors, warmth and sunshine, so sun-kissed hair and sun-kissed skin just looks so healthy and gorgeous to me!

I have a septum piercing myself (although I need to get it re-done because it is really wonky…,) and I really think they make anyone’s face who has one look 50x more cute and adorable – especially when they use ring style jewellery.

Finally, the makeup. I personally only wear foundation and face powder, fill in my brows and will sometimes enjoy wearing a lip tint/mauvey nude lipstick/lip balm on my lips, and will also sometimes curl my lashes. Honestly, heavier makeup just doesn’t look nice on me! I think a natural, feature-enhancing look is much more pretty on me, like what this girl has on here. I don’t like hiding my natural face with makeup!

Sorry for writing so much, but this girl’s aesthetic is probably my favourite out of the four!

2. 964d9d191fc0e54abaaecdbee42f82cc (1)

Next up is this beauty! Now, I’m a girl with a fringe, who wears glasses and with a septum piercing. Trust me when I say this – having this combination of things on your face is REALLY difficult to pull off! It’s just a whole lot going on. If your fringe is too short, it just looks a bit weird, if your fringe is too long, they touch your glasses and then your entire face looks overwhelmed with STUFF. If your glasses just don’t suit you, you’re going to look less attractive with them on (and it’s quite difficult to get glasses that both look nice with your actual face AND with your bangs…) If your septum piercing jewellery is too chunky, then with the added bangs and glasses, your face is just going to look super overcrowded but if the jewellery is too dainty, it will just be overseen because of everything else going on on your face! BALANCE with these 3 features is really difficult to achieve, trust me!

Now, in my humble opinion, this girl pulls off all 3 seemingly effortlessly. She looks absolutely gorgeous, and has made everything work so well together! I aspire to make my fringe/glasses/septum piercing combo look as good as hers does.

3. fcb740e68e5e00701c09023108776a23--curly-bangs-curly-hair-styles

Sorry for the small picture, it’s all I could find! I believe this girl is a model, because I seem to remember finding out who she was once before… Anyways, again, this girl is such a beaut! JUST LOOK AT THAT HAIR!!! Ugh, what I’d do to have naturally curly hair, or at least wavy… Not to say that hers is natural but, y’know, it looks natural enough 🙂 I love this girl’s hair to death, I want to STEAL IT for myself! It just looks so cute and so much more interesting than straight hair in my opinion. There’s just so much more going on with curly hair! Her hair is also a fairly similar colour to my own, only mine is a bit more of a saturated colour, which makes me envy her hair even more because I can totally imagine what it would have been like if I were born with curlier hair… This girl is just so gorgeous, I’d feel pretty intimidated to be in the same room as someone so pretty :O I WISH I HAD CURLY/WAVY HAIR!

4. da75a76a4029fa75d8a828bce0e76b5e--boho-fashion-fashion-hair.jpg

Last but not least is this lovely lady. Okay, I know, I obsess about hair more than any other physical feature in someone’s appearance. BUT LOOK AT HER HAIR!!! Her hair is just so glorious. It’s beautiful and long, looks so natural and sun-kissed (or at least I can imagine it is naturally sun-kissed rather than balayage highlights added to it,) and has a beautiful, beachy wavy and texture to it. I love this hair so much, it’s like… Goals… Add in some bangs and make it a bit more curly and we have my absolute dream hair!


Okay, and we’re done! I think it’s important to appreciate our fellow ladies for their beauty, and it’s totally okay to draw inspiration from other people.

– Storm


Terrorised by my mind.

General Anxiety Disorder

General, adjective: not specific or definite.

Anxiety, noun: a state of apprehension and psychic tension occurring in some forms of mental disorder.

Disorder, noun: a disturbance in physical or mental health or functions; malady or dysfunction.

That’s it. Summarised neatly in the definitions of three words.

Anyone could have found those definitions, though. Displaying them on a page for viewers to read doesn’t prove anything – and what is there to prove? That I have a disturbance of the mind that causes non specific tension..?

General anxiety disorder – something almost taboo to speak of when relating to oneself personally. Because it is a disorder that is shamed? No. Because it being so widespread and voiced online, particulary through bloggers and YouTubers, makes it a dysfunction that seems almost… petty. Fake.

“I suffer from anxiety disorder.” – a statement that causes an instant reaction in the mind of anyone listening… “Jesus Christ… the billionth so called victim of this apparently debilitating disease…”.

It isn’t that anyone disbelieves that GAD is a true illness. They just don’t believe that everyone who claims to have it sincerely suffers to a debilitating extent. Even I sometimes doubt it – it seems so widespread but surely if all those people were to have it, they’d not be able to function at work, at Uni – they’d not be able to be the social butterflies that they are.

No one needs to prove or justify that they have a mental disorder. If they think that they have one, then that should be that. How would everyone know the extent of how much the disorder affects that individuals personal life and besides that, why does it even matter? What does it matter the extent that someone’s disorder hinders them from living a normal life?

I am still hindered by this… “mental disorder”…. I don’t even know that it is a disorder, really. Perhaps some individuals just respond differently at different times in their life. Perhaps some people are more susceptible to fear. Perhaps it is more a personality trait – one that surely is difficult to cope with, but does that make it a disease of the mind? How does one even define a mental disorder? The mind working different from “normal”. No one is normal, everyone is normal. I don’t know.

I don’t remember a time that I didn’t feel this fear. It dies down and it grows, like a flame does. Right now, I have it alright. Sure – I still find it difficult to cope with being in the flat alone… It just feels like… everyone is trying to get in? Does that even make sense? It’s the most uncomfortable feeling. You feel like your “safe place” is under attack by invaders, yet at the same time, know that you are being irrational. You know the chances of anyone even knocking on your door is slim and even if they were to – that it would almost certainly just be to discuss something simple or to pass on some mail or something.

Knowing that doesn’t help in the slightest.

Afraid to hide in the comfort of your headphones in case someone does knock on your door about something crucial. Afraid to not hide away in case someone does knock or call and intrude on your safety.

What are you even afraid of?

Do you hear that?


The sound of voices talking outside your door.


What do they want? Please don’t knock on  my door to speak to me… please don’t… please… go away…


I’m not safe until they leave. When will they leave…


Do you feel that?

I feel a presence.

I can FEEL that I am being watched…

Do you see that…?

Nothing. You are ALONE and nobody is watching you. The feeling doesn’t subside.

… My anxiety right now feels like I am constantly being attacked, from all angles, by intruders. It is only a feeling I have when at home or when I’ve just finished a long day at college now. But there is always an underlying feeling of tension. You know when someone makes you jump? Your whole body tenses up, you are in a hyper-alert mode. Every soft sound that occurs sounds more like a crashing disturbance in the harmony of silence that you welcome. GAD is like that. To a much lesser extent for the majority of the time, but still, it is like that. I can feel that my shoulders are tensed and raised and rigid and burning with a continuous ache far more than they should be. But no matter what I do, I can’t make them relax. It’s just how they are. It’s just how I am, how I’ve always been.

It’s far better than it has been in the past. I feel much safer now that I am living with my partner. I failed the first year of my course at University due to it.

My anxiety that year was the year that it has caused me far more troubles than ever before. It started growing slowly. At first it was just a feeling of… loneliness… isolation. The feelings everyone has during their first few days of moving into dorms. As I started to meet new people, my anxiety only grew. These people aren’t like me… I don’t find them that interesting… they can tell I am different… I felt out of place. Again – a feeling that a lot of students feel during their first year of Uni.

This grew quickly and within one week I was at the point where I was too afraid to even cook in the shared kitchen. Whether I KNEW there were people in there or not, I didn’t want to find out.

I’ve never really been afraid of people on a whole. I used to be very shy when I was younger, but now and even during Uni, I would comfortably speak to people when I felt ready to crawl out of my den. Sure, they probably found my responses to their questions to be a little unusual, but I’d speak slowly and with confidence. It was just… a fear of… being seen? A fear of having my privacy attacked? A fear of being different… I don’t know.

I didn’t make any close friends during my first year at Uni. I guess I’m not very good at the whole friends thing. I joined one society – Star Trek Society. That was alright for a bit. I didn’t attend my lectures. I hardly left my room.

Anxiety ruined that year of my life. I did have some great experiences, like, on 3 days of the year, perhaps. Every other day was a blur of me being trapped in my room. I clearly remember waking up in the morning to my alarm, and… being paralyzed. I searched it up later – I think it was a mixture of analysis paralysis and panic attacks. Either way. I would just… be staring, straight up to my ceiling, still. I felt I was going insane. My mind would race. It’s like all of my thoughts were merged and executed at exactly the same moment. What should I do? Do I get up now? Do I get dressed? Do I get myself some food? How do I leave the room if someone else is awake? Do I need to make sure my skin doesn’t look too gross before I leave the room? I need to go to the bathroom… What should I do first? They are all important, I have to do them all and I only have a couple of minutes available to do them in. I had homework – did I do my homework? Is my mother okay? I should check on her. Do I have clean clothes to wear? Which lectures do I have today? Help. Help.

And then… Nothing. Staring up at the ceiling, my mind would just… pause. I’d be frozen. Still. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t move. Paralyzed by my own pathetic mind. It seems ridiculous, reading it back now. I couldn’t decide whether to pee or eat breakfast, so I froze up? I decided laying in bed would be best?

If you’ve never experienced it, it would be very, very difficult to understand. But that was my reality. My mind had physically disabled me many times – to the extent that I’d just lie awake, in the exact same position, by myself, needing to use the bathroom, thirsty, hungry, for hours and hours.

I had missed so many lectures and practicals, yet I was afraid to face studying at all. It terrified me. The fear that I wouldn’t understand any of the work at all, that I would be so many miles behind my classmates, that I’d realise that catching up would be literally impossible, that I’d realise how I had caused myself to fail that year of my degree.

I remember on one occasion I actually plucked up the courage to book myself a doctor’s appointment at the mental health clinic on campus. I remember trying to pinpoint what was actually wrong with me. At the time, it felt like I was struggling with just about everything. General anxiety, social anxiety, ADD, depression, panic disorder, PTSD, missing home, that my work was too difficult, money problems, worried about family members of mine who were struggling too… I almost walked up to the door of the clinic, when I saw a woman through the window. I panicked and made a U-turn, back to my room.

It damaged my relationship with my partner, too. I felt that I needed his company, always. When he wasn’t visiting, I felt that he simply hated me. That he didn’t care about how I was struggling. That he’d rather pretend I didn’t exist and just focus on progressing in the other areas of his life. Thoughts like that consumed me. He was the only person I could trust, so I’d obsessively wait at my laptop for him to come online, for hours. He was not at fault – mental illnesses warp the victim’s perspective. I didn’t see how he was doing everything he could do to help me.

This is just what General Anxiety Disorder looks like to me. It is different for everybody. It is a continuous up and down struggle in my life. The past year has been far better, one of my better years in terms of anxiety, and for that I am extremely grateful. For others, this will be one of their worst years in terms of anxiety.

I’m 23 and have still never had a conventional job – something that just feels more and more difficult the longer I leave it. I have spent the last 3 years studying 3 different level 3 courses for the same subject (haha…,) and this is my fourth year doing the same.

My anxiety now is mostly social anxiety and paranoia when in the home, that I get overwhelmed after being out of the house for a long time, an intense feeling of loneliness when I’m physically by myself, being constantly on edge and continuously worrying about the possibility of things in my life going wrong.

Checking my bag for my wallet, ID, train tickets, keys and phone 10 or more times in one outing. Fearing that something terrible has happened to my mother if she doesn’t respond to me on messenger within a day. Being afraid my partner will come home expressing that he doesn’t want to be with me anymore. Disallowing myself to have hobbies like reading or playing computer games out of fear that I’ll become too absorbed and end up forgetting to do something very important. Becoming on edge when I hear even the quietest sound, such as somebody tapping their fingers gently on a surface…

 This is my normal. My life. My anxiety.

I’ve compared anxiety to depression in the past, having experienced both. Sometimes I feel anxiety is easier – at least I have the desire and passion to achieve things in my life. Sometimes I feel it is worse. That passion and desire is useless when I can’t actually utilize it – when I’m too anxious to take any action at all. Constantly feeling like a failure to achieving your own dreams is difficult.

If you are suffering from anxiety, then do what you need to do for yourself to heal. I had to leave Uni so that I could have a year out of conventional education to heal. The people that care about me thought I was crazy at first, and that was with them being aware of my mental health state. This made it a very difficult decision to make, but it was the best decision I could have made for myself at the time. Thanks to that decision I am doing much better now. If you are suffering from anxiety, be mindful of the people who care about you. It is easy to underestimate the difficulty experienced by the people caring for someone with a disability.

If you know someone with anxiety, be understanding. Listen to what they say, and I mean REALLY listen. If they are telling you they really cannot go into work today, do not tell them that they must. Help ease their anxiety about the fact. Contact their work on their behalf. Help make them feel that it is okay for them to take the time they need to heal. Never be disappointed by their failures – trust me. They’re already feeling those failures a hundred times to the extent that you do. Support them and take what they say seriously. It might require a lot of energy to take care of someone with a mental health issue, but the more energy you put into helping, the faster they will get better, and the sooner you both can live happier lives. 

– Storm


Birthday Goals!


Just had to get that out the way. If you don’t like reading, well… you shouldn’t be on a blogging site in the first place to be honest! If you aren’t in the mood for reading then that’s cool, but this post isn’t for you at this moment of time 😉

My posts are already always really long because well, I write them mostly for myself, and I enjoy typing I guess! This one is going to be EXTRA long though – you’ve been warned!!!

Okay, so on my 22nd Birthday I began setting myself goals of anything and everything (pretty much) that I wanted to achieve during the following year. I was pretty upset about getting older, so giving myself some goals, and seeing what things I wanted to save for later in my life at the same time, made me feel younger, motivated and excited for the following year as well as… I don’t know… comfortable with my age I suppose. I am not at terms with my aging process.

Getting older means I get to achieve new things and experience exciting things in my life for a year longer. Getting older means my life gets to move forward and grow, so really, getting older makes me happy now if anything! I definitely have a new appreciation for my aging process – not that I’d wish to be any older, but I wouldn’t wish to be any younger either. I’m happy just the way things are going 🙂

Anyways, so I was pretty rough on myself and set myself I think 29 goals! Bloody hell Storm, was you trying to kill yourself?!

These goals have been, for the most part, what I’ve been at least TRYING to base my actions on for the past year 🙂

I will write what they were here, and we can see how I did at them 😉

  1. Get your first tattoo.
  2. Get yourself 2 additional piercings to your septum piercing.
  3. Cut off all of that nasty dyed hair.
  4. Start experimenting with temporary hair dyes.
  5. Start curling your hair regularly.
  6. Have one of each type of Lush product.
  7. Get a goddamn job!
  8. Make a budget/money plan.
  9. Start saving up money.
  10. Lose enough weight so that I’m at the healthiest, safest weight for my height.
  11. Start exercising a healthy amount regularly.
  12. Be more strict and mindful of what I’m eating.
  13. Find a new dentist.
  14. Begin tidying up regularly.
  15. Use Lush regularly and for everything that I can.
  16. Drink a healthy amount of water regularly.
  17. Stay with Richard another year!
  18. Make some new friends.
  19. Buy a plant and actually take care of it and keep it alive.
  20. Give (and hopefully receive) pre-engagement ring.
  21. Learn all Mathematics and Physics A level material!
  22. Take all my exams.
  23. Complete application to Uni.
  24. Teach myself academic subjects that I’m not being taught, in my free time.
  25. Register and begin studying on the 1st year of my degree.
  26. Travel to 2 new places with my partner.
  27. Move out into appropriate housing for Uni.
  28. Begin learning an instrument.
  29. Start spending time on some hobbies!

Okay guys, I know that it’s a lot – TRUST me. I’m the one that tried to achieve all them things!!!

I will try and get through how each of these goals went briefly, but this could take a while..! Any in red are ones I did not achieve by my 23rd birthday and green ones are ones I did 🙂

  1. I never got my first tattoo. I would have done if I had the funds to do so, but I didn’t. I also want my first tattoo to be to do with my partner, so it needs a lot of thought to put into it! I think I’m going to get this tattoo VERY soon though, as a birthday gift to myself using my savings 🙂
  2. Okay, so the piercings goal. I had pierced my septum myself earlier that year, and was so chuffed with it that I just really wanted to get some more holes in my body. I planned later in the year to get myself a forward helix piercing and a navel piercing. I bought all the piercing equipment for them and gave it a shot. I successfully made a hole in my ear, but the positioning was off, so I had to take it out. It was pretty though! I also attempted to pierce my navel on 2 separate occasions – both times I fainted! It wasn’t super painful, I’m not even sure why I fainted. After the same thing happened with the second attempt I knew it wasn’t a fluke, and know that this is one I can only get if I go to a professional. I still want these piercings and hopefully will get them sometime soon – first I want to re-pierce my septum straight though 😉
  3. Cut off all that nasty dyed hair? I’m amazed at this one, but I actually did it. It’s all gone! I have virgin hair for the first time in over 10 years! Hurrah! I’m so proud of myself and it feels even healthier than I could have imagined. I’ve been out of conditioner since… god knows how long… It has been around 6 months I think, and my hair is still always really soft and lovely!
  4. Okay, I bought some super temporary hair dye. It’s actually chalk spray for your hair. I’ve haven’t used it yet, but I’ll try to remember to for an event or something. It’s a light purple colour and I think it will look really nice sprayed on space buns 🙂
  5. I curled my hair once using hair rollers, and that’s about it. Using bendy hair rollers is the only way I seem able to achieve the type of curl that I like, but it is a very time consuming process and time is one thing I often don’t have. I think once it becomes routine, it will come much easier to me 🙂
  6. Haha, a Lush goal… gosh. That’s when you know someone has gone Lush-mad, when even their goals are based on Lush! I do not own one of each type of Lush product unfortunately – I mostly haven’t delved into the hair care products. Again, I’ve been pretty strapped for cash, but it is still a wish of mine to review every vegan Lush product… One day Storm, one day… !
  7. A job? I STILL HAVE NEVER HAD A CONVENTIONAL JOB IN MY LIFE! That is to say that I have worked freelance jobs, but never had a sort of normal paying job. I try, I guess not hard enough. Being a student is a busy life, trust me. I still obviously intend to get myself a job ASAP though!
  8. A budget/ money plan is one thing I do have in place. It has only been in place since I began receiving my student loan, but it is entirely necessary. If I don’t follow a strict budget plan there is no way I could afford to live! My partner made it for me on a spreadsheet using lots of little formulas, so whenever my income changes, so does the ratio of rent I pay, the amount I’m putting toward savings, my spending money etc. It’s really handy but very difficult to follow! I need a job guys!
  9. Yep, along with the budget plan comes saving up money, something which I am currently attempting to do! I’m not sure I’m doing GREAT at it because my income is crap, but I definitely am saving!

  10. Losing weight. Okay, this is one I have attempted MANY times throughout the past year. It was one of the most important goals to me and no matter how hard I tried, I still failed. At the present, I don’t own any scales, and I find it difficult to lose weight when I don’t know what my weight is. It is something I’m going to continue working on for sure though 🙂

  11. Exercising is another one I’ve not succeeded at, but is still something I’d really like to sort out.

  12. Be more strict and mindful of what I’m eating? Hmm, well… I have definitely tried. I am not doing perfectly – I still drink fizzy drinks on occasion and crisps, and my partner really enjoys packaged food so I still have quite a bit of that. I do think I am doing a lot better than I was though, and I definitely have been trying to make an effort. I’m going to say I failed this one too, because I wanted to have banned unhealthy foods really, but I definitely still eat it on a weekly basis.

  13. Find a new dentist – okay so I moved recently and have found what seems to be the best dentist in the area. I’m going to sign up ASAP 🙂 I’m going to say I failed this one too because although I found the dentist, I haven’t registered yet… I know, I’m pretty tough on myself, I’m a perfectionist!

  14. Tidying up regularly? Nope!

  15. Use Lush regularly for everything I can? There are still a lot of different sorts of products I haven’t even tried yet, like hair and hand masks for example, so I didn’t really succeed at this. I do, however, use the Lush products that I do own for everything I can. For example, I own a Lush cleanser and it is the only cleanser I use. I only use Lush shower gels and shampoo etc. So… I’m going to say this is a success? I don’t have any good routines to using my products, but they are the only ones I use so…!

  16. I had been drinking a brilliant amount of water up until recently. I think as it gets colder my body begins to reject plain cold water. It just makes me so cold! I’ll give it another go though…

  17. Stay with my partner? That I have pretty much done. I am still with him today, so that’s all good 🙂

  18. Make some new friends. Okay well um… I don’t know whether I have or have not honestly. I have met people on my course who I get on with, and they are definitely people that I like, but how close are we really? Would they all come to a party I arrange if I invited them? I live sort of far from the uni, so I don’t think any of them would bother to be honest! I probably wouldn’t either to be fair, so… I don’t know… I definitely have new people I like in my life but I’m not sure that they are really at the true friends level yet. So I’m going to say this is a fail! Let’s hope that changes soon though 🙂

  19. Take care of a plant. Okay, so a bought a gorgeous Kalanchoe geranium plant last November, and I love it to bits. It is still alive although I probably do not tend to it as much as I should. I’m going to say this  was a success, which is fantastic! I’ve always been rubbish at being responsible for another life – plants always die on me and I have never felt like I was as good of a pet owner as I wanted to be, so taking care of a plant is a great first step 🙂

  20. Pre-engagement rings.For those of you who have not heard of them before, they are rings that you give to your partner that resemble the intent and promise to engage them at some point in the future. Some people think these are for kids or that they are pointless, but it depends on your perspective. From the perspective of wanting to be very serious and mature about the relationship, pre-engagement rings feel like a good stepping stone to getting engaged. It is never good to rush into a relationship, and is much wiser to take time to allow it to progress steadily and sturdily. Me and my partner are young and still learning, we want to make sure we are good enough versions of ourselves for our eachother before making massive promises. We are taking it slow and enjoying every stage of the relationship – there’s no rush and taking it slow leaves so much more to be excited for in the future! I gave my partner one for our anniversary earlier this year, and he gave me one on my birthday! A success, yay!

  21. Okay so I failed at this one for sure. I didn’t finish the material for either Physics or Mathematics A level – hence why I am now on an extended degree!

  22. Nope, didn’t take all my exams. I couldn’t book my Physics ones because the practicals were too expensive, and I only took 2/6 of the Mathematics exams because they were just causing me far too much stress because of having not learnt the material enough! I did study a lot – I was self teaching myself 2 full AS levels and A levels in Mathematics and Phsyics in approximately 7 months. Not an easy task!

  23. I completely my application to Uni. Yay!

  24. Self teach myself academics in my free time. I haven’t been doing this unfortunately!

  25. I have indeed registered at my university and have begun my degree course. Hurrah!

  26. Me and my partner, since Rome, traveled to Paris in France, Glasgow in Scotland and Kas in Turkey. So definitely a success and such an exciting one – I must blog about these travels!

  27. We also both moved into our new home together, and have been living here for exactly one full month since. It is incredible to have a home together and to have the freedom to be in charge of decorating, what food is in the cupboard etc. It’s absolutely amazing and achieving this seemed so unlikely at the time, but it has really happened and I am so grateful for it. I am so much happier because of this move, and although it is far distance-wise from my university, travelling there takes approximately 47 minutes. Those minutes include a 17 minute walk to the train station, an 18 minute train ride and a 12 minute walk from the station to the college. The train is very fast so most of the journey is actually just walking to and from the station, which is fine!

  28. I failed at beginning to learn an instrument – too little money to buy one!

  29. I haven’t really begun spending time on hobbies, which sucks. I do things I enjoy, like writing in this blog of mine. I haven’t consciously set time aside for creative hobbies though, like reading or painting or joining a dance class. Soon though!

    I make that a total of 11/29 goals achieved during the past year. Maybe that isn’t great, but it is something! It’s amazing looking back and seeing how much progress you have made. I much prefer birthday goals than new years resolutions. To me, new years resolutions don’t even make sense. Goals shouldn’t be based on some random date. Goals are personal and in my opinion, should be based on the individual’s personal growth – making birthdays the perfect date!

    I’ve enjoyed having goals. It has been stressful as hell, I definitely set myself too many. I’m going to do the same this year and set myself some goals. I didn’t set any on my actual birthday, so I’m at a few days disadvantage this year 😉 I’m definitely going to go easier on myself, and male sure I hack out some of those goals I didn’t achieve this year!

    I’d recommend setting goals for oneself fully. It has overall been an extremely positive experience, and I don’t think I could have another birthday without setting some new goals for myself now!

    Now I’m off to set myself some new goals to achieve over the following year.

    Seeya! – Storm x


Birthday goals.

So, it may have been a while back now, but I turned 22 last October. I mentioned this in another post, but I really wanted to expand on my reaction to this.

So, I was watching the clock as it struck midnight, and as soon as it did, I actually felt really, really, really upset. I was born at midnight, the midwife even allowed my mother to choose whether she wanted my birthday to be written as the 16th or the 17th. This means that the 17th October at midnight is quite literally when I am considered a year older. I felt like I had lost something that I could never get back, something incredibly valuable. There’s nothing like a birthday to slap you in the face with the realization that you have just spent a year of your life.

So, how did I respond to this feeling? I had to do SOMETHING to make me feel not so terrible, I really did feel quite devastated!

I decided to write a list of all the things that I would like to achieve within the next year, by time I turn 23 – and much more importantly, anything I could think of that I did not want to achieve within the next year – all the things that I would like to save for another year of my life. Through writing this list, I gave myself goals to achieve throughout the next year, and also a sense of youth. I realized how much I actually did not want to achieve during the next year, how much I wanted to save for another time in my life, which made me feel much younger :)!

Doing something as simple as that on my birthday altered my state of mind from being upset to being very happy with where I am in my life, motivated for the following  year and very excited for the future :).

I have never been one for making new years resolutions, and I really feel as though this way of doing things is much more relevant to the individual. Creating goals by personal birthdays makes much more sense to me!

How I did this was by pulling out a notebook, writing down several sub-headings that I’m working on in my life, such as ‘Money’ and ‘Education’, and writing all the things under those sub-headings that I’d be happy to achieve within the next year. I also wrote down a couple of goals under each sub-heading that I would like to save to achieve a different year, to give me something to look forward to in the future!

I can honestly say that I have never felt more content with where I am in my life – with my age, my position… Somehow, everything just feels “right” now. I used to feel like I was almost in some sort of a race or competition in every aspect of my life – and that I was losing! Now I feel like everything is happening and will happen exactly when it should. It isn’t that I haven’t had goals before, I’ve had goals for my life since a few years ago. I’ve just never felt content with my position in the present moment until doing this. I want more for my life – I still have goals I’d like to achieve, but I also feel very, very content in the moment, and with just living the course of my life.

– Storm 🙂