Bucket List!

  1. Work in an animal shelter of some kind.
  2. Try every single vegan mainline Lush product.
  3. Obtain a Bachelor Degree (at least!) in Astrophysics.
  4. Take the first step and get my first tattoo, and to keep getting tattoos until I am fully content.
  5. Experience travelling the world through backpacking.
  6. Visit EVERY COUNTRY in the world in general.
  7. Get married and have a family.
  8. Learn programming.
  9. Be more active on social media (start an Instagram account, start a YouTube channel, Twitter etc.)
  10. Go to a doctor and begin receiving help for my anxiety and any other mental health problems.
  11. Live in Australia.
  12. Expand my plant collection greatly and have an animal family!
  13. Obtain the healthiest weight for my height according to BMI.
  14. Build a healthy amount of muscle tone.
  15. Be physically fit and exercise regularly.
  16. Face my fears and swim with sharks!
  17. Teach.
  18. Go skydiving.
  19. Learn to play as many instruments as I can.
  20. Learn to speak as many languages as I can.
  21. Experience having an income of £60,000, even if only temporarily!
  22. Obtain a PhD.
  23. Get perfect teeth.
  24. Get all the piercings I want to get.
  25. Have all my family together, under the same roof for Christmas.
  26. Learn how to dance.
  27. Be alive to hold my grandchildren.
  28. Own my own home.
  29. Work abroad.
  30. Volunteer abroad.
  31. Get into a daily routine (hair care, skincare etc) and STICK to it!
  32. Go to a professional photo-shoot and get pictures taken with my partner.
  33. Go to a professional photo shoot and get pictures taken of myself.

I can’t think of anything else I’d like to add, so for now that’s it! I just did this for fun and it isn’t a list I’m going to hyper-focus on achieving. I already give myself yearly goals to achieve by each birthday, which is enough goals to work on as it is!

Do you have a lifetime bucket list? Have you made a bucket list blog post? If so, I’d love for you to link it down below so I can give it a read, and if not, why not write one yourself? 🙂

– Storm

9 thoughts on “Bucket List!

    • Hahaha, keeping it simple makes success more likely 😉 Well, unlimited cats may be difficult… maybe if you get tons of male and female cats, and that at any given point at least one female cat is pregnant… That’s technically like having unlimited cats right? XD


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