Primark Try On Haul 2017! (No. 1)

Hey guys!

After I found out that I had gotten onto my degree , I decided to treat myself by going shopping in Primark. I didn’t feel confident in the clothes that I owned at the time. Clothing is extremely important! It covers up the majority of your body, and feeling unconfident in your clothing feels pretty crappy. It was about time that I bought some clothes that really make me feel good when I wear them. I prefer shopping in person (as opposed to online shopping) when it comes to clothes – I get to try on the clothes in store, and take them home that same day! I also chose Primark because, well, I need a lot of new clothes, and figured that it’d be best to try Primark first to pick up what I like there before trying other, more expensive stores.

My first trip to Primark was extremely successful! I arrived at the Oxford Street Store (the most popular Primark local to me) on a Wednesday morning (when it tends to be the least busy.) I only went to the checkout once I realised that my basket was in fact, overflowing with clothing items.

Let’s get onto the haul!

Note: I obviously didn’t bother taking photos of separate items that come in a multi-pack when they are identical to each-other (e.g the tights and the socks in this post.)


First off, I bought this absolutely gorgeous “wine” coloured dress! It’s a suedette bodycon, and I absolutely adore it- the colour really drew me in! It’s actually amazing quality too. This dress was £13, and I bought it in a size 10 – I’m around 5 ft 4 and 9st 2lbs for reference. I wore this on my anniversary to see Aladdin in the theatre. It makes me feel very elegant 🙂

Next I picked up this gorgeous dress! It is another bodycon dress in the colour black (they had a nude pink colour option too.) It has a peephole back with a little button, a high neck and a lace-up panel in the front. I really love this one! It cost me £13, and I also got this one in a size 10. It is a really good quality dress made out of nice, thick and comfortable material!

I spotted this gorgeous dress, and just had to get it! It has a really colourful leaf design on it, with a grey background. It also has cold-shoulder sleeves, which I love! It’s in a T-shirt dress style, which makes it really comfortable to wear. This beauty only cost me £3 – reduced from £6. 100% worth the money – it’s going to be absolutely perfect for my trip to Mallorca! I also grabbed this in a size 10.

I bought this pinafore dress in the colour “wine”. It is made out of this thick, corduroy material, and has two nice deep pockets in the front. It is super comfortable and is absolutely adorable! I’ve been wearing it all day today 🙂 It was £12, and I bought it in a size 10. They also had exactly the same pinafore dress in black and pink, and also had a blue denim and black denim version of the dress.

The black T-shirt in the photo was also part of my haul – it was £2.50 and I picked it up in a size 12 🙂 Also of very nice quality – it isn’t see through at all!

Next we have this gorgeous pair of dungarees! How absolutely amazing are they – especially for Primark?! I admit, I hadn’t been to Primark for a while prior to this haul, so my expectations were pretty low. They’ve really upped their game! They are black and have two simple suspender straps at the back, and the legs of the dungarees are in the skinny style. They have a nice big pocket in the front, as well as pockets in the front and back of the jeans. The jeans part of the dungarees also have belt loops – handy! They undo from the straps as dungarees usually do, but also have some buttons on the sides of the jeans to help get the job done. These were £17, and I picked them up in a size 12.

The T-shirt was also part of the Primark haul. It is a warm red colour, and cost £3. I bought this in a size 10. This top is made really well – it has a high neck, and is made of the most cozy material I have ever felt a T-shirt be made from! It is also completely opaque.

The socks were also part of the haul! They are just a pair of plain black trainer socks, that came in a 7 pack for £1.80 – absolute bargain! I got them in a size 4-8.

IMG_5555 (2).JPG
Next up is this adorable Pusheen T-shirt! It’s my perfect T-shirt “My Perfect Weekend – Eat, Blog, Party and Sleep.” Okay, so I’m not big on partying, but I do enjoy having a few drinks over the weekend with my partner if that counts! It cost me £6 (fairly pricey for Primark I must say,) and I picked it up in a size 10/12.

I also picked up the black leggings – they are viscose, full length and were, insanely, only £2.80! I got them in a size 10. These leggings are amazing – they’re completely opaque and are insanely comfortable. I could actually live in these.

Next are these two shirts. The first is a checked boyfriend shirt, and is really oversized and comfy. It is red and dark blue, does up by poppers and has 2 pockets in the front. I picked this up in a size 8, and it cost me £9.

The second shirt is an adorable blush-pink and grey tartan shirt. It also has 2 pockets in thr front, and has these little bits of material so that you can easily roll up the sleeves. It buttons up at the front, and the buttons go down the shirt only partially. The back is longer than the front, and the entire shirt is made out of this really silky, slinky material. It comes with a little spare button 🙂 I bought this in a size 10 and it cost me £10.

Next we have these 3 tops. The first is a bright, warm red v-neck T-shirt. I picked it up in a size 10 and it cost me only £2.50! It’s made pretty well, and isn’t see-through at all.

The second is a cute, peach coloured cami top. This one is made out of pretty thin material, but I still really like it. It only cost £1.80, and I picked it up in a size 10.

The third is actually a very big, oversized T-shirt. I just knotted it up at the front because I thought that looked really nice! It is pink, slightly ombre and made out of a super comfy, distressed material. The material for this one is slightly see-through, but not particularly noticeably, and is still made really well. This one was £2, reduced from £5! I picked it up in a size 10.

Next are these two green coloured T-shirts. The first is a khaki green stretchy T-shirt. I absolutely LOVE this colour – it makes me feel badass. It’s completely opaque, is really comfy and is made pretty well. It cost £2.50 and I picked it up in a size 10.

The second is a teal-green T-shirt. It has a high neck, and is made out of the same super comfy material as the high-neck red T-shirt I bought! This one is pretty see-through though (I apologize that you can see my bra through it…,) which I’m not a huge fan of but is something that could easily be remedied by wearing a nude coloured T-shirt bra underneath it. This one was £3 and I bought it in a size 10.

Next we have this GORGEOUS knitted, warm-red jumper! It has these beautiful cut-out, cuffed sleeves, and is longer in the back. It is pretty thick and comfy, and is really well made. I believe I purchased this in a size 10, and it cost £10.

Next, I picked up 2 pairs of black fishnet tights for £3. I bought them in a size small/medium 🙂

I also bought some black canvas ballerina plimsolls! These have a nice rubber sole, and have a cute little bow on the side of each shoe. These are insanely comfortable and are really well made – I can’t believe these only cost me £3! I bought mine in a size 5.

Last but not least out of the clothing items are the little socks I’m wearing with the plimsolls. They came from a 5 pack of black “footsies” – little socks to wear with ballerina pumps. I absolutely hate getting perspiration from my feet onto my shoes, so these were an absolute must. They’re made just fine, are of pretty thin material, and are fairly comfy to wear – they certainly make wearing shoes much more comfy! I have heard other people having problems with them falling down their ankle, but this doesn’t happen to me at all with these. The 5 pack of black “footsies” cost me £2.50.

Lastly are these little bits and bobs. First we have some 100% cotton, round cosmetic pads. I thought I’d use these with toners and to help cleanse my face 🙂 There are 120 pads in this pack, and it only cost 50p!

Secondly is this 60 pack of hairbands. They are apparently in the colour “yellow” – I just bought the ones that matched my hair colour the closest! They cost £1.

Thirdly is this pack of 5 toothbrush covers/caps. I thought these would be handy for travel, to help prevent external bacteria from getting into our toothbrushes. They cost 80p 🙂 I gave my partner one from the pack to use so that he could bring his toothbrush to work (can’t for the life of me remember why he wanted to do this,) hence why one is missing from the pack.

Finally, we have this nail polish! It’s in the colour “Make Me Blush” – a cute pink colour. It’s a rather large 10.5ml pot! I think this colour nail polish is my favourite to wear – it’s simple, goes with everything and just makes your nails look cute and fresh. This only cost me 90p!

Phew, that’s all for this haul! I apologize for writing so much – I know most people enjoy just reading simple haul blog posts, but I just have so much to say about each item. I really don’t buy myself anything often, so everything I bought really excites me!

I actually have visited Primark 3 times since this haul, and thus have 3 more hauls to come… I swear, Primark is full of so many great items these days! I’m pretty much replacing my old wardrobe of clothes though, so I don’t consider it a massive problem. Honestly, I’m going to keep going until I stop finding items that I really like because I’d really like to stock up, so that I don’t have to go out buying clothes for a long time afterwards.

I hope you enjoyed this haul!

– Storm


Lush Dreamtime Bath Oil Review

Hey guys!

I received this bath oil in a gift set my partner bought for me for our anniversary! It’s a very new gift set called ‘Relax More’ – I’m very grateful to be one of the first people to have received it! I hope you enjoy this review 🙂

Dreamtime Bath Oil:

adceb2f3-e2dd-48dd-95c5-7683d08b624c (2)

Rating: 5/5*


This bath oil is SLIGHTLY messy. I did need to use a simple sponge to get some purple residue off of my bath, but it was extremely to do. If I’m honest, I didn’t clean it off until the next day when I next went to take a bath, and it still came off very easily. But, if reside in your bath is something you’re worried about, perhaps you should try a different product 🙂

The scent of Dreamtime is VERY pungent! It smells strongly of lavender. If lavender is not a scent you are keen on, I’d steer clear of this product.

The purple oils that this product releases will stick to your skin a little when you’re in the bath. This wasn’t a problem for me, because I always use a shower gel and shower pouf to wash myself when I take a bath – residue came right off! But, if you just want to use the bath oil in the bath to relax, and not to actually bathe, this may not the be bath product for you!

Dreamtime made me feel so relaxed and sleepy in the bath that I was genuinely scared that I was going to fall asleep whilst in the bath! You definitely have to be careful with this one.

If you don’t like to feel tired or uber relaxed after your bath, this would be an absolutely terrible bath oil to use. You won’t feel like doing anything at all after taking a bath with Dreamtime!


lush (2)

This bath oil is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! It is a beautiful purple colour with a ‘Z’ on the top of it, which has been dusted over with gold lustre. It is seriously pretty, and looks even more beautiful when it melts in the bath!

I found this to be such a relaxing product, seriously. This would be an amazing product to use an hour or two before going to sleep, just to help you wind down and fall asleep easily. I’m someone who has quite a lot of anxiety, and so my mind always races with things I’m stressed out about before I go to bed. If this bath oil can relax someone like me then trust me, it will work for you too!

In my opinion, this bath oil creates a beautiful bath. It doesn’t really colour the bath much at all, but it just leaves your bath feeling super moisturising. It also leaves some gorgeous, lustre-filled purple blobs of oil on the surface of the bath water, which to me looks much like a lava lamp! The bath art with this one is very subtle, which is something I appreciate most when I just want to relax.

I think this one smells absolutely amazing. The entire bathroom smelled so strongly of lavender that whenever I went in to check if the bath oil had melted, I was sure to quickly shut the door behind me (to prevent any of the gorgeous scent from escaping!) If you appreciate the scent of lavender then please, try this bath product. It is very underrated and I’m not quite sure why. I know they changed the formula of it recently but regardless, this is such an amazing product!

This bath oil took a while to melt. Now, usually I don’t like it when bath bombs take a long time to finish fizzing, because I like to watch and take photos and I get bored after a while! With this bath oil though, because there wasn’t much of a “show” either way, I was able to just sit in my room and go on my laptop for a while. It actually made the whole experience even more relaxing, because the experience wasn’t rushed at all. I was also sure to fill the bath with quite hot water, so that it wouldn’t be tepid by time I got in!

The bath water might feel SLIGHTLY oily when you first get in, but once you’ve washed your hair and your body etc, it won’t feel so oily anymore. I also topped up my bath with some cold water, which made moisturising effect of the bath oil more subtle.

After leaving the bath, my legs and skin in general felt PERFECTLY moisturised. I didn’t feel too oily or tacky, and I didn’t feel dry at all either. It was just an absolutely perfect level of moisturisation.

Overall Conclusion:

bbd0e327-c52a-4fc4-a289-79741f3d44dc (2)

Overall, I absolutely loved this bath oil. I don’t even know why I have never tried a bath oil before this one, because they are so cheap and create the perfect bath (at least for me!) I honestly couldn’t have had a more relaxing bath than I did with Dreamtime. I feel like this is a bath oil that would go really well with Tisty Tosty or Sakura bath bomb if you like to mix bath products, because I also found those two to be very subtle and extremely relaxing (although I personally do not like to mix bath products.)

If you are a very active, productive person, and enjoy being that way and don’t enjoy taking time to relax, then maybe this isn’t the bath oil for you. For me though, I think Dreamtime is perfect for those times that you just feel super stressed and down.

Overall, I’m going to give this bath oil a 5/5* rating. I just really couldn’t fault it, and I feel like it a product that every stress-prone person needs in their cupboard for emergencies!

– Storm


Completing My Weight Loss Journey!

15 lbs

Hey guys!

So, as some of you know, I have been trying to lose weight! This started on the 20th December 2016, and my mission was to go from an “overweight” BMI to the most ideal BMI (21.75.) For me (a 163cm girl,) that meant going from 142.8lbs to 127.8lbs – which I have just achieved! 🙂 I didn’t exactly achieve this weight loss quickly, but it’s finished now which is all that matters (and in time for my trip to Mallorca!) That’s a total weight loss of 15lbs!

Now I know, I know. BMI isn’t the most accurate way to measure one’s health, is more of a guideline, and that studies have shown that an overweight BMI is actually healthier etc. My goal was simply to be the healthiest I could be according to ONE method of measuring one’s health, and to purely follow their official methods of measuring health. I would find it impossible to work on maintaining an ideal weight as well as work on building up muscle for example, so I decided to become healthy one step at a time and to just focus on my weight first. I just used the BMI healthy weight calculator on the NHS site!


I feel a LOT better after losing this weight, so it definitely has proven a helpful thing to do! I feel smaller, and like my body fits me better. I feel more comfortable and more confident, and am not self conscious anymore if my partner wants to pick me up! Now that I’m done I’m going to do my best to not eat more or less than I need to, so that I can maintain this weight for as long as possible.

I can proudly say that I am healthy according to that BMI calculator, and if anyone (including myself) ever tries to put me down about my weight, well, I shouldn’t listen to them because being healthy is most important!

– Storm


Guilty Pleasures Q&A

Hey guys! I originally found this blog post idea here from Meg over at Mystic Mogwai, and really wanted to give it a go myself! I hope you enjoy 🙂

1.TV Show.
Um, does “Britain’s Darkest Taboos” count? I do feel guilty watching it because of how dark the show is, but I just find it so interesting at the same time, which makes it really hard for me to stop watching!

2. Book.
Um, well I have this awesome book called “Star Trek Vault: 40 Years from the Archives”. It’s like, a really big book that is just absolutely jam packed full of Star Trek facts and information about how the show was made etc… I *might* feel a bit silly or embarrassed reading this in front of other, more “normal” women my age, but… I really love my Star Trek…

3. Song.
Selena Gomez – Fetish. I know what you’re thinking – “Why is that something to feel guilty about? She’s so popular that she’s the most followed person on Instagram!” Yeah, well, that’s exactly the problem. I come from an extremely alternative upbringing, so, listening to Selena is… Well, enjoying her music isn’t an opinion people close to me will share, let’s just say that! I just really like how much that girl feels her emotions, and how her lyrics often reflect that!

4. Band.
Blackpink… Okay, so this is a Korean pop band. I can’t even understand what they are saying. But, these super cute girls have super cute dances and videos to their super cute songs. I mostly like the dance factor – I think that almost every single Korean pop song has a dance that goes with it, and I really enjoy dance so…

5. Purchases.
Ugh, clothes from Primark… I think when you’re just looking out for yourself, you generally feel more “guilty” for purchasing temporary items. I know that I used to feel really bad whenever I’d buy food, drink, beauty products and anything else that could “run out” basically. Now that I live with my partner and we pay for the bills and food costs in proportion to how much income we each have, I generally feel more guilty to buy myself more long lasting items. Any money that goes on those things is less money that I have in my account to go towards those important, temporary things that we need to pay for, if that makes sense? I’ve recently spent a LOT of money (at least, a lot for me) on clothes from Primark – a brand that so many people believe is a waste of money to even spend £1 on! But, I absolutely love what I’ve bought, and really enjoy buying clothes that make me feel really confident – especially at such an affordable price!

6. Activity.
Um, spending all day browsing Youtube videos?

7. Habit.
Smoking… I don’t actually smoke very much at all, and wouldn’t even label myself as a smoker honestly. It isn’t like if you spent 24 hours with me, you’d witness me smoking 10+ cigarettes throughout the day or anything like that. I just sort of have the odd one when I feel like it. It makes me feel bad because I know it makes you age faster and is really unhealthy, and I also feel like a hypocrite for all the times I’ve complained at my partner and my parents for doing it! But, I do really enjoy it – so long as it remains somewhat under control and doesn’t become a full-blown addiction or anything!

8. Movie.
Hahaha, “The Talented Mr Ripley.” It’s such a classic, and really isn’t the type of thing a teen or young adult would be obsessed with. But, I just absolutely love it, and have since I was around 16 years old. Oh haha, “Teeth” and “Perfume” are two other really good ones – but ‘The Talented Mr Ripley” is definitely my favourite. It’s a really weird movie. It’s about a man who pretends to be someone he’s not, and ends up becoming really violent and… I dunno, it’s just crazy. It’s Matt Damon – watching him in movies makes me laugh a lot. Great movie!

9. Game on your phone.
I don’t actually really play games on my phone, but I used to play Pokemon Go quite avidly, and would be completely down to start playing it again so long as my partner does too. I mean, it’s Pokemon, and when you’re out in public you look like a complete loony using your phone to try and catch invisible creatures. I used to love watching Pokemon as a kid, and now that I’m going on 24 it just doesn’t feel quite right for me to be still enjoying it!

10. Website.
Instagram. Why? Well, because I don’t actually use my Instagram, and haven’t even followed anyone on my account I don’t think. I just sort of… Look up old friends, to see what they’re up to… I know, sounds super creepy right? I just find it really interesting to see how much old friends have changed over the years – the type of people who just wouldn’t even speak to me anymore!

– Storm



How Important Is Lush REALLY?

So, I’ve just watched Jen’s latest video (on the channel All Things Lush UK,) and it got me thinking. How important is Lush REALLY?

Lush is so important to me, but to what extent? I actually have so many products now and honestly, I kinda wish I didn’t. Yesterday was me and my partner’s 4 year anniversary, and for the occasion, he gifted me a gorgeous new Lush gift set called ‘Relax More’. Now, I absolutely love this gift set, don’t get me wrong. I love it because everything within the set is new, fresh and fragrant. 

BUT. I do also have boxes of old bath bombs, bubble bars and soaps from the Boxing Day Sale, and even some from around the second week of October last year. I have other products – such as cleansers, a spot treatment and temple balms, that are even older than that. I love each and every one of my products but honestly, I don’t use them all that often. I really don’t. I rarely take baths anymore because it just takes longer than showers, and I generally prefer to save the time in my day to do something else. Also, whenever I use a product, I feel the need to photograph it and to use it in an almost perfect way, so that I can review it in my blog. 

I don’t find Lush as fun as I used to. I love it just as much as I always have, in fact, I love it more now than ever before! But, it isn’t as fun as it used to be. It actually stresses me out. My soaps are in a tray under my bed, and have collected dust and other gross particles. They’ve also started… Sweating? My bath bombs are becoming very brittle and dusty. I know that Lush products certainly do not last forever, and for that reason, I feel the constant pressure and need to use them all up. It has begun to feel almost like a chore if I’m honest with you!

So, what am I going to do about this predicament I’m in? What am I going to do to make using up my Lush quickly feel less like a chore that I need to get around to doing, and to feel more like something lovely and fun and happy for me to do?

  1. Well, I’m going to first empty my phone’s photo album.
    It is so full that taking photos of Lush products is always a hassle, because it means having to delete loads of photos off of my phone first.
  2. I’m going to make sure to charge my phone every night, so it is fully charged by the start of the next day.
    Another thing I hate is that when I want to take a bath, my phone’s battery is usually dead, which just makes the whole process really drawn out and frustrating. I have to plug in my phone, wait for it to charge, take photos of the Lush product I’ll be using and only then can I actually take my bath.
  3. Make a habit of taking a bath everyday.
    I take a shower everyday to wash my hair etc, so, why not just make that a bath a day instead? I know that it uses up a lot of water but I honestly cannot take a shower that is less than 20 minutes anyways (trust me, I have really tried to,) and the amount of water used up when I take a shower is probably the same amount (if not more) water than I use in a bath anyways! So, even if it is just a quick 20 minute bath per day, it will really help me get through my old stash of Lush bath products (and perhaps using a bath product a day will seem more fun to me!)
  4. Make sure to quickly write the review on my blog the same day that I use the product.
    I hate when products I need to review starts piling up in my head. I think it’s better to just get it done quickly, and then there are no product reviews that you need to remember to write!
    It just absolutely is not worth spending money on products that will just collect dust, so I intent to maintain the above 4 rules whenever I have a bath product in my collection. I literally live under a 30 minute journey away from the Lush on Oxford Street, so there’s really no point in me even storing products at all. Lush products are best used fresh, and I can just go and get a product whenever I want to actually use it. I could also simply order online at any given moment!

So, those will be my 5 rules to maintain. Wish me luck!



The Sunshine Blogger Award

sunshien award.png

Thank you so much to Lise for nominating me! She writes over at Lushtivity 🙂

The rules:

  • Thank the blogger who has nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions that the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs and write 11 new questions for them.
  • List the rules and display the logo of sunshine blog award in your post.


Questions from Lise:

  1. If you had to describe yourself in four words, what would you choose?
    Neurotic, overthinking, true and sensitive. HOWEVER, upon asking my partner how he would describe me in 4 words, the person that knows me more than anyone else other than myself, he said “Caring, intelligent, chilled and beautiful.” Just goes to show that not everybody sees you how you view yourself!
  2. You’re stranded on an island and can only bring one item, one person and one food item. What and who do you bring, and why?
    Okay, so I assume there won’t be any signal on this island but just at the slight chance that there would be, I’d have to say I’d bring a phone. So I could call someone to help me – and also to occupy myself while on the island. I’m going to have to be a bit boring with this one, and say that I’d bring my partner. I feel safest and happiest when I’m with him 🙂 As for food, I’d being a whole lot of kale. It’s extremely nutrient dense and I feel it is the most likely food item that would prevent us from dying…
  3. You have the chance to go back in time to change one major world event. What would you change?
    Eh, I’m not so great with the history of the world honestly and I’m not the type of person that would go changing history if I could. The butterfly effect of such changes could just make the present a whole lot worse! Assuming it wouldn’t make anything worse though, maybe the holocaust? I really don’t know!
  4. Why did you start blogging? Do you feel different about it now?
    I started blogging to make all the billions of disorganized thoughts in my head, organised and “real”. I just wanted to have my thoughts presented in a more solid place than just inside my mind, and to have a place to feel free to express myself fully and truly. I don’t feel any differently about it now! I don’ t think my intentions will ever change 🙂
  5. What is the meaning behind your blog name?
    Well, Storm is my name (and is also just a pretty cool world to have in the title of a blog, in my opinion,) and my blog is like a window into my perspective of the universe I suppose. Hence, “Storm’s Universe.”
  6. What is your current favorite song?
    “Oh No!” – Marina and the Diamonds.
  7. If you had to just eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Vegetable fried rice.
  8. What is your biggest flaw?
    My neuroticism…
  9. Do you have a favorite series? Could be anything from books to tv shows.
    Star Trek.
  10. Did you keep your new years resolutions?
    I don’t made new years resolutions – but I do give myself “Birthday Goals.” I have sort of passively tried to achieve them so far.
  11. Do you have any exciting plans for the future?
    Yes, I do! I am going to Mallorca on the 29th for 12 nights 🙂 Very, very excited! Me and my partner shall be staying in a gorgeous little guest house thing with a pool (and a really nice bath.) I shall also be beginning my Astrophysics degree in September which is pretty awesome. Nothing else exciting has a date set for it to occur, but there are many exciting things I hope to happen soon 🙂

Okay guys, I don’t mean to be a party pooper but I’m not going to think up of 11 questions or tag anyone just yet. I have lots to do today but I promise I will get around to it when I have time! I hope you enjoyed reading my post regardless 🙂

– Storm


Why Losing Followers Is Okay

Hey guys!

I’ve recently lost a few followers, and was just reflecting to see how I felt about it. And, you know what? I honestly don’t feel sad about it. Here’s why!

Whenever I make any changes to my blog – be that writing a new post, changing my theme or anything else, it is because that is what I truly want to be doing. These are changes that reflect me and who I am.

When I gain followers, it makes me feel so happy, because I know that these people have found me and my writing, and genuinely enjoy to read what I genuinely want to write about. I don’t expect to ever gain many followers because, well, I don’t think I write too much about what people want to read!

I don’t write much about makeup or fashion, I don’t write much about mental health or relationship advice, I don’t write much about life hacks or tips and tricks to use while at school or studying for exams… I don’t write much about hauls, or minimalistic ways to decorate your home. I don’t plan my blog posts – I just literally write in my blog whenever I feel like it would make me happy to do so. Whenever something has been on my mind for a while that I want to share in my little online diary. So, when I gain a follower, these are people that actually, genuinely find interest in a lot of the same things as I do!

Gaining followers to me is like a little journey. I don’t think there are many of us out there, but gradually, like minded people to myself are finding my blog.

Now, when I lose a follower, why doesn’t that upset me? People can make mistakes. Sometimes, a person or multiple people will realise that they don’t actually enjoy reading the posts from someone they are following. And, you know what? That’s okay! People make mistakes, and you can’t always please everyone. Hell, you shouldn’t even try to! Blogging is a way to make yourself, your life and your soul carved in stone somewhere, out in the world for, well, as long as your blog exists! That is something so special, and it shouldn’t be wasted being untrue to yourself. Otherwise, your followers aren’t following you – they’re following the person you’re PRETENDING to be!

Allow others to know the real you, and allow yourself to write about whatever you want to! If some followers are lost along the way, that’s absolutely fine.

Thank you to all of my current and future followers for following me! Every one of you means so much to me, and I’m glad we’re all on the same page 🙂

– Storm