Weight Diary 6!

Okay so again, I haven’t even posted a daily weight diary entry since 13 days ago, so I just went right ahead and took the ‘Daily’ out of the title of this blog post!

Again, I’ve been a bit busy lately – sorry about that!

Weight Diary Day 6:

Starting weight: 142.8 lbs

Current weight today in morning: 127.2 lbs

Goal weights: 129.8 lbs, 128.8 lbs, 127.8 lbs, 126.8 lbs, 125.8 lbs, 124.8 lbs, 123.8 lbs,
122.8 lbs, 122.4 lbs.

Why I weigh this much: I weigh this much because I haven’t been drinking enough water basically! I’ve also been eating too many snacks and have been eating too many calories! 4.8 lbs to go! If I’m more strict with myself, this should take under 3 weeks! So excited to hit that goal weight!

– Storm


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