Daily Weight Diary 5!

Okay guys, I know. I haven’t posted a “Daily Weight Diary” blog post since, well, 24 days ago.

So technically, this is more like ‘Daily Weight Diary 28!’. Well, I don’t want there to be gaps in my little weight diary so I’mma just call it No.5 😉 Plus, it sounds way better and is more confident boosting!

Basically for those 24 days I have just been super busy with sorting out the house, getting rid of loads of junk and, well, I don’t know really. I’ve just been busy!

Anyway, here is my next weight diary entry.

Weight Diary Day 5:

Starting weight: 142.8 lbs

Current weight today in morning: 127.6 lbs

Goal weights: 129.8 lbs, 128.8 lbs, 127.8 lbs, 126.8 lbs, 125.8 lbs, 124.8 lbs, 123.8 lbs,
122.8 lbs, 122.4 lbs.

Why I weigh this much: I weigh this much because I haven’t been drinking enough water! Weight is shed rather quickly when one stops keeping up with their ~2 litres of water per day. I aim for more like 2.4 litres of water, because then that’s exactly 4 of my BRITA filtered bottles full of water! I also weigh this much because I’ve been pretty terrible with sticking with the whole no snacking thing. I’ve been eating delicious hazlenut filled chocolate, loads of fried rice and even some Indian takeaway! But, most of all, I’ve been having a LOT of cider and a LOT of cocoa pops as snacks! For my last Weight Diary entry, I was 128.8 lbs. I should weigh far less than this after 24 days! Ah well, time to get more strict I suppose!

– Storm


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