Tactical Voting – Kick The Tories Out!

I’ve only ever voted once in the general election in my life – purely because I’ve only been able to vote for one in my life. I’m 23 years old, and tomorrow will be my second opportunity to vote in the general election.

When I last voted, I took a quick quiz online – it said my needs and wants were most aligned with the main 5 parties in this order:

Green>Liberal Democrats>Labour>Conservatives>UKIP.

Yep, I’m an idealist, shoot me.

After reading into the parties, I decided that this order was true for the most part, and so I voted for the Green Party. Of course, I knew they wouldn’t win, but at the time it was most important to me to vote for the party that I actually wanted to win, and for my vote to be counted toward that party than for a different one. Who knows? Maybe if all the millions of people who decide to not vote every year, actually decided to vote, maybe the Green Party would actually be a much more preferred party than it is today. Perhaps many who choose not to vote do so because they feel that Green Party won’t win, and are disheartened by that fact and so don’t bother voting.

Anyways, so another general election has swung around. This time, I was a little stuck for who to vote for. In the end, I’ve decided that the majority of the time, who wins the seat in each constituency is usually a close call between 2 parties. This year, I have decided to vote tactically. The two main parties in my constituency are the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. So, I’m going to vote for the party out of the two who I would rather win the general election – which of course for me is the Liberal Democrats.

Voting tactically for me means that my vote will more likely count towards the Conservatives not winning the general election which, at the end of the day, I’d prefer to happen over the Liberal Democrats not winning the election. Voting for the Liberal Democrats in my constituency is the most effective way that I can cause the Conservatives to lose a seat, and thus less likely to win the election.

If you are young like me, and aren’t completely sure about who to vote for, I suggest you look a little into the policies of each party or heck, even take a quiz like I did, that orders your preferences for each party. That will be a good starting point, and then I’d like to suggest a tactical vote. If you search for the general election results for your constituency from 2015, you will see which 2 parties held the highest amount of votes. I’d suggest voting for the party out of the two which you would like to win over the other!

If you just don’t want the Conservatives to win, for whatever reason, then you can use a site like https://www.tactical2017.com/ to easily find out who you should vote for to make the most impact towards voting the Conservatives out!

Most important of all though, do try to make an effort to leave your home and make it to the polling station, wherever you are registered on the electoral roll, in time to cast the vote of your choosing. Even if you decide to simply spoil the ballot! The only way you, and all of us, can really make a difference though is to cast a vote for a party.

Happy voting!


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