Daily Weight Diary 3!

Weight Diary Day 3:

Starting weight: 142.8 lbs

Current weight today in morning: 129.0 lbs

Goal weights: 129.8 lbs, 128.8 lbs, 127.8 lbs, 126.8 lbs, 125.8 lbs, 124.8 lbs, 123.8 lbs,
122.8 lbs, 122.4 lbs.

Why I weigh this much: Again, I’m just not drinking enough water! I shouldn’t be losing weight this fast and that is because most of my weight loss is water weight. I am actually drinking a normal amount, but I’m ill with a cold meaning that I need to be drinking even more water than usual! I also didn’t stick to my calories yesterday – I snacked a lot and made a delicious vegan lemon drizzle cake that I couldn’t resist eating a ton of! I need to stick to my calories and my 3 meals a day!


One thought on “Daily Weight Diary 3!

  1. Try eating watermelon between meals if you like that! Or cucumbers, since both contain a whole lot of water 🙂 My nutritionist recommended me that to keep me hydrated and to sate my snack cravings.


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