Daily Weight Diary!

Hey guys!

As some of you know, I’ve been trying to lose a bit of weight! I doubt this comes to a surprise to any of you – trying to lose weight is something us ladies challenge ourselves to achieve on a regular basis!

My weight loss is purely for health reasons. I’m aiming to be the ideal weight for my height – i.e., to have a BMI of 21.7 or 21.75ish. I just think I’d feel more comfortable being that weight – less scared of me becoming either overweight, underweight or just unhealthy in general.

I know weight isn’t everything, and that everyone’s body comprises of different masses of water, bone, muscle and fat, and that an individual’s level of fitness is most important, however I find it extremely difficult to focus on many health goals at once, so my weight is just what I am going to be focusing on first!

Anyways, so I have been struggling to lose weight recently. I’ve been stuck hovering in the 128-133 lbs region for a VERY long time. Months and months. Because of this, I’ve decided to keep a weight diary on my blog. I figure this will help motivate me to keep on track! I also thought this might be something nice to look back on once I’ve lost my extra weight.

My weight goals get lower in such small increments because I’m finding it so difficult to lose weight. I want every bit I lose to be celebrated! I’m more than halfway there – just need to make the final push. 🙂

Weight Diary Day 1:

Starting weight: 142.8 lbs

Current weight today in morning: 130.4 lbs

Goal weights: 129.8 lbs, 128.8 lbs, 127.8 lbs, 126.8 lbs, 125.8 lbs, 124.8 lbs, 123.8 lbs,
122.8 lbs, 122.4 lbs.

Why I weigh this much: I ate some takeaway for dinner last night! I also didn’t drink enough water!


2 thoughts on “Daily Weight Diary!

  1. Good luck with the weight loss! Hopefully it wont become a unhealthy obsession, it did for me and i ended up gaining way too much instead because i ruined my metabolism 😦

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    • Thanks! I don’t think it will become an unhealthy obsession – I just want to lose those 8 lbs then I’m done! I’ve told my boyfriend that if I change my goal to lower than 122.4 lbs, he has to force feed me haha! I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you 😦


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