Lush Cupid Bath Bomb Review.

Cupid Bath Bomb:

Rating: 4/5


If you want a super bright bath, don’t get this bath bomb! Cupid leaves an extremely subtle colour to your bath water – around as subtle (or possibly even more subtle) as the colour that Think Pink leaves your bath water.

The subtle colour of the bath water means that the colour of any products you use during your bath will ultimately dictate the colour of your bath water. My bath water ended up looking grey – a lot like how The Experimenter leaves your water!

The scent of this bath bomb is incredibly sweet – a sort of candy raspberry scent. If you don’t like sweet scents very much, steer clear from this one!

It’s very clear that this is a feminine bath bomb – it is in the shape of a heart with an arrow going through it, smells sweet and fruity, and leaves your bath water a subtle pink hue. A lot of males may not like this bath bomb!

This bath bomb was an exclusive product for Valentine’s Day this year – so if you do happen to really enjoy it, you’ll have a difficult time stocking up on it!

I found that Cupid Bath Bomb started to become very dusty quite quickly, so it isn’t one you can leave for too long without using it.

Almost instantly, Cupid Bath Bomb sank when placed in my bath. This made it quite difficult to tell when the bath bomb had finished fizzing away.

I found Cupid to be quite a slow fizzer, and that it doesn’t do all that much whilst fizzing away, The show was a little tedious to be honest!


I loved the scent of Cupid. It smells, as I said earlier, like candy raspberries! If you LOVE sweet berry scents, you’ll love the smell of Cupid!

A pro for those of you who are quite girly at heart – this is a very feminine bath bomb!

The entire concept of Cupid is very cute. It has an adorable shape and name!

This is definitely a romantic bath bomb too, and would make for the perfect bath on Valentines Day or an anniversary!

This bath bombs is pretty simple, which some people might really like. I don’t enjoy completely opaque baths so much to be honest – I like to be able to see myself under the bath water a little bit!

I definitely found that Cupid left my bath water super silky, moisturising and soft.

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I think this was a pleasant bath bomb – but not necessarily one I’d call my favourite. It makes for a nice, casual and feminine bath. I thought the scent was absolutely lovely, and the design was adorable!

I’m going to give Cupid Bath Bomb a 4/5* rating. It really was lovely – just not the absolute best!

– Storm


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