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I found this tag on Youtube, I hope you enjoy!

1. Where did you and your partner first meet?

Me and my partner Richard didn’t actually meet in person for a while! We technically first met eachother on MSN Messenger. Me and a mutual went on webcam with eachother, and Richard was at this mutual friend’s house. We used to talk a lot on MSN, but didn’t meet in person for a long time. One day, I was in Richard’s home town with a friend, and I randomly recognised him walk past a few meters away. This is a busy high street – it was just chance that I looked and spotted him at the right time. I ran up to him and hugged him straight away! So, we first met in person in the highstreet of the town Richard lived in at the time.

2. When did you and your partner first meet?

I think we were both near the end of Year 8 of Secondary School when we first met – so I was probably 13 and he was probably 12 years old. That was 10 years ago! This is when we met online, but in person we both met possibly almost a year later I’d say – when I was 14 and him 13.

3. Where was your first date with each other? 

I think our first date was technically at this Thai restaurant in central London. I was in London because I was taking a train later that day to go to Bedford and stay with my sister for a bit, and he took me to a Thai restaurant to go and eat some food. I didn’t think of it as a date at the time – I didn’t even think that he liked me to be honest! But he has told me since that he thought of it as a date 🙂 It was quite a romantic day – we went to an art museum too, and spent quite a bit of time looking over a bridge (I don’t remember which one now…,) watching the pouring rain hit the river Thames. This was just before we started officially going out, just over 3 1/2 years ago!

4. What was your first impression of your partner?

My first impression of Richard was that he seemed really unusual and kinda weird. When I first saw him on that webcam, he had long, dark hair, very pale skin and was very tall and slim. And he seemed super shady – he was just sitting there quietly in the background. I dunno, I just thought he seemed really interesting, and I really wanted to know more about him!

5. When did you meet each other’s family?

I met Richards family when I first started living with him, his mother and his brother. Again, this was just over 3 1/2 years ago. Basically, I needed somewhere to stay in London while I was applying to colleges and going to interviews, and Richard said I could stay there for a little bit. I basically never left… Oops! I also randomly saw his father once at an airport, boarding the same plane as me. I never said anything to him though because I had never met him before, but after some investiagtion, I’m 100% sure that it was him! I have also met his grandparents on both sides, his aunties and his cousins during Christmas times. Richard sort of met my family bit by bit throughout the years we have been together, but he has met everyone I consider to be family to me now. He first met my mother very briefly when she came to pick me up from his house. Me and my mother were going on a little road trip through Europe together. That was around 2 years ago. He then met my older brother that Summer I think, when we all went to hang out in London together. Early the following year, Richard met my little sister. She had just come back from abroad, and I took her to Richard’s house so we could hang out for a bit, before she had to head back home. In late Spring the same year, Richard met my eldest sister, my niece, my nephew and their cat when he came with me to Bedford, where I was going to sit some A level exams. Finally, Richard met my father , my little brother, their dog and their 2 cats when we flew over to my family’s home in Scotland last Summer!

6. Who said I love you first?

I’m 99.9% certain that I said I love you first – the same evening we officially became a couple! He definitely said it back though 😉

7. What weird habits does your partner have?

My partner has this pacing habit. It isn’t the first time I’ve witnessed it, but basically he will just frantically pace around the house when he is in deep thought and is trying to focus on something. It can drive me absolutely nuts! It’s strange to me because when I need to focus, the majority of the time I like to keep completely still…

8. How long have you been together?

Just over 3 1/2 years! We have had little breaks in between, but we’ve not been in relationships with anyone else during those breaks and always got back together after a very short amount of time. Our anniversary is 19th August 2013 🙂

9. What is the first thing you noticed about your partner?

I first noticed Richard’s hair probably, because it stood out to me! Dark, straight, long hair on a 12 year old guy. I don’t know, I didn’t really see that sort of hair on guys very often when I was that age.

10. What pisses you off about your partner?

I don’t like to say that anything about him pisses me off! If I had to say something, it would probably be that sometimes I am talking to him for ages, and it is obvious that I want to have a proper conversation with him, all the while he is just looking down at something on his phone! It isn’t a massive deal though, and if I ask him to focus on having a conversation with me and to stop looking at his phone then he always does.

11. What isn’t your partner good at?

He’s good at a lot of things, so this is a really difficult question! I would have to say multitasking. He likes to think that he can listen to what I’m saying at the same time as looking at something on his phone, but he rarely remembers what I just spent the last 15 minutes saying to him! Also, sometimes he will be looking directly at me, as though he is listening when actually, there is something in his mind that he just can’t stop thinking about, and he will be focused on that instead! Again, he just won’t be able to repeat what I had been saying when I ask during these times. It’s all okay though, he’s lovely 🙂

12. What is your partner good at?

SO much!!! He’s brilliant at a lot of things. He’s good at making me feel like a special, girly, cute, beautiful princess. He’s very good at romantic gestures – for Valentine’s day and anniversaries for example. He’s really good at buying gifts. He’s a fantastic cook. He’s very good at being patient and calm. Richard is a brilliant programmer, and is also great at teaching and leading his team mates at work. Richard is great at loving unconditionally. He’s pretty damn good at socialising too considering how much of an introvert he is – his colleagues all seem to think he’s pretty great. He’s great at coming up with new ideas. Most of all, he’s very good at being Richard 😀

13. What do you and your partner argue about the most?

Probably me wanting more attention! I absolutely love attention from my boyfriend because well, I love him, and also because there isn’t really anyone else in my life who I want attention from. So most arguments are probably me saying I want more attention, but it’s all cool 🙂 We are working toward  balancing on the fine line between giving each other TOO MUCH attention and between giving each other TOO MUCH space!

14. What is your partner’s favourite restaurant? 

Mmm… I am not 100% sure. I’m not sure what the actual restaurant is called where he likes to order it from, but I’m going to say Chinese food. Specifically Singapore Vegetable Rice Noodles, Mapo Tofu, Steamed White Rice and Vegetable Spring Rolls. That’s his all time favourite, I can assure you of that. He’d probably be happy if I ordered that for him every night!

15. What are 3 things you hate and you love about your partner?

Things I “hate” about my partner: I don’t like it when Richard isn’t focusing on what I’m saying while I’m trying to speak to him, I don’t like when Richard assumes I’m angry when I want some time to myself and I don’t like when Richard defends people who personally hurt me!
Things I love about my partner: I love how caring Richard is, I love how handsome Richard is and I love how unique and special Richard’s mind is 🙂

That’s all the questions! I answered as honestly as I could. I think it is important to be honest because some couples may think that something in their relationship is wrong, or that they love weirdly or something. Social media generally only portrays all the perfect parts of a relationship – the parts they know everyone will be jealous of and say “relationship goals” to. But that isn’t a true relationship. A real relationship is really, truly getting to know one another – flaws and all, and still loving one another, unconditionally.

Most importantly, a relationship is about learning together. Learning how to live in harmony with another different human being. Learning how to overcome obstacles and compromise. Learning when you’re wrong and when you’re right, learning to say sorry and to forgive. A relationship is about teaching one another how to love themselves, for the beauty we see in them. It is about learning about love, life and the world together.

– Storm


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