Hey everyone!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to every single one of you for following my blog. I have hit 40 followers!

That might not be a mahoosive number, but I am happy to say that I gained every single one of you guys as followers by writing what I enjoy to write about. My site is from the heart and is very genuine, so I know that all of you guys genuinely like to read what I like to write – which is fantastic!

Anyways, Justin Bieber started out with 40 followers on his Twitter on 28th September 2009, which grew to 500,000 followers by Nov 18th 2009! 40 followers is definitely a good start, and even if I were to stay at 40 followers, maybe that just means there are only 40 people with the same interests as me… Which is totally cool! Nothing wrong with being unusual 😉


– Storm


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