Why I’m a Vegan.

WARNING: If you are sensitive to vegans being blunt, don’t read this post. For a vegan to be a vegan, it must be something they believe in very strongly. I say it as I see it, I’m not going to be sugar-coating anything on my blog.

There are many different types of reasons why veganism just… Makes sense. These different reasons appeal to many different sides of me:

  1. The ethical, nature loving side of me:animals-02.jpgI never understood those people who say they love animals, and then go and eat meat for lunch and dinner. I never understood those people ignorant enough to want to remain naive and blind to the truth, and refuse to listen to or watch the reasons why vegetarians and vegans do what they do. It just makes absolutely ZERO sense. It is an argument you cannot win. It is impossible to be an animal lover, and to consume them at the same time.


    It doesn’t take a genius to see that for a meal comprised of meat to be made, an animal was killed. Whether it was “humanely” or not, it was killed for you to consume. How would you like to be killed to be consumed? How would you like your daughter, son, sister, brother, mother or father to be killed and consumed? It would seem wrong for a person to do that, right? Unethical? Even for someone to do that to a cat or a puppy, it would be viewed as unethical – no matter how “humane” the death was. Why is it so hard to program that it is no different for farm animals…? Don’t call yourself an animal lover people. Say you love pets, but don’t give a damn about other animals if you eat meat. I don’t care if I’m being rude or blunt – I can assure you that you eating animals is far more offensive to me, than me pointing out the fact, is offensive to you.

    Regardless, the majority of animal products that people purchase and consume is not “humanely” sourced (whatever the hell an ethical death means…) Whether it is meat, eggs or milk, chances are it has been from a factory farm. Again, it doesn’t take a genius to know the suffering that goes on in those places.


    A cow will have its offspring torn away from them as soon as they are born, which is evidently emotionally agonizing for both the calf and the mother cow. In the milking industry, males calves will generally be slaughtered straight away, whereas females will be raised to also be milking cows. The mother will continue to be milked and milked and milked. Often, mother cow’s legs will BREAK as they are crushed under the weight of their udders – which become so heavy due to the overproduction of milk, selective breeding so that the cows have abnormally large udders to begin with, as well as all the weird crap they pump into their bodies to stimulate production of milk.

    Even if you DO only buy organic, “ethical” animal produce, does that really make it okay…? I’ve already said about how killing an animal to consume is wrong, no matter how you do it. In my opinion, the same goes for milk and eggs. To put it simply, it is using an animal as a product, and taking what is theirs. The milk a cow produces is for its offspring. Their body is producing that milk for their child, just as a woman produces milk for her baby. It just is plain wrong to keep milking a cow, causing it to overproduce milk so that you can reap more produce from it. Imagine somebody just going up to a woman and doing that to her!!! It is painful for a cow to produce more milk than is needed. This bull about the cow needing to be milked, because otherwise it will be in pain and… explode?!?! I’ve literally heard that before from old friends! They won’t explode – do you really think cows would just be exploding in fields somewhere if it weren’t for humans interfering and milking them…? The only reason they MAY find some relief from being milked is because of HUMANS OVER MILKING THEM in the FIRST PLACE.


    Honey? Bees use honey to create their little homes and to use as a source of food. Humans take that honey and instead supply bees with glucose. Bees NEED honey, glucose just doesn’t give their little bodies all that they need. Again, it quite simply is taking what is not ours, which is the main concept of veganism.

    The same goes for eggs pretty much!

    If you want to take your first step toward TRULY caring about animals, try uncovering your eyes and watching some YouTube videos on the subject – Earthlings is a really good video to start on.

    Also, the “well you murder plants” argument. Yes, I eat plants, and I don’t even like doing that. That IS however something that is necessary to humans. Eating animal produce is not. Even then, I’d give being a fruitarian a shot to avoid unnecessary killing of plants! “But, you eating plants is worse than you eating meat, because it means more murders and uses up more energy and if we all did that then the world would be overrun by animals and there would be no plants left”. Bitch please. Again. I don’t like killing plants, but I am doing the BEST I can do at the PRESENT that is WITHIN REASON. I am not perfect, but I’m trying. There are only so many farm animals in the first place due to us breeding them for meat – they really would not rule the world if we weren’t to kill them and even if they did – so what? It’s their planet too. We’d not think it fair if another animal started killing humans in mass number to prevent us from ruling the planet, so why would it be okay to do that to animals? Also, plants grow far easier than animals do. The plant population would be completely fine if we were all vegan…

  2. The logical reasoning side of me.test3.jpg– Having animal produce just doesn’t make sense to me to begin with. Maybe it is because I was brought up vegetarian and went vegan when I was a child. When I go into a supermarket, I see animal produce exactly for what it is. I see chopped up pieces of meat as just that – chunks of flesh oozing in blood, wrapped up neatly in a package to be bought. I have never seen it as food, because I have never eaten it. It would hardly be different to me if it were PEOPLE cut up and packaged neatly on shelves to be bought and CONSUMED. It seems just as messed up to me, and I can’t believe that most people don’t even see it for what it is. It is disgusting and barbaric.


    The same goes for the dairy aisle – cow’s milk is literally the milk produced for a baby cow. If it were human milk all bottled up, people would think it were disgusting. That scenario would actually make more sense to me. We are not baby cows, we do not need those concentrations of micro and macro nutrients that cow’s milk contains. The contents of milk is literally geared towards growing a baby cow. Are you a cow? No. For most of you reading, you also probably don’t need growth promoted – especially not at the levels that a baby cow does.

    Eggs are literally unfertilized ovum that has come from inside a female chickens reproductive system. It was a part of her body. It isn’t really something I’m keen on eating. Thanks but no thanks.

    Honey is literally the vomit of a bee. I don’t care how good that crap tastes. I wouldn’t go and eat your vomit if it tasted sweet, and I’m not going to go eating a bee’s either!


    I have been a vegetarian my entire life. We do not NEED to DEPEND on CONSUMING ANIMALS to SURVIVE or to be HEALTHY.

    I have been a vegan since I was 10 years old (13 years now.)  We do not NEED to DEPEND on CONSUMING ANIMAL PRODUCTS to SURVIVE or to be HEALTHY.

  3. The side of me that hates gross things…– Again, I don’t find the idea of eating meat, drinking milk, eating eggs or honey appealing personally, for all of the reasons above. Besides that are the little things that accidentally get mixed in with these products. Factory farmed milk contains pus. Yes – ALL factory farmed milk. Not a small amount either. Factory farmed cows are hooked up to milking machines, and are milked very intensively. This causes their udders to inevitably become sore, and infection arise.Honestly, whenever I think about eggs, all I can think of is the fact that I’d be eating an ovum… Euk! Whenever I think about milk, I think about all the pus I’d be drinking! When I think about honey, I think about vomit… When I think about meat, well, I just think about what it is. I think about consuming a cut up body. Tasty. Not.
  4. The side of me that wants to be healthy.d827a1b635a36ab850de363712ac0b76– Search nutrient density chart into google images. The foods with high levels are the sorts of foods you mainly want to be eating. Those are the foods where you get the most nutrients for every calorie you eat. 2,000 calories worth of nutrient dense foods vs 2,000 calories worth of non nutrient dense foods – which one do you think would be healthier? I’m not saying we all should be living off of kale – of course not. And, variety is healthy. Regardless, there are beans where you get more protein per gram than you do for meat. But – those proteins aren’t complete. They don’t contain all the amino acids. There are SO MANY foods that contain different types of proteins – in fact, almost every food contains protein. If you are still worried, take a multi vitamin. As I said before, I’ve been doing this my entire life and I’m not lacking in nutrients. The only thing I could do with more of is vitamin D (damn you British weather!)

    Anyways, so on nutrient density charts, you can clearly see that meat and dairy is generally quite a bit less nutritious than vegan alternatives. So in fact, by being a vegan and not actually allowing yourself to eat animal products, you are likely to start eating more nutritious foods – due to those being what is mostly available! Okay, so you could be an unhealthy vegan and just eat vegan white chocolate, vegan vanilla ice cream, chips etc, but even those will likely be more nutritious than their dairy alternatives.

  5. The lazy side of me.Why-Vegan---element62– Not long ago, being a vegan was damn hard. Today, it couldn’t be easier. There is a vegan alternative for almost every single food containing dairy and or meat. The internet is full of recipes for delicious vegan food. The majority of vegan food you don’t even have to read through all the ingredients anymore, because most companies are kind enough to stick a Vegan logo on these foods! It truly couldn’t be easier.


At the end of the day, it’s down to you. I have had so many people ask why I am vegan over the years, so I guess this is my explanation. I’m lucky that I was brought up vegetarian – this process has been clear and easy to me. I don’t think anyone is a bad person if they don’t fully understand all of this stuff. I do think people aren’t particularly good if they are fully aware of all this stuff and still can’t be bothered to try being a vegan.

I refuse to believe that humans need to rely on animals to be healthy. Heck, I’m living proof of that. It is a learning process, and it can be done wrong. Honestly, I don’t even take a multivitamin everyday, but I really should. I have calcium + magnesium, multi vitamins and vitamin D supplements all on my kitchen side (which I take when I remember to.) I steer away from foods which I KNOW will lead to deficiencies – like bread, chips, ice cream, sweets… As long as you use your head, it really isn’t difficult, and nothing makes more sense to me!

I can’t think of any points I haven’t really covered – apart from the argument that we are supposed to eat meat (our teeth and bodies are designed for it, that our ancestors and cavemen did it etc.) I recently watched a YouTube video explaining how findings of, well, basically fossilized poop of cavemen shows that their diet was predominantly plant based. They were scavengers – they didn’t have the resources we have. We are not cavemen today, and we don’t need to eat animal produce out of it being all we can find anymore. Also, our teeth are far closer to animals with predominantly plant based diets than animals with predominantly animal based diets.


There’s also the argument that well, meat is just tasty. I don’t know what I can say to that, as I’ve never tried the stuff. Perhaps if you took a bite out of your own arm, you’d also find it to be tasty. I don’t know. To me that stuff just isn’t for eating, full stop, so it being tasty is sort of irrelevant. And I do know how vegan dairy alternatives taste vs vegetarian dairy foods and let me tell you, it is great. Vegan ice cream is tastier than any dairy ice cream I’ve ever had, the milkshakes don’t come with that nasty aftertaste that milk gives you and mmm… iChoc… is the best damn chocolate in the world… AND my homemade vegan cake is better than any dairy store bought cake I’ve ever tried!



Lush Cupid Bath Bomb Review.

Cupid Bath Bomb:

Rating: 4/5


If you want a super bright bath, don’t get this bath bomb! Cupid leaves an extremely subtle colour to your bath water – around as subtle (or possibly even more subtle) as the colour that Think Pink leaves your bath water.

The subtle colour of the bath water means that the colour of any products you use during your bath will ultimately dictate the colour of your bath water. My bath water ended up looking grey – a lot like how The Experimenter leaves your water!

The scent of this bath bomb is incredibly sweet – a sort of candy raspberry scent. If you don’t like sweet scents very much, steer clear from this one!

It’s very clear that this is a feminine bath bomb – it is in the shape of a heart with an arrow going through it, smells sweet and fruity, and leaves your bath water a subtle pink hue. A lot of males may not like this bath bomb!

This bath bomb was an exclusive product for Valentine’s Day this year – so if you do happen to really enjoy it, you’ll have a difficult time stocking up on it!

I found that Cupid Bath Bomb started to become very dusty quite quickly, so it isn’t one you can leave for too long without using it.

Almost instantly, Cupid Bath Bomb sank when placed in my bath. This made it quite difficult to tell when the bath bomb had finished fizzing away.

I found Cupid to be quite a slow fizzer, and that it doesn’t do all that much whilst fizzing away, The show was a little tedious to be honest!


I loved the scent of Cupid. It smells, as I said earlier, like candy raspberries! If you LOVE sweet berry scents, you’ll love the smell of Cupid!

A pro for those of you who are quite girly at heart – this is a very feminine bath bomb!

The entire concept of Cupid is very cute. It has an adorable shape and name!

This is definitely a romantic bath bomb too, and would make for the perfect bath on Valentines Day or an anniversary!

This bath bombs is pretty simple, which some people might really like. I don’t enjoy completely opaque baths so much to be honest – I like to be able to see myself under the bath water a little bit!

I definitely found that Cupid left my bath water super silky, moisturising and soft.

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I think this was a pleasant bath bomb – but not necessarily one I’d call my favourite. It makes for a nice, casual and feminine bath. I thought the scent was absolutely lovely, and the design was adorable!

I’m going to give Cupid Bath Bomb a 4/5* rating. It really was lovely – just not the absolute best!

– Storm


If not now, then when?

Everyone has times where they feel like they just have so many tasks that they need and want to do, just piling up and up and up. Even those things that aren’t tedious jobs – like that book you bought a couple of months ago and have been meaning to read, or the fact that you wanted to begin painting, but never quite got round to it. It could be something big – re-decorating the house and doing a massive spring clean – or something small, like giving yourself the time to relax and to finally use that exciting bath bomb that you’ve hoarded for so long.

We are always thinking ahead, planning ahead. That’s okay – I think thinking ahead is very healthy, and gives everyday personal meaning, because everyday is step forward toward your dreams. However, sometimes in always thinking ahead, in always putting off the “less pressing” tasks, we end up with this backlog in our mind of all the things we never ALLOW ourselves to do, due to labelling them as being less of a priority.

Sometimes, we just need to say to ourselves…

If not now, then when?

When you next have some time, even just an hour away from being in college, from being in University, from being at work… Ask yourself: If not now, then when? Then decide on something that you really don’t WANT to be left for another week, another month, another season, another year… And just DO it. Get it done. Get up, stop overthinking about whether it is the most pressing thing that you need to do at the minute and just do it!

I’ll be posting about some of the things I achieve after asking myself this exact question!

Go on, what are you waiting for!

– Storm


Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume

Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume (100g)

Rating: 4/5*


The scent of this conditioner is STRONG. EXTREMELY strong! If you don’t like the scent of flowers then seriously, give this one a miss, because it has an extremely strong floral scent to it.

This conditioner doesn’t go a long way. You need a decent amount of product to truly condition your hair. Not absolutely tons, but definitely not a small amount. This product wont last you very long!

I found this conditioner to make my roots a little greasy. I don’t actually apply conditioner to my roots, but after conditioning my ends, I do sort of spread the product throughout all of my hair. I also comb the conditioner through the entire length of my hair before rinsing it out. Once I used this product in the evening, and the next morning, I have to wash my fringe again before going to college. As I said, I didn’t even apply the conditioner directly to my fringe or roots – only to my ends! If you have a fringe or your hair gets oily quite fast at the roots, I might stay away from this one!

This is an extremely expensive product – the most expensive conditioner that Lush do. I’d advise you try a sample of this conditioner before purchasing it, as a little 100g bottle of it costs £9.95!


I personally like the smell of this conditioner a lot. It smells really fresh and makes me feel happy. It reminds me of the outdoors, of nature and of the Summertime 🙂 If you like very natural, floral, outdoorsy scents, you’ll really like the smell of Happy Happy Joy Joy!

After rinsing the product out of the hair, a scent lingers – but not the exact same scent as the product smells in its container. The musky floral scent of the product is hardly present, and instead the scent is much more zesty and citrusy. I think it smells lovely in the hair!

This product did condition my hair very well (almost too well!) My hair felt almost perfectly conditioned after using Happy Happy Joy Joy in face, and I only needed the smallest amount of R&B Hair moisturiser to reach that perfect level. If you are in some SERIOUS need of hydration for your hair, try this conditioner! This finding seems odd to me, considering that most reviews that that this conditioner is extremely light. Perhaps it is because of my hair being extremely straight, very fine and very thin and all natural! Perhaps if you have hair similar to me, you will also find this conditioner to be extremely conditioning!

This conditioner is very natural and it really feels like you are genuinely feeding your hair when you use it. My hair certainly feels healthier after having used this conditioner!

The name… Okay, so it’s just a name, right? But Happy Happy Joy Joy is just such a happy, cute, uplifting name, how could you not love it?!

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, this is an absolutely lovely conditioner from Lush. It just smells so happy, outdoorsy and natural! It also actually works extremely well at conditioning the hair (at least for my hair!) I found this conditioner to actually be TOO conditioning for my fringe area, but only just not conditioning enough for my ends. Considering that I didn’t even actually apply the conditioner to my fringe area, I’m not quite sure how I would be able to find balance with this product! The scent is very strong before rinsing it out – possibly even almost TOO strong. But I do really like it!

Overall, I’m going to have to give this lovely conditioner a 4/5* rating. If it would just leave my fringe and root area a little less oily, I’d probably give it a higher rating!

I hope you enjoyed my review!

– Storm


My Entire Lush Collection!

I wrote about this upcoming blog post a few days ago – here it is!

On Sunday, I laid out my entire Lush collection and took plenty of photos. I had just done a miniature Lush haul the day before, and afterwards decided to TRULY ban myself from buying more Lush until I have used up all my bath products.

My collection isn’t exactly massive, but I wouldn’t call it tiny either?

If you want more information about this blog post, I’d suggest you read this post explaining everything in a little more detail.

Just a side note – I’m sorry if my photos are absolutely awful! I’m not a photographer, not even as a hobby or for a bit of fun or anything. I just used my iPhone to take these photos and edited them to make them look a little more life-like.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Hair Care:

photo5945304661718313256 (3)photo5945304661718313256 (2)

  1. Top left – Marilyn Hair Treatment. I had been wanting a way to enhance and liven up my hair colour, without actually CHANGING the colour of my hair… If that makes any sense? I just don’t want to dye it – I love my natural hair colour. Marilyn Hair Treatment sounded like a good way to do just that! I bought this with my own money a couple of months ago in an online order, and am waiting for it to be more sunny to use it!
  2. Top middle – Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume. I picked this up at Lush Oxford Street on Saturday. I’ve used every other vegan conditioner from Lush, so I really wanted to try a sample to see what I think of it.
  3. Top right – R&B Hair Moisturiser. Got Richard to pick this up for me on his way home from work, and paid him back for it! I just thought it sounded absolutely lovely, and at the time I had only tried shampoos and conditioners from Lush’s hair care range. I felt my hair needed a little more attention! I will review this when I have used it all up, but I will say that I am absolutely loving this so far!
  4. Bottom left – Daddy-O Shampoo. I picked this up in the same order as Marilyn – again, because I’ve been looking at ways to enhance my hair colour without actually changing its colour! I have been enjoying this so far and will review it when I have finished it up!
  5. Bottom middle (left) – Rehab Shampoo. Also picked these up on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. The guy gave me 3 samples of the stuff! Enjoying it so far – will review once I have used up my samples! 🙂
  6. Bottom middle (right) – Waves Solid Shampoo. This sample arrived to me in the online order when I purchased Marilyn and Daddy-O.
  7. Bottom right – I Love Juicy Shampoo. Again, picked these up on Saturday from the Oxford Street store, and again, the guy gave me 3 samples of the stuff!

Skin Care:

photo5945304661718313248 (3)photo5945304661718313248 (2)

  1. Top left – Ultrablast Tooth Powder. Bought this with my own money on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. Me and Richard are really enjoying this so far!
  2. Top middle (left) – Prince Of Darkness Fresh Face Mask. I turned in 5 black pots for this face mask. I chose it because of it being exclusive to Oxford Street – I thought that if I was in the store, that might as well be the one that I try! This is a very odd mask – I will be reviewing it when I have finished using it all up!
  3. Top middle (right) – Buche De Noel Face And Body Cleanser. This cleanser I picked up in a gift set during the Boxing Day sale. I was lucky enough to receive a £100 gift card from Richard for Christmas, so I used the gift card for this purchase! A lovely product 🙂
  4. Top right – Let The Good Times Roll Fresh Cleanser. This also came in the gift set that I received Buche De Noel in. Also really lovely! Expect a review soon because as you can see, I’ve almost run out of this one!
  5. First middle – Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Mouthwash Tabs. Picked these up as a sample on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. Never tried mouthwash tabs before!
  6. Second middle – Dark Angels Fresh Cleanser. Picked this up on Saturday from the Oxford Street store!
  7. Third middle – Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face And Body Scrub. Received this as a sample in the online order I did a couple of months ago. I have already reviewed this product on my blog 🙂
  8. Fourth middle – Light Yellow Colour Supplement. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS PRODUCT OMG!!! I bought this on Saturday from the Oxford Street store, as I’ve been wanting to try some of Lush’s makeup range for a while. Can’t wait to use it all up so I can give it a good review – although from what I’ve heard, these things last ages, so you might not have a review on this for another 6 months or so!!!
  9. Fifth middle – Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub. I also bought this using my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. It’s lovely!
  10. Sixth middle – The Kiss Lip Scrub. I received this from a gift set that Richard gave to me on Valentine’s Day. Absolutely loving this one so far!
  11. Seventh middle – Santa Baby Lip Scrub. Also bought this one using my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Not super keen so far, but my opinion could change by time I’ve finished the entire pot!
  12. Eighth middle – Buttered Brazils Lip Balm. Bought this with my own money yonks ago – I believe sometime in February last year! Really nice lip balm.
  13. Ninth middle – Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Tint. Again, bought this using my gift card during the Boxing Day sale! Gorgeous colour!
  14. Bottom left – Coalface Facial Soap. This was my FIRST EVER LUSH PRODUCT that I purchased for myself! I bought this back in September 2015 if I recall correctly. It takes absolutely forever to use up. I literally keep this on the side of my bath and use it every time I shower.
  15. Second bottom – Full Of Grace Serum Bar. Bought this early on last Summer I think. I really like it!
  16. Third bottom – Eau Roma Water Toner Water. I bought this in an online order a couple of months ago. I didn’t have a toner and needed one, and this one sounded really nice according to the reviews on Lush’s UK site.
  17. Fourth bottom – Grease Lightning Spot Treatement. This one I bought a long time ago. I don’t actually remember when exactly, but I’d guess that it was sometime late 2015. I’ve had it for a really long time, and still have some product left!

Body Products:

  1. Top row first product – Mr Sandman Dusting Powder. I bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale last year. This guy smells like Twilight, and I love sprinkling it on my sheets before I get into bed!
  2. Top row second product – Fairy Dust Dusting Powder. Also bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Lovely product!
  3. Second row first product – Snow Fairy Shower Gel. Received this as a gift from Richard for Christmas in 2015. Still have some left!
  4. Second row second product – Ponche Shower Gel. Bought using my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  5. Second row third product – Twilight Shower Gel. Bought using my gift card from the Oxford Street store a little after Boxing Day last year – but the sale was still on!
    .Extremely chuffed to have grabbed this before the sale ended – my only other way to try Twilight would have been the Relax gift set!
  6. Second row fourth product – Bubbly Shower Gel. Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Smells like Celebrate!
  7. Second row fifth product – Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream. Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Haven’t tried this one yet, although I know it is extremely popular!
  8. Second row sixth product – Prince Charming Shower Cream. Received this in a gift set from Richard on Valentine’s Day. ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS PRODUCT!!! It smells INCREDIBLE!!!
  9. Third row first product – Snow Fairy Fun. I bought this during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card. It sort of got all mushy and horrid in its original packaging, so I put it in an empty black pot. I mostly use this to shave with at the minute. It is lovely!
  10. Third row second product – Snowman Shower Jelly. Again, bought during the Boxing Day sale with my gift card. This shower jelly is so messy – it has somehow gotten all over the pot, and I haven’t even used it yet!
  11. Third row third product – Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly. I bought this around Easter time last year. I have used it, but it just seems to last for absolutely ever! It is so adorable, and smells good enough to eat!
  12. Third row fourth product – Refresher Shower Jelly. I received this in a gift set from my partner sometime in January last year. It is really lovely and again, lasts absolutely AGES!!!
  13. Fourth row first product – Tropical Jungle Body Lotion. I bought this from the Lush Kitchen around March last year I believe. I have used most of it up now, but still have some left! It is lovely – especially in the Summer 🙂
  14. Fourth row second product – Sleepy Hand And Body Lotion. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Absolutely loving this one so far!
  15. Fourth row third product – Christingle Body Conditioner. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. This one is… Interesting… I don’t know what to think of this product so far, but I have a bad feeling that I hate it! I just don’t like to feel cold, and that’s exactly what this product does – make you feel really, really, REALLY COLD!!! I could change my mind by the end of the pot though, which is when I’ll review this product!
  16. Fourth row fourth product – Kiss Me Quick Business Wash Card. I bought this a couple of months ago in an online order, because I wanted to try something from the Valentine’s Day collection buy didn’t want to spend tons of money! I haven’t used it yet, but am very curious to see what it is like…
  17. Fifth row first product – Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub. I bought this for myself on Saturday from Lush Oxford Street. I had never tried it before, and wanted a new body scrub. It is so affordable, I couldn’t just leave it behind! Haven’t tried it yet.
  18. Fifth row second product – Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar. Also bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. Haven’t tried Fit yet, but I’m guessing it will look beautiful on my legs during the Summer!
  19. Fifth row third product – From Dusk ‘Til Dawn Massage Bar. I’ve had this guy for around a year now, and there’s still some left! I love massages from my partner, and he will usually use this bar. It smells incredible!
  20. Fifth row fourth product – Love Spell Massage Bar. I received this in a gift set from my partner on Valentine’s Day. Love it!

Hand Products:

(I only really use soaps on my hands now!)

  1. Top row first product – Santa’s Postbox Soap Soap. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale! I just wanted to grab anything that I saw that was a holiday exclusive item…
  2. Top row second product – Fireside Soap. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  3. Top row third product – Snowcastle Soap. I loved Snowcake soap Christmas 2015, so I wanted to give this new design a try! Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  4. Top row fourth product – Reindeer Rock Soap. Again, I loved the Christmas 2015 version of this soap, so I wanted to give this design a try! Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  5. Second row first product – Igloo Soap. Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale.
  6. Second row second product – Yog Log Roulade. I loved Yog Nog Soap Christmas 2015, so really wanted to give this a go! This was the smallest chunk that I could grab at the time, and it is massive! Even at 50% off, it was £6-£7! Doesn’t smell as good as Yog Nog Soap, but we will have to see! Bought with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale!
  7. Second row third product – Magic Wand Soap. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale!
  8. Second row fourth product – Shooting Stars Soap. Bought this with my gift card during the Boxing Day sale. It is such a massive chunk! It was the smallest chunk there – and I know you can ask to have a smaller piece cut, but I was just trying to be as quick as possible to grab everything I wanted, since it was a sale!
  9. Third row first product – Love Soap. Bought this in an online order a couple of months ago. It came from the Kitchen!
  10. Third row second product – Love You, Love You Lots Soap. Received this on Valentine’s Day in a gift set from Richard!
  11. Third row third product – Layer Cake Soap. Received this in a gift set from my partner sometime in January last year. I’m currently using this one, which is why it is in a soap dish 🙂
  12. Third row fourth product – Golden Handshake Hot Hand Mask. I bought this on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. I’ve never tried a hand mask before, so really wanted to give this one a go!

Bath Products:

photo5945304661718313240 (3)photo5945304661718313240 (2)

  1. Top row first product – Northern Lights Bath Bomb. Got this in the Boxing Day sale with my gift card!
  2. Top row second product – Stardust Bath Bomb. Bought this in a gift set that Richard found during the Boxing Day sale, using my gift card 😀
  3. Top row third product – Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb. Bought this during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card 😀
  4. Top row fourth product – Butterbear Bath Bomb. I received this as a gift from Richard on Christmas Day, along with the £100 gift card he gave me! He knows I love Butterbear. I left him in his bag, because he’s all broken 😦 Will have to use him soon!
  5. Top row fifth product – Butterbear Bath Bomb. Another Butterbear that I received from Richard on Christmas Day! Sooooooo cute, absolutely adore this bath bomb!!!
  6. Second row first product – Mistletoe Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card!
  7. Second row second product – So White Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card.
  8. Second row third product – Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card!
  9. Second row fourth product – Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Dy sale using my gift card!
  10. Second row fifth product – Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale using my gift card. LOVE the Twilight scent of this one, can’t wait to use it!
  11. Second row sixth product – Satsuma Bath Bomb. Bought during the Boxing Day sale with my gift card from the Oxford Street store!
  12. Third row first product – Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb. Bought this in Berlin around a month ago, because I thought it wouldn’t stick around for long! Smells amazing.
  13. Third row second product – Cupid Bath Bomb. Also bought this in Berlin around a month ago, before it went out of stock!
  14. Third row third product – Roller Bath Bomb. Richard gave this to me on Valentine’s Day!
  15. Third row fourth product – Buy One, Set One Free Bath Bomb. I bought this on Saturday from the Oxford Street store. It’s for a really good cause, so I couldn’t just leave it behind!
  16. Fourth row first product – The Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar. Bought this during the Boxing Day Sale with my gift card! I bought this a few days after Boxing Day from the Oxford Street store, and was so chuffed that they still had some in stock – other stores I went into had run out!!!
  17. Fourth row second product – Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar. Bought this during the Boxing Day sale with my gift card.
  18. Fourth row third product – Snowie Bubble Bar. Bought this during the Boxing Day sale with my gift card.
  19. Fourth row fourth product (top) – Magic Bubbles Bubble Bar. I bought this sometime between October 17th and November 12th last year. I’m not 100% sure when, but I know it was a weekend… I bought this in the Oxford Street store, and it is a kitchen exclusive! I’m currently using it which is why it is in a Lush tin – so expect a review fairly soon!
  20. Fourth row row fifth product (bottom) – Flower’s Barrow Bath Oil. I bought this last Saturday from the Oxford Street store. I have never tried a bath oil before, and thought this one looked really interesting!

My Entire Collection:

photo5945304661718313231 (3)photo5945304661718313231 (2)

Well, that’s everything! Minus anything I’ve lost, knot wraps and any containers. This is my entire current collection of Lush products!

I’m now on a ban, until I’ve finished up using all of those lovely bath products!

As I said before, all of these products were either from my partner (in the form of a gift or bought using a gift card that he gave me,) or I have bought them myself!

These aren’t all the Lush products I have EVER owned. Any reviews I have written are of other products I have previously owned!

I hope you enjoyed this post. It has taken me a while to write!

– Storm


Things I’m grateful for / not so grateful for having in my life.

I was just having a little think about my life earlier, when I thought about writing this post. I thought that really thinking about the things I want to chase after in my life vs the things I no longer need to chase for, would be really valuable to me.

The things I am most grateful for in my life:

In order of them popping into my head…

I am grateful for my partner, Richard. Without him, I don’t even know what position I would be in today. He has truly changed my life, and it is an absolute honor to be with such a lovely person. He has taken care of me in so many ways over the past 3-4 years. Richard means the absolute world to me!!!

My family all being alive and well. I am so grateful to still have my parents and all my siblings alive and healthy. I can’t imagine it not being this way, yet at the same time, I know they can’t actually live forever. I just want it to stay this way for absolutely ever.

I am grateful for Lush! Lush makes me so truly happy. It has been a fantastic company for my mental health, and genuinely can easily turn a sad day into a happy one for me. Thank you Lush!

I am grateful for having another chance at getting onto an Astrophysics degree. This is the fourth year I have spent studying at pre-degree level, but I really think I’m going to get onto my degree this year! Some of the teaching this year has been truly brilliant, and I have learnt so much.

I am grateful for our landlord! He has said that we can decorate the flat how we like, put up pictures wherever we want, and he pretty much just leaves us be! This flat is absolutely gorgeous, and in a really good location! I love this flat to death and am so grateful I get to live here with Richard!

I am grateful for all I have done for myself in the past, to get myself to where I am today. It has been tough work! I had to sort out a bank account, somewhere to live, income, my passport, my education etc etc etc all in an incredibly short amount of time. When I first came back to England, everything was incredibly difficult, and I really struggled through. 4 years later and things are so much easier! Still not perfect but pretty damn good.

I’m grateful for the gorgeous sun being out today! I love Summer – I love the heat, I love the sunshine, I love everything about Summer! I know it is still spring, but I am so glad we are headed toward warmer weather – rather than the other way round!

I’m grateful that I’m a British citizen. I know my life is easier and more comfortable than a lot of people’s for this reason alone. Life in England is relatively easy as it is, but it is even easier when you’re a citizen of the place.

I’m grateful for mine and my partner’s health. We’re not dying, have never been seriously injured or unwell… We are both incredibly lucky!

I’m grateful for vegan food! There are so many options for us vegans now, that there’s really no excuse at all if you’re an animal lover! It’s just so easy! There are tons of PURELY VEGAN restaurants scattered over the place (just search on Happy Cow to find them!) There are also tons of vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants. What about if you want to eat at home? Even easier! I literally have 3 health food stores within a 15 minute walk away. In each, there is vegan ice cream, yoghurt, burgers, sausages, white chocolate, milk chocolate, fillets, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, jelly sweets, flapjacks, cake… And then there’s the supermarks – there’s also 3 miniature supermarkets within a 15 minute walk from my home! I literally cannot think of anything that I can’t get from a store within 15 minute walk away that is a vegan version of foods that contain animal products.

I would have listed more things, but I have so much to be grateful for, and I feel like it could all become a little too general if I kept going! (E.g. saying I’m grateful for life on the planet, for star trek, for colour existing…)

The things I’m not so grateful for in my life (things I’m trying to change!)

That I live so far away from my family members. I mean, they’re not exactly impossible to reach – they do all live on the same island as I do! It’s just that I can’t really just go and see them whenever I’d like to, which is a shame. To travel to them costs quite a bit of money – not tons, but again, too much to see them every week for example. Plus, they all live in different places, so I can’t even go and see them all in one go!

That I don’t have that much money! I really want a job, but have no work experience. Having no work experience whatsoever at the age of 23 makes an unappealing employee, which I think is why I haven’t managed to secure a job yet. I’ll keep trying though of course, I’d really like the extra money!

How low energy I feel almost all the time. I hardly get anything done – I’m just always so drained and exhausted. I feel like I need to sleep so often, and I hate it! I wish I just could have more energy to achieve all of the things I want to in my day.

The mess in our flat! This flat needs a massive clean-out and tidy, and I’m really dreading it! There’s so much to be done, it’s going to be really hard work and take such a long time!

Not having any friends! I have my partner, but other than that…? Okay, saying I have no friedns might be a little bit harsh to those people who may consider me to be one of their friends. At college, there are some people who I like to hang out with while I’m there. I don’t know if they really count as friends though? I guess what I mean to say is that I’m not grateful that I don’t have any CLOSE friends (besides Richard.)

HOW EXPENSIVE LUSH IS. Lush makes me so happy, but I can barely afford the stuff! Please Lush, lower them prices a little!

How many hours my partner works per week. I don’t see him all that much, which makes me miss him so much 😦 I wish he worked less hours!

I’m kinda not grateful for the fact that I didn’t get my life sorted out when I was younger I suppose. If I already had my degree, work experience and some more experience living independently, I’d already be able to be doing bigger things with my life – like possibly considering marriage, travel, moving abroad, having some pets, I’d probably have more hobbies and mates… I feel like I’m a 23 year old living a 19 year old’s life. I hate it! Maybe that might not seem that much of a difference, but a lot can happen in 4 years. If I was at this point when I was 19 years old, I’d have had my bachelor degree finished for around a year by now, I’d have some work experience, more experience travelling, and I might even be married! Being in education really complicated things, because it is a massive commitment that I can’t just leave until I finish.

Being born in England! I know this contradicts a little what I said earlier about being a British citizen, but what would be even better than being a British citizen? An Australian citizen! I so wish that I was born in Australia! I just know I’d have a more varied, exciting, happy life. Not that my life here is boring or dull or unhappy – I just KNOW it would be even BETTER in Australia! I feel it!

I am ungrateful for all the horrible things that happen in this world. Again, perhaps this is rather general rather than something specific to me… I hate wars, violence, theft, animals being used for food, clothing and god knows what else… I just hate it all. I wish the world was a nicer, more equal place for different forms of life on our planet.

The end! I hope you enjoyed! What are you grateful for? What are you trying to change in your life? Feel free to leave a comment below if you’d like to 🙂

– Storm


My Lush Collection – Coming soon!

Hey guys!

I went to Lush Oxford Street yesterday (breaking my ban…) During my shopping spree, I decided that would be the last time I buy anything from Lush (for real this time) until I have used up all of my bath products. I am actually quite proud of how I did during my miniature shopping spree. I avoided ALL of the Easter and ALL of the Mother’s Day range – I already have plenty of bath bombs and bubble bars! I just tried to get products that I felt would be really unique in my collection.

I did buy one bath bomb – but it was a bath bomb to help free Andy Tsege (all money from the bath bomb goes toward helping him be freed I think!) I mostly bought items that I don’t already own loads of already – some tooth powder for example! I can do a haul post of what I bought yesterday if you guys would find that fun!

Anyways, after I came home, I decided that I would work on a Lush Collection blog post – seeing as this is the largest my collection is going to be for a while! So, before using any of my Lush items, I laid out my entire collection and took plenty of photos 🙂

I will be writing a “My Lush Collection” blog post VERY soon!!! The post will contain photos of the different collections of Lush items I own (Hair, Face, Body, Hands and Bath,) and under each photo of each collection of items there will be a list of the products within the photo, as well as a little note describing how I currently feel about each of these items (where I got them from etc.) At the end there will be some photos of all of the collections together – my entire Lush collection!

I’m going to say something now, just in case I forget to say it during the ‘My Lush Collection’ blog post.

I only started obtaining Lush products for myself around September 2015. Since then, my collection has grown quite a bit. THE MAJORITY of these items were gifts from my partner, and the rest I bought with my own money. Also, the majority of these items were bought during the Boxing Day sale last year. I am by no means wealthy, I just choose to spend what spare money I DO have on Lush. It is also the “go to” gift that people close to me give to me – because they know how much I love it! I am incredibly lucky to have such generous people in my life. Lush isn’t everything though, hence why I am banning myself from buying more products for a while. There are so many awesome ways to spend money (travel, electronics, loved ones, clothes, books, instruments, dance classes, days out…) that I have been completely ignoring, due to my Lush addiction!

Finally, I’d just like to say that you will notice I don’t really have any doubles in my collection. Lush have so many products available, I rather spend my money on something different every time – for the chance that I might discover a new favourite! Even if I LOVE a product, I won’t repurchase it unless I have already tried everything of that product type! I also didn’t include any knot wraps, containers or any products that I can’t find!

I hope all you Lushies who are following me are excited to see my Lush collection, I’d love to see all of your Lush collections too!

– Storm