How to spot a Lushie…

First off, I got this blog post idea from this blog post by Justlushthings!

I hope you enjoy! 😀

1. While a NORMAL person would wander into different stores during different shopping trips…

…A Lushie is far easier to spot. It’s the passion in their eyes and the determination in their stride that gives it away. You can almost HEAR the one track mind of a Lushie as they march past you, headed toward their heaven on earth… “lush…lush…lush…lush…” A Lushie doesn’t know where they will shop after the fact, but they do know one thing: Lush comes first.

2. While a NORMAL person would spend their free time on many different shopping sites, YouTube channels and blog sites…

…A Lushie is only ever truly one browser tab away from a Lush product. After writing that line, I looked up to check what my tabs are – 10 of my 12 tabs on this window are directly Lush related. They just can’t help it. Lush truly is a fast acting drug, a terribly powerful addiction that affects both the victims thoughts and actions…


3. While a NORMAL person buys tons of different types of products…

…A Lushie  will rarely think of their money as well spent, unless it was spent on a Lush product. Aye, a lushie’s cupboards be barren of food, their wardrobe be bare of clothes, their bookshelf haveth no books – yet these containers still remain full… The riddle is not a difficult one to solve should you know the natural behaviours of the Lushie. Yes, that is correct. The Lushie, rather bewilderingly, chooses instead to fill any container they can get their hands on… with Lush products.


4. While a NORMAL person would buy different types of gifts for different people…

… A Lushie will always find a way to rationalise giving anyone and everyone a Lush product for any and every gift giving occasion. In their eyes, there is the right Lush product for everyone – I mean, who could hate receiving something from Lush… Know someone who loves lavender? I could easily find 5 Lush products that feature lavender as one of their main ingredients. Perhaps someone is particularly fond of the colour green – Lush have TONS of green products!!! Know someone who is quite classy? There are many luxurious yet simple Lush products that are perfectly suitable for a classy lady. Is it a male you’re shopping for – Lush do tons of masculine products!



5. While a NORMAL person would have loads of different types of photos on their phone…

… A Lushie’s photo album on their laptop, phone and social media sites will be absolutely full of photos of Lush products… Sure, there will be the odd selfie, the odd photo of a random cat the Lushie saw whilst wandering around town, but the vast majority will be of Lush bath art and the like!


6. While a NORMAL person would pick a new home based on a variety of very important factors…

… A Lushie has different priorities: The property must have a BATH – preferably with bath jets for extra bubbly bubble baths, and a decent sized bathroom cabinet (precious storage space!) Yes, I genuinely limited myself to only rent a flat that had a bath installed. I wouldn’t want to miss out on all of those Lush bath products!!!


7. While a NORMAL person would reach for various different shampoos when in the shower, soaps when washing their hands…

… A Lushie will ALWAYS choose a Lush product – provided that they own a Lush version of the product they need to use, of course. The only times a Lushie may stray and use a drugstore shower gel, shampoo and so on, is when they just need a REALLY quick, non-committal shower. No true Lushie wants to hurry whilst using their products. Using a Lush product properly requires specific steps, a certain… finesse, that simply cannot be rushed!


And finally, while a NORMAL person’s blog would contain a nice, well rounded mix of blog post topics, a Lushie will, whether intentionally or unintentionally, seem to almost exclusively post about Lush!

The Lushie’s ways may seem bizarre, but do not be quick to judge them. They are very intelligent creatures of the earth and are very wise – much could be learned from their kind… (Although, these words may not be quite so convincing when they come from a crazed Lushie herself…!)

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you can think of any more, write them below – I’d love to read some more hilarious ways of the Lushie!

– Storm



One thought on “How to spot a Lushie…

  1. Haha I love this! I have a bath tub and let me tell you, it makes me so happy. It’s impossible for me to walk into a Lush store and to leave with only the things I need. I swear, the people in the store always make me end up buying more. Every single time I’m about to leave they’re like “is there anything else I can get you” and my mind just goes crazy. I want it all haha. Thank God for samples, right? It keeps the costs at bay a tiny bit. Fantastic post.

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