Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub Review

Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Rating: 4/5*


This tastes SO sweet. Like, really far too sweet for my tastebuds! If you do not basically like the taste of sugar by itself, don’t try this lip scrub – it is literally that sweet of a taste.

The colour is a peachy pink and is quite feminine, meaning some males might not feel as comfortable using this product.

Sometimes I’d have to use quite a bit of this lip scrub to actually exfoliate my lips fully. I’d have to keep going into my little pot of lip scrub for more product!

It doesn’t just taste sweet, but it smells super sweet too. Avoid if you hate the smell of candy!

I didn’t find that this lip scrub actually worked quite as well as some others I have tried from Lush. Sometimes after scrubbing thoroughly, I’d still find bits of dead skin on my lips.


The colour, in my personal opinion, is adorable! So, so cute! Perfect and girly 🙂

Although it is EXTREMELY sweet, the general smell of this lip scrub is quite nice. It smells exactly like pear drop sweets that my mother used to buy when I was a kid. Delicious!

This lip scrub does work – not perfectly, but it does still work fairly well.

Buying this lip scrub saves you the trouble of making your own!

This is a vegan Lush product that is cruelty free. Just those reasons alone were enough to make me give this product a go!

This pairs perfectly with Snow Fairy shower gel because, well, they share the same scent. If you have the shower gel or are looking to buy it, I’d suggest you grab one of these lip scrubs to go along with it.

This lip scrub has such a cute name! Bubblegum – how adorable is that?!

Overall conclusion:

Overall, this is a nice product and is absolutely perfect for girly girls, those with a sweet tooth and Snow Fairy lovers.

Personally, I found it too sweet, and didn’t find that it did the job as well as others that I have tried. It isn’t a bad product – it did its job fairly well, and is quite cute.

I’m going to rate this lip scrub a 4 star rating today, because I’m feeling generous and well, it is pretty cute!

– Storm


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