Lush Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb Review.

Hey guys! Today is another bath bomb review, as my partner blessed me with 4 new awesome Lush bath products to try out on my birthday!

I hope you enjoy!

Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb

Rating: 4/5*


This is an extremely slow fizzer. If you are the type of person who likes to watch fully what the bath bomb does before getting into the bath, this one will leave you waiting for a LONG time!

This bath bomb wasn’t super fancy with its display. It was interesting, but worth waiting 10 odd minutes to see..? Not so sure!

The bath looks prettier whilst the bath bomb is fizzing than the actual finished product. The patterns sort of die down a bit in waiting process for the last bit of bath bomb to finish fizzing.

The bath water wasn’t left an amazing colour. Just a sort of orangey colour.

The scent didn’t cling to my skin or hair at all after using this bath bomb.


The name, the concept. This bath bomb is bloody awesome. It really does look like how you’d imagine a dragon’s egg to look – it is white and speckly and is orange on the inside. Trying out this bath bomb is such a fun experience!

The smell is so nice. It smells like spicy yet sweet orange. Imagine the spiced apple scent that is popular around this time of year, only for orange instead of apple. It smells SO good.

The patterns that the bath bomb make sort of looks like the inside of one of those chocolate creme eggs you get around Easter time. It looks really cool!

I got this as a gift and it was really lovely to receive.

This bath bomb was quite moisturising – not as much as Butterbear, but still quite moisturising!

The bath water was left filled with clouds of gold lustre. It looked super gorgeous and magical.

This is from Lush!!! And is vegan!!!

Overall conclusion:

Overall, I like the idea for this bath bomb a lot, and the scent is lovely. I quite liked the pattern the bath bomb left in the water and I loved the glitter. It did take SO LONG to finish fizzing though!

This was a nice bath bomb, and one I’m glad to have experienced. It did take too long to fizz away for my taste though, and wasn’t all that fancy.

I’m going to rate this bath bomb a 4/5* rating. Definitely one that is worth a try!

– Storm


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