Lush Beautiful Shower Gel Review

Hey guys!

Today is my first review for one of Lush’s shower gels! I have a lot more soaps from Lush than shower gels, which is why I review soaps more often. I have actually almost completely stopped purchasing products from Lush so that I can get through my current stash a little!

As always, I only review a Lush product once I have used it up completely, and always state the product’s size that I used where there are varying size options. I only review products after using the product up completely because I feel that this way, I have a fully informed opinion of the product.

I hope you enjoy!

Beautiful Shower Gel (100g)

Rating: 4/5*


This shower gel lasts forever! Some people might actually consider this to be a bad thing, as they might become bored of using the same product for so long. I received my little 100g bottle of this shower gel in a gift box for Christmas, and only just managed to use it up about a week ago. I have been using other soaps etc since Christmas other than this shower gel, but I would still guess that it has lasted me around 2 months. That’s an incredibly long time considering I shower daily and considering that this is just a 100g bottle! If a 100g bottle of this gel lasts ~2 months, a 250g bottle would last ~5 months, a 500g bottle would last ~10 months and a massive 1kg bottle would last ~20 months!

This shower gel has an interesting smell to it. It has almost a slightly dish washing liquid smell to it… Perhaps not the smell of something that everyone would want to be washing themselves with!

It can become difficult to get the product out of the bottle after a while, because of the gel being so thick. I had to really squeeze my bottle very hard to get product out at one point, and after that point, I had to resort to adding some water to the gel to thin it out a little bit. This can be somewhat irritating, but isn’t a huge problem.

This shower gel does not spread evenly when using it on a loofah/sponge etc. When you squeeze some onto your loofah and spread it around, there will be a yellow coloured concentrated patch of the shower gel right where you initially placed it, which will be almost impossible to disperse around the loofah completely. This probably means that some product is wasted, as it gets stuck in the loofah until rinsed out.

I honestly do not smell the peach scent whatsoever to this shower gel, and it doesn’t really smell fruity to me or refreshing in any way at all – if you want to buy this shower gel based on it’s scent, you definitely have to smell it in store first to avoid any possible disappointment!

The bottle cap of this shower gel is extremely fragile. I dropped the bottle at one point by accident in the bathroom, and the top of the lid snapped right off, and broke into lots of little pieces! Again, not a massive problem, but still a little irritating.

This shower gel smells very heavily of Myrrh, so if you find the scent to be a little overpowering, this is not the shower gel for you!

Sometimes on the rare occasion, I would have to re-lather up my loofah, because the initial lather wasn’t enough to spread across my entire body. It can be a little difficult sometime to determine how much shower gel is too little and how much will be too much!


This shower gel is full of gold lustre. It is dispersed throughout the shower gel incredibly evenly, and does not settle at the bottom of the bottle at all. It is absolutely beautiful and looks so magical, and makes you feel really special whilst using it!

This shower gel is a gorgeous amber colour in the bottle, and when dispensed, becomes a vibrant and deep marigold yellow colour. The colour of this product reminds me a lot of marmalade actually – an amber colour in the bottle and a much more yellow colour when spread more thinly. I think the colour of this shower gel is beautiful!

The shower gel is called ‘Beautiful’. A shower gel with that name is bound to make you feel good when you use it!

On the shower gel bottle, there is a little hidden message going down the side that reads ‘Smile!’. How cute is that?! 😀

No glitter will cling to your skin after rinsing this shower gel off, which for some people is definitely a plus!

The bottle that this shower gel is made out of is 100% recycled!

In general, this shower gel lathers up extremely well.

This shower gel leaves your skin feeling very smooth, clean and quite moisturised too.

The scent lingers on the skin for a good amount of time, which is something I definitely love.

This shower gel is handmade and is made from natural ingredients, is vegan, has not been tested on animals, is environmentally friendly and is from the awesome company Lush! What more could you ask for?!

I received this shower gel as part of a gift from my partner myself, and definitely see this product as making a beautiful gift for anyone.

The product lasting a long time could definitely be a pro to some people – this little bottle will last you around 2 months! In general, a little goes a long way – although learning this amount definitely takes practice.

Overall conclusion:

Overall, I quite like this shower gel. It is a really nice idea, and really does make you feel more beautiful and happy when you use it. I personally have preferred other scented Lush products than this, but it doesn’t smell bad. It is quite an incensey smell I guess – it isn’t sweet or fruity at all. I do still think it smells good, I just possibly think my nose is generally more drawn toward other types of scents to this.

The bottle cap breaking was also a little annoying, but not a big deal. I definitely really enjoyed receiving this shower gel as a gift. I haven’t really given any of the other shower gels a good try.

I think I’ll rate this product a 4/5*, which is what seems to be the rating that every product is getting recently but I promise this is not on purpose! I love this shower gel, but I definitely would prefer a different scent I think. Other than that, it truly is a beautiful shower gel!

– Storm 🙂


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