Lush Herbalism Fresh Cleanser Review

Hey again!

Here’s my review for Lush’s ‘Herbalism Fresh Cleanser’!

I hope you enjoy!

Herbalism Fresh Cleanser (100g):

Rating: 4/5*


This cleanser is green. Some people might like that, but for some, it’s not really the colour of a facial product that you want to be applying to your face. It kinda looks like some sort of plant matter… or it maybe even looks slightly mouldy because of the green colour…

The smell is very strong. It has a very herbal vinegary smell to it. To me, it isn’t a bad smell, and reminds me of the smell of a health food store, which I quite like actually. But for some people, especially initially, the smell of this product could definitely be a bit overwhelming.

The texture of water and this cleanser mixed together is slightly unusual to me. It is quite difficult to get an even texture of the mixture, and to really mix the green cleanser properly with water. Once you have, you will be left with a slightly gritty, green, watery mixture to apply to your face. The mixture in my opinion is very uneven.

When applying this cleanser to the face and rubbing it in, it really does have a very thin, watery texture, with very slightly gritty seedy pieces mixed in. The coating of cleanser on the skin feels so thin, that it can feel as though you aren’t cleansing your face properly. The slightly gritty seed-like pieces are also not all that exfoliating, and I find they don’t really do much at all. This is a cleanser that definitely does not feel like it will be very effective while applying it.

Once this cleanser has been washed off, it leaves a slight residue all over the skin, making your skin have a slight green tinge to it. I thought I was imagining the change in skin tone at first, because it is a very slight difference, so I tried using a cotton pad with some micellar cleansing water to my face to see if any residue would come off onto the pad. The pad definitely had green on it, and I always rinse my face very thoroughly after cleansing!

This cleanser lasts forever. I’m not certain when I bought my pot, but it was made on 08/01/16 with an expiry date of 08/04/16, but I only managed to completely use my pot up this week at some point. This makes the product a little tedious and stressful to use – tedious because it can be fun to change up your skincare routine, so when a cleanser takes 6 months to get used up… well, yeah, it can become a little boring! The stressful part is because you become worried that you won’t use it quicker than it will begin to develop mould or something… For the record though, it’s appearance, smell and effects didn’t change whatsoever for the duration that I used it, I do believe that the use by dates on these products are more like guidelines than anything else.

This product can be a little embarrassing to own – although maybe that’s just me. It looks a little bit like marijuana, smells a little like marijuana, and is called “Herbalism.” I always feel like anyone who sees my cleanser might be a little suspicious, especially when I take it abroad and have to go through security etc. I haven’t had any problems with it, so maybe I’m just paranoid.. haha!

This cleanser leaves some residue in your hair line which you will need to pick out, which can be quite irritating.

If someone walks into the bathroom while you have this cleanser on your face, that could also be quite embarrassing – it really is bright green and has little seeds in it, quite an unusual looking facial product indeed!

I didn’t really see a difference in my acne whilst using this cleanser whatsoever, and if there was a difference, it was really quite slight.


This cleanser is very “green”, as in the ingredients are all very clean and natural. This is always a good thing in my book, as I love all things environmentally friendly and natural and healthy and everything like that.

This cleanser is completely non – comedogenic. It does contain a couple of oils, but both of those oils will not contribute to the clogging of your pores, so you don’t have to worry about this cleanser making any acne any worst at the very least, which is great!

The colour is weird, yes, but I kinda, sorta like it. I mean, it’s unique. Unique is fun, unique is interesting. I say you should buy this cleanser at least once in your life, just to experience using a cleanser as peculiar looking as this on your face.

As I said before about the smell of this cleanser – I personally actually do like it. It smells like a health food store – to me it smells almost identical. I really like that smell!

This product does leave your face feeling quite clean, fresh, and even slightly plump and moisturised.

The green tinge that this cleanser leaves on your skin could be seen as a bonus. Some people like to use green coloured products on their face to combat redness, so if you are one of those people, definitely give this cleanser a shot.

This is a Lush product, clearly, meaning it is animal friendly as in not tested on animals and completely cruelty free, and is also a vegan product. Being a vegan and someone who appreciates life of all varieties, just this fact alone makes this cleanser a pretty great product in my book.

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I do quite like this cleanser. I do not adore it, but I do definitely like it. I’d say it’s definitely worth a try, but don’t expect miracles. It is a very interesting product and one that I am very glad I gave a go.

Overall, I rate this cleanser a 4/5* – it definitely wasn’t as effective of a cleanser to me as Aqua Marina was, but it is still a really nice product to try – perhaps a great gift for any hipster/indie/hippie/alternative types of friends that you might have…

– Storm! 🙂


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