Lush Dirty Massage Bar Review

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Welcome again to another Lush review.

Just a little warning before I get started – I have been meaning to update my blog with a few reviews for a while now, so you’re going to get 3 reviews today 🙂 I’m also going to begin working on some holiday type blog posts soon for Rome, Paris and Glasgow, so look forward to them!

Other than those blog posts, I’m going to be super busy this Summer, so I might not post too much after this week is done. I’m getting a job, moving out, have holidays abroad coming up, have some studying to get done before I get back to Uni in September, have a lot of goals to achieve and well… yeah… basically I’m going to be pretty busy over the next few months…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this review! 🙂

Dirty Massage Bar Review:

Rating: 4/5


This massage bar is pretty messy. It has chocolate on the top of it, which melts very, very easily. You will soon find chocolate smeared all over the massage bar, so when you use it, you then end up with chocolate smeared and rubbed into your skin. This can leave you with feeling slightly unclean – but it’s not a big deal really.

This massage bar melts incredibly easily. If you leave it on your bedside table, or anywhere else where you may also usually place a cup of tea or any hot beverage, problems can occur. Sometimes I would find my massage bar had melted somewhat onto my bedside table, due to me having a hot drink on the side, forgetting about the fact my massage bar was close by.

I’m not too keen on the overall colour of the massage bar in all honesty. It’s a peachy, nude sort of colour – to me it doesn’t look all that pretty as the colour of a massage bar!

This massage bar is super oily – which I guess sounds pretty obvious. At the same time though, it somehow doesn’t feel very moisturing, which sounds strange, but it’s true. It sort of leaves a coating on your skin which does eventually sink in, but it takes so long to do so, that it really just leaves your skin feeling kinda oily.

This massage bar can go down super quickly. My partner would use a chunk of it on my back, and to my surprise, it would all be gone by the end of the massage. It goes down REALLY quickly.

This massage bar will begin to break into pieces the more you use it – not a massive problem as it breaks into large pieces, not lots of small ones.

The chocolate piece on this massage bar looks a bit odd. I guess it is because it is incorporated into a beauty product, but it looks very uneven in colour and looks almost speckled. Again, not a big problem.


This massage bar smells so good. It smells like a slightly earthy, soapy spearmint. It smells very clean, lovely and relaxing.

This massage bar feels lovely on the skin. The chocolate part feels gritty whilst the main massage bar part feels incredibly smooth. Having a couple of different sensations used in a massage makes it more interesting and fun!

The chocolate part, although messy, is quite a luxurious idea. I think this massage bar is definitely more of a luxury item, but a luxury item everyone should have in their storage.

This massage bar is very soft and is very porous – meaning that it melts very evening and smoothly. This means that the sensation while the massage bar is gliding over your skin is a very smooth and relaxing one – with only slight resistance or friction at the very beginning of the massage, before the bar has begun melting properly.

The residue that this massage bar leaves behind provides a very good medium to give massages with – your hands will glide smoothly across any skin without any effort. This gives a very relaxing massage to the recipient.

This massage bar will dry and become completely solid at room temperature – at least at my room temperature, meaning it’s ability to leave any residue on anything is short lived once it has been put down.

If you have a partner, then just having this massage bar lying around will encourage them to give you more massages – especially if you tell them that you are trying to use it up so that you can review it 😉

The speckled effect of the actual main part of the massage bar looks very nice – it reminds me of when you buy a good brand of vanilla ice cream and can see little black dots of vanilla pot distributed throughout. It has a very nice and organic look to it.

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I love this massage bar. I’ve received tons of lovely back and shoulder massages with this bar in the past, so I think getting this massage bar was totally worth it. I’m not keen on using it as a lotion of some sort at all – it is far too messy and oily for that. It is perfect for an evening massage though!

I absolutely loved having this massage bar, despite it being somewhat messy, so I’m going to rate it a 4/5*. If it was a tad less messy I would have given the bar a higher rating – I’m a bit obsessed with cleanliness and I must admit that sometimes this bar being used on me made me feel a bit ‘dirty’, which I guess is the point! Definitely a luxury item best saved for special occasions I think!

– Storm 🙂


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