Lush Celebrate Hand and Body Lotion Review.

Hey guys!

This is the last Lush review for today (unless I manage to use up another product by the end of the day – I am getting quite close to using up a shower gel and a lip scrub!)

I hope you enjoy this one!

Celebrate Hand and Body Lotion 

Rating: 4/5*


The smell of this product has a slightly medicinal scent to it – it isn’t anything very heavy, but I do notice it, and it is slightly off-putting.

This is a Christmas season exclusive product, meaning that you can only purchase it in stores throughout November and December really and even then, it isn’t guaranteed to come back in stores the following Christmas season. This means that if it turns out that you really enjoy this product, you might not even be able to purchase it again, so that is definitely a con and something to really think about before purchasing this lotion!

I find this lotion quite difficult to spread around the skin, and I find that I do need to use quite a bit to coat the skin properly. This means that this lotion can get used up very, very quickly once you begin using it for larger areas of skin, such as the feet, legs, arms and hands.

This being a Christmas time product can make it feel unusual to be using it during the Summer months.

This lotion takes a very, very long time to sink into the skin, so your skin will feel slightly greasy until it does. When used on the hands, you will more than likely need to wipe any excess reside off onto another part of your body that does not have any of the lotion on it, so that your hands don’t feel super tacky.

The smell of this lotion actually reminds me of the taste/smell of ‘Tango’ in the flavour ‘Orange’. I do like this smell, but it can make you feel as though the lotion smells a little cheap I guess.

This is a very confusing product – it smells like a Summertime product to me and makes your skin look gorgeous when exposed to the sun, but it is in fact a Winter product, and is incredibly moisturising which is more ideal for the Wintertime too.


The feel of this lotion is lovely. It has  very, very thick and creamy texture, and is very dense. It really does feel lovely.

I think for Christmas time, this lotion definitely helps to get you in the mood to celebrate the Christmas season.

As stated before, I do really love the smell of this lotion – even if it is because it smells like orange flavoured Tango to me… Imagine drinking a fresh glass of icy orange Tango through a straw… Yeah, it reminds me exactly of that taste/smell haha! Really refreshingly fresh, zesty and citrusy. I think this scent would be perfect to use on summer holidays to Italy or similar locations.

This lotion is incredibly moisturising, which might not be ideal for the Summer, but it does make help make your skin feel very nice, healthy, plump, moisturised and silky smooth. It also makes your skin glow and look absolutely gorgeous in the sun.

I think this product will last you a long while because although once you are using it, it gets used up very quickly, I do feel like overall it is probably more of a Summertime product. This means that you probably wouldn’t use it all that much in the Winter, so it will probably last you all throughout winter, Spring and some of Summer – like it did for me! I personally was given my pot of this lotion for Christmas and it has lasted me all the way until just yesterday – so around 6 months and 3 weeks!

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I did really enjoy this moisturiser, and will definitely miss using it this Summer. It was very heavily moisturising, was quite thick, difficult to move around the skin and took a long time to sink in – all things that I feel could definitely be improved. I also really do feel like this is more of a Summer product than a Winter product, which makes this being a Christmas exclusive product a pain. I also feel like there probably isn’t quite enough product in the pot, but this is only really an issue because of me preferring to use it in the Summer.

Overall, I really like this lotion, but it really confuses me that they have made this product one to only be released during the winter, and have made the texture of the product one more suitable for the winter too. The scent is super Summery to me, and makes the skin look far too good for this to be a lotion that should be used in the Winter, when all your skin is hidden beneath layers and layers of clothing…

So, my overall rating of this product is 4/5*, the same rating I have given the previous two products I have reviewed today. I love this lotion so much, but it is too confusing for me to give it 5 stars haha!

I’d say it’s definitely one that is worth picking up during the winter, and to just use it sparingly until Summer rolls around. I’m really going to miss it for the rest of the Summer! Ah well, I have many more lotions to use in place of this one 😉


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