Lush Cup O’ Coffee Exfoliating Mask Review

Hey guys!

Today is another Lush review – I hope you enjoy!

Cup O’ Coffee Exfoliating Mask Review – 150g

Rating: 5/5*


This mask I find is quite drying. After using this mask, I find my face/hands.wherever I chose to use the mask to be quite parched and lacking moisture. This is definitely a mask where you’ll want to moisturise after using it! It also leaves the skin with a slightly tight feeling.

This is an exfoliating mask, yet after having used it, I find I still have some little rough bits of skin on my face! Just keep in mind that this mask will not thoroughly exfoliate your skin.

This mask is super sticky. If you are not insanely careful while this mask is on your face, it will end up in your hair.

When taking the mask off of your skin, you have to be VERY careful. Do not start massaging the mask off without having applied water first, and do not be too impatient when trying to wash the mask off. This mask really sticks to the skin, so if you aren’t very careful when washing it off, it could easily end up being quite painful and red!

This mask goes a long way, and I don’t even mean that in a good way. My pot of this face mask was made on the 26/09/15, with an expiry date of 26/01/16, however, I have literally only just managed to use this guy up. Some people might think it’s gross to use Lush products past their use by dates, but unless the product starts to smell unusual or doesn’t look how it is meant to, I will continue using it – and this has worked out fine for me! The only problem with this is that I have been using this mask with my boyfriend multiple times a week since I first got it (around the end of November or start of December last year,) and it has literally taken this long for it to run out. That’s 6 and a half months for 2 people to finish it! Although I do not mind using a product past it’s use by date, it does bother me, and does get a little boring using the same product for such a long time. This product just lasts way too long!

This mask looks kinda disgusting on the face. It looks like lumpy mud or… something else unappealing… has been smeared all over your face. It really isn’t a pretty sight!

The smell of this mask gets very sickly. It is made with coffee and agave syrup, make the scent a very. very sweet coffee. Some people might love that smell, but for me it is a bit much!

Around when I first got this product, the smell of the mask even smelled slightly alcoholic to me… it doesn’t smell that way to me now, but that was also kind of off-putting.

This mask is very messy. It takes a very long time to wash it all off of your face and out of your hair line, and then you’ll find that your bathroom sink is littered with little pieces of coffee granules and droplets of murky brown water. It will also get on anything that it touches while it is on your skin because it is so sticky, so be very, very careful…


This mask will leave you and anyone else’s face SUPER soft. I’m not even kidding. It won’t feel moisturised, but it will feel insanely soft. After me and my partner use this mask together, we can’t help but keep stroking our faces!

It lasts a really long time, which although is also a con for me, it does mean that this mask is brilliant value for money. My pot cost me around £6.50 and lasted me about 6 and a half months, so £1 a month for 2 people! We generally tried to use this mask a couple of times a week each together, meaning 25p for 4 uses! This was with us using a normal amount of product on our faces each time. Insanely good value for money!

This mask, obviously, smells like coffee. If you enjoy a good sweet cup of coffee, you’ll love the smell of this mask and will find the scent helps wake you up!

This is a vegan, cruelty free, handmade face mask – made with very natural ingredients, and from Lush! What more could you want?

Because this mask lasts so long, it is much more fun to use it with your partner or with friends, making it an entire experience rather than just a product. I have some great photos of me and my partner using this mask together, some lovely memories and have overall really enjoyed the experience of using this mask with him 🙂

This mask is also part of the recycling scheme. If you return 5 pots from Lush saying that they are part of this scheme, you get a free fresh face mask. The pot for this face mask was the fifth pot I had saved up from Lush, so now I can go get myself a free fresh face mask! 😀

After using this product, me and my partner’s face looks colourful, healthy, clean and glowing. It looks like having brand new skin 😀

Overall conclusion:

Overall, I think this mask is okay. I do not like the scent – it makes me feel a little sick to be honest, because I really do not like sweet coffee! It also isn’t moisturising whatsoever, and doesn’t get rid of some dry skin on my forehead – but it does leave about half of my face feeling incredibly smooth, new and soft. It also leaves the skin looking beautiful.

I think that more than anything, this product is an experience, and the experience of using this product is what I have enjoyed most.

Overall, I would rate this product 5/5*. The product itself isn’t amazing, but it’s just been so fun to use that I couldn’t recommend it enough! 🙂

– Storm x


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