Lush Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner Review

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Today I will be reviewing Lush’s ‘Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner’, I hope you enjoy!

Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner

Rating: 5/5


If you use this conditioner whilst taking a bath, you might find that after you have drained your bath water, there is a purple waxy residue around your bath. It isn’t TOO difficult to scrub off, but it is a bit of a pain!

When this conditioner gets wet (not when you are actually using it in the shower,) when you leave it in a tray to dry for example, the damp parts of the bar give off a very, very strong and unpleasant bitter sort of a scent. I noticed this particularly when I’d go to turn the bar over so that the underside could dry.

When the bar becomes quite small, it breaks into lots of little pieces. These are EXTREMELY difficult to work with. They are near to impossible to lather up in your hair, will fall onto the floor of your shower constantly and get stuck in your hair! Little pieces of the bar even get stuck to the shower floor and door.

Once you have used this bar up, you’ll find that whatever you have been storing it on to dry has been left with a very stuck-on residue of the conditioner, which is extremely difficult to get rid of. I had to run the tray that I was keeping the conditioner bar in under boiling water whilst constantly scrubbing it for quite some time – and it still isn’t pristine.

This bar looks very artificial. It is a bright violet colour which although looks pretty, does look a little like a chunk of plastic, and it feels a bit odd to use something that looks like that on your hair!

It can take some time to lather this bar up in your hair.

The small bits of conditioner bar that I was left with once the bar started breaking up, I ended up having to mush together in my hands to form a sort of creamy, waxy solution – so that I could use up all the last bits of the conditioner up in my hair. This was kinda difficult to do and was quite time consuming whilst taking a shower.


This bar will leave your hair smelling absolutely incredible. The smell really does linger despite what a lot of reviews of this product say. The scent is exactly the same as the sweets called Parma Violets – a very, very sweet, powdery violet scent. This has got to be one of my favourite scented Lush products – at least how it smells after use!

My hair has been looking quite bright and colourful, which could very well be thanks to this bar, since it is aimed at keeping blondes looking blonde! I have also been noticing tons of my natural highlights really showing. I love how my hair looks since using this conditioner!

After I work this conditioner bar through my hair, I brush my hair through and after doing so, my hair always, without fail, feels extremely silky and smooth. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt my hair feeling so silky smooth in my life!

Unlike Lush’s ‘Big Solid Conditioner’, this bar really does lather up (even if it sometimes does take a while to do.) I am always left with suds on my hands after working this bar through my hair, and while rinsing it out there are tons of conditioner suds foamed around the hole of the shower drain. This makes me feel confident that I have very thoroughly conditioned my hair.

This conditioner bar has lasted me absolutely ages. It isn’t my longest lasting Lush product, but it is the longest lasting conditioner I have purchased from Lush thus far.

This conditioner bar has a lustre running through it in green, silver and purple (if I remember correctly.) In the light, the bar shimmers, and looks absolutely beautiful.

This conditioner bar is extremely travel friendly and portable. It is obviously a solid, so it is easy to take abroad etc, but also, unlike the ‘Big Conditioner Bar’, it dries very matte and quite fast.

Physically this conditioner bar feels quite nice and comfortable to the touch. It sort of feels slightly powdery and very matte.

It is purple, and although this makes it look slightly artificial, purple colours are my absolute favourite. It is a very nice colour!

Although all the little pieces that this bar breaks up into are a pain, they do combine together quite well when damp, meaning you can use pretty much every last bit of this conditioner bar without wasting too much.

This conditioner bar isn’t the most moisturising conditioner that I’ve used, but it does do its job and leaves my hair silky and soft.

Overall conclusion:

So, this conditioner can be a pain when it starts to break up into smaller pieces, but whilst the product is still in one piece I absolutely love it. It could be more conditioning, but it does do its job just fine. I have really enjoyed using this conditioner.

Overall, I would rate this product a 5/5* because although improvements could be made to it, the issues are only very minor in comparison to how much this bar has to offer. It leaves the colour of my hair looking beautiful, conditioned and smelling lovely. Once you get the hang of how to use it effectively, then it doesn’t really cause any problems. If you are put off of using Lush’s solid conditioner bars due to past experiences and haven’t given this one a go, it’s definitely worth a try in my opinion! Definitely one of my favourite Lush products thus far.

As long as you go into Lush with an open mind and do not restrict your buying options too much, then you’ll find some beautiful treasures like this one! 🙂

As of 24/04/2017, I have tried and reviewed all of Lush’s vegan conditioners that are currently available on the Lush UK site! I have given both Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner and Veganese Conditioner a 5/5* rating.

If I had to give one of them 1st place as my favourite, and the other 2nd place… This is an incredibly difficult decision!!! Veganese is an amazing conditioner, it truly is. So is Sugar Daddy-O… Veganese left my hair feeling more amazing than Sugar Daddy-O did, but both did leave my hair very soft and smooth. Veganese also gave my hair a ton of volume – but Sugar Daddy-O left my hair smelling INCREDIBLE after use, and I also loved how transport friendly it was. Sugar Daddy-O also left my hair looking amazing!

I think I’m going to give Veganese 1st place and Sugar Daddy-O 2nd place, although this was an INCREDIBLY difficult decision! My reason for this is that purely as a conditioner, Veganese did a better job at moisturising my hair and making it physically feel healthy. Sugar Daddy-O did make my hair LOOK better then Veganese did though, and smell better too! It is also much more pretty to look at, easier to determine how much is needed during application, and is more travel friendly 😉 At the end of the day though, conditioners are used to moisturise the hair. Any down sides or bonus’ other than this point are just extra notes.

So Veganese Conditioner is officially my favourite conditioner from Lush out of the vegan conditioners available on the Lush UK website, as of 24/03/2017! I’ll have to stock up on the 1kg version as it is the best value for money!

– Storm 🙂


Lush Lullaby Shampoo Bar Review

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy the review 🙂

Lullaby Shampoo Bar

Rating: 4/5*


This shampoo bar smells VERY herbally. It reminds me of the taste and scent of a french tea I bought in Paris called “Bonne nuit” – I don’t remember what the tea’s ingredients were exactly, but think chamomile and lavender. Some people might not be keen on their hair smelling so herbally!

This shampoo bar is super pink and very feminine – which may be off-putting for some people.

This bar becomes incredibly difficult to use once it is running out and breaks into small pieces. The pieces will get stuck in your hair, which is really irritating!

This shampoo bar does leave behind some residue on the surface that you leave it to dry on, wasting some of the product.

This shampoo bar has an unusual mottled white pattern going through the bar, and also some little red and black flecks in it, which personally, I do not think looks very appealing.

It isn’t a very clarifying shampoo bar, so if you want super clean hair, this isn’t the one for you!

As the bar reduces in size, the lather that it produces becomes thinner and thinner, and it takes much longer to produce the amount of lather you’d like to wash your hair with.


I personally love the cute pink colour of the shampoo bar! It is very girly and looks adorable!

The scent of the shampoo bar is very calming and relaxing, which would be great for a bath or shower before bed.

This shampoo bar lasts a very, very long time!

I also have noticed that my hair looks a little more colourful and bright, which is perhaps due to this shampoo!

In my opinion, it is also very affordable!

This shampoo bar has a very soft feeling lather, and instead of clarifying the hair, it leaves behind a silky residue. Because of this, I think that this shampoo bar is probably better for your hair than a lot of Lush’s other ones on offer.

My hair always felt baby soft and silky after using this bar.

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I think this is another great shampoo bar from Lush. As I stated before, it would work really well for when you want to unwind, and it looks so cute!

Although I know that the shampoo bar not stripping my hair means my hair is most likely left slightly healthier, I do quite like my shampoos to do their job well and to really clean the hair, which I do not feel this one thoroughly does. There are definitely some slight improvements that could be made to this bar.

Overall, I rate this shampoo a 4/5* – I really, really enjoyed it, but it probably wouldn’t be one for me to use in my daily shower.

– Storm 🙂 x


Lush Cup O’ Coffee Exfoliating Mask Review

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Today is another Lush review – I hope you enjoy!

Cup O’ Coffee Exfoliating Mask Review – 150g

Rating: 5/5*


This mask I find is quite drying. After using this mask, I find my face/hands.wherever I chose to use the mask to be quite parched and lacking moisture. This is definitely a mask where you’ll want to moisturise after using it! It also leaves the skin with a slightly tight feeling.

This is an exfoliating mask, yet after having used it, I find I still have some little rough bits of skin on my face! Just keep in mind that this mask will not thoroughly exfoliate your skin.

This mask is super sticky. If you are not insanely careful while this mask is on your face, it will end up in your hair.

When taking the mask off of your skin, you have to be VERY careful. Do not start massaging the mask off without having applied water first, and do not be too impatient when trying to wash the mask off. This mask really sticks to the skin, so if you aren’t very careful when washing it off, it could easily end up being quite painful and red!

This mask goes a long way, and I don’t even mean that in a good way. My pot of this face mask was made on the 26/09/15, with an expiry date of 26/01/16, however, I have literally only just managed to use this guy up. Some people might think it’s gross to use Lush products past their use by dates, but unless the product starts to smell unusual or doesn’t look how it is meant to, I will continue using it – and this has worked out fine for me! The only problem with this is that I have been using this mask with my boyfriend multiple times a week since I first got it (around the end of November or start of December last year,) and it has literally taken this long for it to run out. That’s 6 and a half months for 2 people to finish it! Although I do not mind using a product past it’s use by date, it does bother me, and does get a little boring using the same product for such a long time. This product just lasts way too long!

This mask looks kinda disgusting on the face. It looks like lumpy mud or… something else unappealing… has been smeared all over your face. It really isn’t a pretty sight!

The smell of this mask gets very sickly. It is made with coffee and agave syrup, make the scent a very. very sweet coffee. Some people might love that smell, but for me it is a bit much!

Around when I first got this product, the smell of the mask even smelled slightly alcoholic to me… it doesn’t smell that way to me now, but that was also kind of off-putting.

This mask is very messy. It takes a very long time to wash it all off of your face and out of your hair line, and then you’ll find that your bathroom sink is littered with little pieces of coffee granules and droplets of murky brown water. It will also get on anything that it touches while it is on your skin because it is so sticky, so be very, very careful…


This mask will leave you and anyone else’s face SUPER soft. I’m not even kidding. It won’t feel moisturised, but it will feel insanely soft. After me and my partner use this mask together, we can’t help but keep stroking our faces!

It lasts a really long time, which although is also a con for me, it does mean that this mask is brilliant value for money. My pot cost me around £6.50 and lasted me about 6 and a half months, so £1 a month for 2 people! We generally tried to use this mask a couple of times a week each together, meaning 25p for 4 uses! This was with us using a normal amount of product on our faces each time. Insanely good value for money!

This mask, obviously, smells like coffee. If you enjoy a good sweet cup of coffee, you’ll love the smell of this mask and will find the scent helps wake you up!

This is a vegan, cruelty free, handmade face mask – made with very natural ingredients, and from Lush! What more could you want?

Because this mask lasts so long, it is much more fun to use it with your partner or with friends, making it an entire experience rather than just a product. I have some great photos of me and my partner using this mask together, some lovely memories and have overall really enjoyed the experience of using this mask with him 🙂

This mask is also part of the recycling scheme. If you return 5 pots from Lush saying that they are part of this scheme, you get a free fresh face mask. The pot for this face mask was the fifth pot I had saved up from Lush, so now I can go get myself a free fresh face mask! 😀

After using this product, me and my partner’s face looks colourful, healthy, clean and glowing. It looks like having brand new skin 😀

Overall conclusion:

Overall, I think this mask is okay. I do not like the scent – it makes me feel a little sick to be honest, because I really do not like sweet coffee! It also isn’t moisturising whatsoever, and doesn’t get rid of some dry skin on my forehead – but it does leave about half of my face feeling incredibly smooth, new and soft. It also leaves the skin looking beautiful.

I think that more than anything, this product is an experience, and the experience of using this product is what I have enjoyed most.

Overall, I would rate this product 5/5*. The product itself isn’t amazing, but it’s just been so fun to use that I couldn’t recommend it enough! 🙂

– Storm x