Lush Love And Light Hand Cream Review

Hello everyone! 🙂

I hope you are all doing well. Today is a review of Lush’s ‘Love And Light Hand Cream’.

I hope you all enjoy!

Love and Light Hand Cream (100g)

Rating: 4/5*


This hand cream is a little greasy. After applying the hand cream, the palms of my hands would always feel a little too oily, and I’d have to wipe any excess off onto my arms, until my palms felt more dry.

The smell of this cream is interesting. It smells lemony and floral, but also has a somewhat bitter, smokey sort of smell to it. A lot of people have said that this hand cream smells somewhat like fruit flavoured cigarettes, and to an extent, they’re not really wrong. To me it smells possibly like lemon scented cigarettes…

You have to use quite a lot of this hand cream for it to fully moisturise your hands. It is very thin and isn’t super moisturising unless you apply it quite heavily.

This moisturiser will need to be reapplied several times during the day. It will seem to almost disappear off of your hands after an hour or so, leaving your hands in need of moisturising once again.

Initially, the moisturiser takes a bit of time to sink in – about 5 minutes or so. Until then, it will feel slightly tacky on the hands.


As strange as it sounds, I do quite like the scent of this hand cream. It does smell a little smokey, but overall I find it to be a pleasant smell.

This hand cream will moisturise your hands very well, providing that you apply enough of the product. If you do so then once the cream sinks in, your hands will feel silky smooth and soft.

This hand cream looks lovely. It is a very pale yellow, which goes very well with the lemony, somewhat floral scent.

The name of this hand cream is really adorable!

After continuous use of this hand cream, you will find that your hands are naturally much more soft, silky and moisturised, and that any dried skin will be reduced to almost nothing.

Overall conclusion:

Overall, I really enjoyed this hand cream. It does have some room for improvement, but it is a very nice light hand cream.

Overall, I’d rate this product 4/5*.

– Storm 🙂


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