Lush Snowcake Hand And Body Soap Review


Today is Lush’s “Snowcake Hand And Body Soap” review!

I hope you enjoy!

Snowcake Hand And Body Soap

Rating: 5/5


This soap is very plain looking. Yes, it does have a gold lustre on the top of the soap, but as soon as that washes off, all you are left with is a cream coloured soap – pretty basic!

This soap to me didn’t smell like all that much, and certainly did not smell like marzipan. To me it smelt slightly sickly sweet, and at the same time, smelt quite a bit like a regular bar of soap. Like if sugar was added to the formula of a standard soap, if that makes any sense?

If you get a piece with little shapes on top of it, after a bit of usage, the gold lustre will mix with some gooey soap solution and sort of “pool” in the pits of these shapes, which can be a bit gross.

The soap runs out really quickly when using it. The Reindeer Rock Soap that I used would take a much smaller amount of product to produce a good lather to wash my body with, however, this soap seems to disappear before your eyes!

After several uses when the soap has smoothed down, it becomes incredibly slippery. This means you’ll find yourself dropping it constantly while using it, which can get very irritating to say the least.

This product is limited edition for the Christmas season, so you cannot purchase it from the Lush store for the majority of the year.

I found that I had to re-lather this soap onto my loofah several times sometimes during my shower, in order to have enough lather to be able to wash my entire body with. This was time consuming and slightly irritating.

The lather that this soap leaves on your body is very thick. This means that you have to position the shower faucet pretty much directly onto any suds on your body in order to rinse them off.


This soap is very, very, very creamy and therefore moisturising. It is almost like a body lotion and a soap all in one. Using this creamy soap will leave your body feeling very supple and soft.

The gold lustre on top is very pretty, and makes the soap look magical! A bit of gold lustre on a soap helps me feel like a bit of a princess while I take my morning shower 🙂

Overall, possibly because of the slightly sickly scent causing me to pick it up a little less often, this soap has lasted me a good amount of time, despite how fast it generally seems to run out while using it. It has lasted me for about 5 months!

Even when the soap is dry, the texture of it is not a particularly waxy one, like your typical soap. It is much more soft and creamy in texture than that and feels very pleasant to the touch.

The soap does leave behind a scent in both the bathroom and on the skin, which smells more pleasant and subdued to me in comparison to when it’s actually being used in the shower.

This soap does clean you very thoroughly, so it does it’s job very well!

The appearance of this soap does make it fit in quite well with the Christmas range, and does have quite a festive feel to it. When this soap next comes out in the Christmas range, I’d recommend buying it simply to amplify the Christmas spirit!

The name of this soap is adorable, and very tasty sounding! Who doesn’t love cake?

The soap claims to be marzipan scented and although to me it is not, just the claim is somehow appealing – marzipan was certainly one of my favourite treats as a child!

If you are someone who does not like the taste or scent of marzipan, then this soap lacking that scent should appeal to you! It does NOT smell like marzipan!!!

This soap even looks somewhat edible!

Although the colouring of this soap is rather bland, simplicity is often preferred in a bathroom, and this soap will not clash with any colour schemes you may have – some may find the simple cream colouring of this soap to even be somewhat elegant.

The shape and patterns and overall appearance of this soap is quite nice, it has very interesting and unique patterns on the top of it, and really makes this soap feel a lot more special than a lot of Lush’s other soaps.

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I did really like this soap. I think it is overall very beautiful, and is a soap I would like to purchase every Christmas season. It is a soap that helps make me feel as special as a princess when I take my shower, as soft and moisturised as a baby’s skin, and that makes me really feel excited about Christmas!

It is rather plain looking in terms of it’s colouring, especially in comparison to other Lush soaps, but I feel that the gold lustre compliments this rather well. Perhaps if there was a caramel coloured swirl throughout the soap, I’d love it more so!

Overall, I rate this soap a 5/5*. It isn’t absolutely perfect, and slight tweaks could be made to it, but for a soap?… For a soap, it is amazing, definitely for use during the winter time!

– Storm 🙂


Lush Love And Light Hand Cream Review

Hello everyone! 🙂

I hope you are all doing well. Today is a review of Lush’s ‘Love And Light Hand Cream’.

I hope you all enjoy!

Love and Light Hand Cream (100g)

Rating: 4/5*


This hand cream is a little greasy. After applying the hand cream, the palms of my hands would always feel a little too oily, and I’d have to wipe any excess off onto my arms, until my palms felt more dry.

The smell of this cream is interesting. It smells lemony and floral, but also has a somewhat bitter, smokey sort of smell to it. A lot of people have said that this hand cream smells somewhat like fruit flavoured cigarettes, and to an extent, they’re not really wrong. To me it smells possibly like lemon scented cigarettes…

You have to use quite a lot of this hand cream for it to fully moisturise your hands. It is very thin and isn’t super moisturising unless you apply it quite heavily.

This moisturiser will need to be reapplied several times during the day. It will seem to almost disappear off of your hands after an hour or so, leaving your hands in need of moisturising once again.

Initially, the moisturiser takes a bit of time to sink in – about 5 minutes or so. Until then, it will feel slightly tacky on the hands.


As strange as it sounds, I do quite like the scent of this hand cream. It does smell a little smokey, but overall I find it to be a pleasant smell.

This hand cream will moisturise your hands very well, providing that you apply enough of the product. If you do so then once the cream sinks in, your hands will feel silky smooth and soft.

This hand cream looks lovely. It is a very pale yellow, which goes very well with the lemony, somewhat floral scent.

The name of this hand cream is really adorable!

After continuous use of this hand cream, you will find that your hands are naturally much more soft, silky and moisturised, and that any dried skin will be reduced to almost nothing.

Overall conclusion:

Overall, I really enjoyed this hand cream. It does have some room for improvement, but it is a very nice light hand cream.

Overall, I’d rate this product 4/5*.

– Storm 🙂


Lush Reindeer Rock Hand And Body Soap Review.

Hey guys!

Today is a review of Lush’s ‘Reindeer Rock Hand And Body Soap’, a Christmas exclusive soap from 2015-2016.

I hope you enjoy!

Reindeer Rock Hand And Body Soap (approx 100g)

Rating: 4/5*


This soap isn’t as easy to lather up as a lot of Lush’s body cleansing products. If using it for the hands, you have to work it into the hands for a while before getting enough product on your hands to properly wash them. If you are using it in the shower for your body, then I needed to scrub the soap onto my loofah until there were plenty of noticeable suds all around it (without having to squish the loofah to make the suds appear,) otherwise, there definitely would not be enough for me to use for my entire body. Several times, I had to re-load my loofah if you will with more soap a second – or sometimes even a third – time, in order to wash my entire body.

If you use this for your hands and leave it in a little tray or dish by the tap, the soap will become very damp and mushy and kinda gross underneath.

When using this soap to wash the hands, the lather is almost syrup-like, which some people might dislike.

This soap being difficult to lather up means that more soap is used up to do so – this soap runs out very quickly!

If you leave this soap for a while to dry out, (for several months,) it might become a bit.. wrinkly? It’s difficult to describe, but my piece of Reindeer Rock turned a lot darker and very dried out when I left it for a while. It still worked fine, but it did look a bit odd!

After leaving it for this duration, the scent of my soap also changed. The smell became a lot more sickly and almost even medicinal – the smell reminded me a lot of the taste of the blackcurrent flavoured Strepsils.

The soap is very dark, which some people might think looks a little unattractive in their bathroom – it is a very, very dark purple – almost black!

Because this soap can be a little bit difficult to lather up, it can make washing take some time – I could be standing their trying to soap up my hands for quite a long time sometimes!


This soap, to me, looks absolutely gorgeous. It has reindeer prints on it that are coloured with silver lustre, and the soap itself is a beautiful purple colour, filled with pretty purple and silver lustre. It is personally one of the prettiest soaps I have ever seen, and one of the prettiest body cleansing products I have ever seen in general!

I quite like the smell. It is a little sickly, but it really does smell delicious – like a blackcurrant syrup.

I really like the texture of the lather too – like I said before, it is quite syruppy on the hands, which feels luxurious to me, and goes well with the smell of the soap!

Once you work out how much you need to lather the soap up on a loofah in order for it to produce enough for your entire body, you will find that the lather is incredibly rich and moisturising. It is a very creamy lather when you have enough of it – the type of lather that won’t slide off your body and that you have to directly rinse off.

The scent that this soap leaves behind is lovely and subtle, and lingers for the day.

This soap is vegan friendly and is from a fantastic company – definitely a pro!

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I do really like this soap. I haven’t used up any of Lush’s other body cleansing products yet, so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I do really like it.

As long as you are prepared for putting in some effort to produce lather, then I think it’s a fantastic soap. I do think that the scent could be improved slightly, but again, I do really like it.

Overall, I rate this product a 4/5*. It’s a very nice soap, but some improvements could be made to it in my opinion.

– Storm 🙂