Lush Limelight Toothy Tabs Review


Here’s another Lush review – today it will be fore Lush’s ‘Limelight Toothy Tabs’!

Limelight Toothy Tabs:

Rating: 2/5*


These toothy tabs do not contain any fluoride, which some people won’t be keen on!

With these particular toothy tabs, almost every single time I brush my teeth with them, I needed to use 1 toothy tab to actually clean my teeth and then an additional toothy tab to freshen my breath, meaning most days, I used 2 toothy tabs every time I brushed my teeth!

The after taste of these toothy tabs, in my opinion, is not very fresh at all, and I really do not like it much.

When brushing my teeth, I’d find that loads of little pieces of toothy tab would fall out of my mouth and be wasted in the sink, because it is difficult to fully crunch up the tabs in your mouth.

A few times when I tipped over the small bottle to dispense a toothy tab, two or more toothy tabs might fall out, sometimes meaning some would drop into the sink. These toothy tabs could do with a bit of a better container in my opinion.

The coating on the toothy tabs is very sherbety, and it might feel unusual to have a sherbet sensation in the mouth while brushing your teeth for some people.

These toothy tabs look very, very green. They look a little bit like they’re mouldy to me! This can be slightly off-putting, and I definitely wouldn’t think of their appearance as looking particularly clean or fresh to be honest.

If you don’t buy a sample of the toothy tabs and decide you do not like them too much, then you have quite a few to get through! These bottles hold quite a lot of toothy tabs, and there is only one size that you can buy.


These toothy tabs do taste of lime, which is really lovely!

These toothy tabs also smell strongly of lime, which is what drew me too purchasing them in the first place. They are, in my opinion, the best smelling toothy tabs out of all of the ones available at the moment!

They don’t contain fluoride which, although I also stated as a con, for some people this may be a very positive thing.

They are from Lush, which is a fantastic store!

The base colour of the toothy tabs is a very pale lime green, which looks absolutely delicious.

They are 100% vegan, and all of the ingredients are stated clearly both on the bottle and online on Lush’s website – the vast majority of the ingredients used are natural and easy to understand. This is something I love so much about Lush.

Overall conclusion:

Overall, I don’t think I am too keen on Lush’s toothy tabs, and do not think I will repurchase any in the future. The main reason for this is that I actually would like my toothpaste to contain fluoride, at least for the time being, because it is what the dentist recommends – and they know better than I do when it comes to teeth!

I think that as far as toothy tabs go, these are not too bad – they smell lovely, they taste pretty good, and their base colour looks nice. I really do not like the fact that I had to use 2 each time I brushed my teeth in order to achieve the level of freshness I like after doing so. I also think that the coating is a bad idea – I don’t think a sour taste in the mouth is nice, and I also think that this is what caused the toothy tabs to look a bit.. mouldy…

Overall, I’d advise anyone who is interested in these toothy tabs to expect to need to use a couple at a time, and to go for a bottle with less of the coating – I know it is tempting to go for one with lots of coating because you feel like you are getting more for your money (which is what I did,) but trust me on this. The less coating the better. Also, don’t expect for breath to be extremely fresh, even after using 2 tabs. I’d recommend getting a sample of these toothy tabs (if you want to try a fluoride free, vegan alternative to toothpaste) before purchasing a full bottle of them.

Overall, I’d rate these toothy tabs a 2/5*, because although I do not think I would use them again, as far as toothy tabs go, they’re not bad.

– Storm 🙂


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