Lush Veganese Conditioner Review.

Hello! 🙂

I am going to be reviewing Lush’s ‘Veganese Conditioner’ today!

Veganese Conditioner (100g)

Rating: 5/5


This conditioner smells very lemony, and some may think it smells a bit like household cleaner because of that. If you don’t like the smell of lemon scented household cleaners, like washing up liquid, this conditioner isn’t for you!

You need to use quite a bit of this conditioner for it to really work. I’d have to squirt the bottle a minimum of 3 times to get enough conditioner on my hand for my hair, and I have very, very thin, straight, fine hair, that is above shoulder length!

The name and appearance of the conditioner is slightly off putting! It being called “Veganese” makes me feel a bit like I’m putting salad cream or mayonnaise in my hair or something. 😦

It runs out pretty quickly. It has only lasted me 1 month, and although it is a small bottle, my hair, again, is very fine, thin, straight and quite short, so usually conditioners will last me quite some time.

It can be quite difficult to know how much product is enough. You have to work it in really, really thoroughly. What I do is I work the product into my hair thoroughly, and then check my hands to see if there is any product on them at all. If there isn’t even a single small milky sud in my hand, I know that I need more product. It takes practice and is definitely a matter of trial and error.

It is quite plain coloured, and in that sense is a bit of a boring conditioner and product, especially for Lush!

If you really do not like voluminous hair, this conditioner will annoy you! It leaves your hair very fluffy and with a lot of volume, which sometimes can be a bit irritating and difficult to handle, even for me!


This product is vegan!

Compared to the solid conditioner ‘Big’ that I tried out, this conditioner is amazing and works really well.

I personally really like the scent. It smells quite floral, lemony, very light, fresh, and like Spring!

I comb this product through my hair whilst rinsing it out, and while doing this, my hair feels incredibly smooth, silky soft and luxurious!

It is a very light conditioner and will leave your hair fluffy, silky and soft.

It is a Lush product, which is definitely a pro.

When I’ve used this conditioner, I can’t stop playing with my hair all day – it just feels so lovely and soft and smooth!

This conditioner adds tonnes of volume to my hair – sometimes maybe even a little too much! It leaves your hair very fluffy and voluminious – great for anyone who’s hair needs help in that department!

This conditioner is very cheap! It is actually the cheapest vegan hair conditioner that Lush sell.

Overall conclusion:

Overall, I really, really like this conditioner. It does go really quickly, but the only other experience with a Lush conditioner I have is with the solid conditioner ‘Big’, and this conditioner definitely surpasses that!

I would really recommend this conditioner for people with very straight, thin, fine, short hair, or anyone who really wants more volume for their hair. I would not recommend it for anyone with quite thick, long, curly hair in large amounts!

Overall, I rate this conditioner a 5/5*, because although it did run out quickly and was difficult to determine how much was needed for my hair, it does work SO well, the effects are incredible and are 100% noticeable. Highly recommend!

As of 24/04/2017, I have tried and reviewed all of Lush’s vegan conditioners that are currently available on the Lush UK site! I have given both Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner and Veganese Conditioner a 5/5* rating.

If I had to give one of them 1st place as my favourite, and the other 2nd place… This is an incredibly difficult decision!!! Veganese is an amazing conditioner, it truly is. So is Sugar Daddy-O… Veganese left my hair feeling more amazing than Sugar Daddy-O did, but both did leave my hair very soft and smooth. Veganese also gave my hair a ton of volume – but Sugar Daddy-O left my hair smelling INCREDIBLE after use, and I also loved how transport friendly it was. Sugar Daddy-O also left my hair looking amazing!

I think I’m going to give Veganese 1st place and Sugar Daddy-O 2nd place, although this was an INCREDIBLY difficult decision! My reason for this is that purely as a conditioner, Veganese did a better job at moisturising my hair and making it physically feel healthy. Sugar Daddy-O did make my hair LOOK better then Veganese did though, and smell better too! It is also much more pretty to look at, easier to determine how much is needed during application, and is more travel friendly 😉 At the end of the day though, conditioners are used to moisturise the hair. Any down sides or bonus’ other than this point are just extra notes.

So Veganese Conditioner is officially my favourite conditioner from Lush out of the vegan conditioners available on the Lush UK website, as of 24/03/2017! I’ll have to stock up on the 1kg version as it is the best value for money!

– Storm 🙂 ❤


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