Lush Imperialis Moisturiser Review.

Hello! 🙂

I am going to be reviewing my recently finished ‘Imperialis Moisturiser’ today! 😀 As always, I list the cons of the product first, so that I can leave the post on a more positive note. I love Lush but I also value honesty, so none of my reviews are sugar-coated and they are all very thorough!

Imperialis Moisturiser:

Rating: **


  • This moisturiser is quite heavy if your skin is not very dry. In my opinion, this moisturiser is generally too heavy for both combination and oily skin.
  • I personally did not find this moisturiser super balancing as it claims to be.
  • The smell of this moisturiser is not very pleasant, at least to me. It supposedly smells like lavender, but to me it smells more like… plastic? I’m not sure exactly what it smells like to me, but it isn’t a very nice smell!
  • This product is slightly comedogenic, due to the inclusion of ‘Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter’ and the ‘Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil’. This moisturiser has a comedogenic rating of of 6, cocoa butter having a comedogenic rating of 4 and olive oil having a comedogenic rating of 2. If you do not know what comedogenic means, it is basically a rating of how much an ingredient (usually a butter or oil) will clog your pores.
  • If you do not have very dry skin, you will need an extremely small amount of this moisturiser to moisturise your entire face. I list this as a negative, because this means that the product goes down very, very slowly – which can get a little boring and tedious for me personally, and also because it can start to feel like the product is almost a waste, because it is hardly getting used!
  • The colour of this moisturiser is a sort of… off-peach colour, and personally I find it quite unappealing to look at.
  • The texture of this moisturiser is a little odd – it feels very slightly gelatinous even – possibly due to oily ingredients.
  • The product will get around the rim of the container, which can be a little messy.
  • When any product dries, for example any product that gets caught around the rim of the container, it will dry to a sort of translucent brown dried slime… It is really gross to wipe the rim of your moisturiser to find that on the tissue! 😦
  • This moisturiser is really, really expensive for a moisturiser. In the UK, it costs £13.95, which is a substantial amount more than any other facial moisturiser I have ever purchased.
  • If you have very dry skin in any areas, and you apply this moisturiser to said areas, your skin will sting quite a bit for a short while.
  • On combination or Oily skin, any oily areas may feel slightly greasy after using this product.Pros:
  • If you have dry skin, this moisturiser works incredibly well! Whilst using acne treatment, my skin has gone through some incredibly dry spells – as in extremely flaky skin around my nose, mouth and chin area. This moisturiser was an absolute life-saver, and using it for my flaky skin is what caused me to use it all up!
  • The ingredients are pretty much all natural, so you don’t need to worry about putting anything too artificial on your facial skin.
  • While on holiday in Paris, me and my partner’s hands got extremely dry due to the cold weather, and I hadn’t brought any hand moisturiser with me. I thought “Hey, Imperialis is still a moisturiser, so it should work.” So, I went ahead and used this on our hands, and it worked absolutely brilliantly. So, it might be a bit expensive for a hand cream, but if you’d like a moisturising hand cream, or a facial moisturiser that can double up as a hand cream, I would definitely recommend this!
  • If you would like to try a Lush moisturiser that is vegan, I would recommend this, because this is the least comedogenic moisturiser that Lush sells that is also vegan. This is the reason I purchased it.
  • The product lasts a very long time. I know I listed this as a con, but sometimes I do enjoy this aspect of the product. I do not remember exactly when I purchased this, but I believe it was in October, and I ran out of the product this month (March), meaning it lasted me 5 months. If you have combination or oily skin consistently, this product will last you much longer than this!
  • It does it’s job – it does moisturise the skin very well.
  • This moisturiser leaves your skin feeling very refreshed.
  • It’s a Lush product – Lush products are awesome!!!


    I personally will not be purchasing this product again and would not generally recommend it, simply because of the fact that it is comedogenic. Even on skin that is not acne prone or oily, I would not take the risk of using this product as it might contribute to acne developing – since it will clog your pores somewhat! If you can afford to do so, I would recommend it for extremely dry or flaky patches of skin – whether on the hands or face, as it does work very well in these areas, and in such cases I think using this moisturiser is worth the risk of it clogging up pores.Overall, I rate this product 2 stars out of 5, because although it does work very well on very dry or flaky skin, it does have pore clogging ingredients!

    – Storm


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