Lush Dream Steam Steamer Tab Review.


Today I will be reviewing the Dream Steam Steamer Tab from Lush 🙂

Dream Steam Steamer Tab:

Rating: ***

Negative Points:


  • Again, this tab does not really work in the way that it is intended to be used. The steam does not penetrate the skin, and after steaming my face, my facial skin did not feel any different.
  • The product is £2.50, which I think is a little steep for a small tab that you can only get one use out of!

Positive Points:

  • The solution that this tab produces… feels incredible. I mean that literally, the solution produced feels incredible. When I realised that steaming my face did not really work, I grabbed a cotton round and dipped it into the solution. Instantly, my hand was greeted by soft, light, moisturising water. I fully soaked the cotton round, and swiped it over my face, making sure my facial skin was completely covered. The solution made with this tab feels so soft and sensitive on the skin, like liquid clouds, pillows and marshmallows!
  • The scent is quite sweet and rose-like, it smells very pleasant.
  • Using the water on your face makes you feel like a queen, and feels like a luxurious indulgence – who doesn’t want that every once in a while?

Conclusion of the Dream Steam Steamer Tab:

This product does feel lovely on the skin, and smells beautiful, however it truly is a one use item – meaning it is quite expensive. However good it feels on the skin, I can’t think of any useful way that I could use the Dream Steam solution daily, so storing it would be pointless. It is nice to indulge every once and then, and it does feel and smell marvelous.
Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for something to use as a treat, maybe an added step to a pamper session!


– Storm

Out of the steamers available on the Lush UK website on 03/03/17, this is my favourite steamer!


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