Lush Chou Chou… I Love you Toothy Tab Review.


Today I will be reviewing Lush’s ‘Chou Chou… I Love you Toothy Tab’!

Chou Chou… I Love you Toothy Tab

Rating: ****

Negative Points:

  • This product has been discontinued! Chou Chou was only in the Lush store for a short amount of time, and will now only be available in the Lush kitchen sporadically. It is always very irritating when Lush discontinue products!
  • The colour of these toothy tabs are a sort of clay-brown colour. This can be slightly off putting to see when wet, mushy pieces of the product fall into the sink whilst brushing teeth! So off putting in fact that this alone probably would have meant me not repurchasing the product!
  • The toothy tabs contain rose oil, which may block pores if the product touches any of the skin around the lips.
  • This product came in a cardboard box. When I brought my box of toothy tabs with me when I went to see my relatives, the box somehow got wet whilst in my backpack. This meant that several toothy tabs turned into mush and merged together.
  • The taste of these toothy tabs did not make me feel particularly fresh or clean.
  • Whilst brushing teeth, lots of little pieces of toothy tab would fall into the sink, as stated before, meaning that a lot of product is wasted when using toothy tabs.
  • Sometimes, using one toothy tab did not feel like an adequate amount to fully clean my teeth, so occasionally I would feel like I would need to use a second toothy tab half way through brushing my teeth.

    Positive Points:

  • This box of toothy tabs was incredibly environmentally friendly! Once all the product was used up, the box could be easily recycled, leaving no waste.
  • Toothy tabs from lush use baking soda as their main cleaning ingredient. This means that they contain much less chemicals like flouride, which may actually have negative effects on the health. All ingredients in toothy tabs are entirely natural.
  • The smell and taste of these toothy tabs was lovely – like a very sweet, rose-scented turkish delight.
  • Using toothy tabs always left my teeth feeling incredibly clean physically.
  • Lush is a very ethical company, so buying any products from Lush mean you’re helping a good cause!
  • The toothy tabs foam up very well.
  • They do not taste like flouride.

Conclusion of the Chou Chou… I Love You Tooth Tab:

I think these toothy tabs, for the most part, were a pleasure to use. I do wish that they were a different colour, and that they weren’t in cardboard packaging. I also think a fresher taste would have made the transition from conventional toothpaste to toothy tab easier.
Overall, I think that if you really enjoy the taste of sweet, rose-flavoured sweets, and if you do not think the packaging or colour of the product would bother you, I’d go ahead and try these! They take a bit of getting used to, but I couldn’t go back to using toothpaste now that I have tried Lush’s toothy tabs! Overall, I give them four stars :).

– Storm


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