Lush Big Solid Conditioner Review

Hello! Today I will be reviewing Lush’s ‘Big Solid Conditioner’!

Big Solid Conditioner:

Rating: **


  • This product takes an awful lot to lather up. You really have to keep swiping and massaging the bar into your hair for quite a while before there is a noticeable amount of product in your hair. This also means the product gets used up rather quickly.
  • I find that this conditioner bar has a very artificial smell. To me, it smells sort of like hairspray! I am really not keen on the smell of this product.
  • The bar is very plain and boring looking. It is just white, and looks like a regular bar of soap.
  • Immediately after using this conditioner bar, whilst in the shower, it really does not make my hair any smoother. Quite the opposite in fact – as long as my hair is still wet after using this product, my hair will be very knotty!
  • When my bar was almost finished, my cleaner threw it away in the bin – I guess it looked quite unappealing and messy, especially since it is a naked product and does not come with any sort of packaging or container whatsoever.
  • It takes a long time to rinse the product out of your hair. It sort of clings, and you have to rinse very thoroughly to get all the excess product out of your hair.
  • Again, the product coming without packaging is a pain. When you leave it somewhere to dry after using it, when you next go to pick it up, it will leave product behind on the surface.
  • This product is quite difficult to use in the shower, because once it becomes wet, it is likely to slide out of your hand! This has happened to me several times, which is quite irritating!



  • Once you do get the product to lather up, it feels very creamy and pleasant!
  • The product being a solid is quite a nice idea. I like that I can just pick it up and put it down, without any spillage of product… it’s easier to store too… I don’t know why, I just find solid products easier to have!
  • If you use a hairdryer after washing your hair with this conditioner, and at the same time are using your other hand to brush through your hair, once you are done your hair will feel incredibly smooth and conditioned!
  • The product being a solid is also something different, which makes washing hair a little bit more fun and exciting!
  • This conditioner contains lemon juice, which is a natural hair lightener. I am unsure that the product is in the hair long enough to make a difference, but since it takes quite some time to lather up, I’d assume it does to an extent! I believe this conditioner will help your hair look more sun-kissed :).
  • This conditioner supposedly makes your hair more voluminous, and although I did not personally notice this effect, it probably does provide slightly more volume.
  • This is a Lush product, so it is very natural!


    Personally, I think that this product would work for anyone who is patient in the shower and who wants to try something different. If, however, you want a conditioner that is slightly easier to use, does not leave behind residue or cause any mess, and that works instantly, then this conditioner is not for you. I really do not like the artificial scent of this product either.

    Overall, I would choose this conditioner over a conditioner that wasn’t made by Lush, but I would be happy to find a different Lush conditioner that works a bit better than this one does. My rating for this product is 2/5 stars, because I feel that a product’s effects should be noticeable immediately after usage, however you must dry your hair with a hairdryer whilst brushing, for your hair to feel conditioned using this conditioner. Leaving my hair to air dry and drying my hair with a hairdryer but without brushing both left my hair feeling tangled.

    – Storm


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