Lush Aqua Marina Fresh Cleanser Review.

Aqua Marina Fresh Cleanser (100g version)

Overall Rating: 5/5*


  • This product leaves a sort of powdery film on the face, which generally requires rinsing, patting the skin dry, and then re-rinsing any areas that have residue left on them.
  • The smell. It takes a while to become accustomed to, and at first it may feel like wiping something like sushi onto your face… it does seem to be a bit of a gross product to use at first to be honest!
  • The consistency of the product straight from the pot is almost slimy, which again, is kind of gross!
  • I found that sometimes the product would sting my face slightly when using it. Id guess that this was due to the fine sea salt mixed into there irritating my skin slightly.
  • This product expires way, way before you will use it up. I just continued to use the product and it was fine, but some people may not want to do that which would mean wasting the majority of the product!
  • The product was every so slightly drying due to the powdery residue left behind on the skin.
  • The smell of the product does cling to the skin, so if anyone comes close to your face, they will notice it.
  • The pieces of seaweed will 100% get stuck in your hairline, eye area, eyebrows etc, and you will have to pick any noticeable pieces out or get someone else to, even after rinsing very thoroughly.


  • THIS PRODUCT IS 100% NON-COMEDOGENIC! This means that it will 100% NOT clog your pores!
  • I actually quite like the soft, fine, powdery film that this product leaves on my face. It leaves my face feeling incredibly soft.
  • This product cleanses the skin very well.
  • The smell does grow on you. I actually found the smell to be very refreshing by the end of the pot of product.
  • The product lasts for ages! I had this product from around October through to March, so a good 5 months (although the product technically expired after 1-2 months…)
  • When creating the mixture in your hand, the product feels so fluffy and soft, like a beautiful mousse.
  • This product will make your skin look gorgeous! After every usage, my skin looked noticeably brighter and lighter, and any redness was drastically reduced.

Overall conclusion:

I really was not keen on this product at first, mostly because of the smell and the texture of the product on my hands straight from the pot. But, the product really grew on me with continuous usage. You do have to give this product a chance for you to begin to truly appreciate it. It just made my skin feel and look so beautiful, and without clogging my pores. I actually used it in a way slightly different to how they recommend. My method of using products is that more is better than less. I prefer to use slightly too much of a product and that it definitely works, than to use too little and for it to not reach it’s full effectiveness. What I would thoroughly wet my face, and then pinch out an amount from the pot and place it into the palm of my left hand. I would then start working the product, without adding any additional water other than what was on my hands from wetting my face, until it formed a very even consistency – like a pink mousse. I’d then apply this all over my wet face, and it would spread around perfectly.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product. Yes, it does take a while to get used to, and can be a pain sometimes, but it is definitely worth it for it’s effects on the skin!

– Storm


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