Lush Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face and Body Scrub Review

Hello readers!

Today I will be writing another Lush review. This review will be for the product ‘Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face and Body Scrub’. As with any reviews I have written or will write for any Lush products, I make sure to use up the product completely before reviewing, so that I can give a well-informed opinion of the item. Where there is more than one size option to choose from for the product, I will write which size I opted for in brackets. I always do the cons first so that the reviews can end on a more positive note!

Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face and Body Scrub (120g version)
Rating: 3/5*


  • This scrub can be very… scrubby… If using it on the face, as I did for the most part, be careful with the larger blue coloured pieces of salt! They can really damage the skin if not used very carefully!
  • This product is actually slightly comedogenic, with an overall comedogenic rating of 6. The contributing ingredients to this are the Avocado Butter (comedogenic rating of 2), and the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (comedogenic rating of 4). This basically means that this product will clog your pores to an extent, so if you have larger pores, acne prone skin or if you just do not want your pores to become clogged, I’d stay away from using this product on the face.
  • I was not informed of this, but the product needs to be thoroughly mixed through before you begin using it. This is so that the fine and coarse salts will be evenly distributed. I did not do this, so the final third or so of the product that I used was primarily fine salt. This meant that it wasn’t very scrubby at all, so I had to use a lot more of the product per use to get the desired effect.
  • This product is easiest to use in the shower. This is because it is slightly messy, and it is just easier to rinse off this way. The problem with this, is that generally when you scoop out some of the product, your hands will be wet, as when you close the lid on the product. This causes water to enter the pot. Toward the end of the product, the consistency was very runny for this reason, again meaning that I had to use more of the product at a time to get the desired effect.
  • When using this product, some would often get in my hairline by accident. When rinsed out, the product’s Avocado Butter and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil would leave a residue on the hair in my hairline, making it feel quite oily after having just washed it.
  • This product can leave the skin feeling quite oily!


  • This scrub is made with all natural ingredients, so you know exactly what you are using on your skin as opposed to the majority of skincare products out there. It feels much more pleasant to know you are rubbing a mixture of sea salt, fruit oils and other natural ingredients into your skin, than a bunch of chemicals that you have never heard of before!
  • This product is, in my opinion, very affordable. It SEEMS expensive when you first go to purchase it, but the product does last a very, very long time. My 120g pot of this product lasted me from around the beginning of September up until the beginning of March, so half a year! That is approximately £1.33 per month for a decent facial scrub!
  • This product smells lovely in my opinion. To me, it smells like a beautifully refreshing alcoholic beverage made from limes and sea salt, which sounds odd, but it smells lovely!
  • The product looks very nice. The coarse sea salt is bright blue whilst the rest of the product is an off-white colour, together making a beautiful oceanic swirl.
  • This product does leave your face feeling incredibly smooth and soft!
  • If you have any dry patches of skin, wave bye bye to them!

Overall conclusion of this product:

I really liked this product at first – it made my facial skin feel smoother and more moisturised than I had ever felt it before. It is an unusual experience to touch your skin and it feeling completely foreign to you, but it was welcomed. After reading up on some of the ingredients, I found that some were comedogenic. My skin is acne-prone, so after discovering this I discontinued using it on my face, and instead used it on other areas of my body. The products consistency toward the end was very irritating!

Overall, I would say that this product is very nice to use on the body, but I would stay away from using it on the face entirely. Even if you do have dry skin, in my opinion it is not worth encouraging the development of acne on the face!

– Storm


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