Lush Tea Tree Toner Tab Review.

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The first purchase I made in Lush, with intentions to keep what I bought for myself, was last September. I still have all three of those products that I purchased today – they take so long to run out! I have been using my Lush products carefully, so that I could write well-informed reviews whenever I use any up. I have only used up a few products thus far, and will write reviews for them :). I do not have photos of the products at the moment, because I have used them up! I will snap some photos of the products (unless they have been discontinued) when I next pop into Lush, and will insert them into this blog post :).

In this post I will be reviewing the Tea Tree Toner Tab.


Tea Tree Toner Tab:

Rating: ****

Negative points:

  • If you have been thinking about purchasing this product, then be warned! It seems to be extremely affordable at £1 per tab, but this tab can only be used once, so the overall price to keep this item as a regular in your skin care routine may mount up. To use the toner tab, you fill a large bowl with hot water and drop in the Tea Tree Toner Tab. You then bring your face close to the bowl to allow the steam to penetrate your facial skin, and drape a towel over your head to prevent any steam from escaping. The problem I found with this tab is that you don’t want the water to be too hot, otherwise the steam hurts your face (you want the water you use to be as hot as possible without it hurting to the touch). This means that not much steam is actually produced, and after sitting under the towel until steam stopped being produced, I did not feel like my facial skin had changed at all.
  • Because of this, decided to instead pour the solution into a spritz bottle and to store the rest in a normal water bottle, and to use it as I would use any other facial toner. The problem with this is that I had to pour away the entire 500ml of the solution that I had stored in a water bottle, as it started to smell…unusual.
  • When using the Tea Tree Toner Tab as a regular toner in a spritz bottle, and using cotton rounds as applicators, I found that it would sometimes be a little bit harsh on my sensitive, acne-prone skin (using the toner after cleansing). After toning, spots that were healing over would sometimes be raw and bleeding

    Positive points:
  • The water turns a refreshing, zesty lime colour!
  • The solution smells incredible! It smells super fresh.
  • It is only £1 per piece, so if you are curious about trying it, you might as well!
  • When using the Tea Tree Toner Tab as a regular toner after cleansing, using a cotton round, it works amazingly. It will take any left-over cleanser right off your face, and leave your face feeling very clean and, again, fresh.
  • If you use the solution in a spritz bottle, it does last quite a while before going off. It should be kept in the fridge for this duration. 

    Conclusion of the Tea Tree Toner Tab: 

    This product did not work in the way that it was meant to, and did not work in the way that I expected it to. However, for £1, you can get a lot of facial toner out of one tab. It is recommended that you only keep this solution in the fridge for a few days, but honestly, mine lasted well, and I got to finish my entire little travel spritz bottle full. It was only the rest that I stored that went bad. It was, at times, a little harsh on my skin, but if you do not have issues with sensitive skin or acne, this product would work fine.Overall, I would highly recommend this product if you do not have any active acne on your face, as long as you use it as a regular toner and not to steam your face!———————————————————————

That’s all for my Lush review today!

– Storm

I have officially now tried all of Lush’s currently available toners! Eau Roma Water is my official favourite, and I’ll be sure to pick up a big bottle of the stuff once I have the money to do so, as that works out as being best value for money!