I am so done with waiting! :D

Hello again readers! 😀

I am so done with waiting. I just keep…waiting…

I have been waiting. For so long. It is easy to quickly find someone to blame this on. Rightly so.

Some people have emotions that run deep – like really bloody deep. I’m one of those people that just feels everything, every emotion, extremely intensely. I used to put up a sort of mental barrier, to protect myself from that intensity. So that I could just… Get on with my life, no strings attached.

Then one day, I had what I thought would be the ultimate realisation of my life. “I have to embrace these feelings”, I thought to myself. “It will be painful, it will be beautiful, and I must do it.” So, I submitted myself to the chaotic whirlwind of emotions that this life causes me to feel.

I never knew that it would lead me here. Now what do I have? I have been left swept to the side over and over and over and over again. I just… Can’t let myself go through this anymore. I care about myself enough now to step up to the plate and do what I need to do to take care of myself.

I. Will. Not. Wait. For. You. Anymore…

I. Will. Not. Wait. For. ANY. OF. YOU. ANYMORE.

I just can’t keep putting my life on hold. Not for this.

So, here’s a big middle finger for the shit I’ve been put through.

And here’s a big smile for the bloody fantastic future I’m now handing to myself! 😀


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